My Son’s Naked Cam Show, Ch. 05

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My Son’s Naked Cam Show, Ch. 05

Reread, Reviewed, Revised, and Rewritten:

Continued from Chapter 04:

Already making a modest living from his neighborhood, naked, cam show, and with memberships increasing every day, Joe quit his job at a fast-food joint to focus on his cam show. Now, with his show doing better than he had ever expected it would, he was able to pay his bills from what he earned from his cam show. With the extra income generated from his naked, cam show, he even started paying down his mortgage. Having no idea what he really did for work, not a clue, his mother and his grandmother both believed his lies about him quitting his fast-food job to do an online administration job.

Susan Jill Parker, Joe’s mom, worked in a bar as a bartender. Following horny men’s eyes when they lustfully stared at her and undressed her with their eyes, she quickly discovered that her tips were directly connected to the plunging neckline of her low-cut blouses, tits for tips. The lower cut her blouses were, and the more of her breasts and cleavage that she showed, the more and bigger tips she earned. Unashamed and unembarrassed, she didn’t mind showing her naked breasts, especially for money. With her an exhibitionist whore, she loved showing her topless and/or naked body.

Whenever a man undressed with his eyes and continued staring at her as if she was topless and/or naked, sexually arousing her, her nipples erected and hardened enough to show through her bra and blouse. If it wasn’t enough that she had big tits, she had big nipples, too. As proud of her big nipples as proud of her big tits, she loved sexually teasing men by showing them flashes of her naked breasts. If what she showed of her naked breasts didn’t attract their attention, what she showed of her big nipples did.

Just by showing them glimpses of what lay hidden beneath her blouse and her bra, men are so easy to sexually tease. Whenever she leaned across the bar to talk to someone, deliberately exposing herself to them, she pretended that she was unaware that the top of her blouse had fallen forward and open with her. Acting like the victim and treating men as the perverts that they are, she had men apologizing before leaving her a twenty-dollar tip. She pretended that she was unaware that her naked breasts and erect nipples were totally exposed.

“Oh, my God. I’m so embarrassed,” she’d say acting totally shocked. “Please don’t look at my naked breasts. I had no idea my top fell wide open,” she said quickly grabbing and closing her blouse.

Flashing them the perfect down blouse views of the tops of her big breasts, her low-cut bra, and her long, sexy line of cleavage, and her erect nipples, her tips exponentially rose with how much she showed of her tits. With her playing her game of peek-a-boo, the men had no idea that she was sexually teasing them. As if they had never seen naked breasts before, it sexually aroused her in the way that they stared at her. Flashing men her naked breasts all of her life, she had no idea how many A’s she received from her professors and how many raises she got from her bosses.

Encouraged and coerced by her mother, she tried stripping at a strip club but dancing around a pole to music while slowly and seductively stripping off her clothes and stripping herself topless before stripping herself naked for tips wasn’t for her. Feeling as if she was prostituting herself, she didn’t like pandering to men for tips while they gawked at her as if she was their personal whore. It was different flashing her tits at the bar than it was showing her topless and/or naked body at a strip club.

Instead of flashing everyone everything en masse, she felt that she had more control flashing at a bar than stripping topless and/or naked at a strip club. With her standing behind a bar instead of standing on stage, it was up to her who she flashed and how much she flashed. Pressured to have sex with every employee of the strip club for them to put her on stage, she hated that part of stripping. It wasn’t enough that she made the club money by stripping herself topless and/or naked, yet, the men who worked at the club expected to have sex with her, too.

“Fuck that shit. Being a stripper doesn’t make me a whore. I’d rather pick and chose who I suck and fuck than to have sex with every employee at the club and every customer who walks through the door. It’s my body and my choice,” she said when quitting her job as a stripper.

Then, when the strip club where she worked burnt down, as if a sign from God, that reinforced her decision to stop stripping. With her always wanting to work from home anyway, tired of having to commute to work, her son’s naked cam show was the perfect opportunity for her to work from home while showing her naked body and masturbating herself on camera. Besides stripping and masturbating herself on camera from home was much more impersonal than stripping herself naked and/or masturbating herself in person and in front of a crowd of horny and cheering men throwing Girne Escort dollars at her feet.

