My College Bicycle Camping Adventure

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An experience that I still think about happened when I was 20. The year, I had taken up sports and exercise in a big way. It was my therapy and method for coping with an otherwise crazy time in my life. College was proving to be difficult because of personal issues relating to sex addiction and a seemingly never-ending string of bad relationships, and it all seemed to be playing out during a time that my body was changing. I had gained my ‘sophomore fifteen’ but thanks to genetics it was not so much in my stomach but very much in my chest and ass. Again, thank you mom and grandma for ruining my love of long distance running!

Anyway, semester ended and found myself filling out a ridiculous D-cup sports bra. Needing something active to do, joined a summer bicycling group in my area. Biking is much more reasonably low-impact and let me push hard without the uncomfortable jostle! The group met weekends for day long 10 and 20 mile rides. It was through that group that I met and got to know a couple, we’ll call them Travis and Christina. They were in their mid thirties and had been together though unmarried for something like ten years. We just naturally sort of gravitated into the same lanes together. They were both exceptional athletes but were more about just enjoying the scenery and the sun and conversation than training hard.

After a month or so of riding along with them, they invited me to a week long end-of-summer ride-camp biking excursion and said they would be happy to pay my entry fee if I couldn’t swing it. The hundred bucks would have been too steep for me so it was a wonderful gesture on their part. It was fun and Travis and Christina encouraged me to come along for evening rides during the week after our jobs in order to train for it. It was fun going with them and they always included me in their lively conversations about movies and music and wanted my ‘younger opinion’ on lots of things. They were fun and flirtatious and included me in in their side-long glances at other bikers. Christina would see some fit biker with rippling muscular calves and turn to me and say, “OW! He could ride ME like a bicycle!” Just funny stuff like that, meanwhile I kind of noticed Travis’ calves were looking quite… fit.

It was actually pretty funny how biking makes you fixate on legs! We had some funny laughs about that too, and Travis flattered me a couple times saying he noticed some development in my legs!

“Our coaching is working!”

When the trip finally arrived, we met a couple times at a coffee shop along the path of our Saturday training rides to work out logistics. They had a tent and three camp chairs and a set of two bike packs. They recommended the type of pack frame I should get for my bicycle, and offered to let me borrow one of their older sleeping bags. When I brought up the issues of what kind of tent I should look at purchasing, Christina actually just instantly laughed it off.

“Oh I wouldn’t worry about that! Tee tee tee!”

“Okay?” I thought. It made sense if we were all three traveling together I suppose, and if they didn’t mind an extra then I didn’t mind. In all honesty I probably should have seen it coming, as my pervy mind generally was working overtime. It had been, but it had been distracted with an endless stream of erotic emails I was exchanging at the time with a community college professor I had known in my home town. And by ‘known’ I mean fucked. Things had ended when I had moved away to college but then he had begun writing again and I was finding it difficult to resist playing into his obvious infatuation with me. Despite knowing he was trouble. Despite knowing that his wife was going to find out if he kept it up… Anyway, I was so involved in rolling those scenarios around in my mind that I really hadn’t thought too much about the potentiality of our upcoming bike adventure! My bicycling, after all, was basically my place of physical relief from the distractions of my overtly distracting sexuality.

Christina and Travis picked me up from my apartment at 8am on a Saturday and I sat in the back seat of their Outback, packed in with our camping gear. It was a six hour drive to the start of the race and it was becoming the heat of summer… Amidst the boredom and heat, i sat in the back seat in shorts and sports bra feeling a kind of giddiness coming on. Christina lay her seat back next to me and stretched out her arms over her head and literally gaziosmanpaşa escort just took her shirt off.

“Hope you don’t mind! Nap time… long trip… more comfortable…”

She lay there, arms over her head reclining on the seat, just kind of sleepily gazing over at me. I still have the vision in my mind. She was 33, beautiful long brown hair with blond highlights she’d had done for the race.. face fashion I guess you’d call it. But just laying there completely comfortable, completely topless.

“Um… nice tits?” I managed to say as a joke. Christina basically just laughed and pretended to shoe me off.

Travis cheerfully chimed in basically saying “I agree with Stephanie.”

The interaction sticks with me because this was my first time basically alone with these two in their uninhibited personal space. Some time later, after Christina had dozed off I caught Travis’ eyes in the rear view mirror, and he was smiling. He had been watching me apparently gazing for a long time at Christina. He kind of caught my eyes again and raised his eyebrows suggestively, like he was saying ‘watch this!’

He put his hand on Christina’s bare stomach. She was soundly sleeping. He slid his hand up her middle until his hand was cupping her left breast. Then he slid his hand over to squeeze her right… He let his hand slide up her side and over her smooth naked armpits and up her naked arms over her head…

She started to stir a little, and that’s when he slipped his hand all the way down her naked midriff and under the front of her shorts.

