My Bestfriend’s Mom

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It was a dark, dark, day. The days usually were during the winter. I was in Alaska, so you know it was laden with snow. I had just gotten out of class, and one the chores I had to perform was shoveling snow. So there I was, out on the back porch, shoveling away. You can’t really tell what time it is judging the daylight, since there wasn’t any in the first place. It must’ve been around six in the evening.

My dad stepped out onto the porch and handed me the phone. “It’s for you,” Dad walked back inside and closed the door.

“Hello?” I answered holding the phone to my ear.

“Hey man, it’s Josh, my mom bought me some beer, you want to come over and have a few?”

“Yeah, I’ll be over soon,” I responded.

“Hang on, my mom wants to talk to you,” Josh said quickly. I was about to hang up the phone until he said that. I was intrigued, what could Joshs’ mom possibly want to talk to me about? We never were close his Mom and I, his dad was very angry most of the time, and didn’t really allow Josh to have friends over.

“Hi Jesse,” I could tell Joshs’ mom had already had a few. You know how it’s kind of irritating to have to deal with someone who’s drunk, when you’re sober? Well, she never did bother me when she was drunk. “So are you coming over?” She asked.

I was about to answer when I heard Joshs’ voice in the background “Yes, he’s coming over!”

“Yeah, of course,” I said blandly.

“Good,” Her tone slightly changed, “Now all I have to do is figure out how to get you alone,”

Being the inexperienced guy that I was, I was completely blown away by the last statement, I could only muster a “huh?” response.

“I want to get you alone,” She repeated, as if I didn’t hear her the first time. This was the first time I got butterflies in my stomach. The male side of me was screaming “Fuck yeah,” and the boy side of me wanted to throw up. “I think you’ll have to clean the cat box or something,” She explained further.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can,” I said calmly, even though inside I felt nauseated and scared. I hung up the phone, set it inside the door, and began shoveling with renewed vigor.

About an hour later, I was done. I made my way to the garage and shook all the snow off of me. I went inside the house and took my shoes off.

“So, will you drive me to Joshs’?” I asked my dad as I reached the landing at the top of the stairs.

“No, I’m not going anywhere,” My dad declined my request.

“Why not?” I pleaded. I knew what was waiting for me at that house. It was going to be a mind-blowing experience I could tell.

“Have you seen outside?” He explained in a tone that suggested I should already have known why he wasn’t going to drive me there. “If you want to go, get there yourself,”

I was pissed. In my mind, this was a chance of a lifetime and it was going to pass me by because my dad was lazy and wouldn’t drive me. “Please!” I begged him. If I knew getting down on my knees and begging would have changed things I would have done it.

“No!” He said even louder.

“Fine, can I have money to catch the bus?” I asked.

“Yes!” he said just as loud as he said no. He handed me a dollar and I ran down the stairs.

“I’ll be home later!” I yelled behind me.

An hour and half later I was walking into the trailer court Josh lived in. Tuzla Escort Even though his house was only a couple miles away, between the snow, traffic, and the frequent stopping of the bus, it took over an hour.

I’ve never felt the way I did as I walked over the threshold into Joshs’ house. I smiled at Joshs’ mom, and she smiled back at me. Joshs’ mom introduced to a female friend of hers who was sitting at the table with them.

The butterflies were almost hurting my stomach. The anxiety, the anticipation, and the fear were almost too much. Josh grabbed me a beer and tossed it to me. The beer helped tremendously. I drank it down quickly. Josh tossed me another. I drank that one a little slower.

After the third beer in a matter of fifteen minutes, I had my buzz, and I was completely relaxed. Josh and I talked to each other, about school, drama, beer, and whatever else. I don’t remember those details. His mom and her friend had their own conversation, but they were drowned out by the conversation I was having with my friend.

Joshs’ mom slightly touched my thigh, as she walked by. She headed to the back of the trailer where the bathroom was located.

