My Special St. Valentine’s Day

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Carla Rachel Lee-ME! Standing five foot eight I weigh 120 lbs. my eyes are green and my hair is red my bust size is 34DD. My measurements are 34 27 34. I am 19, my birthday is October 31, 1993 Halloween. I use to be straight until I was showed the power of another woman’s pussy.

Lisa Ann Zina was born May 9, 1990 she 21 and lives and grew up in Colonial Heights VA USA a Caucasian with a athletic tan body with a measurements of 38DD-20-34 standing 5 ft 9 in weighting in at 112 lb with the most beautiful Dark Brown eyes and long straight black Brunette hair and a completely shaved white pussy.

February 14th started out just like any other day for me. My alarm clock went off at 5:00 am and I reluctantly got out of my warm bed and made my way into the shower. After showering and getting dress and eating breakfast I made way to Virginia State University for my first class of the day at 8:00 am.

I pulled into the student parking lot of VSU in my used VW Bug and see Lisa Ann Zina, a Caucasian with an athletic tan body with measurements of 38DD-20-34 standing 5 ft 9 in weighting in at 112 lb with the most beautiful Dark Brown eyes and long straight black Brunette hair and a completely shaved white pussy.

How do I know she has a completely shaved white pussy? Because Lisa was the girl the converted me from a good little catholic girl to complete and total Lesbian, my heart skipped a beat as saw Lisa standing there in tight blue jeans and even tighter top with one look you tell she not wearing bra today.

Before I can get out of my car Lisa comes over and leans into the drive side window as I roll it down. Lisa tell me she as a Valentine’s Day surprise for me, that we are skipping classes today and to fellow her to her apartment.

After Lisa’s last two “surprises” back at her apartment my mind was racing with what Lisa could have in mind with me for St. Valentine’s Day. Lisa already introduced me to the joys of Lesbian orgies with her coven of hard-core lesbian’s friends after my senior prom and for my birthday this past Halloween. My mind was racing with anticipation of what could be coming as we climbed the stair to Lisa’s apartment. Lisa unlocked the door and told me to wait out in the hallway. In few minutes Lisa called out for me to enter her apartment.

The lights were off and there were red, white and pink candles burning all over the apartment. On the floor was a trail of rose peddles leading away to Lisa’s bed room.

As I entered Cebeci Escort Lisa stood at foot of her king size bed completely naked. I looked up and down her athletic tan body her 38DD looking so ample and suck able and her completely shaved white pink pussy ready to be eaten. I looked into her beautiful Dark Brown hypnotic eyes; her long straight black Brunette hair flowing down passed her shoulders. She told me to undress and I did.

I kicked my shoes off next to the closet door I then lifted my left foot and removed my sock and balled it up throw it over next to my sneakers. I then did the same with my right foot. I then pulled my top off and dropping to the floor. I then moved my hands to my jeans and pulled them down my legs all the time I kept looking into Lisa dark brown hypnotic eyes. I stepped out of the jeans and kicked next to my shirt I had dropped on to the floor. Lisa smiled at me and licked her full thick red lips as pulled my panties down and kicked with the rest of my clothes. I finally a reached around undid my bra letting slide down my arms then fall to the floor.

I now stood before Lisa with my 34dd 27 34 figure completely nude my big green eyes stirring into Lisa dark brown hypnotic eyes my long red hair in my face. Lisa beckoned me forth with her finger. I moved slowly towards her as she open her arms and warped them around me pulling me into her my 34 dd tits pressed into her 38 dd tits.

Her soft full thick red lips pressed against my full soft pouty warm wet pink lips as she kissed me more passionately then anyone ever has. She pulled me down onto her king size bed, made up in with red silk satin sheet and three layer red white and pink comforters. Red, white and pink candles burn all around us as Lisa slowly explored my body like no one ever has before. She suckled and fondled and squeezed and played with my 34 dd tits leaving hicky on my two 34 dd tits as she kissed down my tummy to my young wet pussy.

Lisa then takes her tongue and slowly licks around my young wet pink pussy lips. Slowly Lisa encircles my pink pussy lips until I can’t take it anymore and I beg Lisa to lick my pussy. Lisa looks up at me with her dark brown hypnotic eyes her long brunette hair in her face and smile deviously at me before taking her tongue licking across my young wet pink pussy and thrusting it deep inside my young wet sweet pussy.

