My Sweet Clairette

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I had just come close to having a second woman drink my piss. So close that I could – well, almost taste it. She told me she was more than willing to suck cock and drink everything I gave her. Though I wasn’t really attracted to her, I found her willingness to drink piss irresistible. In fact, I was practically on fire to see her do it along with whatever else might come to mind. Unfortunately though, my desire for her rested heavily on her commitment to act as my personal urinal. Complicating things, she seemed to feel that it was also important that I should find her attractive too. Personally, if a girl told me that she found me physically hideous, but that for some reason couldn’t resist sleeping with me, my reaction would be to revel in my magnetism…and to sleep with her. I guess we all have our standards. It’s just too bad this sticking point came up in conversation before we met to consummate things.

Once it became clear that her and I wouldn’t be getting together, I was back trolling the dating line for girls. Only now I had a new sense of what was possible and with that sense came the additional goal of finding a girl to drink my piss.

I don’t recall exactly how long it took for the subject of pissing to be successfully worked into a conversation, but I remember that it took less time than I would have expected. Really I don’t think it took longer than two or three weeks before I found a girl who responded with surprising enthusiasm.

The first girl from the line that I spoke to about piss was Claire. She was twenty-six, 5′ 5″, 130 lbs. with medium length brown hair, green eyes and was doing a masters in political science.

Claire had a really relaxed attitude about meeting people as well as what she was looking for on the line. In terms of her features and her proclivities, Claire seemed a bit like a female version of me. I was thirty-two, 6′, 190 lbs. with brown hair, green eyes, and like her I had some fairly pornographic ideas about sex. I really felt like I wanted to meet her, so I was a little hesitant about bringing up piss games for fear of scaring her off. The conversations were just so open though, that it eventually it came up when we discussed some of the things that we had tried.

I told Claire about Han, the ex-girlfriend who made a deal to drink my piss if I let her stay the night after I caught her cheating. Claire said that she could see what was in it for me, but she thought that my ex had no dignity.

I told her at the time I kind of felt that way too, but the thought just made it more exhilarating.

Claire also told me that in her opinion I had let my ex off too easy and that she still would have kicked her out afterwards anyway. I really should have taken note of that attitude.

That led me to also telling Claire about the last woman I met from the line and how she was into sucking my cock and trying to drink my piss. Even though it no longer seemed likely happen, I still told Claire that we were trying to get together. I also told Claire that I wasn’t sure I was really attracted enough to the woman to go ahead with it.

In truth of course I was well past my initial reservations, but I wanted to appear at least moderately discriminating about where I was willing to put my dick. The temptation to show oneself in the best possible light is often just too difficult to resist. That wasn’t what I should have worried about with Claire though, because her response was, “What are you waiting for? A mouth is a mouth.”

A presumably common enough attitude in prison showers, but not even from the sluttiest girls that I’ve known have I heard such an emotionless deconstruction of oral pleasure.

Better yet Claire was intrigued by the idea of drinking piss and wanted to give it a try. As her only conditions she wanted to try it in the shower and wanted to be able to stop if she didn’t like it.

She also wanted to meet at a bar near her place in case things didn’t work out. Like I mentioned before, Claire seemed like female version of me. I didn’t like making the travel effort for a blind date either. In this case though I was willing to make an exception.

Putting the plan into action turned out to take a little time. First I was out of town for a week with work and next Claire was tied up for a few weeks on her thesis. In the meantime I was still calling the dating line and keeping myself entertained.

Finally though we were able to pick a good night to meet. It was a Friday night, so if things worked out I wouldn’t have to worry about work the next day. We had each other’s descriptions and to help spot each other we added some detail about what we would be wearing. Claire picked a pub near her place and a little more than a month after we first spoke I was heading out to meet her.

Claire lived near the Annex, south of Bloor St, so it was a simple subway ride from my place over to her neighborhood. The Annex is right near the University of Toronto and it’s a pretty active part of town with a vibrant mix of bars and restaurants.

