Ms. Cheng

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“Do you want a cup of tea?” my wife asks.

“Yes please.”


“Of course.”

It’s a bright and breezy Summer’s day. I’m sitting at my writing desk by a window overlooking the garden, a scene quickly blurring into abstract velvety blocks of colour resembling a Rothko field painting as I turn my vision nostalgically inwards, idly reflecting upon the events woven into the tapestry of my life. A now blurry orange T-shirt flapping on the washing line evokes a passage of my final year at high school…

I had just turned eighteen two months earlier. It was the first semester of year twelve and I had a secret to which even my best friend could not be privy. My secret had made me overly confident and subsequently I took to messing around in class and getting detentions more often than not. Eventually I had earned myself a Saturday detention with Ms. Cheng. She was tough and a real bitch. You either hated her or fell in love with her. She was a petite woman with a voluptuous figure, a pretty face adorned with bee-stung lips, gorgeous elongated eyes and a small button nose exposing light freckling barely perceptible under her olive skin. She spent most of her classes scolding us for talking, authoritatively pacing around our desks or sitting cross legged at her desk, swinging her uppermost leg whilst pumping the heel of her stockinged foot in and out of her red high heels whilst she critiqued our work or read a woman’s magazine. I swear on more than one occasion I stood up and the desk stood with me.

I arrived at school for Saturday detention. To avoid my parents’ cognisance of yet another detention I exited the house wearing jeans, a T-shirt and carrying my school uniform in my gym bag. I changed in the toilets at school and rocked up to Ms. Cheng’s classroom. She was sitting at her desk reading a magazine and chewing gum whilst sipping a steaming hot cup of green tea. She appeared cool, calm and collected as she glanced up, briefly looked me up and down and raised her left eyebrow ever so slightly.

“Oh, you’re here then.” she said with bitchy feigned surprise, “I’d wondered if you were ever going to show.”

She viewed me with cool regard but I couldn’t help focus on the way her mouth moved as she continued to chew her gum. Sensing my voyeuristic attentiveness she raised her hand to her mouth and seductively extracted the soft pink gum, tugging on it lightly with her teeth, before dropping it into the trash can and turning her attention back to me.

“I have to speak to you.”


“Into my office.” she demanded.

I followed her to a door at the back of the classroom, it was already unlocked as she pushed it open into a chamber set between two classrooms with a window facing the courtyard. I entered first and spyed an ergonomic chair to my left facing the back wall across a desk. The walls were painted a creamy off-white with a poster of Autumn leaves blue-tacked on the right. A lamp sat candescent upon the desk.

“Sit down.” she instructed. I did so.

Ms. Cheng’s high heels fell heavy on the worn floor boards as she stepped through the archway clicking the door shut behind her. I heard a key rattle its way into the keyhole and the mechanical clicking of the door locking. I turned to look, half rising out of my chair.

“Don’t!….. Turn around.” she reprimanded tersely, “Sit!”

I lowered myself back into my seat feeling the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. My heart raced through fear of what I tried to imagine was looming. There was an unzipping sound of a blind as she pulled it down, it’s orange colour casting the morning sun as an amber glow upon the walls.

She strutted a slow pace around the desk making every heavy step of her 4 inch heels count until she stood opposite me on the other side. Facing me she elegantly folded her arms across her 36C breasts, her left leg bearing her weight and her right leg outstretched to her right tapping her toe agitatedly.

“Well, what have you got to say for yourself?” she asked.

“Miss?” I answered, confused and nervous as to what she was alluding.

“Miss, is not an answer.” she responded.

“I don’t know wha….”

“Like hell you don’t!” she scowled and slapped her hands flat on the desk almost leaping across it and causing me to jerk back in my seat.

“You’ve been fucking the English teacher, Mrs. Bright. She’s married you know! Not to mention it’s fucking illegal!”

I was flabbergasted. “I…I…Uh..I…Um.” I responded like a bumbling idiot made worse when I realised her leaning on the desk had caused the top her blouse to casually fall open drawing my attention to the tops of her magnificent mounds hanging heavy within, producing an impromptu and ill-timed erection.

“You know, I could get you into a lot of trouble if I was to leak this out.” she threatened. “But I’m more disappointed in you.”


“Don’t speak! Did I ask you to speak? Huh? Did I?”

I shook my head.

With a little effort she pushed herself up from the desk and stood taking pause for a breath before continuing on, “I’m disappointed Sakarya Escort that you didn’t come to me first; with your virgin cock.”

