My Renaissance Ch. 08

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Chapter 8: Gym girl Sharon.

There’s this cute girl at the gym where I work out named Sharon that has been very friendly in a flirtatious manner for months now. She’s a tiny 5′ 4″ brunette with a pixie haircut, cute face and a sense of humor similar to mine. She can’t weigh more than ninety pounds, if that. Her boobs are small, almost certainly A-cups, but I like little boobs, so that’s not a downside for me.

I think she noticed me from the first time she worked out when I was there and introduced herself on that first day. “Hi, I’m Sharon. What’s your name?”

At first, I thought she was running for office or something, but soon discovered she was just being friendly. Over the next week or so, I picked up on her growing flirtatiousness, subtle at first but more pronounced as time wore on.

I observed her wedding ring right out of the gate when we first introduced ourselves, so I didn’t chase her, but I still flirted back a bit. Flirting is fun, especially when you’re flirting back at someone. I certainly wasn’t lusting after a married woman who has the body of a young, pubescent teenager.

Now, this isn’t a Gold’s Gym kind of place where the hard-core body builders spend hours toiling over their physique – and the body-builder groupie girls participate in Peyton Place drama throwing themselves at the muscle-heads. This place I’m at is actually owned by the village and is tame as far as public participation and users. The average age of members is probably forty-something and 98% of them aren’t body builders by a long shot.

It’s good to reliably see at least one younger, non-overweight female who is nice enough to look at when I go in there to workout. And while most folks there are casual about fitness, Sharon is very serious about her workouts, maintaining her hardbody, just as I am.

I really do wish there were more attractive ladies there, of course, but there aren’t. The upside to fewer people is no wait for the machines. The bad news? It is certainly not a place you go prospecting for a date or to watch attractive people.

Anyway, Sharon is often there in the early evening after I get off work along with usually about a dozen other folks, mostly in their late-thirties to seventies usually working out like lemmings – or like zombies in some cases. Every time I walk in and see their defibrillator there on the wall I think that was the best purchase they made before they opened the place, given how old and feeble some of the clientele is.

Early on, before I knew her well, I would follow her when running, idly doing more stretches than I need until she comes around to where I’m at on the track and then I’ll start running. If she’s on the elliptical machines first, I’ll pick one behind her and watch her ass while I’m doing my workout. It’s a good deal more entertaining than television and makes my time spent go much more quickly. I’ve also noticed that if I’m in the cardio room first, she’ll pick a machine behind me.

One day, as we were both cooling off after a run where I was following her, watching her ass to pass the time, we got to talking.

“I noticed that you like to run behind me a lot,” Sharon commented, giving me a sideways glance and looking me up and down. “Is that because you forgot to wear deodorant those days or because you like mine?”

I laughed while she held her grin. She shared my sense of humor apparently.

“Honestly, my workouts go more quickly that way.”

“And how’s that?” I think she knew the answer to that question and was just testing me.

“Time goes faster when you have a pretty girl to look at.”

“And I thought you were staring at my ass.”

“What’s wrong with your ass?” I looked back at her butt. “Is there something on it?” That got her to laugh.

“Thank you. I like yours too.”

“I’ve got something on my ass?”

We both laughed again.

Our friendship continued to grow.

I enjoyed her most when she was lifting live weights. She’ll always ask me to spot for her, even though she’s only got a couple of five pounders on either side of the bar. Being the gentleman, I’ll help her out, admiring her form while she’s lying on the bench doing her reps. She wears these tight little running shorts and her mound and cameltoe are both readily visible as she’s laying on the weight bench with her knees spread apart. I have to struggle to keep from getting an erection at times while my crotch is right behind her head.

Over time, we talked about our personal lives with one another in addition to current events or culture. She told me that she was married and has a four-year-old daughter at home. Her interest in me seemed to surge when I told her I was single and recently went through an amicable divorce.

Last week, when we were cooling down after running together, I asked her why she’s so flirtatious with me.

“I like you and think you’re funny,” she said, smiling at me.

“Aren’t you married, though?”

“We have an open marriage.”

“Huh?” I was surprised Kurtköy Escort at her answer, to say the least.

“No, we aren’t promiscuous. Every once in a blue moon, my husband will indulge me and I’ll do the same for him.”

