Mr. Nice Guy vs. High School Ch. 02

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The next morning Jason parked in the most secluded parking spot he could find when he arrived at Rock Bridge High that next day. He pulled his passenger across to him for one last kiss, slipping his tongue between her lips. Gretchen is a nerdy girl with baggy cloths, a thick pair of glasses, with a reputation for being innocent and religious. Jason had known Gretchen his entire life. To Jason’s good fortune she was also sexually repressed, and very interested in experimentation. Slipping his hand under her baggy sweater, Jason copped another morning feel of the surprisingly large and braless breasts that Gretchen kept hidden under her loose fitting clothes. After the kiss, Gretchen slipped out of the vehicle grabbing her backpack on the way. Jason didn’t park in the shadows due to any shame in giving the girl a ride into school, or nor did he feel any embarrassment stemming from the blowjob she had given him on the drive over, but because neither of them wanted to risk Jason’s new girlfriend learning about their one-on-one time. Pulling out his phone, Jason texted Gretchen some words of thanks and encouragement as she walked inside. Today was the first day Jason had driven the girl to school, and they agreed before getting here that this would be a once a week occurrence. Gretchen was kind of his polyamorous girlfriend. His real girlfriend, Nicole, was the jealous and controlling type and would have freaked if she knew the two were meeting without her. Both relationships were a secret from the rest of the school. Neither girl wanted Jason’s bad boy reputation to soil their good girl images.

Jason didn’t know it, but only sixteen hours into his secret tryst with Nicole and Gretchen, three other girls were already very aware of what was going on and were planning on ways of using this secret to their advantage. Amy Fitz, Jason’s step-sister, had watched Jason, Gretchen, and Nicole’s threesome over the family’s closed circuit security system, and had immediately called her friend Becky Martin over to see the footage. This morning, they let their friend Stacy Rhea watch the footage on Amy’s smart phone. The three girls were clustered just inside the door closest to where Jason parked, and all three had seen Gretchen Greene slip out of Jason’s passenger side door. Jason had parked further out this morning than he usually did, in the shade of a line of trees, and it was obvious people were not supposed to notice Gretchen getting out of his car.

“The lucky bitch.” Stacy said. Amy was surprised that Stacy had said that. She was always casual about any attraction she showed towards Amy’s stepbrother.

“Your telling me.” Becky, on the other hand, had a very vocal crush on Jason Lakes. Amy herself was conflicted on her feelings towards her legal brother. Seeing the video made her feel pretty turned on, but she would never admit that to anyone. The three girls ignored Gretchen as she came in and disappeared into the mass of people in the hall. The bell rang signalling for everyone to get to class, but Jason still sat in his jeep. “Clearly he doesn’t want anyone to connect his entrance with the church slut’s entrance. If he was my man, he wouldn’t have to be ashamed of a little oral in the morning.”

Amy jabbed her top-heavy brunette friend with her elbow. “Shut it Becky. That is my step-brother after all.”

“Hey! You’re the one who came up with the idea of blackmailing him with that footage.” Becky replied defensively. Stacy nodded in agreement

“For alcohol, you sluts, not sex!”

“It seems like a waste.” This from Stacy. “Obviously he is giving those two religious freaks sex lessons or something. I think we should be using this to sign up for his class. We are all hot for crying out loud, what do the bible thumping nerds have that we don’t?” Amy did her best to look mortified at the suggestion of taking sex ed from her own step-brother, and in a way she was. She wasn’t happy with another fantasy being added to the semi-incestual list forming in her head. Jason finally got out of his jeep and started towards the entrance that Amy and her friends were standing in. The plan was simple, show Jason the footage, wait for him to ask them to keep the footage secret, and then ask Jason to get them whatever they wanted whenever they wanted it. In exchange they would guarantee not sending the recording to a few other people, implying that it would go viral and spread around the school. It was an empty threat, Amy, Becky, and Stacey would get expelled if a video like that went viral. It was obviously traceable back to the three of them. But Amy couldn’t just sit and do nothing with blackmail material that good. “Besides, how can Jason buy us alcohol if he is the same age we are?”

Becky answered with essentially the same answer that Amy had been about to give. “He looks over twenty one so I can assume he can manage not to get carded. Especially under the threat of blackmail. If not maybe he has friends that can buy it for us. It is worth a try.”

