Mountain Hiking

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The girls had decided to go hiking that day. They were all quite fit, experienced hikers and enjoyed getting out together sometimes, just the three of them. They were all the same age, twenty, give or take a few months and had been in the same hiking club since they were fourteen. The forecast was for a hot, sunny day, with a change due late in day with heavy rain forecast for the next day.

The girls had been up one of the lesser known trails, enjoying the day and the exercise. They found, however, that as the day progressed and the temperature rose, the wind dropped, and the air seemed to thicken around them, heavy with moisture. Heading back down the trail, the girls came to one of their favourite spots, where a waterfall spilt into a deep pool. The girls occasionally took the time for a swim there, but not having actually planned to do so today they hadn’t bought bathers with them.

Jennifer was the first to broach the idea. “It’s hot and mucky and I’m sweating like a pig,” she said, “And that pool is nice and deep and cool.”

“Ladies don’t sweat. They glow,” Sandy murmured.

“OK, so I’m glowing like a pig. What do we do about the pool?”

“We’re a bit old to skinny dip,” said Andrea, “But if we keep our panties on…?”

“That’s fair enough. We haven’t seen anyone else on this trail all day, and it’s not like someone is going to be hiking up it now. Let’s go.”

Leaving their things by the side of the pool the girls quickly stripped down and slipped into the water. After swimming for a while, Andrea ducked under the waterfall, and sat on the ledge that had been carved out behind it by years of water erosion. The others soon joined her and they say back, looking at the world through the falling water.

Looking back on the incident, the girls decided that it must have been the sound of the waterfall splashing around them that prevented them hearing the bikes. The first they knew of them was when half a dozen bikes came bucking up the trail and pulled up next to the pool.

“These trails are for hiking,” said Sandy indignantly. “They’re not allowed to bring those bikes up here.”

“I’ll let you tell them that,” murmured Andrea. “I’m staying well hidden until that lot go. If you fancy talking to them wearing a pair of wet clinging panties, be my guest.”

“Pass,” smiled Sandy. “We’ll wait.”

A couple of the bikies had hopped down and were looking around. One of them spotted the girls things piled neatly under a tree and wandered over to see what the little pile was. The girls could see him pawing through their things, and then he suddenly bent down, picked up their bras and waved them for everyone to see. At this point the other bikies dismounted, checked the find and started looking. The girls could hear them calling, telling them to come out.

“Come out, come out, where-ever you are,” one carolled. “If we have to come and find you, we’ll be getting pissed off, and you won’t like us when we’re pissed off.”

“They won’t like us anyway,” another called to general laughter.

“If we stay here, they’re going to find us,” said Jennifer, “and I don’t think we’d like what would follow.”

“But where can we go,” asked Andrea. “If we just run into the woods they’ll hear us and chase us.”

“We can follow that animal trail that leads up the side of the waterfall,” said Jennifer. “They won’t see us because we’ll be behind the falls at first and then around the hump in the hill higher up.”

“We don’t know where it goes,” warned Sandi.

“Yes we do. Away from here and away from them,” retorted Jennifer. “That makes it a good place to go in my books.”

The three girls headed up along the narrow trail. As the last of them passed the hump higher up she looked back, to see the bikies beating the bushes, making a determined search. A couple seemed to be setting up camp. The girls continued on, hoping that the trail would swing around and join one of the recognised hiking trails so that they could get assistance.

They quickly found that the trail was steep, dirty and overgrown, being little more than an animal trail. The girls very quickly became grimy, scratched and upset, as well as probably picking up a few splinters along the way. To make matters worse, it looked like the forecast change was coming in ahead of schedule, with the sky darkening rapidly, the wind increasing and a light rain beginning to fall. Knowing that to try to return the way they’d come was now too steep and dangerous with a wet path, the girls struggled on, hoping for the best.

The best didn’t come. Very soon the weather had closed in, with rain now pelting down, covering the trail in mud and leaving them unable to see very far. The girls stumbled along, lost, cold, scared and close to exhaustion.

Donald had a nice property, set back from the main road and backing well into the mountain. He liked to keep a record of the larger animals in the area, and had some cameras and movement sensors located around the property, a couple of them covering Kurtköy Escort an old animal trail that ran behind his property.