“Take it off. Take it all off. Show us your tits. We want to see your tits. We want to see your naked ass and your naked pussy,” ordered the crowd of horny men eager for Susan to strip herself naked.

Then, once in the VIP room, much like her mother, she was paid to suck and fuck men, men that she’d never suck and/or fuck if given the choice. The lowest point of her life, she hated stripping. She hated having forced sex with men. Finally understanding what life was like for her mother, she hated degrading herself for money. Yet, her mother had no choice, not having the financial help of a husband, she stripped and prostituted herself to support five children.

# # #

Even after having to pay the strip club their cut for allowing her to use their stage to strip, she made decent tips as a stripper. Yet, due to an unfortunate false cancer scare, she had unexpected medical bills to pay. Barely making it before being burdened with medical expenses, too, she struggled to make ends meet now. Unbeknownst to her, the Neighborhood Naked Cam Show was her son’s cam show. She started watching the popular cam show to relax and to try and forget her financial problems while masturbating herself.

Difficult not to recognize him, it wasn’t until she saw her son walk across the screen naked and on camera that she recognized his penis. With her intimately, incestuously familiar with his big dick, having stroked his cock, sucked his cock, and fucked fuck his cock enough times, she’d recognize her son’s prick anywhere. She couldn’t believe that Joe was naked and on camera for everyone to see his erect prick.

Joe had an unforgettable and memorable penis. He had an unusually long and thick cock that curved up and to the right. Until she saw him on camera naked, she had no idea that the video show that she watched was her son’s naked, video, cam show. Until she saw Joe naked, she had no idea that her son operated a naked, neighborhood, cam show. Until she saw how many women watched him and wanted to stroke her son, suck her son, and fuck her son, she had no idea how much she wanted to continue having sex with him.

“Mom, show me your tits,” said Joe typically asking her whenever he was horny while undressing her with his eyes and staring at his mother’s big breasts through her clothes as if she was already topless. “I want to see your big, naked breasts. I want to touch them, feel them, and fondle them while sucking your big nipples,” said Joe.

Instead of embarrassing her and shocking her by him asking to see her naked breasts, she was flattered as much as she was sexually aroused that her son wanted to see her big, naked breasts. Susan looked at her son in the way that she looked at her horny customers when they peered down her open top. She looked down at her big breasts before looking up at her son.

Then, sexually teasing him, she slid a slow hand across her big blouse and bra clad breasts while fingering her erect nipples. In the way that Joe wanted to feel his mother’s tits while fingering her erect nipples, Susan felt her breasts through her clothes while fingering her nipples. Continuing to sexually tease him, she cupped her breasts in the palms of her hands and lifted them in her bra as if offering them to him.

“Do you like my tits,” she asked while giving her son a sexy look and a naughty smile?

She looked down at her fully clothe breasts before looking back up at her son. A game they play nearly every morning, she couldn’t believe that he wanted to see her naked breasts again. Having seen them enough, touched them, enough, felt them enough, and fondled them enough while sucking her erect nipples, Susan knew that Joe loved her big tits. Giving him the excuse to stare at them longer and harder at her fully clothe breasts, with her asking him if he liked her tits, Joe continued staring at the impressions her big breasts made in her blouse.

“Seriously, mother? I love your big tits,” he said.

She looked down at her breasts again before looking up at her son and smiling.

“I love my tits, too,” she said.

As if daring him to touch her tits and feel her tits, she felt her breasts and fingered her nipples through her blouse and bra while giving her son a motherly smile.

Then, she said something that sexually excited him and sexually aroused herself. As if she wanted to stroke his cock, suck his cock, and fuck his cock, she stared down at the bulge in his pants in the way that he stared at the impressions of her big breasts in her blouse.

“I’ll show you my naked breasts if you show me your naked penis. As much as you love my naked tits, I love your naked prick. As much as you love touching, feeling, and fondling my naked breasts while sucking my erect nipples, I love stroking, sucking, and fucking your cock,” she said while sexually, seductively looking at her son.

Eager to show his mother his naked prick, not Magosa Escort waiting for her to expose her naked breasts to him first, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect prick. Then, wrapping his fingers around his naked cock, he stroked himself while his mother watched. Returning the sexual favor of his exhibitionism with her exhibitionism, under the horny, watchful eyes of her son, Susan slowly and seductively unbuttoned her blouse one, slow button at a time. Then, she removed her blouse and, reaching behind her to unhook her bra, she removed her bra to show her son her naked breasts.