When Jason stepped inside he immediately saw his sister Sakarya Escort and her two best friends. Under the influence of alcohol Jason had flirted pretty heavily with Becky’s hot single mom and Stacy’s happily married mother Donna as well as Hylan, the mother of one of Amy’s other friends. Jason and the three moms were all chaperones for a concert Amy and her friends had wanted to go to. Becky’s mom had turned down his advances, but Donna was another story. Jason had been sleeping with Stacy’s mother Donna regularly since the concert. The girls approached Jason as if they wanted to confront him about something and assuming the worse, that they suspected that he was shagging Stacy’s mom, Jason cut them off with his own topic of discussion.

“Amy, I wanted to talk to you. You know how Dad and your mom are going out of town next weekend? Not this one but next one?” Amy nodded, looking annoyed at having been routed from what was clearly supposed to be a confrontation. “Good. I am going to throw a party. You have thrown enough parties with the two of them out of town so don’t look too shocked. You three are invited, and any of your other friends that you want to bring. There will be drinking and smoking, so I want you to promise to be cool about it, agreed?” The three girls nodded and expressed their assurances. “Now what do you three want me to get you? Anything is cool, liquor, cheer-beer?” Jason listened to their requests and hurried off to his class with the excuse of needing to write the information down. If Stacy were up for coming to a party, then maybe she hadn’t figured out that Jason had been fucking her mother. For a moment he wondered what the big confrontation was about, but decided he had more important things to worry over. He had decided to have the party the night before after dropping Gretchen and Nicole off after their wild threesome. He hadn’t planned on inviting his stepsister and her friends since they never invited him to their sleepovers, but it seemed unavoidable now that he thought about it. They would likely come if he invited them or not, it was Amy’s house after all. He needed the party to be a big hit in order to start taking advantage of his surprisingly good reputation. If it flopped it would surely change the way people looked at him. He needed to use his reputation to make it a big hit, but it seemed his popularity was largely based on rumors, misunderstandings and stereotyping. People assumed the big, tough, rich, white kid who won his fights growing up was a party boy, even though he had never been invited to a party. People assumed he just partied elsewhere and chose not to invite people from this school. That detail he came from Gretchen just this morning. So how could Jason apply this house of lies to appear being successful in the real world?

***** Confronting Mary

The rumors about Jason’s bad boy image started when a pretty and perky pothead named Shyla spread some rumors around that Jason was well hung and great in bed. At the time, Jason had been a virgin and assumed the rumors were just random high school gossip. While he was decently equipped, Shyla had never really spoken to him, much less seen his cock. Gretchen assured Jason that the size of his cock had likely never been a secret. Girls notice that kind of thing, even if he had never pulled it out for anyone. There had been rumors that Jason stuffed socks down his jeans until Shyla’s lie confirmed Jason’s size for everyone. The rumor had indeed come from Shyla herself, Gretchen said she had heard the rumor directly from Shyla’s mouth. At some point, additional rumors started circling about Jason and Mary, one of the most popular girls in his school. Gretchen hadn’t heard the story directly from Mary, but had heard it confirmed from people who knew the girl well enough that she was certain that Mary knew about the rumor and had never denied it.

After second period class ended, Jason sought out Mary in the hallway. He had only spoken to her once, years ago, when Mary had asked him out on a date out of nowhere. She hadn’t just asked him out either, she asked him out in front of just under fifty of her close personal friends who were snickering and pretending not to watch. Assuming that he was the butt-end of some stupid preppy prank, Jason shut her down cold. Jason assumed Mary hated him since not only did he not play along with her tease, he shut her down publicly in a way that implied he was not interested at all. Maybe the rumors were a way for Mary to recover from being publicly shut down, or maybe they were just something she had heard and thought they were funny and not worth denying.

Either way, since she apparently was not denying the rumors Jason was betting that she was at least unoffended by the gossip, and hoped that she was behind it as he approached her in the hall between first and second period. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” he asked her, interrupting Mary’s conversation with Bambie and Julia. Jason did his best to look confident that his request would be met. He had dressed Sakarya Escort Bayan well today, taking special care of how he would be perceived by Mary and more popular friends.