I walked into Escort Bayan the pub where we were to meet and since it wasn’t crowded yet, I presumed Claire would be easy enough to spot. As I walked past the bar I noticed a nice looking girl with brown hair a bit past her shoulders. She was sitting at a small table on her own and looked up from the book she was reading as I passed. For a moment I hoped that she was Claire, until I realized her clothes didn’t match our arrangements. Too bad I thought as I continued to the back of the pub, which I found deserted.

Claire was supposed to be at the pub ahead of me, so I was hoping that she was just late and not going to be a no-show.

Returning back to the bar to order a beer I noticed that girl was still looking towards me. As I waited for the bartender she got up from her table, walked over to me and asked if I was meeting someone? It turned out that this was indeed Clair, misleadingly dressed, but exceeding expectations.

Claire’s deceptive attire got us right into a conversation without any awkward feeling out period. Claire first claimed that the clothes she planned to wear were in the wash, but soon came clean and admitted that the wardrobe was insurance in case I had lied about my description. I smiled and told her that I was relieved to have met her minimum standards.

Claire squeezed my arm and said, “It’s not like that, but I’m really happy how things turned out.”

Claire had softer features than I had imagined. She seemed so decisive and assured on the phone that I had imagined she would have a bit of a harder edge to her looks. Her hair was natural and not overly styled, in fact that characterization in general would appropriately describe her looks. She looked like an outdoorsy girl next door. Claire wore very little make up and her clothes had a hint of the urban grunge look so common to the campus. Claire’s clothes were loose fitting, but her voluptuous proportions were undisguised and she clearly could have looked good in anything. She had pale skin, and soft looking pink lips, her nose was lightly freckled and she had green eyes that could best be described as feline. I usually find that green eyes need closer study be fully appreciated, but Claire’s eyes had an immediate appeal.

We really clicked with each other from the start. We sat and talked about so many things and as the night went on we both managed to get fairly drunk. I couldn’t help but think that under normal circumstance with a date going this well I would typically have been starting to think about setting up with another date or even spending the night together.

I shared my thoughts with Claire, then leaned in close and whispered to her, “Looking at you now I can’t believe that I already know that I’ll soon be pissing in your mouth.”

Claire smiled almost inwardly as if savoring the image and pulled my hand down and pressed it against her pussy. She told me she could hardly get anything done over the last few days thinking about tonight.

“Do you want to get going?” I asked.

“Hell yeah, let’s go!” she said.

It was mid-December and there’d recently been a fairly decent snowfall. Despite the snow, it wasn’t overly cold for the time of year. It was a good night for a walk and Claire’s place that was a few blocks south of Bloor.

On the walk to Claire’s we abandoned all efforts to keep our hands to ourselves. Whether playfully freezing each other with our cold hands or more serious and time consuming explorations, we were really getting to know one another. As a result, what normally would have been a fifteen minute walk was shaping up to take much, much longer.

Walking south on Euclid Ave, we passed a park on the west side that seemed a good spot to take a few moments to intensify our groping. We moved off the street to a darkened walkway that ran between two fenced off tennis courts. From there slow lust filled kisses progressed to the point that I had Claire’s jacket open her shirt bunched up over her creamy tits. As soon as I had her breast in my hands I knew I loved them.

I don’t know if it’s the result of my tastes or circumstances, but the majority of women that I’ve had extended relationships with have been either petite or had athletic bodies. While none of these girls had especially large breasts, regardless of their size, they all had nice form that worked great with their bodies. Aside from that though, when I have been with an attractive and amply endowed women it’s almost like another world. Well maybe not another world, that might be too much, it’s more like getting an unexpected customer upgrade. It’s like getting the window seat at a restaurant with a nice view. It doesn’t change the quality of the meal, but it does enhance the experience.

I was feasting on Claire’s breasts and had her jeans undone too. Claire’s pants were midway down her hips, just far enough so that could play with her wet pussy. With Claire moaning I offered her my fingers to give her a taste of her juices.

“Does it taste good?” I whisper Bayan Escort to her.

“Yes, it does,” was her hushed reply.

I turned Claire around and pulled her jeans down farther to give my mouth full access to her asshole and pussy. Claire’s pussy was frothing with juice, and just as she claimed, she tasted really good.