Proud of her big breasts, she inhaled a big breath while throwing back her shoulders. As if daring him to touch and feel her tits, she watched her nipples erect. Making her nipples even bigger, she pulled, turned, and twisted them. Yet, instead of reaching out to touch them, as if he had never seen his mother’s naked breasts before, he stared at them.

“Oh, mom, they’re so big,” he said. Then, reaching his hand forward, he touched his mother’s naked tits. He felt his mother’s naked tits. “They’re so firm,” he said. Then, while fondling her naked breasts, he leaned forward to take her erect nipples in his mouth, first one and then the other.

Again, returning the sexual favor of her son touching, feeling, and fondling her naked breasts, she wrapped her motherly hand around her son’s stiff prick. Then, while stroking him to a harder erection, she moved to her knees and took him in her mouth. He put a gentle hand to the back of her blonde, pretty head. He humped her mouth and fucked her face while fingering her erect nipples.

Then, lifting her to a standing position, Joe pushed his mother back on the couch and surprising her, he mounted her. As if she was his girlfriend or his wife, he mounted his mother and made out with her. Kissing and kissing her, parting her red, full lips, he stuck his tongue in her mouth. He French kissed his mother.

She reached down between his legs to insert his erect cock in her warm, wet pussy. Instead of making love, with them horny for one another, they were fucking. He fucked his mother and she fucked her son. Humping one another faster and harder, they were determined to make one another cum. Just as he wanted to give his mother a sexual orgasm, she wanted her son to cum in her pussy.

# # #

Natalie, Joe’s grandmother, “Nasty Natty”, worked at the same strip club. Then, following Susan, when the club burnt down, she worked as a bartender with her daughter at the same bar. Even though she earned lots of tips by flashing her tits, again, tits for tips, even with her flashing her double D cup, nearly naked and/or naked breasts, her job barely paid enough to pay her bills.

Yet, a real pro, if Natalie was good at anything, she was good at flashing and sexually teasing men. While sexually exciting them, she made her deliberate flashes appear accidental. Without even having to try, with her tall, shapely, and sexy figure, along with her pretty face, she was good at making men want her enough to pay her for sex.

“I’ll suck your cock for three-hundred-dollars and will fuck you for five-hundred-dollars,” she emailed a potential customer.

Clearly, tempted the man answered Natalie with as much horniness as he wrote her with sexual lust.

“If you blow me, may I cum in your mouth?”

She laughed.

“Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a blowjob if you didn’t cum in my mouth and if I didn’t swallow,” she wrote.

Deciding if he wanted her to blow him or fuck him, he stared at her as if she was already naked.

“If I fuck you, may I cum in your pussy,” he asked?

She laughed again.

“I’d love for you to cum in my pussy,” she answered lifting her short skirt and rubbing her naked pussy with her hand. “If you could see me, you’d see that I’m rubbing my clit and finger fucking my pussy with the thought of you fucking me and cumming in my cunt.”

# # #

She was good at combining her full-time job as a bartender with her part-time job as a prostitute. Even though she made more money as a prostitute than she ever did as a bartender, with one working in conjunction with the other, her job as a bartender helped her to get dates as a prostitute. With her pages full of all the names and emails of all men she had sucked and fucked, she kept a coded log in her pink diary of all the men she had sex with for money.

Like mother like daughter, unbeknownst to one another that they were watching Joe’s naked, neighborhood cam show, Natalie also watched Joe’s cam show. At first, she didn’t realize that the cam show was her grandson’s cam show. Then, when she saw him naked on the screen and recognized her grandson’s naked penis, in the way that his mother recognized his naked cock, Natalie recognized Joe’s cock, too.

She knew that it was her grandson exposing himself on live feed. Having stroked his big cock in her hand, sucked his stiff prick in her mouth, and fucked his erect prick in Lefkoşa Escort her pussy dozens of times, when she saw his naked penis on the screen, she knew that it was Joe. When she saw his naked penis, she was sexually aroused and wanted to stroke him, suck him, and fuck him again.

