My Best Friend , Her Dad

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My Best Friend & Her Dad


A weekend with my best friend and her dad turns very kinky.

Before you read: Thank you for clicking, let me know what you think. This story will contain piss kink, fisting, squirting and incest between daughter and father.


Hot summer sun kissed my skin while laying on a folding lounge chair. My best friend invited me to enjoy the weekend in her and her dad’s company. Soon we both would start college and knew that we wouldn’t have a lot of free time to spend together. So today, this very weekend was the perfect opportunity.

“Melissa, come here!” My friend yells waving at me to get into the jacuzzi with her.

I smile and get up when her dad oppens the sliding door looking as hot as ever. His hair was dark cut short on the side and long on top. Giovanni’s handsome face was composed of blue eyes, full lips and a defined jawline. His body was fit and hard and his swimsuit only helped outline the shape of his bulge which looked big, so big that you just couldn’t ignore it.

I look back at my best friend who is a little different than her dad. While they both shared blue eyes and the same olive tanned skin, her hair was long and strawberry blond. But what made my best friend Gia even more stunning, was her big and juicy breasts. They barely fitted in her bikini top and her bottom was very tight outlining her pussy lips very well. I could practically see it all. She is the woman of anybody’s fantasy including mine. I’ve never shared details about my sexuality but it didn’t take a genius to know that I’m not straight.

Gia and her Dad were simply hot together. With a dad like hers I might just get in trouble.

My swimsuit, on the other hand, consisted of a bikini very similar to Gia’s but mine covered my parts better. My boobs weren’t as generous but they would fill anybody’s hand and my ass was big while Gia’s butt was a little less bigger than mine.

I finally reach Gia and get inside the jacuzzi relaxing as the warm water surrounds me. I notice how her bikini is so wet that it makes it practically transparent. You could see the color of her areolas and her pink puffy nipples also stick out and when I look at her center, her billowed pussy lips are dying to say hello and slip out.

“Daddy! Can you do me a favor? Please” My friend mentions and Giovanni or Mr. Quinn gets closer.

I can’t resist myself and take a sneak peek of his bump wondering if it’s erect or if it’s big like that.

“Yes baby, what do you need?” He smiles at us and I smile back.

“I want you to take a picture of us and a video maybe, you up to it Melissa? Something hot and cute”

Gia always loved to take pictures and videos, not necessarily to post them online but to keep them so I was used to it.

“Sure Gia” I agree, thinking nothing of it.

“Okay girls, where is your phone?” Giovanni asks.

“Just take them on your phone and send them to me. I left my phone inside”.

Her dad gets his phone out which weirdly was inside his pocket and we start to pose. Just innocent and cute pictures trying to look as good as possible..

“Can we press our bodies together… to like… take a spicy picture. Something sexy?” She proposes.

I think nothing more of it and nod. Her dad is looking deeply at us and Gia gets closer to me. She pulls me to her by grabbing my waist and I do the same. Suddenly, I feel her nipples rubbing against mine. I look her in the eyes and see something there. Maybe… lust? Desire?

Maybe it’s just me imagining things that I want. I’ve always felt very attracted to my best friend but I’ve always been too shy or afraid to say or do something about it. I can’t count how many times I have masturbated to the thought of her.

“Let’s take that video, yes?” Giovanni suggests licking his lower lip and I nod with my best friend.

The music in the background is a sensual and slow one. One that makes you horny even. Gia smiles at me and I do the same. Her hands slide down to my ass and she squeezes them making me giggle slightly. I do the same and I shake her ass.

“Holy fuck are you girls hot doing that” Giovanni groans and grin.

I take it a little bit further and kiss Gia on the corner of her mouth.

“If we’re gonna do something, let’s do it right” She whispers with a raspy voice and spreads my cheeks and kisses me on the mouth like a full on kiss.

We start to make out and her dad is watching us. I’m pretty sure that he has a full hard on right now cause even I am getting wet just because of this kiss and the fact Girne Escort that she is squeezing and massaging my ass.