So, I shit you not, it was the same moment that I put my hand directly down the front of my shorts as well, watching Christina almost instantly arch her back, nipples pointing to the car ceiling, opening her eyes to meet mine. Big grins all around!

“Hey! Ok! Ok!” she finally protested, swatting Travis hand away. She stretched a little and sat her seat back up and looked around trying to figure out where they were. We still had a couple hours of driving left and we were clearly out in the middle of nowhere. California desert as far as the eye could see!

Christina looked back at me, gesturing with her head at Travis.

“Well looks like SOMEONE is getting a little impatient… I hope you don’t mind, but it’s better to take care of these things as they come up. Makes life easier in the long run!”

In the next moment, she had undone her seat belt and head and shoulders disappeared from my view. All i could see was Travis hand running up and down the curve of Christina’s naked back where she was perched sideways in the passenger seat… head down in his lap. Her and shoulders quite obviously bobbing up and down in ever-increasing rhythmic movements.

I sat back… not uncomfortable by the situation but amused and suddenly very VERY aroused. Aroused in ways that I had not felt around them before, but in ways that were very familiar to me… it was almost comforting and made me feel like less of a freak, sitting there in that moment watching this beautiful woman give her attractive fit boyfriend head. I couldn’t see any of the ‘details’ from vantage point, but did catch Travis looking at me through the rear view mirror. We connected eyes but I noticed profoundly that his eyes were lingering on the cleavage of my sports bra during the ultimate moments of his ejaculation.

We arrived at the start campground and directly into a circus of activity. Bikes being de-racked and checked in, officials passing out tags and guid material. There was a hurried drop of all our gear in our campsite and a rush off trails with other athletes to find the amphitheater where the orientation meetings were taking place. After that, there was a barbecue where we met all the other riders in our heat. We were of the group leaving at day break. After that, it was getting cold and we set up or tent at our campsite in the Subaru headlights and climbed into our separate sleeping bags. It was frigid and I was wondering if the entire trip was going to be so uncomfortable. It felt like the longest night of my life, as I kept waking up shivering and putting on additional sweaters and socks. By morning, I was glad to just get OUT of that tent and move around to warm up. Travis and Christina were very much of the same opinion, and we packed everything up in near silence. As it turned gölbaşı escort out, there was really not start gun or hard START like I would have expected. We just got all our stuff collected, got on our bikes, and rode out of the campground on the demarcated trail. By mid morning, we were all feeling better. We stopped to make camp coffee and eat energy bars. The weather was excellent and the sun was beautiful coming down onto the wooded trail.

That first night, we arrived at the next campground and joined in the sunset celebration with about fifty other bikers. We made a circle of tents around a big bonfire and there was music and dancing well past when I would have wanted to fall asleep. I eventually did excuse myself and crawl back into our tent, get dressed in my flannels and cozy down for the night.

In the earliest hours of the morning, with twilight just filtering in through the tent, I woke hearing air.. breaths… labored hushed breathing, and opened my eyes. Wide! So, tents being a cramped space, but it was a bit shocking to behold, not twenty inches from my face, the vision of Travis quit substantial (and also cleanly shaven and powdered) nuts bouncing forward and backward where he squatted, prone over Christina. Just absolutely POUNDING her. I was so close i could smell sex. I was so close i could see just exactly how shaved and slippery-wet her cunt was, and how much her labia were stretching every time this guy’s fucking post pushed up and in! Graphic doesn’t begin to describe it… It went on.

And on. And on. Eventually she wrapped her legs up around him and he rolled onto his side and i watched her climb up onto him and just gazed at the lines of her naked back and the smooth muscles of her shoulders and arms as she rode them both to orgasm. I had been secretly busy with my hand also and managed to time my exhausted exhale with theirs…

My nipples were hard that day riding. Hard to the point that I had to take my studs out and put them in a zip lock baggy in my backpack for safe keeping.

“Are you enjoying it so far?” Christina wanted to know, during our little trail ride that morning.

“I know I AM” she said not even waiting for me to finish, “Just look at that ASS!”

I looked up where she was looking and we shared a moment watching Travis ass and legs as we pushed up a slight incline on or bikes. We had to change gears but he just pushed through. Fucking hard strings of muscle rippling and shining with sweat in the sun.

It was that third night when I feel like things kind of hit stride. And became very interesting! There was no group celebration, no communal campfire. Everybody was hunkering down and getting into the race mindset. Groups had naturally spread apart, and some had pressed on for the next stop further. We were further out in wilderness area. There were crude pit-toilets and no running water to speak of. We also basically had the choice of camp sites. There were sparse camp lights visible here and there through the grounds, but we were really nowhere near anybody. Also, for the first time since the trip began, the night was warm and pleasant.

