My Girls-Sue Ann , Sandy Ch. 02

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If you’re underage or offended by erotic literature, don’t read any further. In fact if either of those describes you-get off this website.

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Thank you for the interest in my stories.

As requested here’s another story about My Girls.

If you’d read other stories about My Girls, skip the intro and go straight to the story. While the following story can stand alone, you might enjoy it more if you read My Girl-Sue Ann and My Girl-Sandy first.



I’m writing this to tell you about my girls. These are the girls I’ve known, the girls I’ve loved.

I’m a lucky man. I have a good life. I’m a musician. My job is incredibly fun and I’ve made pretty good money at it. No, I’m not famous. Don’t even ask. You wouldn’t recognize my name if I told you.

I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing women in my life. I’m going to tell you about some of them-not all, but some. Over the years I’ve slept with about three hundred women. The stories here are based on those girls. Some of the stories are combinations of more than one girls’ tale, but that’s only to keep me from writing hundreds of stories. What you’re about to read is based on true events.

Whether you believe them or not doesn’t make any difference to me. I got to live them. Now I’m an old married guy, middle age is slipping by and I’m reminiscing about the girls I’ve known in my life. I may not be chasing after girls anymore but I’m still a lucky man. I’ve spent over twenty years with the same girl and I love it. I’ve never been happier and I’ve never been unfaithful. But every now and then I stop to remember…


Chapter 2:

The Weekend Begins

It was after noon before I finally got up and got moving. A Saturday with no work or plans meant I could relax for a change. Sandy had to work a split shift at the restaurant and left before I got up. She did leave a very sweet (and explicit) note for me. She said she’d be back later. I’d told her all about Sue Ann without giving Sandy her name. She was really looking sıhhiye escort forward to spending the weekend with the two of us.

I went out to the pool and sat in a nice shady spot to meditate. After my meditation I stretched and slipped into the water to swim a few laps. It’s a great way to wake up and get a good workout at the same time. I was nearing the end of my swim when I heard the phone ringing. The last call I got was good, but there was no way I was getting out of the pool for it. When I was done I went in and checked the message.

Sue Ann’s mom, Carolyn, had called me. She was worried about Sue Ann because she thought this doctor might be a problem. Carolyn asked if I would talk Sue Ann into staying with me for a week or two while the hospital got rid of him. He’d never hurt anyone before, but he was unpredictable. I called Carolyn back and told her I’d find a way to tempt Sue Ann to stay.

She laughed and said, “I’ll bet you can think of something, you perv.”

“Hey, you’re the one that introduced us, remember? If you don’t want her to stay here, just say the word.”

“Okay, okay. But let me know if you hear from this asshole though. He freaks me out. The other day he got mad and I thought he was going to hit somebody. Sue Ann’s got some vacation time coming, I want her to spend it with you.”

“First I’m a perv and now you want me to watch over your daughter. What’s the deal, Carolyn?”

With another laugh she said, “I knew you were a nice guy from the minute I saw you. She’s never been as happy as she is with you. You’re a good man, please just take good care of my girl, okay?”

“I’d never consider doing anything but that.”

After we hung up I showered and ate. I finished my morning ritual by sitting at the piano and working on a couple of new songs. With Sue Ann and her mom on my mind, nothing was working so I picked up a guitar and headed outside to sit in the sun and play. After going through my usual practice routines, I just had some fun playing. It cleared my head and I got back to work. I put together a couple of short pieces for a TV show that I write for and put my guitar tandoğan escort away.

Lying on one of the double lounges by the pool I fell asleep. I had an incredible dream of waking up to find two girls licking and sucking me. I opened my eyes I realized it was a dream. There weren’t two girls licking and sucking me. The two girls were licking and sucking each other. Sue Ann was lying on the other lounge in a 69 with Sandy. They were really getting into it and had evidently been at it a while.

Sandy saw I was awake and said, “Damn, Baby. You never told me she was so beautiful.”

Sue Ann blushed and added, “Yeah. You said she was pretty but you never said she had a smoking hot body.”

“Sorry if I didn’t say enough about how hot you both are. I’m more interested in what horny little girls you are. You know my favorite part of a woman is between her toes.”

Sue Ann looked puzzled for a second then giggled. Sandy didn’t get it. She asked, “You like toes? Or the stuff between them?”

Leaning down to kiss each of them I told her, “My favorite part of a woman is between her big toes.”

Sue Ann rolled Sandy on her back and demonstrated. She pulled Sandy’s feet up against her impressive chest and said, “See, Honey. Here’s one big toe and here’s the other.” Then she ran her hands down the inside of Sandy’s legs and finished saying, “And here’s his favorite part of you.” When she reached Sandy’s pussy she pulled the lips apart and stuck her tongue in that sweet slit.

Sandy arched her back and moaned as Sue Ann worked on her cunt. It was hard to believe that she’d never done anything like this before. She was a natural. In a minute Sandy was writhing under Sue Ann’s tongue. Sue Ann ate her out like a woman possessed; she made her come over and over. I knew Sandy was multi-orgasmic, but it was fun to watch her at Sue Ann’s mercy.

Their show had me hard as a rock so I moved behind Sue Ann. One stroke had me deep in her tight little pussy. She pushed back against me as she kept eating Sandy out. This was the stuff of fantasies. Her silky wet cunt was sucking me into her, drawing me deeper and deeper tunalı escort into her hot body.

While Sandy ground her pussy in Sue Ann’s face, I pounded into her cunt. Both girls were moaning and writhing, getting closer and closer to a tremendous orgasm. Sandy arched her back and shoved her clit into Sue Ann’s mouth as Sue Ann quivered under me and flooded me with her juices. Their release triggered my own and I thrust into Sue Ann and shot a huge load in her cunt.

When I slipped out of Sue Ann’s clenching cunt, I moved back to sit down and catch my breath. But I never got time to. Sandy crawled over and began to lick and suck me clean. When she was satisfied that she’d cleaned me up, she lowered herself onto my hard cock. She ground her clit against my pubic bone as she played with her tits.

Meanwhile, Sue Ann had jumped in the pool to cool off. She strutted over to me and kissed me while Sandy rode my dick. I pulled away and rolled Sandy over onto her back. Never one to leave a girl unsatisfied I had Sue Ann straddle Sandy’s face. As Sue Ann lowered her pussy to Sandy’s mouth, I shoved my cock back home.

Sue Ann moaned as Sandy ate her out. Sandy began to shudder and whimper. With each thrust into her hot wet cunt, she’d grunt or whimper. My favorite sound in the world is the one that a woman makes as I slam into her hard and her orgasm starts to build. Sue Ann and Sandy both got louder and louder, shouting and calling to me. My heart was pounding so loud I could hear it over the ringing in my ears. It went on and on getting louder and louder.

With a start I woke up face down on the chaise by the pool. My hard cock was trapped between my stomach and the mattress. Form inside the house I could hear the doorbell and someone knocking on the door at the same time. As they beat on my door they were calling my name. I grabbed a towel and ran inside. After Sue Ann and Sandy untangled themselves from each other, they almost fell through the door. I was engulfed in their arms and surrounded by their soft lips as they peeled off my towel and started ripping their clothes off. Wow. This was a great way to say hello.

Never one to be patient, Sandy asked, “What took you so damn long?”

“I was sleeping on a lounge out back. In fact, I had a dream about you two.”

Sue Ann gave me a little peck and asked, “Was it a good dream?”

Sandy had my cock in her hand and said, “It must have been.”

“Yeah it was. Want me to show you what we were doing?”

Both girls said, “Mm-hmmm.”

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