My Incredible Girl!

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I lay in bed feeling Laura’s warm body next to mine after another incredible love making session. She rolls against me and I can feel her hot and still hard nipples against my back as she places her arm around me and snuggles even closer. I wonder how I am going to get to sleep but soon the contentness of being with her again falls over me and I drift off.

Without any idea of how long I managed to drift off for I start to stir in the darkness of the room. I can feel Laura’s warm wet lips over my cock head and her tongue is swirling around the very tip trying to find any bit of my pre-cum juices. I moan softly and can feel the pastiness of her juices around my mouth from when I went down on her earlier in the evening.

Laura now slides her hot mouth all the way down my erect shaft and I suck in my breath. I try to reposition myself and that is when I notice my ‘soft bonds’. Somehow Laura was able to use two silk scarves to snuggly tie my hands to the corners of the headboard. I moan again and she removes her mouth saying, “You took care of me, now it’s your turn to relax and enjoy.”

Laura goes back to sucking on my hard cock and I allow myself to relax a bit. I open my legs and she moves down to lick my ball sac and gently ‘nibble’. I feel her teeth lightly scrape the underside of my shaft as she makes her way back up. Her tongue again swirls around the purplish head but this time she is able to taste the salty fluid that is now dripping steadily from Rize Escort my piss hole. She moans out loud and begins to milk my balls. Her hands are masterful at being able to coax my juices out while keeping me from cumming too soon.

Her nails now rake over the fleshy sac and a new sensation washes over me. I suck in my breath and tense up. Looking down I see her devilish eyes watching my reaction and she allows a smile to form on either side of my cock. I begin to beg out loud for her to go down on me again but her mind has other plans.

My cock falls from her mouth and I can see it glistening in the very dim light coming in thru the curtains as a soft breeze moves them. Laura is now positioning herself above my meat and her legs straddle me. My cock is in her hand and she begins to rub the head just inside her wet pussy crack. I moan and beg her to fuck me. She giggles and continues to tease me. The head is slick with her juices as well as mine and I ask again to allow me to enter her.

My breathing is a little more intense as my heart begins to pound from the anticipation. Finally, I hear what I knew would happen. Laura bites her lip and whimpers as she shudders to her first orgasm. By sliding back and forth she had managed to use my cock to rub her clit enough to push her over the edge.

Still rocking back and forth she catches me off guard and slides my cock backwards enough so that without missing a stroke it is buried to the Rize Escort Bayan hilt. She is now fucking me from on top and her hips gyrate as they search out her next climax. Her fingernails cum across my nipples and my back arches driving my cock into her even deeper. She shakes again and I know that is number two.

My mind singles in on one sensation, that of my cock hitting the cool air as it leaves her cunt for that split second before it is enveloped again by those pouty wet lips. Now I can feel my balls starting to fill and wanting release. Laura keeps riding my hard-on basking in yet another orgasm.

She leans forward to position herself so my cock will hit a certain spot inside her walls. A few drops of sweat drops from her brow and splashes on my chest. Our eyes meet and I can tell by her expression that she is so close to still another orgasm. I watch and try to time it. She is oh, so close. Her hand slides back and grabs my full ball sac. Her nails are dug in and again I arch my back. She squeezes and releases me over and over causing me to jump and stretch my bonds. I feel her hot juices washing over my cock one more time as she cries out that she is cumming.

Laura falls forward and our chests rise and fall together as one. I can feel her heart beating next to mine and watch as she pushes herself up. She smiles and in the same motion spins her hot body around. I can now feel the warmth of her pussy just above my face.

Laura’s Escort Rize mouth finds my cock and she begins to suck me and stoke the shaft. I know she wants to taste my cum in her mouth but I also want to taste her. I stick out my tongue and she lowers herself. I taste her juices for the second time that night and they are as fresh as the first time I ever, ever went down on her. My tongue is busy and she begins to grind on my mouth. My nose is buried in her ass and I can take in her whole essence!!!

I suck on her clit and she verbally teases me about cleaning my own juices from her cunt!! This turns me on and I can only strive to do a better job as I want to taste her cum in my mouth as well. My cock head is raw from her fucking and sucking me so much and I beg her to put me over the edge. Her hand is now like a piston and I am so close to exploding in her mouth.

Then she does it. Knowing how I adore her asshole, Laura slides forward and presses down. My mouth covers her entire hole and I lick and suck like there is no tomorrow. I snake my tongue inside that tight little hole and that does it!!! My cum wells up thru my shaft and spurts into her mouth and down her throat. She continues to jerk me off, wanting it all and grinding her clit on my chin!! I feel her entire body shake above me and I get my wish and she cums. My tongue now slides forward and I am able to taste the hot juices that came from deep inside her.

We now lay there for a few minutes, catching our breath and regaining ‘some’ composure. Laura was able to turn back around, lay on top of me and kiss me full on the lips. I asked her to untie the silk scarves to which she responded…

“What makes you think I’m finished!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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