My Perfect Other Half Ch. 07

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Chapter 7: Destiny – A Goddess Realized

“Dear Goddess Destiny,” She grinned in delight when reading his introduction. “Now that’s more like it,” she thought. “Goddess Destiny. I like the sound of that.”

“I don’t want to ever lose you. I love you. I have always loved you. Although my actions have not always been above reproach, I hope you will consider these thoughts in answer to the question posed. I thought of answering your question by stating simply, I would do anything and everything, and in fact, I will. I love you that much.”

“When I think of a slave I think of a man whose job it is to please another – and in my situation – to please you. To really know what I should do as your slave, the bigger question might be, what do you want from me? I can’t answer that. What I wrote below is what I think you will want. What I’ve listed boils down to two categories: To take care of the things you own: house, car, etc and to take care of you.”

“I’ll start with the most important of the two first: you. I know you like to be pampered. I also know you like your space. But, I would guess I could do the following:

* keep your bedroom straightened and clean

*do your wash (and I guess dry and put stuff away)

*be there for you sexually

*feed you? I’m not the greatest cook

*clean up after you

Your things:

*keep your car clean and gassed

*keep your bike clean

*take care of the lawn ( I thought you had a lawn-care service already)

“I had lots of ideas but they boiled down to doing those things. I don’t know what else to say, I’ll do anything. It all depends on what you want. Doesn’t it?


Destiny sat back and stared at the email. It wasn’t what she had expected. She thought it would be long and wordy but instead, it was barely a few paragraphs and seemed fragmented. She hit reply and began her response.

“Be his goddess,” she said aloud. “This is my chance.”

“Dear Tyler or should I call you ‘slave’?”

Destiny deleted the salutation and began again.

“Dear slave of Goddess Destiny,

What you have written is a good start but it is by no means enough. If we are to mend what you have broken and if I am to ever be willing to trust, then here are my demands. You say you are willing to do anything to make things right. Here is your chance.”

She paused thinking about what she knew she had to say. What stopped her from continuing was how the information was about to be delivered. Sending him an email was the safe and detached way of conveying her wishes but it was by no means the most powerful. In her heart, she knew this. The alternative, the more direct method, was far scarier yet she knew she had to confront her fears. If she were to ever be his goddess then she had to start acting like one. Deleting the email she fired off a short text.

“Strip naked. Kneel before my chair in the living room. I want your head on the ground, hands folded above your head. I’ll be over soon. Don’t you dare disappoint me.”

Standing, she looked at herself in the full-length mirror and shook her head. “This isn’t going to do,” she said directly. Destiny never appeared anything other than absolutely stunning. However, dressed in jeans and a casual button-down top didn’t convey the power-trip she needed Tyler to be overwhelmed by. Fifteen minutes later she reevaluated her outward appearance. Dressed in a skimpy red silk dress and black heels, and adorned with expensive jewelry and expensive perfume she smiled. She was ready.

Ms. Destiny! Richard exclaimed. “You look….. ” He paused not sure if he should say more.

“Finish your thought,” came the words of his smiling wife.

“You look stunning!” He was smiling unashamedly.

“I was hoping for something more.”

“More, my dear? What more could you possibly be shooting for?”

“I was going for overwhelming. I want no resistance.”

“Are you going to see Tyler? Maria asked.

“It’s time.”

“Then, this,” she stated while alluding to her appearance, “is ideal. He will fall to pieces when seeing you.”

“Thank you, Maria. Let’s hope so. I’m going to do what you have always wanted. It’s time for him to give me his all.”

“For his sake, I can only hope he will. You will do just fine.”


An hour after sending her text she quietly walked in the back door. There was no way he’d hear her coming in that entrance. Destiny wanted to see him in the raw. She didn’t want to give him a chance to prepare or adjust. Part of her hoped he wouldn’t be where she had told him.

To her surprise, she found him exactly how she had specified. Standing in the doorway she watched, wondering just how long he had been kneeling. Grinning with a mischievously, Destiny admired his nakedness. There was something that appealed to her sense of dominance when seeing him prostrated in a position of worship. The wetness of her pussy reminded her how much she had convinced herself she wanted Escort Bayan to take every part of him.