Travis had slung a guitar over his pack and we three were finally able to sit around our own private little camp fire and talk and sing and just relax. Bare feet on black earth. Stars in the sky. Fire light on guitar strings. Shots of whiskey from a canteen. It was bliss!

Travis was playing when Christina pulled her camp chair up to mine, conspicuously close. She put her arm on my arm rest so our skin was touching, and we held hands listening to him play. She crossed one leg over another so that her bare foot touched my calf. She was close and I kind of leaned into her, touched my head to hers. We were just smiling and giddy and drunk.

I felt her hand on my cheek and turned toward her and was instantly met with a big wet kiss on my mouth!

Travis kept playing as i just made out with her, running my fingers through her hair, then tucking her locks back over her ears. I kissed her neck. Her shoulders. I listened to her breath in my ears.

“You know.. aren’t you warm? I feel warm!”

And she had her top off and i just raised my arms and let her lift my sports bra off over my head. I just have this memory of our feet kind of intermingling on the bare ground there, right were our discarded bras were laying keçiören escort by the fire. And Travis kept playing, grinning the whole time, kind of shaking his head. He thought something was very amusing.. very funny. It was literally just this. The inevitable playing out by firelight to his music. It was beautiful. Christina was beautiful, slender but fit. She looked naturally very serious, but softened the look with her sidelong goofy grin and the way she laughed. She was this beautiful carefree forrest nymph. And we were there, kneeling on the earth feeling heat from the fire on one side, and cold from the night on the other. We embraced and i felt the tips of her nipples press into my breasts. I squeezed her close and felt ourselves all deliciously squashed together!

Finally, she started whispering into my ear.

“You know… I’ve talked about this… at length. With my boyfriend.”

Her voice was breathy and almost teasing.. thickly erotic and her breath was hot in my ear.

“I want… to see…”

She kissed my neck and i felt her hair on my naked shoulder and go over my back for a moment.

“I want to see what you look like. Riding on my boyfriend’s eight-inch COCK.”

Emphasis on the word COCK. Just a little click to her voice in the back of her throat as she said it. “COCK.”

And it was like something from a dream. An erotic ritual. A right of passage. A conjuring of ancient spirits of nature. He lay back in the tent on the air mattress, arms over his head, smiling easily. Christina had taken my by the hand and lead me to him. She had guided my naked legs to straddle his legs. Her hands smoothly stroked my inseams and one finger sank between my lips there. Found my opening. Caressed it in smooth circles, feeling how wet I already was. I looked down and saw her other hand smoothly caressing his fat NUTS. She took up the shaft fully in hand like a thick meaty lever, and pointed it up toward me. I just remember looking down and seeing the fat purple mushroom head. Looking at it for the moment before Christina’s hot hand slipped up the crack of my ass and prompted me forward just inches, and her hands were on my hips. And I sat down.

Simply slipped down. Onto him. And then in that moment my body had found the insanity that had been tempting and teasing me out of my mind that entire previous year. My body moved up… and then back down. And again. And again and again… his hands held me under my armpits as i moved… I couldn’t help but vocalize the sensations. Calling out into the night in a sort of flailing attempt to sigh. Moaning but calling… singing but singing pure lust. I was kissing him, my tits pressed against his chest… I had my hands on his shoulders, pushing myself up, back arched. I felt his hands cradling and then squeezing my tits.. then palms open as I rose and fell on him, feeling just the tips of my nipples rubbing on his open palms. Then I felt hot breaths below. I felt the tip of Christina’s tongue. We had been french-kissing by the fire… now the hot slippery tip of her tongue was making wet circles around my asshole. I rode more and harder and Travis began to buck upward, jostling and shaking my body. He groaned and I felt Christinas head pressing up under my pelvis…


It was as if an erotic spell came over us. Like watching ourselves screwing in slow-motion. At length, he rolled me over, pinning me down with muscles rippling in his chest and arms. He rode into me hard, and this time it was Christina’s turn to have the vantage point I had seen two days earlier!

I was twenty. I had screwed plenty before. Arguably more than I should have for sanity’s sake. But it just did not prepare me for the moment of sensing my own orgasm starting to rise in me, my body clenching there, just quivering, heart pounding in my ears, and then seeing this 36 year old stallion pull himself out of me and shoot a continuous jet of semen from my bellybutton up my body into my hair. It was on my face. On the walls of the tent. On the sleeping bags. Just simply everywhere. We three slept together, sweaty and naked and covered in cum.

And that was simply how it was for us! The remainder of the trip, we rode very close during the days and closer still at night. When I admitted that I had been on birth control since a couple weeks before the race, things became less overtly messy… besides, there truly is something to be said for that primal feeling of hot cum being simply pumped up inside like that.

After that summer, I finished my senior year abroad. We talked some and exchanged letters, but they moved to the east coast as well. We never quite connected after that, but it is a shared memory I will never forget.

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