“I see.” I was still a little surprised. “Thanks for your candor. I like that.”

The very next night, Sharon was running with me. While we were cooling down after two miles, she asks me out to dinner. It wasn’t so much that she asked, but how she asked which caught me off guard.

“Joe, I like you and want to take you out to dinner. Which night next week would be good for you?” she asked.

I was a little stunned. She must be in sales with a close like that!

I looked at her again while formulating a response. “As long as your husband knows, I’d be honored and delighted to take you out to dinner, Sharon. How about Monday? It’ll have to be a little later than conventional dinner hour though. Maybe 8pm.” That would give me over an hour to get home after the gym, shower and get cleaned up.

“Eight on Monday sounds great! And yes, he knows,” she said with a smile. Then she gave me hug and a peck on the cheek.

“Hell,” I thought, “we haven’t even gone out yet and I’ve already gotten a kiss. How cool is that?”

I gave her another of my business cards after we had showered and wrote my home address on the back of this one, along with my cell in the very unlikely event she lost it the first time I gave it to her. She gave me a card with her name, phone and address on it, along with a big hug and another quick kiss, this time on the lips.

She came over to my house Monday night and we left to catch a steak at one of the nicer steakhouses in town. It was getting kind of late, so I didn’t order a monster steak. We both got 8oz. ribeyes with baked potatoes.

Somehow, I’m not surprised neither of us finished our steak or our potato. I suspect Sharon was watching her girlish figure and in my case, I didn’t want the heartburn later.

I took her back to my place, where she was parked. I played dumb and gave her a hug and a goodnight kiss after telling her I had a great time. I almost felt like the girl’s role after a date in junior high school. Sharon wasn’t having any of that though.

“Do you honestly think all you’re going to get is a kiss tonight?” she said with a wicked smile and a grope of my package.

“Sounds like there’s some luck in my future,” I replied, leaning down a bit and getting a handful of her entire butt cheek and a kiss.

She pressed herself against me and pulled herself as close as she could get. “I’ll say.”

We went inside and I showed her around, starting on the ground floor. She practically wouldn’t let go of my hand as we walked. Brian and Rachel were in the hot tub – probably without any swimwear – and they waved at Sharon and I when we poked our heads into the Florida room. I was kind of glad Sharon didn’t want to go over to the tub.

Downstairs, she loved the stripper pole. She had me turn on the radio then did a little dance on it while I made her a screwdriver. Given her skill level, I had the impression that she might have been a dancer at some point in her life. She walked up and rode that pole like it was an old bicycle and danced very smoothly and provocatively on it. There was no hesitation or clumsiness that you see from most girls horsing around a pole for the first time.

One thing led to another and we were making out on the couch down there in the basement.

Now, right off, Sharon was a very good kisser and physically, she was about the smallest girl I’ve ever been with since my earliest dating days in school. Her hips were only about 28″ or maybe 30″ around at the most, if I had to guess. She probably weighed about 90 pounds, and picking her up while hugging her was almost effortless. This girl was tiny, but I was finding out about her voraciousness when it came to passion.

We continued to make out. I spent plenty of time grabbing her ass and it was nice and firm. Her legs were toned. She liked it when my hand grazed her between her legs. Her boobs were very small but I like little boobs so that wasn’t really an issue. She liked my ass and cupped my nutsack and played with my cock through my jeans.

“Is that a club in your pocket or are you glad to see me?” she teased me.

Shortly after the club comment, Sharon had me stand up. She took my belt off and surprised me when she doesn’t immediately go for my package, which was more like a tent by now.

Instead, she teased me. She even walked behind me and caressed my chest and abs with her hands, purring softly, before returning to a kneeling position in front of me to finish what she started.

She unfastened my pants as she looked up into my eyes as they fell to the floor with a “plop”. Then she lowered my boxers, slowly and deliberately, looking at my “club”.

“Ooh! Now there’s a pleasant surprise!” she said happily when she first saw my cock spring forth. “Wow. You are really Maltepe Escort packin’, aren’t you Joe?”

“Thanks,” I said, smiling. “I guess.”

My cock is rock hard and I’m imagining that I’m going to break this poor girl in half when I stick it between her legs. “How can my cock possibly fit inside her?” I thought.

