My Friend Molly

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Molly is my best friend. She always has been. I’ve known her the majority of my life. Unfortunately, I’ve never been lucky enough to hook up with her myself. She basically friend zoned me before I even knew that was a thing. Every time I tried to convince her to go out with me, I got the “I love you, but I don’t want things to go bad and ruin our friendship” talk. At this point I’ve moved on. I’m still single, but I haven’t tried to get with Molly again.

We hang out just about every day, because we both live in the same dorm building. Hanging out during the day is pretty much done in my room or the cafeteria. I haven’t been in her room except for a brief moment here or there since the beginning of the year. Her roommate, Elissa, pretty much hates my guts. I don’t really blame her. I hooked up with her at a frat party when I was drunk, and apparently said some things, in my inebriated state, that were not completely true. She had expressed her feelings for me and I, being drunk, said that I felt the same way. At that point, I probably would have said or done anything to get laid. The next day, I went by to see Molly, and Elissa thought I was there to see her. It was really awkward to hear what I had said, and explain that I didn’t want to be in a relationship. I said I was sorry, felt like a jerk, and that being drunk was no excuse, but, if you can believe it, that wasn’t good enough. I probably would have slammed the door in my face, too if I was in her shoes. So, I pretty much steer clear of Molly and Elissa’s room.

One thing that always gets me is when Molly gets drunk. Drunk Molly is a completely different person with one exception. She still won’t sleep with me. This is the story of the night Molly got drunk and fucked my roommate while I was in the room.

A while back, Molly and I got trashed in my dorm with my roommate, Jeff. We were all just hanging out, drinking, and playing some video games. When the video games became a bit too hard on “inebriated” mode we switched to the TV.

“Can we watch True Blood?” Molly asked as she stumbled over to my bookshelf and grabbed the season one box. “I love this show. I would do some incredibly dirty things to Eric.”

“I hear that I look like Eric all the time,” Jeff said with a big shit eating grin on his face.

“You look nothing like Eric, dude,” was my response.

“Not even close,” Molly added snickering as she plopped back down on the bed between Jeff and me.

We watched a few Uşak Escort episodes as we continued to drink. I was on the verge of passing out, but somehow still awake when a pretty hot sex scene started.

“Oh my god that is fucking hot,” was all Molly said before leaning into Jeff and slipping her tongue into his ear.

“Oh yeah?” Jeff replied as he turned toward her. The two of them started making out.

“Come on, guys,” I said slurring a bit, but my words fell on deaf ears. The two of them kissed pretty heavily for about five minutes as I lie there watching. About that time, the episode of the show was rolling through the credits so I just turned it off. I watched as Jeff’s hand slid its way up Molly’s shirt and cupped her chest. I knew what was about to happen at that point and got up. I stumbled my way across the room to Jeff’s bed and fell into it. I was too drunk to leave, so I was going to have to stay in the room while my best friend fucked my roommate on my bed. As I watched Jeff playfully massaging Molly’s small tit under her shirt I felt a stirring in my pants. I was getting hard. I realized that despite my desire to hook up with Molly, I had never even seen her naked.

I watched quietly as Jeff pulled Molly’s shirt up and over her head. Her pale cream colored skin was a stark contrast to her black, lace bra and natural long red hair. A glint of silver drew my eye to her sexy flat tummy adorned with a small belly button ring. Since I was no longer on the bed, Jeff re-positioned himself lying down the length of the bed. Molly straddled his hips before grabbing the bottom of his shirt and pulling him up as she removed his shirt. Yet another glint of silver drew my eye to a single stud on Jeff’s nipple.

“Ooh, sexy,” Molly said in a hushed voice as she leaned down and flicked it with her tongue. Jeff groaned a little while she played with his pierce nipple. Molly sat back up and reached between her shoulder blades to unclasp her bra.

“Yeah, Baby, take it off,” muttered Jeff. Molly giggled playfully as she cupped her breasts in her arm and used her free hand to slip off one of the straps. Her arms traded places. The only thing keeping her bra in place at that point was one of her arms across her chest.

“You wanna see?” she asked coyly.

“Yeah, show me those titties.” Jeff, not so tactfully, replied.

“Oh god yes,” I said under my breath.