The sensor covering the trail picked up the movement as the three girls trudged wearily past, sounding a discrete signal in the house. Don glanced at the camera, hoping to spot a bear or moose and was shocked to see what appeared to be three naked women stumbling past. Even as he watched one stumbled and fell.

Swearing at idiots in general and these three in particular, Don grabbed a coat and ran out to head them off. He found them still at the place where the girl had tripped, huddled under a tree examining her ankle. They were soaked, sore, tired, scratched, bruised and cold. Very cold he noted. They seemed to have some tattered rags around their waists that might once have been panties, but certainly were no longer serving that purpose.

“Unless you idiots have other activity in mind, might I suggest that you follow me to where I can provide some shelter,” he suggested.

He laughed when the girls frantically tried to cover themselves. “Don’t bother,” he said sardonically. “I’ve already seen it all, and it’s muddy. Now may I suggest you get to your feet and follow me?”

Jennifer and Andrea struggled to their feet. “Sandi can’t get up,” Andrea said, “I think she’s broken her ankle.”

Don bent down and gently checked the ankle. Not broken, he decided. Slight twist, but exacerbated by general tiredness and cold.

“Just twisted,” he told the girls, “but we’ll probably all drown out here waiting for her to hobble along. I’ll carry her.”

He helped Sandi to her feet, and the bent and put his shoulder to her stomach and lifted her in the traditional fireman’s carry.

Sandi felt indignation at being carried that way, but could see she had no real say in the matter. He headed back to the house with the other girls close behind him. Reaching the house he looked the girls over and sighed. “I was going to have you rinse off before coming in, but I suspect it would be a waste of time. Come on.”

He led them straight through the house to the main bathroom, telling them to take of those rags they still had on and step under the shower. Yes, he meant all of them together and yes he meant now. “Just rinse off the worst of the mud for now,” he snapped, “and I don’t care if you think the waters too hot. Get in.”

He ruthlessly herded them into the shower to sluice off the worst of the grime, leaving them to it while he activated the large hot tub in the room.

After the girls had washed of most of the muck he ordered the girls into the hot tub. “You all have a touch of hypothermia,” he informed them. “The hot tub will help raise your body temperature. You’ll stay in there until I’m satisfied you’re nicely cooked. I’ll arrange for dry clothes for when you get out. You’ll notice that there’s a basin attached to the hot tub with some hoses. That will enable you to wash your hair. Shampoo is over there, and see my lack of concern if it’s not your normal brand.

Once you’re allowed out of the tub, you’ll find hair driers in that cabinet, and a good first aid kit. You will please treat any cuts, abrasions and splinters you may have. Treat each other also, as you probably can’t see all your own cuts and scrapes. You can call me if required. I do know first aid. I’ve done some courses on it.

One last thing. I’m Don, and you are?”

After the girls had introduced themselves Don left to wipe up the muddy tracks and made some cocoa, returning to the bathroom with the cocoa and a bunch of towels.

Andrea politely turned down the cocoa, explaining that she’d rather have coffee if it’s not too much trouble.

“No trouble at all,” returned Don, “since I’m not making any. You can make some for yourselves later if you really want some, but right now drink the cocoa, unless you’re allergic to milk, sugar or chocolate. No? Then drink it. It will give you the shot of energy you need.”

The girls drank it, grumbling, but happy to feel the resultant warmth spreading through them.

Don left them again, returning after fifteen minutes to check their temperatures. A lot happier with the results he told the girls they could now get out of the hot tub and dry off.

“Wear the towels for now. I’ll see what else I can arrange.”

Fifteen minutes the girls call him to the bathroom. They were clean, substantially recovered, and suitably modest in the towels. So why are two of the girls smirking like fiends while the other one is bright red, he wondered?

“There’s a problem?” he gently queried.

“Yes. You said you do first aid?”

A cautious nod, waiting.

“Sandi has a splinter. A big one. We’re not game to remove it, but if you’ve done first aid it should be no problem for you.”

Seems straight forward, he thought, turning to Sandi.

“Where’s the splinter?”

“mumble jumble”, muttered Sandi, looking at the floor.

