Mystery Girl

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Big Tits

Last night was Halloween, the first Halloween since my wife of 33 years had passed.

A friend of mine had invited me.

I thought about not going, but then I thought back to what my wife had told me.

She had said she wanted me to continue to live life and enjoy myself.

I dressed up as a Pirate, and we all had to wear masks to hind our identities.

There were a lot of people at the party, I got myself a drink and started to mingle. I was going to try and have some fun.

It had been almost 11 months since my wife passed away. She wanted me to live, so here I was at my first party since I became a Widower.

I could almost feel like I was being watched, like there were eyes on me.

That’s when I saw her, she was dressed like a female Pirate, and she was walking right towards me.

The first thing she said was copy cat.

I asked her what her name was, but she said, no names, remember.

We danced and drank and were both getting along really well, she seemed very familiar. I must know who see is.

We were both invited by the same person, but with her mask I couldn’t figure out who she was.

She was a very sexy Pirate, about 5’6″, Brunette, small breasted, and nice buns.

I could tell she was a lot younger than Anadolu Yakası Escort I am, but I never was one to care about age. It doesn’t really matter, if you like someone you just do.

We were slow dancing when I got quite a surprise, she reached down between our bodies and pressed her palm against my crotch.

I was surprised, but also I was getting aroused, and made no attempt at stopping her.

My cock was fully erect now, 8 inches of hard cock. She was stroking my cock slowly, just enough to keep me on the edge.

When the song ended she took my hand and guided me into another room and closed the door behind us, I heard the door being locked.

She brought me over to a couch, and sat me down.

Not a word was spoken, she knelt down and undid my pants. She pulled my cock through the opening of my boxer shorts and leaned over and engulfed my ragging hard-on.

Her mouth felt wonderful, she sucked my cock, while using her hands to stroke my shaft up and down.

While she was busy giving me some of the best head of my life, I started undoing her top.

She never missed a beat as I pulled her arms loose of her blouse, and unhooked her bra.

I was fondling her perky little tits, rolling her nipples between my fingers.

I could feel myself getting close to cumming, she started sucking my cock even faster, and when I started cumming in her mouth she just swallowed every drop, milking my cock of the very last drop.

I lifted her to her feet and stripped off her remaining clothes. I then had her lay down on the couch.

I lowered my head and brought my tongue up to her bald pussy, she was already wet.

I could taste her juices, she moaned as I licked, my tongue was poking inside her cunt.

I took my middle finger and slipped it inside, and I was shocked to find she was still a virgin, I could feel her Hyman.

I raised my head and looked up at her, she looked at me and shook her head yes.

I positioned myself between her wide spread legs and looked at her again, once again she shook her head yes.

I slowly pushed the head of my cock inward until just my cockhead was inside.

I paused to let her get used to the feeling.

I held tightly onto her hips and shoved my cock in hard, popping her cherry.

She let out a squeal, once again I remained still, this time deep inside her deflowered pussy.

I looked her in the eyes, she smiled and I eased my cock out slowly until just the tip was still inside.

I started fucking her now, and I could tell she was starting to really enjoy what was happening.

She wrapped her legs around me and I took that as sign to pick up my pace.

I started jabbing my cock in and out faster and faster, my balls were slapping against her butt cheeks.

She started gushing, squirting her cunt juices, I couldn’t believe it, my first squirter.

I pulled my cock out, and brought my cock up to her waiting open mouth.

She grabbed me by hips and guided my cock inside. She drank my load down, some dribbled out, so when she was done she took her finger and licked up the rest.

She smiled up at me, and pulled off her mask. I couldn’t believe who it was. The host of the party has a daughter Julie, she came home from college for the party.

She told me she had always been attracted to me, and when she found out I was going to be at her Dads party, she knew she had to try and seduce me.

She told me she was so happy that I was the one to pop her cherry.

I thanked her for making me feel alive again, and told her I would like to get together again.

She agreed, but suggested keeping it secret, she didn’t think her parents would approve, having their 19 year old daughter dating a man in his 50’s.

We both got dressed, I slipped out the back so that she wouldn’t get in trouble. I don’t know what will come of this relationship, but for right now, I want to live.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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