“Thank you daddy!” Gia says as she stops kissing me and she throws me a wink.

I am left confused but manage to smile either way. Did she… like this?

“You’re welcome ladies, you girls look very stunning” He compliments and leaves his phone to the side.

I make myself sit down on the jacuzzi and Mr. Quinn gets inside making it feel smaller.

I distance myself from Gia and sit down completely to relax a little bit. My best friend and her dad look at each other like they know something that I don’t. I’m getting curious and look at them. Gia giggles a little bit and gets close to me.

“I… I need to sort of tell you something” She starts talking with a certain shyness in her tone of voice.

That’s odd since she is usually very talkative.

“Yeah?” I am intrigued.

“You see, me and daddy have a certain fantasy that involves… you” She finally spills and I look between them.

“Me?” I ask confused.

What does she mean by her dad and her. Isn’t that wrong? But also… I wanna know what this fantasy is about. I am actually very intrigued by it

“Yes” Giovanni starts speaking as he gets closer.

Suddenly, I am trapped between the pair. Gia is at my right and he is at my left. Our warm bodies fit together and I start to breathe a little heavy.

“We have been talking and we would love to have sex with you” He continues saying with a now hoarse voice.

My eyes open wide and I swallow deep.

“Like… group sex or just one of you with me at separate times?” I needed to know.

“All of us, together” Gia confirms my suspicions and I gasp.

“But that’s…”

“Incest?” Gio asks.

“Yes” I still can’t believe what they are proposing.

Dad and daughter wanting to have sex with me. A threesome, a ménage a trois. With me, with the best friend of his daughter. With my best friend since we met in senior year of high school.

“That’s nothing new to us, Melly” Gia leans in and licks my lower lip since my mouth was open.

“You’ve been together?” I say slowly and my friend nods her head while her dad responds.

“Yes, you see as a single dad in his forties I’ve been getting really lonely. And Gia, my dearest daughter has helped me a lot with that.”

Gia smiles and he continues on.

“It’s difficult to date when you are rich. It feels like everybody wants something from you and does not really want you as you are. But my daughter gets me and I get her really well. We can also get you” he plays with one of my bikini strings and my nipples harden almost instantly getting lost in his stunning blue eyes.

“You are such a perfect fit for us Melly. We want you so bad and not only that but you are loyal and deserving of pleasure too” my friend says toying with the other string.

“Immense pleasure” Giovanni finishes biting his lower lip and I am more than sold.

“Okay…” I accept finding the whole situation exciting.

Yes, this is wrong but fuck are they both hot and you only live once so what is the harm in doing something that you really want? In doing something so nasty and forbidden that sounds so tempestuous.

“Thank you Melly” Gia smiles and we start kissing.

I feel a hand on my left side caress one of my boobs and I moan a little when my nipple gets pinched.

Gia enters her tongue inside my mouth and we make circles around each other fighting for domination. My top is lowered and I feel a hot breath on my boob. Gia’s dad licks the erect button and sucks it gently provoking that my pussy gets wet. I caress one of Gia’s breasts as I separate my lips from hers and we smile. I look over to my left and Giovanni stares at me. We get close and kiss wildly. Our tongues play together and I get so wet and in need that my friend seems to know as she gets her hand inside my bikini bottom. I spread my legs wider and she finds my clit and plays with it, rubbing it slowly. I moan and my friend looks at her dad and they kiss in front of me.

Holy shit! That is the hottest shit ever. Never in a million years would I think that I would be witnessing such a thing. Their tongues play together and they make really erotic and hot noises that become permanent in mind.

He squeezes her boobs and with a final kiss to her lips he pushes down her top freeing her magnificent breasts. She grins at me and I watch her dad suck her tits letting me know that they have definitely done this before.

My hand finds Magosa Escort his cock and I stroke it when I reach inside his swimming suit.

“Mmm fuck you’re such a fucking good friend” her daddy says.

“I’m even better when I’m sucking dick” This statement made by me makes everyone laugh and the three of us lean so that we can share a three-way kiss.

