My Last Day

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Today is my last day of work. The company is downsizing and I’m being laid off. My manager of many years calls me into her office to complete the final paperwork.

She is a fit blonde in her mid-30’s, a true MILF. Today she is wearing tight jeans, tall boots up to her knees, a snug royal blue polo shirt that shows off her perfect 34 C’s, and her name tag that says “Tarah”. I think that we have had a good relationship with a little flirting back and forth throughout my time here. I always feel the sexual tension whenever we are in the same room.

As it is nearing the end of the day, we make small talk as we complete the required paperwork. “Almost done” she says looking over her sexy glasses at the computer.

“I would like to thank you for the opportunity that you gave me,” I say as she continues to type. “You have been the best boss that I have ever had, and I know that we have flirted a little throughout the years…” I take a deep breath and pause. “This is going to sound weird, but… to show my appreciation for all you have done for me here, I would like to offer you an orgasm.”

She stops typing, but continues staring at the computer. I can’t tell what she’s thinking. She pauses, fifteen, maybe twenty seconds. It feels like eternity.

“No sex,” I continue. “I will not even remove any clothing. It’s all about you.” Where did this come from? I cannot believe I just said that.

I have admired and fantasized about this woman since I first saw her. The frustration of losing my job and probably not seeing her again caused me to blurt out this strange offer. Hoping to desperately live out this fantasy.

She turns in her chair towards me to say, “Meet me at the hotel on 7th Street in thirty minutes.” She has a look of anticipation and a sly smile that I have not seen before.

“See you there,” I say as I get up to leave the office.

She goes back to typing. I walk out to my car, leaving the office for the last time and not sure what just happened. I ponder the situation as I walk. I have just left a job that I have had and enjoyed for ten years. There are hundreds of people there that I may never see again, and I just propositioned my former boss. My mind is swirling with thoughts. When I get to my car I get in and drive right over to the hotel on 7th Street. It is a nice hotel.

Should I wait or go in? I ponder for a few minutes.

I get out of my car and go in to get a room. “A room with a king size bed please,” I say to the attractive woman behind the counter.

We finish all the paperwork, and she hands me the room key and says, “Have a nice stay.”

“Thank you, I’m sure I will,” I reply smiling. In the elevator I text Tarah, “Room 412.”

I enter the room and wait for a reply… there is none. I am getting nervous as I sit at the desk in the plush leather office chair. Still waiting, no text, I get up and grab a small bottle of Fireball from the mini wet bar. I crack the seal and slam it down.

I begin to reminis about a time we were working together bringing boxes down from a high shelf. She was on a ladder an I was catching the boxes as she was handing them down. Seeing that hot ass in tight jeans only inches from my face as she would bend and reach for the next box. I thought she caught me looking a couple of times. She didn’t say anything.

When we were done and she was starting to climb down, she slipped on the last step. This caused her to fall back into my arms. Not expecting this, I caught her, but one hand landed on her haramidere escort breast. She lingered in my arms just a moment or two longer than what would be considered normal.

“Thanks” she said as she flashed me a big smile “You can finish up here” and walked away to do something else.

A few minutes later there is a knock at the door. I check the peep hole, and there she is, my former boss, blonde hair up in a pony, moving back and forth as she looks up and down the hall. I open the door, and she steps into the room.

“What are you drinking?” she asks, seeing the bottle on the desk.

“Fireball. There are others over there,” I reply, pointing to the mini bar.

I sit back down in the office chair admiring her hot body. She seductively shakes her hips as I continue to watch every movement.

What firm and taught legs. They lead right up to her perfect ass, covered in her tight jeans.

“Like what you see?” she asks.

“I have wanted to grab that hot ass since the day I met you”. I reply

“I have noticed you looking throughout the years. I loved teasing you. The days we would be working together, with me up on a ladder handing items down to you. I could feel your eyes glued to my ass, it made me so wet” she replied with a wink.

I have admired Tarah’s perfect ass since the day I met her, and I have wanted to just grab it and pull her close just holding it in my hands as I look into her eyes.