In a moment of sexual inspiration, it was then that she realized that by posting naked videos of her to her grandson’s naked cam show, she could continue her prostitution business without fear of arrest. Instead of risking arrest by soliciting men for sex in person, men would invite her to their house for sex. No one would ever know that she was prostituting herself behind, closed, bedroom doors.

Keeping herself safe, with her prostituting herself without a pimp protecting her, and with him armed and dangerous, she brought her youngest son, Big Louie, with her for her personal protection should she need it. With him standing 6’9″ tall and weighing more than 400 pounds, once her clients got a look at him, they treated her with the respect that she deserved to have as a sexy, shapely, and sexual woman. After meeting her clients, Louie waited in the car for his mother to finish her sexual business. Just as no one dared disrespected Natalie, no one dared fuck with Big Louie.

With Louie so monstrously big, unless he bought a full-sized SUV, which he hated SUV’s, the only other car that he could fit in was, a Lincoln Town Car. The last of Lincoln’s factory-built limousines, a Lincoln Town Car with extended wheelbase and extra wide, rear doors was a comfortable fit for him. Able to move his front seats all the way back, he still had plenty of room for passengers to sit behind him. He loved his car. He’s been driving Lincoln Town Cars for more than twenty-years.

# # #

My Son’s Naked Cam Show, Chapter 05

Something that Joe never had to do before to get people to appear on his cam show, thinking that he needed to do now to maintain the interest in his show, he solicited some famous celebrities from Boston. Only, when he solicited the celebrities, instead of writing his Neighborhood, Naked, Cam, Show, omitting the word, naked, he advertised his show as the Neighborhood, Cam, Show. He deceived them to get them to agree to appear on his naked, cam show.

As if they were appearing on Joe’s version of the Howard Stern Show, surprisingly, every one of the celebrities from Boston that he invited all agreed to appear on his cam show. Ben Afflack and Matt Damon agreed to make an appearance. Ed Norton, James Spader, and Mark Wahlberg agreed to appear. Surprising him that a famous female celebrity agreed to appear on his cam show at scale, Joe was surprised when Uma Thurman accepted his invitation to appear, too.

Then, one by one, when they realized what the Neighborhood, Naked, Cam Show was all about, and that they’d have to appear naked on his cam show, they all cancelled. After advertising their appearances on his cam show for weeks, he apologized to his audience and explained why they had cancelled to appear on his show. With their appearances voluntary and with none of them compensated under a signed contract to appear, they were free to cancel at any time.

Obviously, before agreeing to appear, none of them had watched Joe’s Neighborhood, Naked, Cam Show and, when they did, they were unaware that his cam show was all about sex and nudity. They didn’t know that they’d be required to appear naked and masturbate themselves on live camera. They weren’t unaware that they’d be having sex with Joe’s mother, Susan and/or Joe’s grandmother Natty, too.

He would have had a hit show if Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Ed Norton, James Spader, Mark Wahlberg, and Uma Thurman hadn’t cancelled. He would have had a hit show if Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Ed Norton, James Spader, Mark Wahlberg, and Uma Thurman agreed to appear on his cam show naked. He would have had a hit show if they all had masturbated themselves on camera. He would have had a hit show had they all had sex with his mother and with his grandmother. If only they saw his mother and/or grandmother before they cancelled, they never would have cancelled.

Something that no other cam shows or television shows were able to do, he’d be first to broadcast the above listed celebrities naked. His cam show audience would go wild to see Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Ed Norton, James Spader, Mark Wahlberg, and Uma Thurman naked. His audience would love to watch the above-named celebrities masturbate themselves on live camera. His audience would love to watch the above-named celebrities having sex with his mother and with his grandmother.

After agreeing to appear on Joe’s naked, cam show, one by one, they cancelled. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck cancelled. Ed Norton, James Spader, and Mark Wahlberg cancelled. Really looking forward to seeing her without her clothes, even Uma Thurman cancelled. Now, he needed to find alternative entertainment.

Obvious, alternative choices, Joe looked from his mother to his grandmother hoping they had an idea of what he should do. Then, in a moment of sexual inspiration, something that he had always wanted to see, hoping that they’d agree to do it, he had an idea but didn’t know if his mother and/or his grandmother would agree to it. He’d love to watch his mother and/or his grandmother having sex with one another.

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