Lisa tongue licks deep inside me then she takes her tongue and start to flick Kolej Escort my hard throbbing pink clit with it. As Lisa tongue feverishly works over my young hard throbbing pink clit, Lisa takes her finger start to work it deep inside my young wet pussy. Lisa slowly fucks me with her finger then she adds a second finger deep inside me. Lisa stops flicking my hard throbbing pink clit long enough to take it between her teeth and start to nibble on it as she works a third and then fourth finger deep side me.

Lisa flicks and nibbles my young wet hard throbbing pink clit as she fuck my soaking wet young pink pussy with all four of her fingers. As I am about to explode Lisa removes her fingers to attach her full soft thick red lips around my soaking wet young pink pussy.

Thirstily Lisa drinking in my sweet honey nectar as I drench Lisa mouth with my pussy juice as my body shakes and quivers as I orgasm for the first time today. Lisa then take her pussy juice covered full soft thick red lips and kisses me passionately her tongue exploring my mouth so I can taste myself on Lisa’s mouth and tongue.

Lisa then put on her 13″ black strap-on, the Lesbian Maker, and rubs the black rubber cock head against my young wet pussy. Lisa rolls her hips forward thrusting her 13″ black strap-on into my young wet pink pussy. In and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, Lisa thrust her 13″ black strap-on into my young wet pussy as she start to make slow passionate love to me. Slowly at first then Lisa begins to pick up speed going faster and deeper as she slams her13″ black strappy into my young wet pink pussy, as Lisa makes love to me the rest of the morning, as Lisa brings me to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

At noon after making love to me all morning, I lay in Lisa bed as tell me to rest and in 30 min she call me into the dining room. The table was set with red white and pink candles and roses and two plates with Lobster tails, scallops and shrimp and a chilled bottle of Champaign and two glasses. I walked to the table and Lisa pulled my chair out for me as set down then she went took seat across from me. We both set there completely naked looking into each other eyes as we enjoyed our lunch that Lisa made and the bottle of Champaign.

After lunch Lisa sent me back to the bed room to wait for her in bed. As lay under covers snug and warm Lisa came in carry I try of Strawberries and whip cream and chocolate sauce and another chilled Rus Escort bottle of Champaign. Lisa put the try on beside table and crawled under the covers with me. She then feed me strawberries dipped in whip cream and chocolate sauce.

She then took whip cream and put some on my nipples and sucked it off then she put whip cream on my pussy and licked it off. Lisa then did same thing with the chocolate sauce. Then she took two core strawberries and put on to my erect hard 34 dd tit nipples and eat them. Then she placed strawberry into my young wet pussy and ate it.

She then opened the drawl to the bedside table and brought out the Lesbian Maker a 13″ black rubber strap-on. As she put on and tighten it around her waist she told me to get on all fours. I quickly did my ass in the air my 34 dd tits jiggling and swaying underneath me. I could feel Lisa hands on my hips as turn my head to look behind to see and feel her rub the Lesbian Maker up and down my butt crack.

Lisa grabs my hips pulling me back at the same time she thrust forward driving the Lesbian Maker deep into my bowels. I arch my back throw my head back my long red hair flying all over with each stroke of the Lesbian Maker as Lisa thrust in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out of my young white asshole.

My 34 dd tits jiggle and shake as Lisa pounds away at my ass hole. Pulling me back onto the Lesbian Maker as she thrust the Lesbian Maker forward fucking my ass hole for hours and hours and hours my body rocked again and again and again and again with the most powerful orgasms I ever had.

Finale after my body was weak with orgasms and covered in sweat Lisa pulled out of my gaping asshole with a pop she then took me and put my feet over my head my ass in the air and took the chilled bottle of Champagne and empty the bottle into my asshole. She then reached into the bed side table drawl and pulled out a butt plugged and shoved it into my Champagne filled asshole. She smiled at me as she got up and removed the Lesbian Maker and told me not to go anywhere then she left room for few minutes.

After a few minutes Lisa returned with two more Champagne glasses and removed the butt plug from my ass and then proceeded to fill both glasses with Champagne from my asshole. Lisa made a toast, “to Carla, may she find the courage to tell the world who she truly is” then we drank the Champagne arms intertwined together. After we finished off all the chilled Champagne in my ass Lisa held me in her arms her finger going through my long red hair as we cuddled. Lisa urged me to tell my parents that I am lesbian so I could move in with her. It felt so good laying in her arms and I could have stayed there all night. But at 6:00pm I had to get up and take a shower and then get dressed and head back home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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