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Asshole Lick

This fantasy was inspired by a friend from an online game who has helped me live out some of my other fantasies, I am pretty sure he knows I’m talking about him so no names are needed ,) I also have to say that since some are unhappy with the wording of my past stories, my guy is helping me with this one and we are going to do as he says sensory overload. That means if your like me and like having to picture the things talked about in your head you may not appreciate this story as much as the people who want it all spelled out. Not slamming anyone, it’s not right or wrong either way, it’s just how people think.

* * * * *

Somewhat nervously I approach the front door of the bar Scootles, such an odd name but I have been told it is a very nice bar and there are usually a lot of people there. As I get closer I can hear AC/DC’s ‘Hells Bells’ making it’s muted way out, with a sigh of relief I realize it’s not some country bar and I won’t have to put up with trying to line dance and all those yeeehaw’s, though it does bring to mind the thought of what kind of a bar is it then. My hands shaking a bit I reach out and grab the brass bar on the old oaken door, trying to be almost black but mostly just being old, and pull the door open. I almost am pushed away by the almost physical blast of Hells Bells crashing into me, the thunderous music, the deep reverberating bass of it. Steeling myself against anything I can think of being in a bar, I step inside.

I am forced to stop there as my senses are sent reeling by the assaults of the bar smells. The smell of the peanuts, the popcorn, the beer, the hard stuff, the cigarettes, the thousands of different perfumes and after shaves all combine in my nostrils almost sending me reeling. The only thing saving me is the sight of the bar itself with all of it’s plush black leather bar stools, the seats perched atop the metal legs, though on these they are not the standard chromed steel or aluminum, these are the older brass models, the copper gold of them sending out waves of ‘sit on me, I am comfortable.’

Resisting the allure of the stools and the comfort they promise for a moment I look about the bar. The walls are arrayed with paintings and pictures, most of the paintings are of your basic painting variety, mountains and waterfalls, though there is one that just called to me, I couldn’t resist and wandered over to it. The painting itself was nothing out of the ordinary, just a mountain overlooking a lake with a small cottage. Then I got closer to it and really got to see it. It wasn’t just a mountain overlooking a lake with a small cottage, it was much more. The mountain itself was your general mountain, wide and pointy on top with the snow, but instead of stopping there, the artist has drawn paths going up, I saw a few mountain goats frolicking. Up near the top there was an eagles nest. In the forest around the lake I could see deer foraging, a bear walking along, several owls perched on tree’s, and a number of squirrels making their speedy way over and around the tree’s. The lake is full of fish, I can see one jumping in the air after a bug. I can make out more in the water, making their slow way through the underwater plants and sunken sticks.

What really draws my attention however is the cottage, I look upon it and feel my pussy moisten. I can’t figure out why at first, then I notice in the window you can see what looks to be two people kissing, his hands on her ass, hers wrapped around him, both of them look to be trying to push closer together.

I close my eyes for a moment, then they open with an almost audible snap as I feel a man’s mouth on mine, his tongue trying to worm it’s way into my mouth. Not exactly sure why I open my mouth as I look at him, his eyes closed. His nose pressing into my face as I look at him, all I can see is his closed eyes and forehead. His forehead is smooth, without blemish, his eyes look to be rather nice, but his hair really draws my attention, it is flowing over his head, a dark brown that speaks of the richness of the earth. After a moment I realize, not a hair is out of place so to speak, there is no general style to his hair, but it all flows over his head and down his back, hiding his ears under the full flowing cascade of his hair.

I can’t help but moan as he stops kissing me and backs up a little. I can see his face now in all it’s glory, and I want to pull him back to me, kiss him hard and run my fingers through that glorious hair. But I don’t, I stand there and gaze upon his face in wonder. His strong jaw jutting out from his face just right, not to far out and not thin, but full and just sticking a little past the rest of his face. His cheeks making a strong presence, not so much that his eyes seem to be sitting on two mountains like some men get done to themselves, but just showing themselves and receding again. His nose is there, not wide, or thin, just there is the best I can manage. His eyes on the other hand, I’m not sure I can describe beşevler escort them right, but I’ll try. His eyes are this wonderful bluish green, or greenish blue, if the light catches them just right they sparkle with gold. The look of them is enough to get me wet, but the look he is giving me has me dripping, my juices rolling down my thighs, my panties soaked through. In his eyes I can see a pure unadulterated lust for me, not the kind of lust where he wants to fuck you and go home, this is the lust of never ending love making, the lust of never wanting to be away from you, the lust that says screw it let’s run off somewhere and never leave.

In his eyes I can see us making wild passionate love, I can see him going down on me and loving my pussy with his tongue like no man ever has before. I can almost feel his tongue probing at me, licking up and down on me, sucking my clit into his mouth and rolling his tongue over it, I can feel his teeth touching my clit, not hard, not soft, just touching and nibbling. I can feel his finger going into me, slowly curling a little and moving in and out, and side to side. Oh I am so close to an orgasm, so close to screaming out his name and begging him to not stop, so close to everything.