Finally, after practically making me beg for it, she began sucking my cock. She was very good at giving head and I couldn’t help but moan in approval. I felt myself in the early stages of an orgasm three or four times when she would put her thumb and forefinger at the base of my cock to stop it. Her skills at reading my body language were absolutely uncanny, to say the least.

“Damn, girl. You sure are good at that,” I told her.

She looked up at me. “I’m thrilled you like it. Don’t you dare come without fucking me first, alright?”

She went back to work, this time showing me her deep-throat technique. I swear my iron-pipe, almost seven-inch cock was halfway down her throat as she touched her nose against my pubic bone and her chin against my balls. She was pretty good – scary good. She had me ready to unload at least twice more and again stopped the urge to come. I had never had a girl this skilled at fellatio and reading body language before.

The last time I was about to climax, Sharon stopped it and stood up. I helped her off with her shirt and took in the white, lacy, Victoria’s Secret bra and I noticed the top of a big tattoo on her tummy. It started a couple of inches below her sternum that covered her entire belly. It featured a colorful painting of cherubs and butterflies. She had kept it well concealed at the gym.

“Wow, that’s quite some ink!” I said.

“Well, thanks,” she replied. “It hides my stretch marks.”

I’m not big on tattoos, especially huge murals like this one, but I went with the flow. “It’s the woman and what’s inside, not how perfect her body is,” I thought.

I discovered another tattoo on her right shoulder blade when she turned her back to me and I was kissing her neck and playing with her bra-covered tits while pressing up against her ass. This one was a crescent moon and a naked nymph with her daughter’s name “Alina” written on it.

I unhooked her bra and eased it off, eager to get at her tits, as I am a boob fan. I reached around and found some soft, almost limp A-cup breasts. She moaned as I played with them. They were apparently quite sensitive. I turned her around and laid her back on the couch. I enjoyed playing with her nipples, licking and flicking them with my tongue and fingers.

She certainly was eager to take her pants off, unfastening them and pushing them down while I was sucking on her tits. I noticed her mural tattoo went down below the top of her lacey white panties. Not being one for shyness, I reached down and slid my fingers under her panties and began teasing her clitoris with indirect stimulation. Sharon moaned with pleasure as I teased her and pushed my hand down further until my fingertips were down well past her asshole.

“Finger me,” she ordered.

I inserted my middle finger inside her pussy, first a little bit, then all the way, causing her to gasp then moan with pleasure. She pressed down on my hand, with her hand over her panties and rubbed it back and forth. I was still sucking on her tit as I rubbed her clitoris with the top of my palm while I fingered her pussy. I reached back with my middle finger inside her to stimulate her g-spot. She moaned and squirmed her hips against my hand, getting maximum penetration of my fingers. After a few minutes she tensed up and groaned loudly. I was pretty sure she had climaxed.

When it was over, she pulled those panties down and off.

Her tattoo ended right at the top of her mound.

I moved around to between her legs and went down on her, first kissing her tummy and thighs, eliciting moans of pleasure and anticipation. I then headed for the honeypot between her legs. After making her wait while I caressed her inner thighs and teased her until she began to squirm her hips. I finally began licking around her clitoris and fingering her pussy.

“Oh yes!” she said softly. “That feels so good!”

I licked that pussy and worked on it for nearly fifteen minutes before I was confident she climaxed. She was breathing hard and pitching her hips around for quite a while, but she was also pretty quiet as I ate her, only moaning and whimpering softly so that’s what kind of had me wondering how well I was doing for her.

“So, did my work down here finally get you off?” I asked her.

“You’ve got me off several times, Joe. That last one was pretty awesome though!”

“Good! Now roll over!” I helped her roll over and put my hands on her ass.

Her entire ass, before she bent over, was only a couple inches wider than the length of my hand. I put my erection between her butt cheeks and stroked a few times.

“Are you ready to fuck me now?” she asked.

I let my cock do my talking Tuzla Escort and put the head right at the entrance to her pussy and began to push it in.

She recoiled off it.

“Oh god!” she moaned. “That feels so good, but do you have a condom? I’ve got some in my purse if you don’t have one.”

I pulled away and retrieved one from the back of the drawer in the end table and let her have the fun of putting it on. She then turned around and got on all fours on the couch. She shook her ass while looking over her shoulder at me smiling.

