My Dream Job as a Dentist Pt. 06

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As the days, the weeks and the months passed, my whole life started to change to the better. First of all, on a human level. I got closer to the other nurses, we began seeing each other at the end of the day or when we had a day off. We would go out for a drink, for shopping and for celebrations. Our group of friends consisted of myself, Jessica, Ashley, and Sarah.

During the weekend, after a long week of hard work at the center we would catch up at Ashley’s place. She had a rooftop apartment at the eighth floor of a new residence at a 15-minute ride from the dental facility.

Our girls’ nights consisted in dressing as sexily as possible and comparing our freshly purchased sets of clothes. It was at that exact same period that I got rid of all my pantyhose and started wearing only stockings. With the huge discounts in all lingerie and clothes stores that I had thanks to the DRC, I widened my sets of garments. I had bought a dozen new hold ups stockings, new heels, garter belts, sexy miniskirts, and dresses. Without mentioning the make-up, bags, and jewels. I felt really fulfilled.

With the girls, we would get drunk together and sometimes have sex all night long. Ashley’s appartement was spacious, it had three double-bedded rooms, a large kitchen, two bathrooms and a special room with a library and a dental chair. What more can you expect from the DRC’s head dental nurse?

Me and Ashley would have our intimate moments as Jessica and Sarah had theirs in the next room. We loved licking each other’s pussy and using all kind of vibrators while wearing our latex gloves, heels, and stockings.

One time, when Jessica and Sarah had already fallen asleep, we did some hot dental roleplay in her private examination room. I did the dentist as she was acting as the shy patient. I remember strapping her to the chair and giving her an orgasm with my gloved fingers.

Thanks to our weekly sex sessions, I became an expert at fingering, and at sex in general.

Nevertheless, our attraction faded with time, we kept being friends though. This was caused by the desire to live new experiences with other people and by the increasing amount of work at the DRC.

I was spending my whole time with Jessica and Dr. Monica. Our team had to take care of the huge wave of new patients whether they were good or naughty. My skills and precision had tremendously improved. These were jigolo seks hikayeleri the results of years of passionate studies and of Dr.Monica’s precious advice. She even let me perform many difficult procedures, correcting my every useless movement day after day.

Dr. Monica, what can I say except that she is the main reason I stopped seeing Ashley? She was always in my mind.

6 months after joining the facility, I was promoted to the rank of chief dentist for the interrogation ward. It was her to whom I owed this spectacular promotion. She noticed the unusual rapid evolution in my skills and knowledge, qualifying me as a prodigy in front of Dr.Linda. She also highlighted the fact that I was better at treating “problem patients”.

Dr. Monica: Dr. Linda, during the six months Nurse Victoria has been staying with us, she has shown an admirable dedication to our cause, been an example to her peers. Me and Jessica highly recommend her for the position of interrogation ward head dentist.

Dr. Linda: For the position of head of our new wing? if the proposal had come from another dentist, I would certainly have rejected but if it is coming from you, my dear Monica, I cannot turn it down. Furthermore, I have heard from the other dental teams and from my own nurses that Victoria has become an essential element in our organization.

Nurse Victoria, step forward, from now on you will supervise the whole interrogation ward of the DRC. Congratulations.

The DRC’s interrogation ward was the new wing dedicated to interrogating the anti-regime women supporters like Laura. Every dental procedure is authorized on the patient to get information, even if it is unnecessary. The damage done would be repaired by a dental team once the data extracted. However, only the dentist could decide to stop the ongoing procedures. The dentist has a suprem authority, if she felt like it, it could go on for hours and hours.

The truth is, it was I who suggested to create a new dental wing, I found that “problem patients” were too present in our society. I was nominated on a Friday afternoon in front of the all the DRC’s dental team. The “ceremony” ended on a series of applause and a buffet in Dr.Linda’s dental ward where I had the opportunity to express my gratitude to every member of the center and to expose my plan to improve our society.

That same afternoon, Dr. Monica took me aside and invited me to her place to celebrate my promotion.