It took a few seconds for what she had said to register and when it did I briefly shook my head trying to clear it. Did I hear her right? She must have sensed my confusion, “Yes, you heard me. Well, you’re going to have to make this up to me.”

“Miss, you’re not goin…?”

“Don’t speak!”

She resumed folding her arms across her chest and slowly paced back and forth behind the desk as if ruminating how I was going to make ‘it’ up to her. After pacing several times she stopped side on to me and whimsically lowering her right arm lightly drummed her well manicured acrylic nails on the desk.

“What is it you like about Mrs. Bright?” she asked curiously whilst casually staring into the Autumn scene on the wall poster.

I sat silent.

“You may speak.” she encouraged flicking a glance my way ever so briefly.

“Her….Her um….”

“Say it!”

“Her tits Miss!” I blurted before I could think. “I meant her breasts Miss.” I reiterated in what I thought was a less offensive description.

“Hmmmmmm.” she hummed whilst nodding her head ever so slightly in acknowledgement. She regarded the poster again before sizing me up with her eyes and asked “And what do you think of my…. Tits!” she spat in emphasis.

“Oh well um…” I averted my gaze and looked everywhere to avoid answering her directly only to find nothing in the sparsely furnished room on which to fixate.

“Here!” she called my attention back to the subject in question pointing with both index fingers to each bulging breast collectively straining the buttons on today’s irregularly undersized blouse.

“They’re nice Miss.” I replied blushing heavily.

“Nice! You mean you want to fuck them?” she explained succinctly not expecting an answer, but my cock was answering and pushing hard against my pants. “Oh yes,” she continued, “I heard how she tit-fucked you. Tut tut tut tut. She really shouldn’t have you know, you’re just a baby.”

I was shocked, wondering where all this was going. She allowed the dust to settle before continuing, her hard facial expression then melted as she regarded me with dreamy eyes and a hint of a devilish smile. She glided around the desk dragging her red hot painted nails along the varnished surface and came to stand in front of me smiling a sweet but deadly smile.

“Would you like to see my tits?” she asked, before inhaling sharply trying unsuccessfully to stop her own cheeks from blushing.

I was beside myself, writhing in a palpable orgy of emotions: Fear, lust and teen love all rolling over one another.

“Yes ple…” but before I could finish my sentence she had unbuttoned her blouse which burst open revealing a splendid pair of tits, tawny in the blind’s amber light with beautiful large brown nipples which almost poked my eyes out as she leant forward to give me a closer view. I could smell an exotic woody oriental perfume carried by her body heat, smothering me in a concoction of sandalwood, patchouli and a hint of mandarin. I almost came into my pants right there and then.

“Well, what do you think?” she flirted.

“They’re beautiful!” I exclaimed with wide open eyes trying to drink in as much as I could.

“They are aren’t they?” she concurred and stood up cupping her right breast in her left hand and lifting it up for her own personal examination and admiration. Without turning her head away from her breast she glanced sideways at me with a look of bitchy mischeviousness lighting her eyes, then briskly licked her nipple.

“Ohhhhhh.” I moaned, my body slumping into the chair as she drained any willpower I had left with that single gesture.

Ms. Cheng lowered her gaze, fixing her beautiful elongated eyes, accentuated by black eyeliner, on my crotch and asked “What’s that?” I traced where she was looking and saw a small dark spot of wetness seeping through my pants. ‘Wholly shit!’ I looked back speechless and noticed she now had a pouting, sulky expression.

She licked her nipple once again. I squirmed uncomfortably in my chair and she started to lick repeatedly like an attentive cat, every now and then holding my gaze and observing me watching her tongue’s tip swirl around her beautiful brown areola and flick back and forth across her now very erect nipple. I could hear the liquid sounds of sucking and kissing as she played with her breast, mentally toying with me, making me watch her silky spit stringing itself between her wet nipple and tongue.

My cock was aching and my right hand slid down to rub myself and hopefully unzip my pants.

“What are you doing?” she blurted, refraining from her self-satisfying. “Put your hands behind your back.”

I reluctantly did as I was told and she pouted again, leant forward and slapped my hard-on “Bad!”

I felt the pain of the slap but to my surprise my cock started to jump as if trying to release the cum storm my balls were churning up. I wanted to douse this bitch in bucket loads of my Sakarya Escort Bayan cream. Her bitchiness made her all the more beautiful and sensing it she slapped my hard-on again and again. I was feeling a painful tickle run up my cock as it jerked incessantly with her unabating torment to the point of wanting to explode. What was possibly a minute felt like five when she had finally stopped, gloating her control over my pulsating cock until its jerking subsided.