Our tongues caress and wet each other and my boobs are being touched by my best friend and her dad. I also massage Gia’s boob while my other hand is busy masturbating her dad.

We rise together and get out of the jacuzzi.

“Why don’t we go inside?” My friend says.

“Yes, please” I say and Giovanni grins, making me laugh.

This is fucking crazy, this is fucking wild but it’s so fucking hot. I’ve never been more horny in my life.

We get to Giovanni’s room. In the middle he has a king sized bed, the biggest bed I’ve ever seen fit for three people or more. We will definitely be comfortable here.

Gia grabs me and pulls me to her by grabbing my ass. We rub our nipples together and I stroke her wet pussy feeling how erect her big clit is. I’ve seen it before so it’s nothing new but never had the chance of toying with it. Something that I intend to do.

I push her on the bed and we start removing our bathing suits. Giovanni also gets the catch and lowers his swimwear letting that gorgeous cock of his out. Our clothes are a wet mess on the floor. I look at them and appreciate their bodies. Gia has a smooth and pink flush pussy. Her dad has the biggest cock ever and is already leaking pre-cum at the tip as it stands proudly and unafraid.

My breasts feel heavy and my pussy is so wet but I feel something else. I need to pee, really badly.

“Fuck, I’m sorry guys. I need to pee” I excuse myself with the intention of going to the bathroom when Giovanni stops me.

“Pee on Gia”


“Pee on me, come on” My friend tries to convince me as well.

Gia is playing with her clit as she suggests this.

“Are you… sure?” I am shocked but not too opposed to the idea.

She nods and tells me with her fingers to get close. I walk towards her and get on the bed. I crawl over her body and land in a way that I’m facing the room able to see her dad.

She smiles and opens her mouth wide. Such a needy and nasty bitch. I take a deep breath and lick my lips. I get on her face and close my eyes in disbelief when I push and a stream of piss lands inside her mouth.

“Fuck, would you look at that” Giovanni comments looking at us groaning.

I feel confident and smile while peeing even more. I watch as my best friend swallows my pee and when I’m finished she leans and takes my clit between her lips and starts to suck.

“Shit!” I moan as she flicks it with her toungue.

Giovanni grins and walks towards us. I lean and start to lick his beautiful cock appreciating the width and length of it.

“Melly, suck my cock real good and nice. Yeah?”

“Yes Mr. Quinn” I agree and he grabs my hair pulling it out of my face and I take his cock in my mouth and start to suck.

I bob my head taking him in and out and my right hand reaches his heavy balls and plays with them. My best friend’s dad is groaning clearly, liking how I’m sucking his dick.

Giovanni grabs my right boob and pinches and twists my nipple and does the same with his daughter. He slaps both of our breasts and Gia moans in my pussy making me sigh on her daddy’s cock. I try to take him in but he’s so thick that I take my hand and stroke him real good.

My free hand finds my friend’s needy pussy and I pet it real nice, spreading her juices all over her cunt. Her greedy tight fucking cunt.

She starts to moan on my clit letting me feel her vibrations and I feel so fucking hot that I’m willing to cum at any minute.

Gia continuously sucks my clitoris and licks it’s so good that I start to shake. My cunt is palpitating with need and I suck Giovanni’s cock better, faster and harder gagging on it.

“Fuck! My daughter’s friend is such a good cock sucker! I’m gonna fucking cum!” Giovanni looks like he can’t hold it in anymore and I’m right there with him.

“Mmmhhgg, fuck yes! Yes! Gia! Fucking make me come with your fucking nasty mouth!” I say spitting on his dick and taking him right back in my mouth riding my best friend’s face hard.

I squeeze Mr. Quinn’s balls as I can and stroke my best friend’s pussy rubbing it real good and I squirt all my pussy juice Gia’s face.

“Shit! I’m gonna cum too!” Giovanni groans as I Kıbrıs Escort caress his wonderful full and milky balls and both me and Gia get squirted by his white milk when he slides his dick out of my mouth.

She gets some on her beautiful face and I get some on my pussy.

I kiss her dad once more and get lower looking at my best friend’s pussy noticing how she hasn’t cum just yet but she’s about to.