“I’m ready now, big boy!”

Her vulva looked so good between her legs that I went down on her to get a closer look again. I licked her slit for a bit longer then rimmed her asshole before pushing my index finger through her rosebud.

“Oooh!” she cooed, smiling at me. “I like that.”

I brought my cock up and pushed through her wet, glistening lips and into her vagina. She wasn’t as insanely tight as I expected given her small physical size.

“Oh, that’s nice!” she said as I finally got almost balls deep.

“Oh, yes. It sure is!” Damn, she felt good.

Sharon was certainly more animated now with excited groans as I was tagging her from behind, giving her lots of pleasure. It was kind of sexy seeing her pussy lips stretched tightly around my shaft. My cock looked like a fucking telephone pole next to her tiny hips and pussy.

I was going to town on her and she loved every minute of it, working her way to another climax, slowly but surely. I put my thumb in her asshole a bit to help her along and I think that did it for her.

“Oooh! Do me, Joe!”

I did her well all right.

“Oh yes!” she cried out. “Oh yeah! I’m coming!” Her body spasmed as waves of pleasure cascaded throughout her body. I felt her sphincter contract as she had her orgasm, and while I paused to savor that interesting feeling, I soon resumed thrusting from behind.

She leaned forward off my cock after the delirium from her climax faded and rolled over. She reached up and pulled my cock towards her anxiously awaiting pussy.

“You’re a very good lover,” she said to me with a cute grin on her face. “Just like I hoped you would be.”

“Well, thank you. You’re pretty awesome yourself!” Actually, I was feeling a little intimidated by how skilled she was. I almost felt out of my league.

I placed my dick and pushed forward, sliding inside Sharon’s sweet, little pussy. “Damn,” I thought. “This feels good!”

“Oh! Fuck my tiny little pussy Joe. Fuck me hard!” she shouted.

I drilled her for a few minutes. She had wrapped her hands and legs around me as best she could and pulled me tight as I thrust deep inside her pussy, grunting loudly as I fucked her hard.

“Yeah, don’t stop. I’m going to come again!” she said, obviously concentrating on having another orgasm. Pretty soon she got off again.

She took my almost my entire length without any apparent discomfort, her ankles bouncing in the air as I fucked her tiny little body. I was trying to take it easy on her as I didn’t want to bottom out inside her vagina and hurt her, but she kept imploring me to keep going.

When I was slapping my pelvis against hers, hitting her hard and deep, she told me to fuck her harder, her voice strained as she was near yet another release.

She soon came, her fingernails digging across my back and she was practically yelling “ooooh!” in my ear. It was uncomfortable, but I didn’t protest. I just kept humping her and when the moaning subsided, I paused and looked her in the eyes. She was flushed and very happy. “I want to watch as you ride me.”

“My pleasure!” She made room for me to roll over and got up on top of me, very confident in her sexy appearance, small boobs and all.

She eased herself down my pole and her tight pussy made sloppy sounds as my cock invaded her very well-lubricated vagina.

“Gosh, Sharon, you’re a magnificent lover. What’s that saying about good things come in small packages?”

She paused her riding, and smiled as she looked down at me. She caught me looking up from her naked boobies limply bouncing as she rode me. She brought her hands up to her tits and rubbed them and pushed them together then took her hands away. “Thank you, Joseph. That means a lot to me. You’re pretty darn good yourself.”

She resumed riding me like a champ while I admired her tiny body. Looking down, I noticed her pussy was again all stretched out taking my cock. I looked back up and noticed she had her eyes closed soaking up pleasure from the sexual intercourse with me. She clearly was enjoying herself while I was admiring her sexy female shape. I felt myself getting closer.

Soon, my moaning and breathing gave away that I was nearing my ejaculation. Sharon opened her eyes and smiled at me just as I felt the surge of my orgasm and I grunted that I was coming.

She hopped off and pulled off my condom and jacked my cock. The first squirt was right there as she opened her mouth above my dick. It blasted her from her chin to her hairline, much of it bouncing off and landing back on me and on Sharon’s forearms and hands. She put her mouth on my cock and tried to take the rest like a champ. I bucked while she jacked my squirts out into her mouth.

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