My Boss’s Daughter Pt. 02

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By the following morning the storm outside had settled into a steady wet downpour. I rose with the bleak sun after hours of tossing uncomfortably on the couch. I had spent the entire night shivering from cold and ineffectually rubbing myself through the towel. With Anna just on the other side of the door, I didn’t quite dare get myself off lest she walk in on me in the act. Yet the thought of her body had kept my cock in a semi-primed state all night.

I walked over to investigate the clothing we had wrung out and left strewn across the kitchen table and chairs to dry. They felt barely less damp than they had the previous night. With the level of humidity in the air, drying our thick jeans could take days. I couldn’t stomach the thought of sitting around with wet clothing clinging to my limbs for hours, so decided to make the best of it with the towel again.

Anna wandered into the kitchen as I was taking inventory of the contents of the cabinets. Her brown locks hung loose over her shoulders and glided down her slim towel clad body. Her eyes blinked tiredly; by the looks of it she had gotten no more sleep than I had, despite having the much more comfortable bed all to herself.

Anna picked through her wet clothing with a look of dismay. For a second, she looked like she was actually contemplating shimmying into her soaking jeans. But she quickly seemed to give it up as a lost cause and gingerly picked up the only item that looked semi-dry: a tiny lacy red thong that was so small I hadn’t even noticed it before.

I felt the now familiar sensation of blood rushing into my nether regions at the sight. This was what prim little Anna wore under her pantsuits and her knee length pencil skirts? Vixen! Somehow, the though of that fabric stretching between the globes of her taut ass was even hotter than her current bareness beneath that towel. Images flashed through my mind in quick succession – of hooking my finger into the crotch of those barely there panties and pulling them aside to reveal glistening wetness; of the lace gliding smoothly over alabaster thighs, of red fabric dangling from slim ankle, rocking rhythmically as I pounded its owner into the bed over and over again.

Reluctantly, I struggled to get a handle on my reactions to the naughty thoughts marching through my mind. Based on last night, I wasn’t certain I’d get a favourable response to any attempts to seduce her. As much my cock wanted to bury itself inside her, my brain kept reminding me that it wasn’t a good idea.

Together, we scoured the kitchen for food. The prospects were bleak. There were several boxes of dried cereal, one forgotten canister of instant coffee, a jar of peanut butter, and an assortment of dusty cans of fruits and vegetables.

Anna scrounged up an old kettle and boiled some water for coffee and we prepared a meager breakfast of dried cereal and canned peaches. Although I kept telling myself that I wasn’t going to act on my desires, I kept feeling like there was an invisible force drawing me towards her. I was keenly aware of her every move.

In the small kitchen area, we had spread out the table and chairs in order to get a larger space to lay out our wet clothes. It substantially Urfa Escort reduced the already limited space and as the two of us moved around, we were constantly forced to brush up against each others’ bodies. Each time this happened, Anna seemed to flush and avoided meeting my eyes.

If she had been the normal, brisk, no-nonsense Anna that I’d dealt with every day in the office for the last several months, I daresay I would’ve eventually taken her cues and put a damper on the spark of lust that had been brewing in me since last night. But every single move that Anna made this morning was hesitant and clumsy. Several times, I caught her staring at me with what looked like desire in her wide, clear eyes. Each time, she jumped and looked away quickly. She was betraying an attraction to me that was singularly seductive in its awkward innocence, making it almost impossible for me to ignore the rising tension between us and act normally.

After eating our rather pathetic morning meal in loud silence, I found myself sprawled on the couch fiddling with my phone. Anna curled up on the opposite cushion with – of all things – the jar of peanut butter. She was spooning peanut butter directly from the jar and then licking it off the silverware with sensuous strokes of her pink tongue. Her eyes were fixed somewhere off in the distance, and she was lost in thought.

Try as I did to ignore the sight, my eyes kept drawing back to the girl in front of me. Dear Gods, was she aware of what she was doing? She dipped her spoon back into the jar again and brought it up to her mouth. Her tongue darted out for one long, slow, swipe after another, uncovering the spoon so that silver shone between her lips. I reached down and adjusted the erection that was jutting up below my towel. I longed to give her something else to lick. If I grabbed that jar of peanut butter and smeared it over my shaft, would she take the same meticulous care to clean it with her tongue? Would she enjoy the salty taste of my precum as it mixed with the sweetness of the peanut butter? Would she moan as she wrapped her plump pink lips over the head of my dick?

I watched, transfixed, as Anna’s movements slowed and seemed to become more sensual. Her eyes glazed, then hooded. Her cheeks flushed. Could she possibly be having similar thoughts to my own? She scooped another giant spoonful of peanut butter up. This time, instead of licking she dabbed the sticky treat against her bottom lip. Then, she slid that sexy tongue out against her lips for a taste, her eyes drifting closed contentedly. She let out a soft moan.

The unfulfilled lust that had been simmering all morning suddenly welled up and burst out in a bout of frustration. I reached across the couch and grabbed Anna’s slender wrist, “You need to stop that right now.” I growled.

Anna’s eyes snapped open in surprise and her sticky brown lips parted in a silent gasp. “W-why?” Her voice was high and breathy. She tried to jerk her arm out of my grasp but I held firm. The motion dislodged a giant blob of peanut butter from its precarious perch on the spoon. Both of us watched the dollop fall as if in slow motion down onto Anna’s creamy breast.

Anna stared down Urfa Escort Bayan as if in shock. The daub had fallen low, right on the edge where her skin was covered by towel. A mere inch or two below that, I could make out a small peak that must be her nipple. I swallowed noisily. Her little peaks were jutting like small pebbles from beneath the cloth.