“Mmm, you need to cum real bad huh?” I ask her and she nods desperately.

“Fuck yeah, I’m almost there. Almost” She massages her big tits and her pussy clenches.

“How about I fist you? You told me once how much you would like it? You remember?” I remind her about the time she told me that little secret.

“Yes… I remember… I want you to fuck me with your fucking hand until I cum”

“Mmm my baby would like to get fisted by her best friend?” Mr. Quinn asks and his daughter nods.

He kisses her and he returns to my side.

“I would also love to see that. I would love to see my daughter getting fisted by her best friend”. I giggle and they do too.

“How about you lick and suck that big clit of hers while I do it, huh?” I suggest and we both smile.

I get lower on the bed and her dad gets to one side. I stroke her pretty tight pussy listening to her as she watches us. She is so fucking wet that I bet that I can slide my hand in without any lubricant. I start slowly with two fingers and Giovanni leans to lick that precious big clit of hers looking like an engorged furious pink bullet. So fucking hot and hard.

“Yes daddy! Lick my big fucking clit” she moans and I grin inserting a third finger moving them inside and out.

“Such a fucking juicy pussy. You’re basically getting everywhere” I say watching her juices slide down her asshole.

I finger her more until I have all my fingers inside, just needed to push a little more while her dad licks her clit up and down and sucks it real nice getting all sorts of sounds out of his daughter.

“Okay baby, Melissa will push her hand inside you now, ok?” Her dad asks and she nods.

I smirk and push deep until her pussy swallows my entire hand stopping at my fist. Such a hot and nasty scene having my hand inside my best friend’s vagina.

“You look so fucking hot with my hand inside” I comment with a raspy voice.

“She fucking does, let me suck her clit some more so that you can move. Let’s make my baby squirt like the little bitch she is”.

He sucks her clit making her scream and I move my arm fisting her deep and hard.

“Cum like the needy little whore that you are while your dad sucks your big clit so fucking good” I yell and then bite my lower lip.

Her dad moves his head as if he was sucking a tiny dick. I spit and lean so that I too get to lick and suck her clit with him. Oh fuck was her clit so nice and fucking hot to suck.

I move my fist faster with the movement of my arm. Her dad sucks her so good while I move it right that in no time she starts squirting. Her squirt is so much that it soaks us both giving us the facial of a lifetime.

“Yes! Yes! Oh God! Fuck! Melly! Yes Daddy!” She screams letting her squirt drown us several times until she is empty.

I smile and kiss her clit and kiss her daddy’s lips.

“I wanna fuck you so hard” he groans against my mouth and I nod.

“I want you to fuck me like you fuck her while i eat your daughter out” I grin and he gets off the bed and stands behind me.

Gia smiles at us.

“You’re about to find out why I like to fuck my dad so much. He is the best cock I’ve ever gotten fucked by” She admits and I’m totally intrigued.

His cock is full and hard by now and since I’m so wet, he slides in no problem.

“Oh Fuck yes! You have such a tiny little pretty pussy. You swallowed my cock so nice baby” I hear him groan.

“Ready?” I ask and they both nod.

Her dad starts to fuck me filling me up real nice and good and I lick his daughter’s full and fat clit. She starts to moan and I drown my cries in the pussy.

“Holy shit! Lick it and suck it! Show me how much you want this big clit in your mouth!” Gia screams in desperation.

I comply by licking it hard and fast and then kiss the rigid anatomy and get it in my mouth. I suck and suck until she is moving like a bitch. Her dad moves fast and my pussy adores his big fucking cock. His dick hits my g-spot repeatedly. I spit on my best friend’s clitoris and suck it so hard that she squirts all over my face and chin again. I squirt on her dad’s dick and he cums inside me.

We are all panting and moaning like crazy. Holy shit is this it. I don’t need to have sex ever again in my life if it doesn’t feel like this.

After a couple of minutes, her dad and I get up and lay on the bed surrounding my best friend.

“So… when can we do this again?” I ask and they laugh.

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