“Uh…” Mary looked shocked. Jason hadn’t spoken a word to her in three years, though according to the rumors going around the two hooked up quite frequently.

“Don’t be silly Mary, Julia and I can meet up with you after second period. Talk to your boy-toy in public for once. Don’t be too rough with her Tiger.” Bambi said as she started to pull Julia away. Her words were a fair enough confirmation that Mary had at least let these two girls think that she and Jason were sleeping together. Mary looked mortified. Now that Jason knew Mary’s friends believed the rumor, Jason was able to assume that Mary had at least never denied the tale and that he had a green light to move forward with the party.

“Actually this is for you two too. I am throwing a party weekend after next, on the third. You all can come, and invite anyone you want. My parents are going to be out of town. I don’t know if Mary has told you all about my place, but their is a pool, a hot tub, a two story guest house and a dock leading out onto the lake we can put to good use. I will provide plenty of alcohol and whatnot, but since I do not usually hang out with people from this school I was hoping you three could help me fill up the guest list?” A look of excitement spread over Bambi’s face. She looked exactly like her name implied, wealthy, blonde, big boobed, blue eyed and easy. She had tripped at some point in a hall at school and Jason had caught her before she hit the ground. She had always been friendly to Jason since then. He had never spoken to Julia, and the way the blonde looked at him had always been neutral at best. Now she smiled brightly at the idea of coming to Jason’s party. She was tall for a girl, and probably weighed less than one of Jason’s arms, and she always went out of her way to look very fashionable.

“That is awesome! We were just talking about how we had not been to a party in a long time. How big can it be?” Julia asked.

“How big can you handle?” Jason winked. “Not so big that I can’t clean up after the party, but big is fine with me.” A moment of inspiration washed over Jason. “Tell any guys coming it is BYOB, and no guys can come without a date. Let any girls coming without a date know that I will buy any drinks or whatever it is they want. That way it won’t be a sausage-fest.”

“Wow… that is pretty generous.” Bambi said. Both Julia and Bambi looked surprised at his offer. Mary just looked confused. Jason hadn’t put a whole lot of thought into making the offer, it just seemed like it would be the best way to make sure their were more girls than guys. What had he just gotten himself into? Jason’s parents may have had money, but Jason did not have free access to it. Still, he figured he had made enough working for Mrs. Donna Rhea to cover a single party. She had hired him on a fluffed up pay rate in appreciation for Jason’s ability and willingness to get her off.

“Very generous. Um, Jason, can I talk to you about something for a minute alone?” Mary asked.

“Actually, I have to run to class. Call me later?” Jason winked and smiled as he slipped away into the crowd with a wave. He knew good and well that Mary didn’t have his number, she just probably couldn’t admit it in front of her friends. Not that she would have to wait long. Gretchen was in Mary’s second period class, and Mary would find a piece of paper waiting for her on her desk with Jason’s name and number on it as soon as she took her seat.

Jason did not have to wait too long for her to send him a message. He got a text from an unknown number almost as soon as his second period class started. “Jason who?” It read. Apparently Gretchen had only left his first name on the paper, and Mary was being cautious.

“Who is this?” Jason responded, smugly.

“You know good and well who this is, asshole!” Mary texted back.

“Then you know who I am too. We need to talk, but not where everyone can hear us. Don’t worry, your secrets are safe with me. I am serious about throwing a party though. How important is your last period class? Care to skip with me? I can buy you lunch and we can talk.”

Time passed and no response came. Multitasking, Jason texted his stepsister about his decision that guys had to bring dates and he would buy the girls without dates whatever they wanted. Unlike Mary, Bambi, and Julia, his sister saw immediately that this was meant to influence the guy/girl ratio and called him on it. “How many girls can you handle at one time big brother?” she texted mockingly.

As far as Jason knew Amy couldn’t have known about the night before of course, but Jason said quite confidently “You would be surprised ;)” Maybe the wink face was much, considering his and Amy’s parents had married, but it seemed like the best response.