For weeks, Maria had reminded her what her life could be like. She had spoken at length of all Tyler could offer and all he could do to make her life easier. Maria believed Destiny, like herself, had a right to live as she pleased as well as enjoy the man she owned to her liking.

Seeing Tyler kneeling in wait, reminded her of all she had said. Destiny ran her tongue over her lips. She wondered if she might, not only like but actually enjoy molding Tyler into the perfect slave.

The idea of owning a man sounded too good to be true and yet she had seen how Maria’s lived. She lived as a diva with Richard at her beck and call. And now, here she was, at the threshold of a new beginning. The thought of it made her giddy with excitement but fraught with fear. She needed to do this right. She needed to make him feel powerless. She needed to assume the role of an unyielding, uncompromising bitch. Bitch was a word about which she didn’t identify but was the only one that came to mind. She couldn’t back away from what she wanted. She had to stand firm.

Now that she saw him so naked, so beautiful, and so vulnerable she couldn’t help but allow her hand to slide up her thigh and under her short dress. Coming to rest against her panty. She pressed against her wetness. She stood gathering her strength and quietly entered.

Destiny moved behind him. Heavy testicles hung deliciously between his legs. Although Tyler had been intimidated by, what he believed to be Jamar’s cock, Destiny had always found Tyler’s cock and balls to be one of his most prized assets. His cock was more than adequate, It was perfect. She not only loved his size but also the prolific volume he produced when ejaculating.

Her only dislike had to do with when he spilled it. She would no longer be tolerating him dumping it haphazardly into her pussy. After what he had done, allowing him to put his cock inside, wasn’t even a consideration.

Looking down at him now, his balls all but masked the cage that incarcerated his cock. They dangled loosely while his penis remained captive and was forced to remain the size of a prepubescent boy. It was a look she hadn’t seen before but one she found appealing. In fact, there was an allure knowing he couldn’t get to it. She smiled in appreciation at another of Maria’s wise suggestions.

“Don’t move,” she said startling her slave. Destiny placed one hand firmly on his back and reached between his legs. She squeezed his balls. Tyler flinched but remained reverently bowed.

“I like that you did what I asked.” Pulling him back by the hair, he knelt upright. “You can sit on your heels now. I want to talk to you.”

Taking her seat in front of him, she stared for many seconds at the man who she hoped would become her slave. Destiny found it interesting Tyler seemed to not want to maintain eye contact. In the past, he would have never looked away. Especially because of how she knew he felt at seeing her dressed as she was. Normally, his eyes would be feasting on every sumptuous curve of her body. In its stead was a look of humility – even shyness. Destiny liked that he was feeling out of his element. She liked it a lot. Even more intriguing was his silence. It was as if he was afraid to speak.

“I’m liking the new you already. Obedient, vulnerable and feeling awkwardly shy in the presence of your goddess. How nice it is to see you this way.”

Tyler nodded his affirmation.

“Take off my heels and kiss my feet, slave.” She waited impatiently for him to obey. The second his lips touched her skin, Destiny all but melted. There he was, with his face pressed to her feet, worshipping them just like an Egyptian slave might worship his Queen. “Wow!” she considered. She let him pay homage for only a few seconds before pulling her foot away.

Tyler looked at her puzzled. “When I give you an order, you will not hesitate. From now on, you are to do what you are told.” Destiny once again extended one foot. “Suck on my toes, slave.”

Tyler couldn’t believe the abrupt change in her personality. It was as if she had become a completely different woman than the one he had come to love. But there was no denying he loved seeing this side of her personality. Her confidence aroused him. His cock felt like it was going to bust the welds of his cage. He was so hard. Sucking on each toe and then running his tongue in and around each one individually, Tyler worshipped her foot for what must have been ten minutes. Destiny pulled her toes out of his mouth.

“Good slave. I enjoyed seeing you obey me.” Tyler looked up wide-eyed. “That’s right, Tyler. Your obedience. Stop kissing my feet. I need to address your email.”

“Yes ma’am,” he answered. He felt small; almost like a child.

“I thought about sending you an email in response but then thought better of it. I wanted you to hear what I have to say directly rather than sending you my response Bayan Escort and misinterpreting what I have to say.” She leaned forward. She felt alive. She felt as beautiful as she knew Tyler perceived her to be.