“What did she say?” he thought, appalled.

“Where?” Pendik Escort he asked again.

She pointed this time, so he couldn’t be mistaken.

“Why can’t the other girls remove it?”

“It’s too big and you must admit, it’s in a delicate spot,” commented Andrea. “We’d all feel a lot happier if someone who knows first aid fixed it.”

Don just stared at the girls. Andrea and Jennifer stared back blandly. Sandi was blushing but hopeful.

Don gritted his teeth and helped Sandi to sit on the cabinet. She pulled the towel away and parted her legs to show him the splinter. It looked nasty and was obviously deeply imbedded. He couldn’t just pull it out. He’d need to cut along the length of the splinter and then lift it out. Taking the sharp little blade from the first aid kit he sliced quickly along the path of the splinter, all too aware of what the back of his hand was rubbing against as he worked. Once cut, it only took a moment to edge the cut apart and extract the slinter. He then sprayed the wound with antiseptic and put on some tape, pointedly ignoring the giggles from the other girls.

Sandi hastily replaced the towel, thanking him.

“Was there anything else?” he queried, not trying to hide his relief when the girls indicted that there was not.

He took the girls down the hall to one of the spare bedrooms. “You can consider this your room while you’re here,” he said. On the bed he had laid three sets of track pants, warm shirts and ties.

“I can understand the track pants and shirts and I thank you, but why do we need the ties” asked Andrea.

Don laughed. “They’re optional. I don’t have belts that would fit you so I thought you could tie them around your waist to stop the shirts flapping. Get dressed and then you can meet me in the kitchen.”

Once they had gathered in the kitchen, Don suggested that as it was getting late, dinner might be a good idea. He was quite willing to do the honours, but warned them he was an average cook at best. Sandi and Andrea promptly turned to look at Jennifer, who looked back for a moment, laughed and said she’d cook. She liked cooking and was very good at it.

Don then went on to inform the girls that they were stuck for the duration of the storm. It was currently bad and appeared to be getting worse, making it dangerous to be driving down the mountain roads. He was quite willing to run them home in the morning, or they could make arrangements to have someone pick them up, possibly someone who could also provide them with clothes. If there was anyone they wanted to call there was a landline in the hallway.

Relieved the girls headed for the phone to contact family and friends and make arrangements to be picked up the next day.

“Now, while Jennifer is so kindly cooking dinner for us, would one of you care to explain why I found you strolling along in the rain, using a bear’s private trail as your own?”

“A bear’s trail?” came a horrified gasp. “Bears use that path?”

“They do. You shouldn’t. We’re now back to why you were?”

The girls explained the predicament in which they’d found themselves and how they had opted to remove themselves from it. Afterwards, Don suggested that one of them needed to call the police and explain the situation. They might be able to recover their things that way, and if by some chance the bikies had reported three missing girls to the police, the call would prevent search and rescue being called out.

After dinner Don showed them where his games room was. They could play music, watch TV or a DVD or use the pool table. They would have to excuse him but he still had some things to attend to in his office.

They turned on some music and then turned to the pool table. They quickly found that while the track suit pants had been OK while just standing around or sitting, they were bothersome now they were more active, the too long legs tending to unroll and trip them. Andrea was the first to lose patience with them, pulling them off and laying them to one side. She looked at the others and shrugged. “The shirts cover us.” She grinned. “Actually, the shirts are longer than some of my dresses.”

Not averse to taking good advice, Sandi and Jennifer also dumped the pants, and the girls continued playing pool. It was just unfortunate that Don would choose to come back into the room while Jennifer was lining up for a difficult shot. She had one foot on the floor, leaning across the table with her other leg stretched along it, giving Don a magnificent view of her bottom and pussy. Don politely coughed and asked if they did realise that they weren’t wearing panties.

Jennifer laughed at him. “Don’t be a prude. You’ve already seen everything we’ve got.”

“True, but you were patients then and it didn’t count. Now you’re guests and guests don’t flash the host,” he returned with a grin. “Now, while not wanting to rush you, it’s getting late, you’ve all had a rough day, and I think you should be heading to bed.”