She grabs a bottle and chugs it down. Tarah turns and looks at me, saying “Well, maybe one more,” as she walks to the bed. She cracks it open and chugs it down.

I roll the chair closer and trap her between my legs, the chair, and the bed. I place my hands on her hips, pausing to take it all in and with a gentle squeeze, I say, “Have a seat.”

She sits on the edge of the bed. I turn slightly to the left and reach down and unzip her knee-high boot. She lifts her leg as I slip it off her. I lift her leg further causing Tarah to lay back on the bed. This time I reach up under her pant leg, caressing, and finding the top of her sock and begin to take it off. Once off I bring her foot to my face and kiss it. She squirms a little as it tickles her. I nibble on the bottom of her foot, working my way to her toes. I lick the underside of her toes. She wiggles on the bed some more. I bring her big toe to my mouth as I place a small kiss on it, and then take it into my mouth.

A small moan comes out of her mouth. A few minutes pass with me playing and sucking on her toes. I then reach down and grab the other boot. I unzip it and remove it. I then caress up her calf as far as her tight jeans will allow. Her sock comes off and I repeat my assault on her other foot and toes. Finally, she is squirming on the bed, a light moan exits her lips. Then I stop.

She gives me a look that says, “Why did you stop?” I reach up, grabbing her hands pulling her back up to a standing position. She is still trapped between me and the bed. I am sitting, and her waist is at eye level. I take it all in. I place my hands on her hips and admire her figure close up, wondering what she will look like underneath her clothing.

I cannot help myself, I let my hands slide down and caress her ass cheeks through her jeans. She inhales sharply with anticipation. My hands reluctantly slide back up to her hips and I turn her around, so she is facing the bed and I am looking at this hot ass. It is firm with her tight jeans highlighting every curve.

I içerenköy escort reach around and unbutton her jeans. Then one hand caresses her taught stomach through her shirt as the other hand slowly unzips the zipper. Once the zipper is down, I slowly begin pulling the jeans down inch by inch exposing her baby blue panties.

There it is: Tarah’s hot ass staring me in the face through her sheer panties.

I help her remove the jeans and grab her hips again and turn her around. I can see through the sheer blue panties that she is shaved and inches from my eyes as I sit and stare. I can tell she is becoming aroused as I inhale deeply, taking in her intoxicating scent. I stick my tongue out and trace the curves below. As I continue to lick, the sheer panties become wet, both from me and, I sense, from her excitement as well. She tastes so good.

My teeth tug at the waistband. My hands feel that firm ass through the thin layer of material. It feels so good. I hook my fingers inside the waistband and gently pull them down and off.

She is now naked from the waist down, standing inches from my face. Inhaling deeply, I kiss her just above her clit. I ever so gently run my lips over hers. I stop, wanting this to last.

To tease her, I push her back on the bed. I reach down to her calf and I bring it up to my mouth. I kiss and nibble my way up her leg. More and more nibbling as I get higher and higher.

When I get to the top the nibbles become kisses and hard licks of the tongue. Tarah is squirming and moaning more and more.

“Mmmmm right there,” she says as she thrusts her butt up towards my tongue. I tease her and kiss and lick all around avoiding her hardening clit.

After a minute or two, I put her leg over my shoulder and bring her other leg up and repeat the process. When I arrive at the top this time, I can see that she is leaking. I kiss closer and closer until she is again lifting her butt off the bed. I grab her hips as I taste her for the first time.

I begin licking slowly from the bottom to the top. Taking in her flavor at the bottom and teasing her clit at the top. Licking hard, pressing my tongue hard and flat as I lick my way up. She is moaning and panting. Her head is moving from side to side as her hips thrust up as I get to the top.

My hands begin to slide up under her shirt, caressing as they make their way to her breasts. I gently squeeze them both.

“Oh yes!” escapes her lips.

I continue to lick as she grabs my head, forcing me closer, keeping me there tightly against her. I take her clit between my lips, pulling it in and out like a mini blow job. Her clit is hard as a rock and it has grown even more.