“Tyler, remember, I’m making no promises. I want us to work. I hope we will. That will be up to you. What you need to realize that as of today, your life with me will never be like it was before. Consider yourself owned. I’m taking control of every aspect of your life. I’ll be taking you to the bank later to close all your accounts. Whatever funds you have will be deposited into my account. You won’t have access to my account.

When we are out, you will be taking your car to the dealer. Whatever they offer is what I’ll take. Since you aren’t working, you do not need a car. Your place from now on is in my home.

I”m not sure what I want to do with the PT clinic. I may keep it. I may sell it. I’m not going to decide what to do with it now. But as for you, I’ll take care of you. I promise you I will. I will provide for you as I see fit. You will not go hungry and I’ll make sure your essential needs are met.

As I see it, your purpose in life will be to keep me happy. I intend to enjoy all you will be doing for me. To make sure you understand what I expect, I will be teaching you how to behave and what it is I expect.”

“So let me lay this out as simply as I can. Whenever I am not away on business you will be feeding me. You will also be caring for my house, my yard, my car and whatever else I deem important. When I am home, your focus will be on me unless I tell you otherwise. How that plays itself out I am not quite sure but I will make my wishes known and I expect you to learn my ways so I don’t have to unnecessarily remind you.”

“From now on, whenever I travel, you will be coming with me. I have never enjoyed being alone. I want your company. That is, if we ever get that far in our relationship,” she said parenthetically. “But when you come, that won’t mean you will be free to do what you want. You’ll have work to do. As long as I own my PT clinic, you will manage it. I expect you to do a stellar job, even though your time will be limited. That clinic will reflect me and I expect it to be a positive reflection.

“Sexually, You will serve me as my pleasure slave. For as much as I love you, I will never consider you my equal. It’s why I am having you do all of the aforementioned tasks. You’re the one who will be scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets. Not me. You’re the one who will be serving me while your penis is locked. Sex is going to be all about me, Tyler.”

She watched him swallow hard. “I intend to enjoy your body. If I want to touch you, I will. If I want you to service me, you will – and you will do so willingly. I don’t see myself wanting to use your cock during the day. That’s why I want you locked. Sex isn’t going to be about you getting off on me. It’s going to be about me. It’s going to be about you satisfying me from now on. You lost the chance when you stuck your dick inside that whore’s mouth.”

Destiny let that realization linger in his thoughts before going on. He needed to be reminded there were consequences for his actions and she had, by no means, forgotten about Rachel.

“Go make me dinner, slave. And put your clothes in the hamper. You won’t be needing them. Come and get me when dinner is ready. You may go.”

Tyler stood, dipped his head awkwardly and left to do her bidding.


That evening, after making, serving and cleaning up dinner, he was permitted to enjoy a bowl of cereal. It almost physically hurt Destiny to deprive him of the sea bass meal he had made for her. Both his food selection and preparation had been commendable and more refined than he had led her on to believe – at least after serving one meal. Time would tell just how much practice he would need to truly live up to her culinary expectations.

While reclining in her favorite chair and with her slave seated on the carpet beneath, she relaxed and watched the tail-end of the evening news. One of their favorite shows was about to televise and she waited impatiently for it to begin.

“Slave, you may massage my feet now.” Destiny smiled and waited while he turned to face her.

“Yes, ma’am.”

She could see the disappointment in his eyes but to his credit, he did as he was told. “You can switch feet after every commercial break,” she said indifferently. “Keep your massaging to my feet and lower legs. Yes, just like that. Mmmm, that feels so good.”

Indeed his attention did feel nice. It also felt nice to once more be back in her own home. Yet life was far from how she wished it to be. At times she looked at Tyler and wanted nothing more than to lay naked with him and make love. Then again, the memory of Rachel would sometimes return and spoil her mood.

Tyler lowered one leg to the ground and lifted the other. Massaging and milking the firm mass of tissue beneath his thumb Escort he worked the tension out of her foot. Although there were times he was tempted to turn and see what had just transpired on the show Dez watched, he felt a deep appreciation to be right where he was. Although the cage still clung to his genitals and though he remained naked, he felt as if he were on an erotic-high simply because she had come back home. The ‘things are going to be different now’ talk still loomed large in his thoughts but she had revealed enough to ease the tension as to what his life might be like going forward.