Claire was a complete horny mess as I licked her pussy and ass, spreading her ass cheeks to get my tongue as deep up her puckered hole as possible. Claire had previously told me that she wasn’t into anal and while girls usually know by the age of 26 where they stand on the subject, my tongue has a past record of convincing girls to try. In fact my tongue has earned me a few anal requests.

I did want to get to Claire’s place though, I really wanted to take a piss and I especially wanted to see Claire drink it.

I stood up behind Claire, reaching around I grabbing her pussy from behind and with her pressed against the fence I filled her with single thrust. Once my cock was coated with her juice I pulled out said, “How ’bout you take a taste of yourself and then let’s hurry to your place.”

Claire turned quickly and got on her knees. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft before taking me in. After she sucked my cock for a minute or two I pulled out and said, “OK, let’s go.”

“Alright,” she weakly agreed, but obviously she was ready to be fucked right there on the spot.

Though she had agreed to go, Claire was still all over me as we resumed our walk. It probably took us about ten minutes just to cover the hundred or so feet to the other side of the tennis court.

At the other end of the court there was a small parking lot with a big snow pile at the back of it. I couldn’t hold it any longer and I told Claire that I really needed to piss. I asked if she was ready for a drink, but Claire declined and said that I had to fuck her first.

“OK,” I said, “I’m sure there’ll be more for you later.” I took out my cock and while making out with her I pissed in the snow bank.

When I finished Claire demanded, “I want you to fuck me right now!”

Claire was already sliding her jeans down and I grabbed a handful of snow and ground it into her snatch. While holding the wad of snow on Claire’s pussy I pulled her ass back toward me and slide my cock through the snow into her hot cunt. We started fucking standing up, but without the fence to brace against I eventually pushed Claire down into the snow. I had Claire face down and ass up in the snow bank and no matter how hard we fucked, her ass was pushing back to welcome my thrusts. All the while my snow filled hands were grouping her pussy and pinching her thick nipples while we feverishly fucked.

We were right beside where I pissed too and even though my beer infused urine was only slightly yellow the snow was still notably discolored. I reached over and grabbed a small handful of piss saturated snow and said to her, “Now that I’m fucking you I want you to have the taste of my piss.” Responding, Claire opened her mouth and I fed her some infused snow. I couldn’t help but fuck her harder.

“Do you like it?” I asked.

“Yes! Yes I do,” Claire breathlessly replied.

“Do you want more?” I asked.

“Yes, please,” she said and I fed her a little more of my gelato.

As I fucked her I positioned her a bit little closer to my piss and told to help herself. She responded by burying her face right in the middle of the piss perforated snow. I just had to push Claire’s face deeper into the snow as well as I driving my cock deep into her pussy. Buried to the hilt inside Claire I just couldn’t hold back. Unable to stop myself I let loose what felt like torrents of sperm splashing into Claire.

As we lay there in the snow recovering Claire turned her face back to me and we kissed. I could tell by the way her tongue deeply explored my mouth that she wanted to share the taste of my piss.

We got up and gathered ourselves together for the remainder of the walk. I asked how she liked her first experience with piss and she said that she felt so dirty doing it and that she didn’t want it going to my head, but that was one of the best fucks she ever had. Of course it did go straight to my head, news like that always does.

Claire said the piss wasn’t bad at all and that she couldn’t wait for more. She thought having it mixed with snow made it easier. I thought to myself that it was like watering down whiskey. Of course I’m a bit of a purist and now that I’d given Claire a taste I couldn’t wait to fill her mouth with my single malt, straight up and neat. The way her mouth had engulfed my cock earlier really made me want to see it filled to the brim with my piss. Afterwards I’d fuck her long and hard with her tummy feeling all warm and full. I’d fuck her as long and hard as I could, all the while she’d have the taste of my urine coating her mouth and its scent on her breath.

After our fuck in the snow we made better time. We arrived back at her apartment and had the place completely Escort to ourselves. Claire did have a roommate, but fortunately she was already finished her semester and had gone home for the holidays. Claire had a ground floor apartment and her room was at the back in an extension that jetted into the backyard from the kitchen. The room was pretty big with lots of windows and had its own en suite too. It was real luxury living for a student.