She continues to hold me tight as her stomach begins to tremble. Harder and harder she trembles as her orgasm hits her, shaking and moaning louder and louder. “Oh God, Oh God, Yes! Yes! Yes!” she calls out.

Finally, she stops. I am thinking I will never forget this day, when suddenly…

Tarah looks down at me and says, “I NEED A COCK NOW!”

This is her, “I mean business, I’m the Boss” voice. I stand up and she immediately undresses me, first my shirt and then my belt buckle. Zip, clunk, my pants are at my ankles. I step out of them as she gets closer. She reaches out and grabs my penis and then my balls through my boxer briefs. She then yanks them down and pushes me back on the bed.

As I am waiting for what is next, she removes her shirt and bra, standing before me naked. innovia escort Her breasts are impressive, and her nipples are hard. All I can do is look and admire her nakedness.

As I continue to stare and take it all in, she climbs between my legs and begins on my penis. Licking the entire length as my tip is leaking. She takes the head in her warm mouth sucking hard.

Next, she swirls her tongue flicking it across the sensitive underside, as she hits all the right places.

Now it is her turn to tease. Kissing her way down to my balls, first licking and then sucking one and then the other. I squirm, wiggling to free my sensitive balls. She then moves back to my penis.

I am hard as she gets me balls deep down her throat. The tightness feels very intense as the tip enters her throat. This goes on for minutes. Not knowing how much more I can take; I gently pull her head away.

She has a determined look on her face as she climbs up and straddles me. The tip is at her entrance, feeling her warmth and wetness as she begins to grind on my hard dick. Back and forth, it feels so good.

Tarah says, “OH GOD, I NEED THIS!” as she reaches down, lines me up, and lowers herself down on me.

The tip enters her tight wet pussy. The warmth engulfs my cock as she lowers herself down gently.

She moans as I slide slowly in, inch by inch. I grab a hold of her hips to hold her down as my cock throbs balls deep in her warm tight pussy. I feel her pussy gripping my hard throbbing cock as her hot juices drip down around my balls.

This is a long-time fantasy come true. The look of lust and satisfaction on her face, the sweat glistening down her perfect chest as she pauses, enjoying the feeling of me deep inside.

Minutes pass as she begins to ride. I grab her hips and with every stroke I pull her down deeper.

“Oh Yes! Oh Yes!” she moans as our movements synchronize and speed up.

I need a change quick, or I am going to lose it.

I roll her off and get behind her. She reaches back and guides me in again. I grab her hips and slam into her from behind. In and out, in and out, for what seems like minutes.

I then slap her hot ass. She yelps out of surprise. I then reach up and grab her blonde ponytail. Her head comes back, and her moaning gets louder and louder.

“Oh God,” I think to myself. “I need a change or else…”

I tap her on the butt, and she looks back. I tap her again and she rolls over. She is on her back and I enter her. She is flushed, her chest and neck are pink with excitement and she is beginning to glisten as the room warms up.

I bend over and nibble on her neck going from side to side, and up to her ears. She is moaning and moving faster and faster. I notice her hard nipples rubbing against my chest. I look down to take in their full beauty and they sway back and forth to our rhythm.

Finally, she locks her legs tight around my waist. I could not get away if I wanted to. She reaches up and pinches my nipples. This is too much! I struggle to pull out as I am about to cum what feels like a huge load. I struggle against her firm legs to free myself, not wanting to get out but knowing I had better. Just in time, I pull out and my penis grinds on her clit as the cum begins to fly.

Squirt, first on her erect nipples. Squirt, on her tight tummy. Squirt, in her belly button. Finally squirt, along her labia. I hold myself up long enough to take in the sight of her cum filled front. This is a sight I will never forget.

Exhausted, I fall on her, our faces next to each other, I kiss her lips softly and gently. We begin to kiss harder as her tongue enters my mouth. My groin begins to stir and tingle as we kiss.

“I needed that,” Tarah says.

“I need a shower,” I say as I grab her hand and lead her to the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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