During the weeks she was gone and especially after hearing what Maria had to say at Daniels, Tyler realized Dez would most likely be making changes to mimic her good friend’s lifestyle. The presence of the chastity appliance and the phallus all but confirmed and sealed his fate.

Yet, the thought of keeping her house tidied, and the yard in order, instead of working a sixty-hour week at the clinic, wasn’t that bad of an alternative. Added was her invitation to travel when she traveled. He relished the thought of being by her side while venturing to various parts of the country. He didn’t enjoy being estranged any more than she did and Destiny sometimes could be gone for up to a week. Now he could be with her and together they could enjoy frequenting restaurants, parks, and museums in Philly, Boston, San Antonio or wherever business took her.

Peeking up, he dared look at his new goddess. She seemed as breathtaking as ever, her skin was smooth and supple, her muscles lean and taut, and her attitude frighteningly enticing. It had been this new Destiny, this uncompromising Destiny, the entitled woman, who made his cock now ache with desire inside the barred confines of his cock-cage.

During the second hour of the show, Destiny made her slave worship her feet with his mouth. His lips endeared themselves to every inch of exposed skin. Indeed he had responded to her demands just as Maria had assured he would. The manner, the eagerness even, with which he obeyed her every word, strengthened her resolve to press on. Clicking the remote she powered down the flat screen.

“Time for bed. Come upstairs after you’ve cleaned everything down here.”

Standing, she left him kneeling in the spot he’d spent the past few hours. She walked off without even turning to look down at his humble position. Tyler timidly entered her room wondering how this part of their relationship was going to play out. So far, she had not shown him much affection. Her only compliments had to do with his service, although she revealed her intention to make their relationship work. To his astonishment, he found Dez already in bed. Coming to the footboard, he stopped.

“Are you….”

Destiny interrupted him before he could ask whatever it was that was on his mind. “Go brush your teeth and join me.”

With a heart pounding in anticipation, he headed to the bathroom and returned in record time. Destiny pulled the sheet back. “Get in.”

Tyler’s cock strained for the zillionth time. It felt so good to once again be excited about the possibilities. She was indeed his aphrodisiac. Except for the light of a clock on the nightstand, the room was black. Even so, he couldn’t help but appreciate her beauty in the soft blue light.

They talked quietly for a few minutes. The conversation remained neutral and somewhat awkward. It was difficult for him to converse after spending the day in fear of saying anything that might make her angry. He felt small and at odds with her. Ever since the incident, he had an unrelenting awareness of having lost control over ‘anything’ Destiny. There was no doubting he held no clout. Everything about ‘them’ felt strange and different.

“Do you want me to take off your cage?”

Begging, he pleaded, “Oh, Dez, would you?”

“I’m your goddess. I am your mistress. I am no longer you Dez or Destiny!” She snapped. “Now ask me properly.”

“Would you please unlock my cage, My Goddess?”

She pointed. “There’s some lubricant on the nightstand. Get it for me and lay down.” Slipping the necklace with the treasured key from around her neck, she held it in her hand. Before releasing him, she straddled her slave’s thighs. “How long has it been, my slave?” She asked smiling.

“Too long,” he answered somberly.

“Then, I’m sure this will feel good.”

She pulled the tube holding his member free. His cock grew to an impressive length almost as quickly as the cock-sleeve moved away from the retainer ring. Dez smiled when hearing him groan with relief. Squirting a dollop of lube on her palm, she silently lubricated his shaft. Tyler groaned again.

“Feel nice?” She asked after having stroked him for a few minutes.

“It feels incredible. That ring is still tight though. Can you take it off?”

“The ring stays on. Just enjoy this. It’s my treat.”

“I will.”

Their evening had taken an unexpected turn. Tyler had presumed he’d be sleeping in another room for the next several months. Why she suddenly acted so normal, he couldn’t figure. And besides, she hardly ever took time to do something like this. Blow jobs, yeah, but she only went down on him when she was in the heat of passion.

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