Claire opened a bottle of red wine, we stripped down out of our snow covered clothes and she snuggled up to me on the couch in her room. I told her she was not only the most interesting person that I met off of this line, but without doubt the best looking too. Despite what Claire said about a mouth being a mouth, it’s not really true, especially if someone has a visual bent like me. I wondered if Claire would be charmed if I told her how much more I thought I would appreciate pissing in her mouth than anyone else I could think of. Admittedly it’s not the sort of line that every girl would be receptive to, but when you’re looking into the lust fill eyes of a naked girl who’s stoking your cock, different rules seem to apply. When people are horny as hell a lot of things that might not seem that savory under normal circumstance, suddenly begin to make a lot of sense.

Claire slung her left leg over my leg and I could feel the cum filled wetness of her pussy on the top of my thigh. She was still clutching my rigid cock and pressing it against her stomach. While Claire was grinding her pussy on my leg I was humping against her stomach with the head of my cock prodding and dampening her tits with pre-cum. With my finger I swiped an oozing drop of pre-cum from the eye of my cock and offered it to Claire to taste. I let Claire demonstrate some of her intentions on my finger, before removing my dampened digit and lowering it down to the entrance of her asshole. I massaged Claire’s asshole open, slowly circling her rim until I could feel her welcome reception of my fingers.

Leading by example I brought my finger from her asshole to my mouth for re-moistening, then returning my finger and pressing it deeper inside.

We continuing to grind against each other, but with greater urgency. The next time I removed my finger from Claire ass I offered it to her to suck. She accepted and her mouth worked my fingers like she would a delicious cock. I could feel her tongue circling my digits as she worked them in and out of her mouth.

“Are you ready to suck my pissing cock?” I asked.

“Yes, I am,” she said.

“Do you want to do it here or in the shower?” I asked.

“You decide Mike,” she said.

“Here’s perfect,” I replied. “I want to see you work without a net and drink my piss right here on your couch without wasting a drop.”

With a bit of a shy smile Claire said, “OK, I want to see if I can do it too.” Then patting the couch she asked, ‘Where do you want me?”

Claire had a futon couch and like most futons the mattress was sliding down the back of the couch. It was about time for the drooping mattress to be positioned back up on its frame, but for the moment it was positioned perfectly for what I had in mind. I had Claire sit up on the couch with her head tilted back just over the top edge of the mattress. I stood in front of her on the couch with a foot on each side of Claire. My right knee braced against the back of the couch and my cock poised in front of her face. Claire took my cock in her mouth and started working on it. At first I enjoyed letting her go to town and I helped by guiding the back of her head for greater penetration. Under normal circumstance this would have been the start of a great blow job, but pissing needs different sorts of encouragement.

I told Claire that my cock just needed to relax to piss and that she should just let me hold my cock still in her mouth until I could go. With her free hand rubbing and fingering her pussy, Claire lightly squeezed my balls with the other hand while my cock soaked in her warm mouth.

I’m not exactly sure how long it took for me to start to piss, but it seemed like quite a while. Despite all the beer we drank, I guess I wasn’t quite queued up for another piss so soon after our earlier stop at the park. I didn’t mind though, Claire had a great mouth for happily accommodating a cock. Despite the sense of anticipation there’s nothing that I couldn’t enjoy about my cock resting in Claire’s mouth. I think for girls it can be tough though not to try to produce results when there’s a cock in their mouth. Every so often Claire would start working on my cock again and I would just have to remind her to relax.

Even with the inside knowledge, so to speak, the prospect of my pee’s arrival was weighing on me too. I think the anticipation of how my piss would be received when it flowed for the first time into Claire’s mouth was something that was incredibly thrilling. Would it be too much for her to deal with or would she readily drink it down? Would she hate it and try to muddle through or would she love being so filthy? Since Claire was only the second girl to try drinking my piss, I really hadn’t sorted everything out yet about what I liked so much about doing it. I knew though that I was beyond turned on to have such an attractive girl willing to drink my piss.

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