Amy texted back, “Would you be able to buy alcohol for my friends Escort Sakarya and I sometime?” It was an interesting question. How was he going to buy so much alcohol for the party? He could probably convince Donna to buy for him at least once, but if not he would need to think of something else. He didn’t want to commit to getting it for Amy anytime she wanted if he was not yet sure how to get it himself, so instead he through said, “You can drink with me anytime you like, and I will get you anything you want. If you all will be drinking without me, I am going to want something out of it.”

“And what would you want from us big brother.”

It seemed like an odd question. Jason had assumed the answer to that went without saying. “Cash dork.” He texted back. That ended his conversation with his stepsister.

A solid forty minutes passed before Mary responded with “I can miss fourth if I have to, but missing third would be better today.”

The bell rang before Jason could text back, so he stayed in his seat an extra moment to think. He had his schedule planned out today and he was making adjustments in his head. “Now is fine with me then. Meet me at my jeep. It is parked under the tree near the football field, and the door is unlocked. I have an errand to run between classes so it will take me a minute.”

“K” Mary texted back.

***** Meeting Shyla

Getting up from his desk, Jason took off towards the gym at a jog. The Rock Bridge High gym was a separate building from the rest of the school, and the stoners all hung out behind it between classes. It was common knowledge that the security guard looked the other way since the kids always let her have a cigarette when she came by, and since they did not smoke weed on campus no one really cared. He spotted the group immediately. How sad do you have to be to run all the way down here to smoke a cigarette for two minutes before running back to class? Jason never understood the appeal. Luckily, Shyla was here today. The girl was tiny. Blonde hair and an over-sized ‘C’ cup bra that made her breasts look bigger than they were, if unconvincingly, and a shirt torn high enough to show off the black thong that stuck up over the top of her hiphuggers. Shyla spotted Jason storming up to her social clique in a hurry and just like Mary had, she froze up. Neither girl had known how to react. It made Jason want to laugh.

From Shyla’s perspective, she had been having a really bad week. Her boyfriend had cheated on her again, and this time she broke up with him. She regretted it immediately, and now he wouldn’t take her calls. Her dad came home drunk last night, and furious that Shyla had been too stoned to answer her cell when he called to ask her to pick him up from the bar it was all Shyla could do to keep from getting a black eye. Then her boyfriend, ex-boyfriend now, along with the girl he had been cheating on Shyla with had both skipped school today, which was hardly a good sign for he and Shyla working things out. And now here comes Jason “The Adonis” Lakes who looked fully prepared to add gas to the fire. All she needed was for Jason to call her out on her old stupid lie in front of everyone today to make her week absolutely frickin’ perfect. “Hey gorgeous.” he said when he walked up, “Can I talk to you alone for a minute?” Jason asked her in front of all of her friends. This was not what Shyla thought he was going to say.

Jason had assumed he would need to pull her aside to talk to her, but all seven of the potheads outside quickly put out their cigarettes and made their way towards the main building, leaving Jason alone with Shyla in short order. “Okay, I guess you finally heard that stupid rumor about you and I.” Shyla started rambling as soon as they were alone. “I told two, just two people that you and I hooked up. It was a dumb lie but they were bragging about people they hooked up with and I couldn’t tell them honestly who took my virginity, and you were the first guy I could think of. They didn’t believe me, and the next day fifty people came up asking if I lied, so I kind of had to keep lying or admit why I made the whole thing up. I am really sorry that it got out of hand. None of my close friend’s ever believed me anyway. I guess after calling me beautiful in front of everyone they do now. I can go tell them the truth if you want. I promise I was complimentary with every lie. When I heard about you and Mary getting together I told people you and I stopped hooking up because I didn’t want you or Mary to get in my face about it.”

Jason stood there in silence after Shyla ran out of things to say. So that is how everything started? Jason guessed Mary had heard from the Shyla rumor that Jason was well equipped and a decent lay, and molded her own lie about how good Jason was in bed based off of Shyla’s lie, and thus Jason’s reputation was born. “Listen,” Jason told the petite blonde, “I have always known about the rumor and I have never told anyone it was not true. I could do worse for myself than banging a pretty little pothead, the only thing that bugged me about rumors was that I wasn’t actually getting to experience all the amazing sex I kept hearing about. I am in a hurry now and that isn’t what I wanted to talk to you about. I am throwing a party weekend after next and I need to score some weed. Can you help me out?”

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