Nadine and Tom, at Last

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August Ames

Preamble : 20 years ago…

It all started twenty years ago. Tom was a French student, Nadine was a French au-pair, both were in London. They met one day thanks to a common friend. He was a dedicated student, quite clumsy in the company of women, quite a brain, fairly well built, but a 19 year old virgin. Still he had deep blue eyes that made wonders. She was barely a year older, but definitely more mature. Thin, sensual in her manners, she felt uncomfortable with her small chest but compensated this minor detail with the most exquisite smile.

After their first encounter at their common friend’s house, they called each other every now and then, met a few times all along the spring semester. But him being clumsy and her being unsure of herself, nothing really happened, although there was a lot of sexual tension between the two of them, sexual tension that both had to release, once home alone, through frantic masturbation, and both ignored what the other really felt and did.

However at the end of May, Nadine went back to France and Tom stayed in London for his exams. Soon, he received a passionate letter from her (in the early nineties, email was barely in use). In two long pages, she told him about her feelings, about how much she regretted nothing had happened between the two of them. Tom replied in four pages, with as much passion, that he had the same feelings, the same regrets. After a few letters, they decided both would meet in August and spend the month together on holiday, mid-ways between her place and his, in Brittany.

But while Tom was on a summer job in July, he received a short letter that made his heart sink for several months. Nadine was telling him in a few lines that she was cancelling the summer holiday and that she was due to get married within a few months with an old high school flirt of hers. That night, Tom went downtown, drunk heavily and woke up in the bed of a girl barely of age, he had lost his virginity and did not remember any of it.

Chapter 1 : Very recently…

“Nadine ##### wants to add you to her friend list. Click here to accept.”

Tom nearly had a heart attack as he read those words. He was now in the computer business and had his mail on day and night. So he read the message as soon as it arrived in his inbox. But what to do? Of course, after twenty years, he was over this first dramatic love story. He was now married with two children, had had his fair share of lovers in his life, but what on earth did she want, and how come she was reappearing now? Oh, what the heck, he thought, it’s just a social network, she just want to increase her number of friends in her friend list. And so did he click on OK to this friend request and tried not to think too much about it for the rest of the day. Still, he took time to check out her profile photo and notice she had barely changed, as thin as before, the same wide communicative smile.

The night after however, he could barely sleep. Old emotions were resurfacing, and not the painful ones, but only the pleasant ones, the pleasant moments they had shared, the dreams they had had. Around 3am, he got out of bed, making sure not to wake up his wife and hid in the bathroom. His brain was filled with lust, his cock was hard as if he had not made love for years. He leant against the wall, closed his eyes and wrapped his fingers around his manhood, imagining it was Nadine’s fingers, and slowly masturbated himself to an intense orgasm.

Meanwhile, Nadine was in her living room, unable to sleep. Her children were fast asleep, her husband away for work like every weekday. She had opened Tom’s profile to have a recent photo of him in front of her eyes. He still had these deep penetrating blue eyes that made her melt, and she was literally melting in front of her computer screen, her pussy was dripping on her seat, and the more she stared at Tom, the more she dripped, and the more she dripped, the more she touched herself till she exploded in a violent orgasm.


Nadine : Bonjour 🙂

Gosh, Tom had not cut off the chat and was about to receive a customer in his office. He promptly replied

Tom : Bonjour 🙂 I can’t answer now, but if you are online tonight, I’ll happily chat with you. Around 10pm?

Nadine’s fingers were shaking over her keyboard. What was she doing? She remembered the shattering orgasm she had the night before. What was she doing? She was sure to be online at 10pm, her husband wouldn’t be here, the children would be in bed. But should she be continuing what she had just started?

Nadine : OK, 10pm. I’ll try to be there.

That evening, during dinner, Tom was not much in a mood. He could not handle all the ideas in his head, his love for his family and the passionate lust that had overtaken him the night before, for an old flirt that had crashed his heart. His wife did not hassle him about it, she knew her husband could be grumpy at times because of work. He’d go in his office and work most of the night as often, she thought. And Tom did. He kissed the children and his wife to bed and went into his office. He switched his computer on and checked if Nadine was online but she wasn’t. So he decided to answer some mails while waiting patiently.


Nadine şişli escort : Good evening 🙂

Tom : Oh, good evening 🙂 It feels so strange, 20 years after!

Nadine : Yes, I know, but apparently social networks can do marvels!!!