I am startled as a hand falls on my shoulder, the man disappears, I no longer feel his tongue on me, his fingers in me. I can still feel my juices running down my legs however and I realize I was having a wet dream while awake. I turn to the person who put their hand on my shoulder and I see a woman. Not just any woman of course, she has red hair like me, unlike mine however hers goes to her shoulders and stops there. Part of her face is hidden beneath her red hair, the rest of what I can see is striking however, nary a freckle, but she has these blue eyes that seem to glow with their own light. Her nose is smallish, her cheeks are the kind that super models kill for and her lips are full and lush. I find myself wanting to take her home with me, but not tonight, tonight I am looking for hard cocks.

“I see you like the painting, though I’ve never seen anyone stand there that long, my name is Narru. Won’t be to many guys here for a half hour or so yet so why not come and sit with me Miss…?” I find myself falling into her voice, strong yet not overpowering, a woman’s dream voice, though there is a faint hint of something being suppressed.

“Emap, yes that sounds nice, I think I need to sit. Nice meeting you Narru.” I answer after a moment, the something bugging at me but I can’t put my finger on what it is.

As she turns and heads back to the bar, I can’t help but look at her, not as a woman looks at another woman, but as a man looks at a woman, appraising her. Oh sure I look at her miniskirt, a very nice dark red color, I see her shirt, formfitting and also the same dark red, arm less and turning into little more than a strip of cloth about the middle of her back up to her neck, I see a black leather belt, the one with the holes all the way around embossed with brass shined to a striking sparkle. I saw all of that, but what I was really looking at was her ass and body in general. She has this really nice little ass, no not heart shaped, pretty sure asses can’t really do that, but sticking out a little and firm as you please. I found myself wanting to just grab it and squeeze as I am on top of her grinding into her. Her body is one of those I spend 20 hours a week doing aerobics and I just love it bodies. I saw her breasts peeking out from her sides as she walks, just like two little kids hiding behind their mother and peeking around her to stare at the stranger.

I am forced to stop staring at her as she perches on the edge of a stool facing me before swiveling around to the bar. In that brief moment I got a chance to see her breasts, not as big as mine, perhaps C’s, but still very visible and handfuls. I also notice her shirt is low cut and showing off a large portion of her breasts. Her skin is the color of milk with vanilla added, she is light, but not never been in the sun white, more of a I know what the sun is but only see it sometimes color.

I sit beside her feeling more like a poor person out at a nice restaurant, my simple black mini with a black lace long sleeved shirt looking nothing as good as her clothing. I find myself thinking maybe I should go when her hand falls on my arm and she leans in.

“God I love that outfit, I wish I could look as good in it.” She whispers to me, except with the volume of the music it’s more a shout next to my ear.

“I think your outfit is better than mine, though I don’t think I could look anywhere as good in it.” I whisper back with a broad smile.

She starts laughing drawing me into her mirth and I laugh also at the silliness of it. Suddenly there is a drink at my elbow, startled I look at it then pick it up with a questioning look to the bartender. He tells me it is a scotch on büyükesat escort the rocks from the pretty lady next to me. I turn to find her holding up a drink of her own. Without realizing it I brought mine to hers and there is the clink of two glasses, taking a sip I lean into her again.

“How much do I owe you?”

“Don’t worry about it, in a little bit we won’t have to be buying drinks anyway, this is just for good luck.” She tells me with a wink.

“Oh I get it, your trying to get me drunk and have your way with me.” I loudly tell her giggling madly, trying but failing miserably to sound indignant.

Suddenly I realize the music had stopped and everyone in the bar is staring at me. Not to many there yet, mostly the bartender, a rather tall man with a little gut, but otherwise looking pretty handsome, a few older men, 50’s to 60’s I would guess sitting here and there, and the DJ sitting up above everyone else in a little booth, the headphones off his head. He is cute, his little mustache perched atop his mouth, his nose resting above that, a little to large for his face, but not so much that you just want to trim the sides. His cheeks not that pronounced but working well with the rest of him. His hair however was a curly mop resting atop his head, black as night but just screaming for a haircut. His little smirk however was so cute.

Suddenly his voice crashes into the room and he tells me that if you let her do you here you never will have to buy a drink here. That gets everyone laughing and I can’t help but join them, the whole thing is just that funny. Instead of feeling like a blonde I just feel like a stand up comic. Instead of cracking jokes however I turn back to Narru as Jewels ‘Do You Want To Play’ starts playing.

We talk like old friends for a while, never really saying anything but having a great time anyway until a man comes up to me and asks me for a dance. I look at him for a minute, seeing his tousled dirty blonde hair, his handsome face, the little pockmarks on his cheeks that speak of a bad time with zits as a younger man, and I take his hand and stand up. We make our way to the dance floor and start dancing to George Thoroegood’s ‘Born To Be Bad.’ At this time I get to see all of him, his thin body, arms that have meat to them, but nothing defined. I also get to see he is wearing a pair of surfer shorts, those Hawaiian shorts that are so big two can fit in them, they also have a rather large zipper to them, makes it easier to get done without him taking them off. His shirt is one of those T-shirts with a band on them, except on his the band is more or less removed it is so old.