Satisfied with this aspect of her torture, she now cupped both breasts, gently tickling them with her finger tips, whipping up her arousal before me and resumed mouthing both nipples making small suckling noises with the odd moan of enjoyment. ‘God, you fucking bitch!’ I thought whilst gritting my teeth with building frustration at the incessant aching of my cock.

“Hmmmmmmm.” she moaned and releasing her tits, she spread her legs and pushed herself back against the desk which creaked and cracked under the pressure of her digging her heels into the floorboards.

Regarding me calmly noting the sheer desperation in my eyes she gazed down at my obvious bulge and lifting her right hand to her right cheek took a lock of her obsidian black hair and twirled it playfully into ringlets around her index finger. She let her mouth drop open and I fixated on her tongue lolling around behind her pearly whites as I tried to guess what she was planning now. I looked into her eyes and understood the game. She kept twirling and untwirling her hair using her steady gaze and the room’s silence to punish me. I knew I had to hold her gaze and not look down at her breasts or mouth like she was daring me to. Her gaze made me feel insignificant but peripherallly I could see she was continuously exploring the inside of her mouth with her tongue daring me to break first but keeping me hard.

She stopped halfway through a ringlet and paused the game as if having a revelation.

“I’m guessing you’ve seen Mrs. Bright’s pussy?”

I nodded, what else could I do, I could hardly speak, being a captive to this vixen of seduction in font of me.

“Huh?” she replied.

“Y-yes Miss.”

“Is she shaven?” she asked.

“Miss?….” I replied unsure of what she was asking which slightly jarred me out of the sexual stupor she had put me in. She laughed at my coming to.

“Hmmmmm.” she smiled as if hiding a secret, “What colour is her pubic hair?”

It took me a while to remember under the circumstances, “Brown Miss.”

“A brunette?”

“I guess so Miss.”

“I knew it!”, she exclaimed, “She’s a bottle blonde.” whilst she closely examined her own dark ringlet wrapped around her finger before releasing it and grasping another lock of hair to play with.

“Bottle blonde Miss?” I asked confused.

“Never mind.” she replied offhandedly.

She licked her lips whilst resuming her observation of the bulge in my pants.

“Would you like to see my pussy?” she asked matter of factly, this time without blushing.

I replied without thinking, “Yes please Miss.”

She smiled, leant forward and patted my bulge then gently rubbed it a few times. ‘Christ here we go again’ I thought. I could feel her hand putting pressure on the fabric rubbing up against my cock and wish she would just grab it like Mrs. Bright and fucking jerk away the emotionally cramping frustration. She extended her tongue to the left side of her mouth before sandwiching it between her lips and moistening them as she stood upright. Grasping the top of her skirt with her left hand and reaching across under her tits with her right hand grasping the zipper she started pulling it down slowly. She got halfway and paused, side glancing at me almost daring not to continue, making my heart skip a beat before quickly unzipping her skirt all the way letting it slip down over her thick thighs and shapely calves to pool around her ankles. She deftly stepped out of her skirt. I gasped audibly, gawping in utter amazement at her white panties, translucent with wetness allowing me a clear view of her olive fleshed shaven cunt.

“What?” she asked. “You didn’t think looking at your teen bulge turned me on? A horny fucking teenager wanting to fuck me whilst watching me suck my own tits?”

I could smell her sex now, the smell of this horny woman captivated me. She smelt as beautiful as she looked. She stepped forward over my chair forcing me to uncomfortably squeeze my thighs shut around my balls.

“Lower your chair.” she commanded.

I groped for the lever under the right side of the chair and pulled it, decompressing the pump causing it to instantly collapse to its lowest position putting her hips at my eye level. I couldn’t help admiring her beautiful cunt, I was mesmerised by it.

“Look at it! Look at what you’ve done!” she accused.

I said nothing, I hardly heard her. I was deaf with excitement, my senses overwhelmed with her intoxicating femininity.

“Hmmmmm.” she moaned and putting her warm hands on each side of my head she shuffled forward on her heels, lowered herself slightly in front of Escort Sakarya my face and incisively ordered “Eat my cunt!”

She jerked my head towards her pelvis and rubbed her wet panties against my mouth, moistening my nose, lips and chin with her wetness . With the smell of her arousal filling my nostrils, I licked at the wet patch of her panties feeling the roughness of the cotton against my tongue and tasting her sour and salty cunt juice.