And their chat went on gently for two hours. They caught up on each other’s life : family, work and other details. Every now and then, one would compliment the other on the fact that they had not changed, either physically or intellectually. It was a bit of a lie, each had grown up, each had a few wrinkles, Tom even had a few extra pounds but they both laughed about it. They decided to exchange a few recent photos.

Nadine hesitated, then decided on a photo : the previous summer she had gone to a party and she had a lovely summer dress. When Tom received it, he was in for a shock.

Tom : Oh my God! You are gorgeous!!!

He spend a few silent moments examining every detail of the photo : her long legs, her thin body, her nude shoulders, the posture was simple but sensual… He felt a twitch in his pants, his manhood was awakening, just like it had the night before.

But what kind of photo could he send in return? He opted for a summer photo too and posted it. Nadine did her best not to dribble on her keyboard as the image sprang on her screen. Tom was standing in the middle of a swimming pool, staring back at her, his hair wet, his piercing eyes staring at her, his large shoulders and slightly hairy torso glistening with drops of water.

Nadine : May I return the compliment!!!

She too went silent. Examining every detail. Marvelling at Tom’s nipples, relishing his full lips, imagining her fingers in his hair… she was already dreaming she was in the swimming pool with this man, taking his swim pants off.


Tom : are you still here?

Nadine : yes, sure, sorry, drifted off…

Tom : I’m sorry, I’m keeping you up late

Nadine : no, it’s OK

But both were fantasizing about the other, hoping it was reciprocal, but not daring to ask if it was or even mention it. They kept chatting for another hour, then decided around 2am to close the session.

Tom : Goodnight Princess

Nadine missed a heartbeat – she suddenly remembered Tom had always called her princess.

Nadine : Goodnight my Prince

Tom : Hugs and kisses

Nadine : A very warm hug and many kisses

*Nadine went offline

Nadine was red. She had written this last line because it was what she felt, but suddenly she thought she might have been a bit too precise on what she felt.

On his side Tom read that last line again and again. A very warm hug? MANY kisses? How warm? how many?

His eyes turned to the photo he had received an hour ago. Zooming in to have a closer look at her face, her wide mouth, her most kissable lips. Then scanning her figure, her lovely tanned shoulders, her small breast holding firmly under the top of her light dress, apparently without the help of any bra. The light material giving hints of her lovely thin silhouette. And then her legs, the dress barely covering half of her thighs. He focused his attention there, where he dreamt to place the most voluptuous kisses. Oh god he so wanted to taste her skin, her pussy… that was too much for him and he came between his fingers, splashing his semen all over his desk, trying to hold his moans of pleasure.

At the same minute, on the other side of the country, Nadine was dreaming in front of her old friend’s photo. She’d always dreamt to feel his lips pressed on hers, then exploring her body. She spread her legs and slid her hand in her drenched panties. Oh yes my prince, kiss me, lick me, suck me, Nadine thought. As her fingers played with her clit, her whole body tensed and she could not repress a loud moan as she went through the most shattering orgasm she’d had in years.

The night after, Tom was at his desk around 10pm, longing for his friend to appear.


Nadine : Hello my prince 🙂

Tom : Good evening my princess 🙂

Nadine : Can I confess something?

Tom : sure!

Nadine : I could not take my mind off of you all day!

Tom : Oh…

Nadine : Am I shocking you?

Tom : oh no, no, not at all… it’s just that I felt just about the same all day long too 🙂

Nadine : and all night long too :”>

Then came the time of confessions and discussions. No, neither of them had forgotten each other, yes, Tom had forgiven her, yes, they had missed the opportunity of their life 20 years ago, no, they did not want to destruct each other’s family life, yes there was something intense and indescribable between the two of them.

Tom : I have to confess something else…

Nadine : tell me!

Tom : You were on my mind all day long, but also in some of my improper thoughts :”>

Nadine : don’t stop, tell me more, and be precise!

And Tom told her, in respectful but precise terms, he told her how he’d finished the conversation the night before, how he’d fantasized about her, how intense his solitary pleasure was.

Nadine : Oh, my…

Tom : sorry, I did not mean to offend you

Nadine : Oh, no, you did not taksim escort offend me

Tom : really?

Nadine : on the contrary, I had last night the most ecstatic orgasm in years fantasizing about you

Tom : Oh?

Nadine : and reading your words, your description of last night made me so wet!

