Mother-in-Law Help

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I am married with Erika for 2 years. Divorce had taken place in this terrible moment. Why? It’s Because of the sex life. Erika was very bad in sex hence she pays no interest in it. She complains to my lawyer that she does not have any orgasm and fakes them. This news had reached to her family. Her mom came over to stop all this nonsense. Her mom was quite plum, 40’s, big breasts, 5’4 and a nice figure. She is always in full make up. I didn’t want a divorce from Erika so as her mom. We tried to convince her but nothing worked out. Her mom began to think that I was not good in sex. “Tom, I know this is weird but are you really having sex with her up to climax…”

“Mrs. Roberts, see the thing is that Erika does not like sex at all!”

“No way that’s because you are not good in it”

“Mrs. Roberts! You can’t say that to me…. I love sex life and I make sure she has orgasm”

“Tom I don’t know who to believe…. Do you think I should get you a book on sexual pleasure?”

“Mrs. Roberts! That’s not the way to talk with me… How do you know I’m bad?

“How can you prove it Tom?”

I was silenced thinking a way to convince her. I saw tears rolling down across Mrs. Roberts’s cheek.

“Tom I would do anything to make my daughter happy. Make sure she does not get a divorce ” she sobbed.

“What do you want me to do Mrs. Roberts?”

“Let’s make this straight … you know that I’m a well know business woman who can put everything to a side in order to solve rigid, complex problem. When it comes to family matters I’m bad however I have to make sure you both be together. If sex is the problem then we should talk about it.”

“Mrs. Roberts…I don’t know what you mean?”

“Make love to her again… concentrate on her sensitive spot…. Etc..Etc.”

“I’ve already done that… no point doing it again. What do you want me to do, practice on other woman?”

I really liked her mom, as I wanted to make love with her. She was thinking for a moment.

“Mrs. Roberts…. Can I make love to you?”

“Tom! How dare you say this! ….” Before she continues further I interrupted.

“You said that you’ll do anything for her, besides you should have the same sensitive parts just like hers, you’re her mom.”

“How do you know?” she asked angrily.

“Well that’s the only possible chance we can take besides you and her have shares almost the same characteristic, perhaps same sensitive spots, if my prediction gets wrong…. We just keep this between us, that are all. Mrs. Roberts I’m doing this just for Erika that’s all.”

She was puzzled for a decision as she told me to meet her in her house tomorrow.

The Sakarya Escort next day I went to her house as we both were in the hall.

“Tom… what we going to will not be repeated again and be between us forever. And my rules are that… this is only simulations not sex ok.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Roberts, I will make sure I follow every orders.” I answered as we both went to her bedroom.

“Ugh…one more thing… call me by my name Cynthia.

“Ok Mrs. Roberts…. I mean Cynthia.

“Get undress Tom” she began. I boldly undress myself leaving nothing on me.

“Oh my god Tom, for heaven sake put on your underwear” she cried.

“I took them off for my endurance test; the faster I cum the worst lover I am. Mrs. Roberts, err Cynthia, I have to do this right.

I saw the blush on her as she stared my cock, which was on a hard on. I’ve always fantasized of Mrs. Roberts and today it’s going to come through. She began to drop her blouse and skirt, rolling down her stocking and unbuckling her bra. I’m only having a view at her back as I could see her body shape which was slender, she was not plum after all but it’s just her dressing that makes her look like one. Mann… she can get married again. She looks alike like Ursula Andress. She has no wrinkles thou she is 40, nice shaped rounded buttock with covering silk panties. As she turned around, blood was running through my cock as I saw her two big jugs. Could it be silicon implanted? No it can’t be since Erika always kept me informed. Her nipple was great with brown areola pointing to me. I could see the shaped of her vagina lips through her silk panties as she called me to bed.

“So how shall we start?” she asked nervously.

