My Sexual Story Ch. 01

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This is a true story; only the names have been changed to protect everyone’s privacy. I am in my late 30’s, of slight build almost girlish type body with an 8.5-inch cock between my legs and it is almost as thick as my wrist. I am writing this as I recently confessed to my wife of my sexual activities but as she is not all that open-minded does not want to talk about them and I feel the need to tell my story. I do not consider myself as gay although I have gay friends and have had man to man sex, I can not handle cuddling or kissing another guy like I would with a woman and do not get by how sexy a man may look like I do in regards to a woman. When it comes to selecting men to have sex with, I choose on personality so I can feel comfortable with them but I also like them to be circumcised as uncircumcised is an immediate turn off for me.

The rest of their looks aren’t that important as long as they are clean. With regards to women I prefer them to have a nice tight body with big firm breasts especially surgically enhanced ones and love long hair on women and love them in sexy lingerie and stilettos. I prefer my sexual partners to have no pubic hair or maybe just a little bit above their sexual organs.

My first sexual experience happened in my teens when I was seduced by my supervisor at the tackle shop I was working at. He was in üsküdar escort his early forties and took my anal cherry at work after closing time, he never did any foreplay like oral sex but he did play with my little boy cock and using butter he lubricated my anus with his fingers before pushing his cock in to me and fucking me till he was ready and then pull his cock out of my ass and cum on my back or stomach. One time he took me fishing in a quiet secluded spot and pulled out women’s pantyhose and g-string, he told me to take my clothes off and put theses on. I stripped and put on the little lacy g-string on which caused my cock to grow instantly and then I put on the skin toned pantyhose and by the time I had finished I was leaking a lot of pre-cum from my little cock. I immediately felt like a little slut dressed in women’s underwear and knowing that he was going to fuck me really made me feel like a female. After that day every time he fucked me he would make me wear the g-string and pantyhose and made me act like a slut, which did turn me on a lot. This lasted for about 6 months then he retired and sold his shop and I never saw him again.

A few months later I met another guy at the local nudist beach also in his forties and he gave me my first head job and in turn also taught yenibosna escort me to suck cock. I told him about the guy who took my ass cherry and how this guy made me dress up in women’s underwear, which intrigued him so he invited me back to his place, I agreed and we left the beach and in his car drove back to his place stopping on the way at an adult shop to buy a g-string and stockings and suspender belt. When we were in side he got me to put on the lingerie and parade for him and again I felt like a sexy little slut dressed in black stockings and black lace suspender belt and matching black lace g-string and found that I felt sexier in the stockings than I did in the pantyhose. As I paraded around for him I was so aroused that I was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum and when he touched my achingly hard cock I ejaculated and came all over his hand. We then sucked each other’s cocks and then he took me anally. This “friendship” only lasted a few weeks and then he moved away. Inside I must admit I was feeling a little confused as the only sex I had was with men but I still masturbated of pictures of women. I got my first girlfriend when I was 25 years old and she was my first female lover, but up till then I was still having sexual encounters with men. This relationship zeytinburnu escort only lasted a few weeks, as she could not give me the love I longed for even though she was dynamite in bed. A year later I got another girlfriend who left me in only a couple of weeks and did not give me any sex in that time, all she did was tease, then I found a new girlfriend and boy did she have big tits and liked to show them off and she always had me in a state of arousal.

After a couple of years of being together, she told me she was still giving head jobs to her ex, who was a stripper and to my surprise instead of getting angry I found myself getting very turned on thinking she was a slut and encouraged her to go out more without me and suck & fuck anyone she wanted just as long as she told me all about it when she came home. The next night that she went out and I stayed home, all I could think about was some guy enjoying my girlfriend as she sexually pleased him and masturbated in anticipation awaiting her return. At about 2 am I heard a taxi pull up outside I jumped off the bed and ran to the bedroom window and saw her getting out of the cab, I waited for her in our bed and she came in and she was drunk and smiling and I probed her about her evening as she stripped naked to join me in bed. As she got in beside me she told me about how she sucked off her ex in the car park after he did his strip show and as she told me about it she grabbed my cock and remarked on how hard it was, we then had explosive sex. This continued for a while then one night she got picked up by some African American sailors and got gangbanged by them and when she told me about it in great detail we had the best sex we have ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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