Nadine dug a photo from her album and sent it to Tom. She was posing in the lightest swimsuit one can imagine.

Nadine : So how do you react to that photo, my sweet Prince?

Tom : you really want to know?

Nadine : Oh yes I do!!!!

Tom took a photo of himself and sent it to his lover, barely believing he had the guts to do what he was doing. Nadine groaned as she opened the picture. The tight shorts hid little of a magnificent erection.

Nadine : oh, we’d better do something about this!!!

Tom : what do you mean?

Nadine : will you do everything I ask for?

Tom : huh?

Nadine : switch your cam on!

Tom did… for the first time they could see each other. But they could not talk, Tom did not want to be overheard by his wife and children, neither did Nadine by her own children.

Nadine wore a white silk nighty, the thin shoulder straps had fallen off her shoulders and Tom could see her hard nipples tensing under the material. She waved a kiss at him and typed

Nadine : Would you please stand up and show me how hard you are?

Tom did.

Nadine : Oh no, I meant I really want to see!!! Take these tight shorts off!

Tom hesitated for a few seconds, but then obeyed. His hard cock was now bobbing in front of the cam.

Nadine : mmmm… I so wish I was there to fondle it between my fingers!

Then Nadine took her camera and directed it downwards so that it showed Tom her thighs and abdomen. She lifted her nighty and revealed her shaved pussy. Tom’s cock twitched in front of his cam. Then he saw Nadine’s thin fingers reach for her pussy, caressing her labia, her wetness covering her fingers. And Tom did likewise, masturbating slowly in front of his cam for her pleasure. They synchronised their caresses and quickly drove each other to a powerful orgasm.

Tom : Oh my god, I never thought I could do this… I feel so good and so embarrassed!

Nadine : Don’t be – it was so exciting, so good to cum with you!!!

They met online four nights a week, when Nadine’s husband was away from home. Sometimes, they just chatted gently, caring about each other, often they shared their fantasies, fantasies that ended up with both of them masturbating together, sometimes with the cam. Nadine discovered that Tom was a potent lover the night they masturbated together and both came five times before ending the conversation, exhausted. Tom discovered that Nadine had a lot of sexual experience and knew how to drive him crazy. She even told him about her personal fetish : sodomy. Tom had never done it, but she turned him on so much on the subject, promising to initiate him, showing him her little rosebud and making him masturbate as she was fingering her little asshole.

Then one day it became more than just chat…

Chapter 2 : a few days ago


Tom : Hello my sensual Princess 🙂

Nadine : Hello my sexy Prince!

Tom : I have a customer close to where you live and have to come and see him next Monday afternoon…

Nadine : When are you arriving?

Tom : I’m driving on Sunday, and have to leave on Tuesday… that’s not much and a bit short notice, but I’d love to see you.

That was indeed short notice and Nadine had her husband at home on Sunday evenings. After a short discussion, Nadine decided she’d invite her lover at her place for diner and she’d introduce him to her family as an old friend from London, which was true.

Tom was feeling very awkward that Sunday eve. It was a warm summer eve and Tom had diner with his lover, her husband and two children. They ate and drunk nicely till midnight. Nadine teased Tom discretely whenever she could. The first hint was the dress she wore – it was the summer dress she was wearing on the first photo she’d sent Tom. Her husband had commented on her wearing an “old” dress, since it was from the previous summer, but Nadine did not care – she knew she was sexy, she knew Tom would love to see her dressed that way, and he surely did!

Once everyone was ready to go to bed, Tom shook hands with Nadine’s husband, wishing him a good week at work since he was leaving early in the morning and Nadine showed Tom to the guest bedroom. She’d been longing for a moment on her own with Tom all evening long, but she could not take any risk, her husband was in the house. But as she wished him goodnight, she could not resist placing her hand on his crotch, verifying she’d made him hard.

Nadine took the pretence of needing a shower after such a warm evening to release as silently as possible the sexual tension that had built all evening long – at last she was cumming within a few feet of her lover. On the other side of the house, Tom was also releasing his sexual tension in the guestroom shower. He then went to bed and tried to find sleep, which was quite difficult, to be honest, and at last he fell asleep topkapı escort around 3am.

He emerged from his sleep as he heard a soft rattle on his door. “Come in!” He’d replied spontaneously, without much thinking, and suddenly realised he was naked in bed, his pubis barely hidden by the bed sheets. It did not really matter, Nadine had already seen his manhood on her screen, but still, he felt slightly embarrassed. Nadine opened the door slowly and smiled at the sight of her Prince. Husband gone to work, children gone to friends, the man of her dreams was hers at last.