“Jesse, I think it’s your turn to clean the litter box,” She called out. I knew what she wanted, but at the same time, I was confused, young, and dumb.

“Is she serious?” I asked my friend Josh.

“I don’t know,” He shrugged his shoulders. I carefully stood up and proceeded to the back of the trailer. There she was, standing, waiting for me. The hallway was dark, and we were far enough down that it almost felt like it was just she and I in the trailer.

“Do you want to give me a hug?” She asked in a low sultry voice. I didn’t say anything. I wrapped my arms around her. I could feel her big breasts pressing against me. Her arms enveloped me, and our lips met. I could taste the beer in her breath, but I didn’t care. Our tongues twisted together. I ran my hands through her black curly hair. Slowly, she led me into the bathroom.

Our clothes quickly found the floor. The bathroom light was off, so I wasn’t able to see her voluptuous body. She was a big woman. Our lips met again. Despite the beer, she was a great kisser. We kissed a while longer, and I started to kneel down. I had always wanted to eat a pussy. I thought all women wanted to be orally satisfied over anything else.

“What are you doing?” She whispered.

“I’m going down on you,” I explained, confused.

“No, I don’t like that,” She whispered back. My heart sunk. I wanted very badly to lick and suck on her pussy, but apparently, she didn’t like oral sex. I straightened myself and she got down on the ground.

“Come here,” She purred. She lay on the floor; I had a hard time seeing her, as there wasn’t any light. I felt my way down between her knees. I got myself into position, and easily slid my cock into her. I started to thrust in and out, thinking of all the porno’s I had seen. Quickly, I had her bouncing rhythmically on my cock. I felt like I was doing a good job. She whimpered a little bit, as I rammed into her. Her pussy felt so wet around my rigid cock. I was finally getting laid. I thrust harder and harder. Our skin slapped together. Her whimpers increased. I felt the tightness in my balls, and the tingling of my legs.

“I’m going to cum,” I Gebze Escort whispered to her.

“Oh baby,” She purred. “Cum inside me,”

I was probably the stupidest boy on the block at this moment in time. And I probably said the stupidest thing I could say. “I don’t want to get you pregnant,”

She of course, laughed, “I can’t get pregnant,”

I immediately blew my load inside of her. I kept slowly sliding in and out. It just felt good being inside her. Images of cum splattering her pussy walls brought a smile to my face. I dismounted and stood up.

“Don’t go,” She pleaded. “Just stay here for a minute,”

I didn’t understand what she was talking about. I had just stood up, true I was going to put my pants back on and walk out and get another beer, but I hadn’t even made a move for my pants. She clung onto my legs. I could feel her soft hair brushing against my balls. We didn’t say anything to each other, and my eyes had finally adjusted so I could see her silhouette sitting on the floor at my feet.

I can’t remember what happened between her sitting on the floor in front of me, to her sitting on the sink counter, and myself between her thighs. But, that’s the way we ended up.

At the age I was at, it took a millisecond to recover. My cock was rock hard and ready. She leaned back and rested on the mirror that was above the sink. I stood up on my tiptoes so my cock was perfectly position to fuck her sweet pussy. I quickly entered her and wasted no time in hastily fucking her. I grabbed her hips, and pulled her down slightly as I thrust up into her. Once again I was rhythmically pounding her pussy. It felt so warm and wet. Her arms went up knocking various bottles off of the small ledge under the mirror, making quite the racket. I didn’t care; I was fucking my friends’ mom. How many of you can hold that title?

“I love you,” I don’t know why I said it, probably it felt so good, and I love pussy. She grabbed my face and held it closer to hers. I was unable to continue fucking her.

“Don’t say it, unless you mean it,” She whispered fiercely. After a moment of silence, she released my face and I continued pounding her wonderfully wet pussy. Moments later, I felt the urge again. This time I didn’t bother to tell her I was going to cum. I just did. I thrust deep inside her, all the way I could go at that angle and I shot load after load again. I felt good that I had finally gotten laid, but I knew I hadn’t done the job right. She hadn’t cum. what’re the odds of that happening?