“Ungnnnnnng yeah.” she moaned and she pulled her panties aside and I felt the soaking wet feminine softness of her wringing wet cunt slip against my mouth and tongue. I extended my tongue parting her labia minora as she sunk down onto my chin.

“Hmmmmmm.” she started gyrating her hips fucking my mouth and using my tongue to massage her clit. “Huuunnggggg, fuck! You like this huh? Yeah? You like this?” I could hardly answer my mouth full of her cunt and my tongue parting her cleft as she fucked up and down on my face. My cock started rhythmically pulsing again.

I strained to look up between her tits and saw her eyes closed and her tongue lashing wildly in the air. She squeezed her arms together clamping her tits and peered down at me through half closed loving eyes.

“Oh fuck yes. Ooohhh, lick my sopping cunt. Lick….. My sopping….. Cunt.” she commanded through clenched teeth as she rubbed hard against my tongue and forced it up through her sour tasting hot juicy centre. Cunt juice and saliva dribbled down my cheeks and chin. Occasionally I gasped for breath drawing the warm air between my mouth and her hot wetness.

“Fuck, I’m aching for cock!” she groaned and she pulled herself away from me and bending over grasped my face and kissed me, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. Her breath smelt of bubble gum and she tasted like a cheerleader as we tongue wrestled moaning into each other’s mouths mixing each other’s spit with cunt juice. My hands were free now and I grasped her beautiful hair which silkely cascaded down my hands and arms. Meahwhile she swung her arms back and pulled her panties down over her firm arse and wriggled out of them.

She retracted her tongue took a breath and then started licking her cunt juice from my cheeks and lips. Dropping her right hand down into my lap, she rubbed my still pulsing cock before finding the zipper of my pants and yanking it down with two short jerks, lowered herself onto her knees. She concentrated on unbuttoning my pants and gripping them as I lifted by backside off of the chair, hastily pulled them down along with my undies to my ankles. I spread my legs feeling the relief of my balls freely rolling around between my thighs, my cock springing to attention albeit titling to the left like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. ‘Finally. ‘, I thought, I could hardly contain myself.

“Ooooooooooh!” she cooed as she grasped my cock with her right hand and inspected the precum glazed head. She looked into my eyes and mischeviously licked at it curling her tongue into her mouth stretching precum goo between her lower lip and my cock.

“Oh yum! That tastes good.” she informed as she squeezed the head of my cock with her thumb, index finger coaxing more precum out of it before lapping it up and swallowing with theartrical exaggeration. When she was satisfied there were no more to be squeezed out she circled her tongue around her lips like a satisfied kitty.

Raising to standing, her legs once again parted either side of mine, she put her hands on my shoulders to steady herself, she slowly lowered her hips until the tip of my cock touched the hot opening of her cunt. She dipped down ever so slightly but not enough to cover the head and pulled up again. I gritted my teeth and I knew she could see my renewed defiance of her teasing in my eyes. She repeated this tantalising motion over and over until I groaned “Ohhhhh fuck!”, and even then she didn’t stop until I was almost thrashing in my chair.

Pausing her torment she grinned whilst raising her left eyebrow a fraction whispering “Is that what you want to do? Fuck me?” and then plunged herself down devouring my cock into her fiery canal, her tight cunt muscles stretching my foreskin back fully as her cunt lips pressed against my balls. She inhaled deeply “Fuck this feels good!” she gasped with the look of receiving unexpected pleasure. She raised herself about two thirds of the way up my cock before relaxing herself down again. “Oh Christ I fucking want this so much.” and gripping the back of the chair she clinched me with a french kiss. My arms were free now and I embraced her hot-to-touch body tightly whilst she pumped away. I was completely at her mercy, she had completely taken my will and now could do whatever she wanted with me. We remained tongue-locked, our hips slapping together for a good couple of minutes whilst we both released the pent up tension she had roused. Then she sat up pushing her swinging tits into my face. I caught both of them and started sucking one after the other to her moans of pure pleasure. “Oh yeah baby, gently nibble them, use your teeth.” she panted. I nibbled the length of her erect nipples as she sucked an excited breath between her teeth and lower lip. She continued thrusting and gyrating and before I knew it I couldn’t hold out any longer. I started thrusting back in long slow thrusts with pauses lifting her hips and penetrating her deeply. She sensed I was about to cum.

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