My Mom Made Me Very Popular

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All characters (that have sex) in this story are at least 18.


To me, my stepmom (we’ll call her Debbie) is fairly average – nothing I thought any of my friends would call a MILF – probably really cute when she was younger. (A 7 out of ten maybe?) She was, however, very nice, doing all the things a kid like me could ask for from a mom. And she liked it whenever I had friends over after school.

All through school, I was never very popular and only had one or two friends that only visited occasionally. In my senior year, however, as we all started turning 18, I began to have more and more guys befriend me and join what became a regular study and gaming group at my house. We would all do our homework and studying together, then most of us would all go jump on the game systems, taking turns gaming. Those that were waiting their turns usually ended up discussing video games and movies or playing cards around the dining table.

It all started about half-way into the school year, when I commented to my stepmom, that both of my friends had turned 18 this last weekend and wasn’t that a cool coincidence. She got this odd look in her eye and asked, “Aren’t you turning 18 next week?” I knew she knew when my birthday was.

Once we’d finished our homework, the three of us decided to take turns on a one-on-one fighting game, leaving Mike out for now. Debbie asked Mike if he could help her reach something for her, and we didn’t see him until just before his turn on the game. He seemed to be a bit unfocussed, but he snapped out of it pretty quick as he and I battled.

I didn’t notice Jeff’s absence until it was time to switch again. He came out of the back hallway, a bit unfocussed, like Mike. “Are you okay? What were you doing?”

“I was just helping your mom put something away. I’m fine. Is it my turn again?” And nothing more was said.

Thinking back on it, this seemed to happen every time my friends came over, which now was every day, not just a few times a week. Soon, some of my other friends started coming over, too. This is how the group grew, as I’d described above. Debbie was very interested in how old each of my friends were and seemed to need a lot of help with various projects in the back of the house and garage. Every time she needed help, she would ask a different guy to help her (never me, though, as she explained I was the host and should always tend to my guests), so that just about everyone had helped her with some small task by the time they left. She even made it a rule that only guys that had turned 18 could help her – for “insurance purposes,” as she put it.

A few months in, my dad went on a business trip, and Debbie commented at dinner, that I was the man of the house until he got back. We laughed and she asked me if I wanted some wine. Like any kid, I’d tried alcohol on the sly – one time I snuck a beer out to the back yard, and couple of times my friends and I had snuck a bit of whiskey. But this would be my first time with wine, so I said yes and she poured me a glass. I liked it a lot more than the other stuff I’d tried.

We talked and drank wine through dinner, then took more wine out to the living room and sat on the couch, me pretending to be an adult and enjoying myself to no end. I vaguely noticed that each time she got up to do something, she’d sit a bit closer, but didn’t give it much thought. I was feeling mellow and enjoying talking to her like this, as she and I had never really talked much before. I started to understand why my dad had been attracted to her. She was very easy to talk to. Sooner than I’d realized, she and I had cuddled up close to each other. I commented that this was nice, admitting I was very awkward with girls. Before I realized what I’d just told her and gotten embarrassed, cuddling close was her favorite thing.

Then her face flushed and she stared at my lips, as she brought her Mersin Escort face close to mine, her hot breath smelling of wine. Why I didn’t protest, can be blamed on my drunkenness, I suppose. But we started kissing and couldn’t stop. At one point, she threw one of her legs over mine, straddling me. We made out like this for a while and just went with the flow from there. I found out she was very experienced and very patient, as we took what we began on the couch, to finish on her bed.

The next morning, over breakfast, Debbie told me that she never expected that to happen and that we should do our best to forget the event. She didn’t let me blame myself, putting all blame on herself. She swore she’d never done anything like that before, never cheated ever, and that she deeply loved my dad. I was embarrassed and swore this would be our secret. But I had to admit to myself that I really wanted to do it again – this time sober!

So, we agreed to sweep it under the rug and go back to normal. My dad got back from his trip the next day, and neither of us said a thing. As the next week passed, I struggled not to think about it, but failed. I couldn’t help wishing we could do it again. In fact, one day, just after my friends had all left, I cornered my stepmom in the kitchen and tried to put the moved on her. She rebuffed me, shocked that I would try anything like that. She reminded me that she was married to my dad and that we had agreed that one time was a mistake. She wasn’t a cheater and hated herself for getting drunk and allowing what happened to take place. I sheepishly backed down. I could see she was right and I was very ashamed of myself. It took a while, but I put it behind me. I went back to concentrating on school and enjoying my after-school gatherings, and Debbie went back to being a really great step-mom, who needed help with various afternoon projects.