Up until this moment I had been trying (albeit mostly unsuccessfully) to rein in my desires. But now I couldn’t remember why that was important. I caught Anna’s eyes and held them with my own. “You need to stop,” I repeated, lowering my head down towards her mouth watering breasts “because it’s selfish to eat without offering to share.”

Did Anna realize that she had just unconsciously arched her back, pushing her chest up towards me? Her breaths had shallowed and her eyelids fluttered. Nevertheless, she protested. “I-I don’t know what you mean. Please let me go, I need to clean up.”

“I can help you clean.” I replied, before dipping low and running my tongue along the edge of the towel. Peanut butter had never tasted so heavenly. Anna let out a sound that was half gasp, half moan. Yet, still she wriggled as if trying to slip away.

“No, we can’t-” She broke off as I used my free hand to pull her towel down slightly. One peanut butter smeared nipple popped into view.

My mouth inches from the delicious tip, I breathed. “… can’t?” My voice was low and husky. “Are you sure? Do you want me to stop?”

She opened her mouth to protest again but I cut her off by drawing her little button into my mouth. “Oh Gods, nrhhh…” She groaned. The sticky peanut butter spoon fell through her fingers onto the ground, but she seemed not to notice. Instead, she threaded her hands through my hair. She seemed to be in equal parts pulling me towards her and pushing me away.

I swirled my tongue around and around her stiff nipple, not stopping even after every last trace of peanut butter had long been licked away. Below me, Anna’s lithe body seemed to thrum with every movement of my tongue.

After several minutes, I reluctantly let the bud slip out of my mouth. It was swollen and glistening. Anna’s head lolled back against the couch cushions, her eyes closed and her cheeks reddened. I chuckled. “Do you always react so strongly to even the simplest of touches? If so, we are going to have some fun.”

“Hmmm?” Anna’s eyes opened as she arched her back again and tried to pull my head back down. She was barely paying attention to my words.

I resisted her movements and instead reached a hand inside her towel to cup her other breast. It was soft and giving against my palm, and impossibly I could feel my cock shoot even harder at the touch. I continued, “Or maybe it’s just that your breasts are particularly sensitive. Some women can cum just from having their breasts played with. Can you?”

Anna flushed at my brazen question. “I… wouldn’t know.” She quivered as my fingers found her nipple and tweaked.

“No? No man’s ever tried that with you before?” Heavens, if I had Anna in bed I’d spend hours playing with her glorious breasts. In fact, I intended to do so this very day.

I leaned down Escort Urfa and began to trace concentric circles over Anna’s skin with my tongue, careful not to touch her most sensitive pebble – yet. Her eyes drifted closed again. “No – Nobody’s ever touched me like this before.” She panted. “Please don’t stop!”

My cock was so hard it was almost painful. I ground myself in slow motion against Anna’s leg, my hips mimicking the circular motion of my tongue on her breast. Anna’s ragged breathing quickened as I drew closer and closer to the one area she obviously most wanted my lips to go.

But something about her previous statement flashed in my mind. “What do you mean,” my lips brushed feather light over her areola as I talked. “Nobody’s touched you like this before? You don’t mean literally, right?”

Anna thrashed and arched beneath me, trying to push herself upwards against me. I drew back. “Anna, answer me.”

“What?” She whined, obviously not paying attention. “Oh God, Josh, please!” She grabbed the nape of my neck and pulled.

I refused to budge. A nasty suspicion was forming in my mind. A ludicrous idea, but once the thought entered my head it refused to budge. I had to ask. “Anna, are you a virgin?”

Horror infused me as Anna’s shining brown hair dipped in confirmation. I jerked upright and scrambled back to my side of the couch as if I had been burned. Anna cast me a confused look.

“Shit. Shit, shit!” I muttered. “We shouldn’t have done this.”

Anna pushed herself up on her elbows, not bothering to cover herself up. “Now you’re having a change of mind? What gives?”

I ran my hand through my hair, looking anywhere but at Anna’s mouthwatering breasts hovering before me. “I didn’t realize you were a virgin! You should’ve said something before. I never would’ve done any of that if I’d know.” I fixed my eyes carefully on the space over her head. “I’m so sorry.”

That was evidently the wrong thing to say. Anna huffed. “Sorry? What, you can’t touch a virgin, but as long as I’ve had at least one other man’s penis inside me before, seducing me is A-OK?” She still made no move to cover up. “You were hot and heavy for me thirty seconds ago, why does finding out I’m a virgin change anything?”

Anna stood up and marched around the couch to stand in front of me, leaving her towel crumpled on the ground. The sight of her bare except for that lacy red thong was devastating.

And yet… despite my raging hard on, a knot in my stomach still told me that taking her virginity was a bad idea. She was the boss’s daughter, the only child of the man who had been my mentor for the last five years. If I took her body today, I’d never be able to look Mr. Lewis in the eyes again.

“Anna,” I cleared my throat. “It’s not that. I just don’t want you to regret anything. I mean, we aren’t in a relationship. We’re not even friends. We can barely tolerate each other. I’m sure that there are other men who would be much more… appropriate for this.” My own tongue stumbled over the awkward, stuffy, tone my voice had taken.

Anna took a step back as if involuntarily. Her large eyes stared at me, obviously hurt by my words. We gazed at each other for several more seconds before she turned around without another word and stomped into the adjoining bedroom. The door slammed shut behind her, and I was left alone on the couch with a cock still hard as steel, wondering if I had just made the stupidest decision of my life.

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