She walked in and sat on the edge of the bed. Once again, she had made an effort to build the sexual tension between them on past images : she wore the same white silk nighty she had worn the first night they had masturbated together. As she sat down, her nighty rode up her thighs, and Tom could smell the sweet musk of her wanting pussy. She leaned over him and after a soft “good morning my sweet prince”, she kissed him softly, sensually. She wanted him to wake up in the nicest way as possible.

She slid her hand under the bed sheet and her fingers met the most magnificent morning erection she could have dreamt off. Slowly she caressed him, squeezed him, making him moan in their kiss that became more and more passionate. Tom’s hand was already finding it’s way between her thighs, reaching for her freshly shaved pubis. She roared as his fingertip pressed on her clit. She grabbed both his hands and made him hold the bedhead, indicating she wanted to keep control of his and her pleasure.

Slowly Nadine moved her thin body so that she squatted above Tom’s head. She was preventing Tom from what he was aching for : licking and drinking her, but she could feel his warm breath on her wet labia, and he could scent the delicious perfume of her sex. She leaned over and slowly licked the drop of precum on Tom’s cock head, then all along his shaft, up and down. Mmmmm he tasted so good. She took him in her mouth and lowered herself on his mouth at the same time. She wanted to feel the reactions of her lover as she was voraciously sucking him. The deeper she took him, the louder he moaned on her pussy; the harder she sucked, the harder he pinched her clit between his lips. He held on tight to the bedhead, she had no mercy, making his pleasure rise then calming him down with an expert pressure below his balls, before sucking again passionately on his cock. Her hands were all over, caressing his thighs, his bottom, massaging his balls. He kept moaning on her clit, her juices dribbling on his face, and he drank her all he could. And suddenly he felt her finger penetrating his ass deeply and playing inside him. He could not hold anymore and let himself overcome with pleasure, blowing his warm semen deep into Nadine’s hungry mouth. The warm flood in her mouth made Nadine come instantly and she screamed through her mouthful, rubbing her pussy on Tom’s face.

They needed to catch up their breath. Both were panting. Nadine’s strength had left her and she lied on top of Tom, still holding his cock between her lips. She wanted Tom to be hard again for her, as soon as possible, and with soft caresses and precise licks she managed marvellously. Once she was sure her lover was hard again for her, she sat up and turned around to face him. She straddled him, rubbing her dribbling slit on his shaft. She leaned over him and kissed him feverishly. Both could taste the delicious mixture of their salivas and juices. She was rubbing her body on his, their sweaty skins slipped softly, she felt his shaft rubbing on her slit but most of all she wanted to feel it deep inside her. She lifted herself a bit, slid her hand between their bodies and grabbed his cock to guide it as Tom pushed with his hips. Slowly he penetrated her, her womb was hot, soft and slippery. She felt her pussy open to welcome his burning rod, she could feel every detail, every vein. Slowly she went along his shaft, wanting to make this moment last, kissing her lover with passion.

Then she shifted position. Being passionate is one pleasant thing, but she wanted to be wild. Without letting him out, she sat up in a crouching position, giving Tom a full view of his cock moving in and out of her dripping pussy. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her tiny breast. He played with her hard nipples as she started to ride him, moaning, panting and she suddenly came, screaming her pleasure and dripping her juices along his manhood. After a few moments, she looked up at him and softly roared “I’m not done with you yet, my prince!”. She lifted herself off Tom’s cock – it was all slippery with her juices, just like she wanted – and guided it to her little asshole, and using her sole weight, she slowly let him inside, giving him his first anal experience. It felt so tight to Tom, and he could feel that Nadine was playing with her muscles around his shaft. She was staring at him, taking care of his pleasure while taking an immense pleasure feeling him at last in her ass. She fingered her pussy while riding him slowly, caressing his cock with her fingers through her inner walls. Tom could not believe the sensations he was going through, his head was about to explode, and Nadine was enjoying that as much as the vigorous cock that was widening her ass. “Cum, cum inside me, cum for me my prince” she whispered. And he did, his all body exploded as he filled her ass with his cream, he was so breathless he could not even scream. The jets of boiling sperm deep in her ass made Nadine cum nearly simultaneously and she screamed for the two of them.

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