During one such gathering, I noticed Debbie didn’t need to ask anyone to help her any longer. In fact, they kept asking if she needed help and practically fighting over the opportunity to assist, always coming back very relaxed. My curiosity piqued and I went down the back hallway, to see what she was working on that demanded such eager participation. As I neared at the closed door to her office, I heard an odd sound and bent my ear to the door. I could make out a repeating “thup-thup” sound, followed by a breathy gasp, and Debbie’s muffled voice. I carefully opened the door, so as to make no sound and peeked in through a narrow crack. I could see Mike standing with his eyes closed, in the middle of the room, leaning back against Debbie’s office chair. I panned down to see a dirty-blonde head moving back and forth around the level of his waist. confused, I continued to watch. Just then, Mike grabbed the head of blonde hair, net forward, and jerked as if he was being electrocuted. Then he sagged and let go of the hair. That was when I saw the mass of blonde hair was my stepmom. Mike’s dick was sliding out of her mouth with a popping sound, and she was smiling up at him. The last thing I saw as I carefully closed the door, was Debbie wiping her lips and Mike pulling up his pants. I quickly raced out to the group and blended in, just in time to see Mike emerge from the hall.

As he sat down, he coolly told Jeff that Debbie needed his help and reached for a handful of chips from the bowl. Jeff smiled, got up, and disappeared. I noticed that when Jeff got back, Dave approached him. Said, “I’m going next.” they fist-bumped and Dave went down the hallway.

So, Debbie’s been sucking off all of my friends?!! How long had this been going on? Weren’t blowjobs the same as cheating? How come she’d never blown him? He’d sure like a turn, too! And why couldn’t she let him fuck her again, if she was blowing everybody anyway?

I began to think of the best way to confront her about this. Mersin Escort Bayan Should I burst in, catching her with a dick in her mouth? Should I wait until she finished everyone off and catch her outside the door? Should I wait until everyone has gone home? I wasn’t sure. I finally came up with the best way. I would wait for all the guys to have a turn, then I would show up as the “next guy” and get mine off, as well. (That one night we’d gotten drunk and fucked, she never once put her mouth on my cock, so I was eager to experience this, too!)

I watched the guys as they emerged from the back hall, noting if they tapped another guy. Soon enough, Billy came out and didn’t talk to anyone. I gave it a minute as I made a round-about way to the hall and noticed that no one was heading this direction. Now was my chance. I headed down the hall, catching my stepmom just as she was coming out of her office. She was startled to see me and asked if there was something I needed. I told her, “Yeah. Jeff said he thought he’d left his wallet in there when he was helping you earlier. I said I’d get it fo him,” and guided her back into the room.

“It may have gone under the desk. Could you check for me? I’ll look over here.” With a curious look on her face, she agreed and got down on her hands and knees to look. After a minute, she gave up the search and turned in my direction, only to bump her nose on my dick. She looked at it with crossed eyes, shocked, and started to protest. “Yeah. I found out you’ve been smoking pole back here for all my friends. And now you’re going to suck MY dick, too,” I said, placing my hands on the back of her head. I could tell she knew my next move but opened her mouth to protest anyway. I shoved my meat into her open mouth and as far down her throat as I could. She choked a bit, but I didn’t back off. I kept it in that warm cave half a while, before letting up. Then forcefully face-fucked her for a solid minute.

She pushed against my legs so that she could get far enough back to talk. “What are you doing? I never-.”

I didn’t’ let her finish. I still had hold of her by the head, fingers intertwined in her hair. “You wanted to suck dick, so I’m giving you more dick to suck.” I pulled her face back onto my hard-on and choked her with it again – just for a moment this time. “Giving me all that shit about not being a cheater. Making me feel like shit about that night we had sex.” I slid it most of the way out of her mouth, then slowly pushed it back in. “You’re not getting out of this,” I said, and after a few times of this, she got the message and started to comply, so that I could release the firm hold on her head. “You’re no innocent. You ARE a cheater. You cheated on my dad when you started sucking everybody off, you were a cheater when you seduced me, and you’re still a cheater.” By now, she’d resolved herself to the task and was really getting into it, just as she had with my friends. “Just admit it, Debbie. You’re a cheater. You like cheating. And you’ll always be a cheater.”