Dr. Monica: Victoria, tonight you are coming to my place at 6 pm, we must celebrate your nomination and rapid progress properly.

I felt a rush of adrenaline and a huge desire to have sex with her as soon as she uttered these words, but I had to be patient, wait until the evening. And by the way I didn’t know what her intention was at that moment.

I got home earlier that day and started preparing for the evening ahead. As always, I took a warm shower, shaved my legs and pussy in the most efficient way possible. It is said that red is the color for love and erotism, so I decided to wear my tight mid-thigh velvet red dress, a black lingerie set, a garter belt, black lace-top stockings with red open-toe stilettos. I wanted the dress to partially revel the tops of my stockings. I straightened my hair, added some red lipstick, a touch of rose and citrus notes fragrance and put golden earrings on.

At 5:30 pm, my private taxi arrived and on my way to Dr.Monica’s place I stopped to buy a bottle of renowned champagne. Arriving empty-handed was rude and I also wanted to get drunk with her.

My taxi dropped me in front of her place. I didn’t have the time to ring that she immediately opened the door.

Dr. Monica: Perfectly on time, as usual, I am so happy to see you, Victoria.

Me: I would never have missed this opportunity Doctor! I bought some champagne, hope you like it!

Dr. Monica: You shouldn’t have brought anything, it is so kind of you. Please come in and make yourself at home while I put it in the fridge. And don’t call me doctor, you are now the head of a brand new dental department, we are equals.

She lived in a two-story apartment, much larger than Ashley’s. How can I describe how beautiful she was when I saw her that evening? She was wearing a checked grey tight minidress, a dark orange belt (seemed very expensive even for me), beige high heels, tanned stay ups stockings, beige lipstick and golden flower-like earrings.

I could sense her perfume, it was sweet like honey and lily white flowers. As she left to reach the fridge, I admired her rounded ass and beautiful legs which were highlighted by her hold ups.

Naturally her apartment was clean and smelled her unique scent which made me horny at that exact moment. On my way to the living room, I took the opportunity to “visit” her place. She had 3 huge double-bedded rooms, the living room and the kitchen formed a large spacious room, two modern bathrooms and a dressing full of all elegant clothes sets.

I sat on a grey corner sofa and watched her angelic figure as she came back from the kitchen and sit next to me with two glasses and a bottle of red wine (my favorite).

Me: Thank you so much for having me tonight, your checked dress is lovely!

Dr. Monica: I am the one who should be thanking you for coming! Let’s have a toast to our new head of the interrogation wing!

We sipped the delicious wine. I struggled not to pass my hand between those sexy thighs. The view of the stocking top was driving me crazy.

What does it feel like to be the head of an entire dental department?

Me: I am so proud! it is one step further to the perfect woman society. Those anti-regime advocates must be punished for the trouble they are creating.

Dr. Monica: And I will support you with this project the best I can my dear Victoria. Have you thought about your team?

Me: Actually yes I have, but I would like it to be a secret for the moment.

Dr. Monica: Ho come on you can’t keep me in the dark, can you make an exception just for me?

I poured another two glasses of wine.

Me: It depends, do you really deserve it? I have on specific person in mind to be more precise.

I winked at her with a slight smile. She approached and sat beside me on the couch. She was so close to me, to my hands.

Dr. Monica: And what should l do to make you tell me? Shall I say that you are the most beautiful person I have ever seen?

She put her hand on my knee and approached her lips to mine. Her scent was so sweet, and those delicate beige lips rapidly touched mine. We kissed passionately for a few minutes and her hand which was previously on my knee, started to advance under my mini dress and slowly made contact with my wet pussy.

Dr. Monica: It seems that someone is on a horny mood tonight.

She had that erotic smile on her gorgeous face. I was totally under her charm; I was in love. I did the same, my hand stroked delicately her tanned stockings and reached her pussy, doing back and forth movements on her labia but without penetrating her, I wanted her to crave me.

Me: Let me show you what I can do my beautiful Monica. you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this moment. Since the first day I met you, I have been thinking about doing this.

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