I pulled out, and retrieved my clothes. After we got dressed we both went back out to the kitchen. My friend was playing Nintendo, and her friend was sitting at the table by herself. I sat next to Josh and didn’t say anything. He looked at me and I could tell he was quite upset with what had happened.

The ladies went off to the back bedroom, leaving Josh and I alone. He didn’t say anything, just played his game, and I watched. Twenty minutes later, her friend came back out of the bedroom.

“Jesse, Marie wants to ask your opinion about her clothes.” Her friend explained.

“So that was her name,” I thought to myself. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the last woman I’ve fucked without knowing her name. I stood up and walked to the back of the trailer, past the bathroom, into her bedroom.

“Close Aydınlı Escort the door,” She purred. “I really don’t want to go out, I want you to stay the night with me.”

I would have loved to stay that night, and fuck over and over again. But at my age, and my parents, staying the night just wasn’t in the cards. “I’m sorry, I can’t,” I said sadly, “don’t get me wrong, I’d love to stay with you all night, but my parents won’t allow it.”

“Please,” She begged. She started to rub my cock through my jeans. “You wouldn’t do it for me?”

“It’s not me, if I had the choice I would stay,” I explained further.

“I know you want to stay,” She grabbed the waist of her pants and slid them down her legs, and bending over, showing me her pussy. I stood behind her and kissed her neck, while my hands reached in front and squeezed her large tits. I grabbed her nipples and she lightly moaned at the touch. She positioned herself on the bed, feet on the floor, bending over onto the bed.

My eyes were wide. This was the first time I was actually able to see her shaven pussy. Her pink lips slightly jutted out from her swollen mound. My cock became hard as a rock in seconds.

I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall around my ankles. Quickly, I was pounding her sweet pussy for a third time. I slammed in and out. Her moans were muffled in the blanket of her bed. This time, she was moaning loudly. Well as loud as one can pressed into the bed. I grabbed her hips, and pulled her back to meet my thrusts. Our skin was slapping together. My balls bounced off her clit. Suddenly, the moaning stopped and she became quiet, except the occasional whimper. Her legs trembled, and her body shook.

I stopped, “Are you okay?” I asked. My god, if I could go back in time, I would beat myself, and fuck her with the experience and knowledge I have now.

“Keep going!” She screamed. I resumed my motions. I gyrated my hips faster. My thrusts went as deep as I could go. I resumed pulled her hips back into me. She screamed into the blanket, “fuck I’m coming!”

My balls tightened. My cock throbbed. Her pussy was warm and wet with her cum. I could see the white, sticky build up on the head of my cock. I, for the third time, shot my load into her pussy. I slowed my motions, and allowed myself to feel her wonderful pussy.

A few minutes later, I dismounted, pulled my pants up, and left the room. She followed behind me, dressed as well. I sat down with my friend Josh, who didn’t even look at me.

“I guess I’ll call a cab,” Marie, my friends mom said. “Where are we going?” She turned to her friend.

They were going to a small club in the downtown area of the city I lived in. She put on a fur coat, and her friend put on her jacket as well.

“We’ll drop you off at home on the way,” Marie said to me. I nodded my head to acknowledge her.

Josh turned to me, “Don’t tell anyone what you did,” He was very serious, I had never heard that tone from him.

Twenty minutes later, the cab pulled up. We all got in, with the exception of Josh. Marie and I sat in the back. Her friend sat in the front with the driver. Marie straddled my legs and faced me. She hugged me close to her body. I ran my hands up and down her thighs, and played with her tits a little bit. And we remained that way, in silence, until the cab dropped me off in front of my house.

I walked inside the house. My mom was eating a bowl of soup. My dad had gone to work. I couldn’t help but glow. My buzz had gone from all the sex so it wasn’t the drinking. I smiled to myself as I realized, I was no longer a virgin.

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