At that, she looked up at me, tears in her eyes, and stopped bobbing her head on my shaft. She closed her eyes briefly and nodded yes, my dick still in her mouth. I pulled my cock out of her face-hole and demanded, “No. I want to hear you say it. Convince me.”

“You’re right. I’ve been cheating on your dad. From the time i first met your dad, I never even thought of cheating. I don’t know what brought it on. But when I heard that your friends had turned 18, I just couldn’t get the thought out of my head. I decided to see if I could get them alone and give them a kiss or something – like a birthday gift now that they were men. The kiss I gave Mike went a bit far and we ended up making out. Then Jeff came back, and I decided that, if I’d made out with Mike, I could make out with Jeff. But I got all hot and when he pulled my hand onto Escort Mersin his erection, I just couldn’t help myself and blew him. After that, Mike wanted a blowie, too. Then it became a kind of regular thing, which got a bit out of control when other guys found out and wanted some head, too.”

It had all come out in a rush, followed my tears. At first, I started to feel sorry for her. But then I remembered it was all her fault. “Its okay, Debbie. We’ll work it out. Trust me,” I said. She smiled up at me and started to rise. Pushing her back down, I told her, “But right now, you need to finish sucking my dick.” With a hurt look, she resumed sucking and slobbering up and down my penis. Like the others, I came in her mouth and she swallowed like a champ, pulling her mouth off my dick with the same popping noise I’d heard before.

Once all of my friends had gone home, she stood in the kitchen and accused me of being rude and disgusting, saying it was over – all of it. She wouldn’t be giving any more BJs or cheating again, making it seems as if it were somehow all my fault. She said she was turning over a new leaf and vowed to be totally faithful to her husband from here on out.

“I understand,” I nodded. “You love my dad and you’re sorry for cheating. You just want to make things right and return to normalcy. I totally understand, Debbie. I do. heck, I would probably make the same decision, too.”

But I had the advantage, and I knew it. “But its too late for that.” I stepped towards her, as her eyes went wide in shock. “You can continue to blowing my friends. They’d probably raise hell, if you stopped, anyway.” I paused. “As for the rest of it,” letting it hang menacingly as I backed her against the, getting right in her face, “you know how my dad would react. He’s an attorney. He’d toss you out onto the street without a dime and make your life utterly miserable. You’d have nothing but the clothes on your back and nowhere to live.” After a beat, I added, “And you’d have to get a job!”

She gasped and started to cry again. “So, as long as you do as I say, I won’t tell him a thing. It’ll be our secret and I’ll even help you cover, if he ever gets suspicious about anything. I’m in this too.” She looked down, considering. “You can still be the loving, caring step-mom you’ve always been, reminding me to take out the trash and stuff – just like always. But when my dad’s not home, I’m in charge. Got it?”

She looked up at me and nodded in defeat. I left her to clean herself up before my dad got home, and we talked about it a bit more civilly the next day before school. She told me it might take some getting used to, but she was willing to try, and I assured her I wasn’t going to be any kind of tyrant or anything. I just wanted to have sex with her. And I confessed I kind of got a thrill knowing she’d been blowing so many guys 5 days a week. She laughed at that, and we went about getting dinner ready.

After this, things went back to normal. My friends would come over, taking turns giving her throat a protein poke-job, while the rest of us studied, talked, and played games. Once they left, most days she and I would play hide the sausage if dad was going to be late, otherwise she’d give me a quick blowie.

She loved it! Turns out she’d suppressed her nymphomania and was now always down for sex in any form. We talked a lot about sex and what girls/women were looking for and liked – it was quite an education. During the summer, I got to fuck her a LOT: in the jacuzzi, in the pool, on the patio, in the kitchen, etc., even though my friends still came over to “visit” almost every day. Now that she’d come to grips with it, she was up for anything at any time.

One day, she asked me if I’d ever heard of anal sex. I told her I had, but it seemed really gross. Debbie laughed and assured me it wouldn’t be as bad as I imagined. Turns out, it was my dad’s favorite thing, and she liked it up the butt just about as much as any other way. (Like I said, she was a nympho!)

I lived at home while attending the local college and didn’t move out until I was 24-25. My dad thinks I visit home so often, because its him I’m coming to see!

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