Molly threw the bra on the floor showing off her perfect Uşak Escort Bayan mounds. They were small, a small B cup at my best guess, but they were gorgeous. Her small pink nipples hardened as they were now exposed to the cool room. Jeff sat up and took one of them into his mouth. Molly threw her head back and moaned as he rolled her nipple between his tongue and lips. She slowly rolled her head back around.

“I showed you mine, now show me yours,” Molly commanded as she pushed Jeff back down onto the bed. She shuffled down his legs putting her head above his belt buckle. It took some work for the two drunken people to undo his belt and pants, but it didn’t take long. She grabbed the top of his pants and boxers at the hip and started tugging them down. Jeff lifted his ass to help. His cock popped out when it cleared the elastic band holding it in place.

“Ooh, that’s a big one,” Molly commented as she took the base of his large dick into her petite hand. “It’s almost as long as my forearm.” I was not surprised by the length of my roommate’s member. I had seen it one of the many times he had brought girls back to the room. I was surprised to see how quickly Molly started to attack the thing. She sucked the head into her mouth without another word. I watched as she stroked up and down his now glistening shaft. She could only manage so much of the cock with her mouth because of its girth. I could see Jeff’s eyes rolling back in his head as my friend blew him.

“I can’t take it anymore, I am so wet right now,” Molly said loudly as she stood up on the bed. She quickly pushed down her cotton shorts and underwear in one motion revealing her completely bald mound. Jeff kicked his pants the rest of the way off as she re-positioned herself above his crotch. She squatted down hovering above the hard cock lying on Jeff’s belly. Molly reached down and grabbed the base pointing it up toward her slick pussy. Her supple fingers worked their way up the wet shaft before pushing the head of his cock between her pink lips. Molly shuddered as the tip of his member grazed her clit. She slowly began lowering herself down. Molly moaned in ecstasy as each inch slid deeper into her hole. About two thirds of the way down, she stopped and leaned back bracing her body on her hands. Molly started rocking back and forth. She took as much of the large rod in as she could before pulling back each time letting out a loud moan.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Escort Uşak I quietly unzipped my pants and pulled my stiff average sized dick out of my pants and began stroking it. I watched as Jeff’s cock disappeared into Molly over and over again. Her legs were shaking almost uncontrollably when her first orgasm hit her. Molly fell backwards shooting a considerable amount of liquid across my bed and Jeff.

“So you are a squirter then?” Jeff asked. Molly’s only response was a giggle as she bit her bottom lip and nodded. “Let’s see if we can do that some more.”

Jeff sat up and got on his knees. He sat back on his heels, scooped his hands under her legs, and pulled her pussy toward him. He reached between his legs and positioned the head of his cock at her opening once more. Using her hips, he pulled her closer sliding deep into her slit. I continued to jack off as I watched Jeff drive into my friend over and over again. Molly was bucking her hips with each thrust. She extended her hands toward him and he leaned forward. She clasped her fingers behind his neck.

“Pull me up,” she said between breaths. She let out a loud shout that ended in a laugh. “You don’t know how intense this feels.” I felt my balls tensing up as I watched the two of them bouncing up and down in time with one another.

“Oh my god, I’m cumming again!” Molly cried out as she let go and fell back spraying Jeff down once again. At that moment I blew my load cumming harder than I had ever come. It felt like the stream of jizz would not end. I looked back over at the two when I heard Molly speak.

“That was amazing,” Molly said between breaths. A shiver ran down her body. “Now it’s your turn to cum.”

She shoved him onto his back again. I felt everything getting blurry as I watched Molly sucking her pussy juice off of Jeff’s cock. She worked the shaft with both hands as she sucked on the head. Her hands worked faster and faster until Jeff started to come. I watched as Molly pulled back and swallowed before licking up the stream that followed and sucking on the head some more. Jeff’s cock seemed to pulse several more times, and Molly just kept sucking it down. The last thing I saw before everything went black was Molly lying down across Jeff’s side and putting her head on his chest.

When I woke up the next morning Jeff was still naked in my bed knocked out, but Molly had left already. There was a note on my stomach.

It said, “Sorry about last night. Call me when you wake up.”

When I called her we talked about what happened. She said that she didn’t really remember what happened all that well, but felt pretty bad about fucking Jeff while I was in the room. I told her it didn’t matter, but she owed me some new sheets.

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