“I usually kiss while she lays on the bed with her eyes closed.” She obeyed as she did. I went on her as I kissed her ears lightly then sucking one at the time as she moaned. “Wait…. Wait…. I’m not too used to this Tom. I have not had sex after divorce so if…I mean if I…. ” She stopped. I knew what she meant… if she were to have orgasm early that doesn’t mean that I have proven as a good lover but it’s because she had no sex for a long time. Well, I will prove to her by double the orgasm. I slowly kissed her eyes which were closed then her nose, licking her cheeks as my body moved to her touching. Our nipples brushed as I could feel the warmness of our bodies being exchange. Her body arched against me causing her breast crushed against mine. I went down to her chin, position my knee between her legs as my cock brushed her panties. She spreads her legs giving me the space as our lips met and lingered for an exchanged Sakarya Escort Bayan of fluid. Slowly I rested my cock on her panties as my body rested on her but decreasing my weight on her to make be in comfortable state. We both kissed each another as I penetrated my tongue to get hers as she moan and a series of hot air rushing through her nose warming my side lips. Her hands were on my back squeezing me hard. My pre cum was wetting her panties as my balls could feel the dampness of her lower region. I continued kissing her and going down her neck as she let out her loud moan. I started brushing my cock against her vagina as I could feel her crack. She was panting like hell, and I went to her nipples to circle around with my tongue one at a time. Sucking them greedily and passionately. Taking her breast as much as possible, rubbing her vagina hard that I could almost tear her panties part. Cynthia was now had forgotten the world she knew forgotten Erika, whatever she knew and me having sex with her. It was like her soul that had completely forgotten everything but pleasure. I thought for myself, a lady with her age should at least experience sex to make their live interesting at this age.

Her panties was totally wet as it was centered and indent into her crack leaving the side of her pussy visible in thin air. My rubbing pink head has now the feeling of her pubic hair brushed on mine. She realized what was going on as she tried to adjust her panties. Her hand brushed my cock as she felt my pre cum all over her hand. “Tom… get off of me…” she panted. “Tom see how much of semen on my hand and you say that you could last long!” she said still panting. “That cum was not mine alone but ours.” I said. She felt shame as she tried to hide her emotions.

“Alright then Cynthia, try masturbating me and see if I could cum” I told.

“How could I…. I mean I’m your mother in law” she protest again.

“What about all this we have done… It’s up to you for Erika’s sake” I cried with dramatic emotions. I could hold longer and not cum since I’ve already masturbated before I came here. I had an idea as I said “Cynthia, you masturbate me, I don’t care how you do it and if I don’t cum in 5 minute then you lose ok…” I said. We sat facing each another as her wrapped her palm on my rod and started stroking. Her thumb was doing a series of circle and then ups and down’s while her other hand massaging my balls.

I was in pleasure as I moan. Two and the half-minute passed by as I could still take. She started to find another alternative as she started to plant her mouth on me then sucking me. I was now panting as she was Escort Sakarya rocking her head on my cock and I could not take any longer as I started shooting in her mouth. She immediately took off as my cum shot her mouth, breast, belly button and all over her panties. “You bastard…. Fuck you Tom… how could you never inform me. You’re nasty ” as she started beating me, crying and struggling. I held her tight against to prevent her from beating….

“I’m sorry Mrs. Roberts…. I was off as I roamed my hands on her back. She stopped struggling. She calm downs and rested on me not realizing naked. “

“Tom, I love you just like Erika and I know you’re the best for her” she explained.

I then began “I love you Cynthia.”

She interrupted by telling “So I made you cum fast”.

“Yeah, that because we been having sex almost an hour and you sucked me off, Erika has only done this once which was on our honeymoon” I said.

“Oh my …Tom…you only had once with her sucking for you… that’s bad…” she sympathies. “Well I did suck her off many times…. But I’m not too sure if she fakes her orgasm, hence I think I know her sensitive spot. If I would confirm with you that that is her spot…”

“Tom!!…. No…no not in my private part. You promised not to touch me there or intercourse.” She protests

“Mrs. Roberts, we was so close to figure out this …and since we had gotten until here why don’t we do a little more. You can trust me on this.” I said.

“Tom…. Let me be frank with you… only once I had been licked on my vulva and then never before…. Maybe it’s because my juice had a bad taste and it had been 18 years since then I have not been licked,” she cried.

“Mrs. Roberts, let me tell how do you taste like” I said as I started to remove her panties. She helped me by lifting her buttock as I threw her panties off. I traced my tongue around her labia, slipping by her vulva, into her…. She grabbed my hair as both thighs claps my ears and then shuts my ears. I sank my mouth and charged my tongue into her. Tasting her juice and the musk smell. Her wall of her cunt was so soft as I paddle my tongue and enjoying her moist bitterness taste with juice to satisfy my thirst. “Yes…. Yes toooom! I’m cumming….Tooom!!!! Please …yes.. There.. There….Ahhhhh!……” she panted, scream , yelled and cried and cried.

I went to her face as she was finally satisfied offered herself to me. “Fuck me Tom…. and we’ll forget this forever. I pushed into her as she gave a sharp gasp. “Ahhh!….. Ahhh…. yes…. Again…” she gasped. She held me and kissed as we rocked together. As we did I started to feel my cum arising to climax. I wanted to withdraw but she locked me into her with her legs capturing my buttock….. I emptied my sperms from my balls into her womb and there was her second orgasm blasting from her. We both lay there for a moment and slept together…. We did not do what we intended… but…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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