Don went with Mutlukent Escort the girls to the room he had told them was theirs. There was a king size bed that they could all share quite easily, but there was also another room available next door with a single bed if one of them wanted to use it. Their choice. His room was at the end of the corridor if they really need him for anything during the night. Don left the girls to sort themselves out and returned to his office for a while, before finally retiring for the night himself.

Don woke in the middle of the night, aware that something wasn’t quite right. He’d gone to sleep alone, but now it was dawning on him that there was another body in the bed with him, warm, soft, naked and female. He also had an erection that the woman seemed to happily encouraging.

“What?” he mumbled, seeming to be coming to his senses very slowly.

“Don’t make a noise,” came a quiet whisper. “The others are asleep and I couldn’t, so I thought I’d come in here and thank you for our rescue. We could have been in a very bad way if you hadn’t turned up.” Even while she spoke the girl was nestling up close to him, her hand busy playing with his erection, encouraging it and teasing it.

Don finally started to focus. One of the girls he’d found, but which one? “You don’t really know me,” he protested. “This is a reaction from your escape from a bad situation. You don’t really want me and besides, I don’t have any condoms available.”

“Don’t worry. I’m clean and I’m on the pill. There’ll be no repercussions. I’ll stop if you really want me to, of course, but I really want to do this.”

“Ah, there’s no need to stop if you feel you really must,” gasped Don, starting to sweat as that knowledgeable hand continued to tease him. “You go right ahead and do what you think is best.”

He gasped again, as she dived under the blankets with a giggle, and he felt a hot, warm mouth close around his straining cock. He tensed as sharp little teeth scraped along the head of his cock, tantalising and sending shivers through him.

His own hands were busy now, reaching for her, trying to touch and to get a grasp upon her. His hand brushed against a breast and closed over it, squeezing and feeling the tight little bud of her nipple. He could feel her squirming around in the bed and found that she was turning around, placing her pussy and bottom within reach of his groping hand. Nothing loth, his hand glided over her bottom, tracing the contours until he came to her pussy, where it lingered, exploring the outer edges, then slowly moving towards the hot centre. He gently ran his fingers up and down her slit before teasing her lips apart, and slipping his fingers inside, feeling her reaction as she pressed the hot moist inner flesh hard against those exploring fingers.

All this time the girl had been honouring his erection with her attention, gently sucking and teasing, repeatedly bushing the throbbing head with exciting little scrapes of her teeth.

Now she had released him, and was wriggling out of his grasp. If that was all she was going to do and the whole thing was just a tease he’d have to kill her he decided. Not a jury would convict.

Then she was moving again, sliding onto and lying on top of him, her length pressed firmly against him, and he felt her hand returning to capture his cock again. No longer playing, she was directing it to where it was wanted, where they both fervently wanted it to be. He could feel her heat and moistness slowly surrounding him, and then he could sense her rising in the darkness to sit back, letting his cock drive up and into her, filling her while she wriggled slightly, encouraging its depredations.

Now she was sitting astride him, with his erection rising like a mast within her, sending rippling sensations into both their bodies, starting the grand old game in earnest. Don felt her lean forward, causing his cock to slowly withdraw, then rock back, forcing it to return. Slowly he started to move in time with her rocking, helping her along, initially letting her set the pace, but slowly increasing the speed as satisfaction started to steal upon him.

He was thrusting up to meet her plunging body, both of them panting now, running a race that neither wanted to lose, but knowing that the finish line was in site. Suddenly she collapsed onto him, shuddering, her convulsing muscles acting as a trigger to push him across the line and explode within her. The pair of them lay there gently shaking in the aftermath, with the girl slipping off and lying by his side.

He really would have to turn on the light and see which of the girls it was he thought muzzily, but that could wait for a moment. He drifted back to sleep, vaguely aware that she was leaving his bed and he didn’t know who she was.

Waking again, while it was still dark, feeling that warm body back next to him, hand gently stroking a cock into an erection, his cock apparently aware that it wasn’t off duty yet, and quite eager to continue.

“Again?” he thought, and was opening his mouth to speak when a hazy suspicion crept upon him. “How do I know it’s the same girl? What if it’s not? I’d be letting her know that someone else has visited me and I suspect that they wanted it kept between the two of us.”

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