Usually I would make him get lost, but I am horny and just want to dance, among other things of course, but right then dancing was the thing on my mind, so we danced. He wasn’t the greatest of dancers, he moved well, but he didn’t seem to have a rhythm, with the music or of his own. The song ends and a new one starts up, this time it’s not one I know, but it is slow. Taking the initiative I move closer to him and wrap my arms around him. After a moment he does the same and we sway to the music, except the difference between us and I assume the rest of the dancers, his cock is pressing into me. At first I just ignore it, but the movement of us dancing to the slow music cause him to move around against me and turns me on even more than I was, I find myself reaching down between us and unzipping him. Reaching my hand into his shorts I grab ahold of his cock, realizing he isn’t wearing underwear.

My hand rubbing his cock he puts his head to my chest and moans into my breasts, at this point I realize he is actually a little shorter than I am, and he should be able to fill me up without anyone noticing or any bending. I knew I shouldn’t, but I did it anyway, I pulled his cock out of his shorts, ran my hand under my skirt and slid my panties to the side, thankful I had worn a lace G-string today. Pulling his hand to my skirt I get him to hold it up while my hand grabs him again and lines his cock up with me, then slowly sink down it partway, we both move our hands, then I sink down the rest of the way I could get it in me.

So there I was taking this guys hard cock into me on the dance floor, still sorta moving to the music. I could tell he didn’t have to much for a cock, about average is my guess, not easy to tell like that, without wrapping my legs around him or spreading them wide he could only get about 4 inches in me, luckily for me I didn’t care, I was pretty close to cumming on him as it was. At first he didn’t really move much, just swayed with me to the music, I had to put my hands on his hips and pull him back a little then pull him back into me. He got the idea shortly and started doing it himself, not that much in and out, but combined with the swaying motion it was enough for me, I was coming on his cock after about a minute, my juices running down my çankaya escort legs in little rivulets, my moan almost silenced by his shoulder. It wasn’t a big orgasm, but it was enough to satisfy me for the moment, the music still playing I just left him in me, I couldn’t be mean and leave him like that after all, I owed him an orgasm after he gave me one. OK, yes I did pity him, I am pretty sure he didn’t get much action usually.

We just kept moving, I was hoping he would cum in me before the music stopped, I was actually about ready to tell him to cum in me when he did. I had to bite my lip to keep from groaning as his cock turned into a hose and his hot cum shot into me. I could feel it mixing with my own cum in me, his hot seed spreading out to every bit of my insides. He was groaning into my shoulder as his cum shot into me, his little mewling sounds at the very end of his orgasm was so cute, I actually thought about taking him home with me, then I thought of Narru again and that thought was banished. As his cock deflated I moved back a little and straightened out my G-string so his cum wouldn’t trickle down my legs then put him back in his shorts and zipped him best I could as the song ended.

‘Thanks hun, I need to use the ladies room and sit, but it was a very nice dance.” I tell him before kissing him on the cheek and walking to the bathrooms.

Inside I head into the farthest stall shut and lock the door before dropping my G-string and taking them off as I sat on the toilet. After I am done relieving myself I reach for a wad of toilet paper and rub myself, trying to get his cum out of me. Instead of just doing that however, I find myself touching my lips in a sensuous manner, the paper forgotten as I think back on the painting and the man it led me to think of, Narru and her gorgeousness, even the man and our little fucking on the dance floor. Soon I found myself spreading my legs, my fingers finding their own way into me. I could feel his cum in me along with more of my own juices than I figured. It took me a second to realize my thoughts were not on all the things I had started thinking about, but on Narru, and only Narru. As I realize this my juices start flowing even more and my fingers really start to make the slurping sounds of a wet pussy getting fucked.

Of their own accord my fingers move in me faster, my juices now dripping out of me into the toilet as my thoughts turn more to Narru. I can see her in my mind walking away from me again, her firm ass wobbling back and forth seductively before me, her handful breasts peeking around the sides of her at me as she walks to the bar and her seat. I see her sitting on the edge of the stool again, her wonderful body facing me, her perk breasts pointing at me, except this time, she doesn’t just talk to me, she spreads her legs and reaches over to my shoulder and pulls me down to her. On my knees before her I just want to worship her body and lean in slowly to do just that.

To my delight I find she is panty less and shaven, not missing a beat I lean in farther and blow on her wet lips, moving my mouth around the warm air I am blowing softly on her moving around in kind, and she is squirming in her seat. I feel her hands on the back of my head drawing me into the very place I most want to go. My tongue reaches her and I get a slight taste of her, savoring the flavor for a moment I decide I love the taste of her and proceed to devour her, her taste of olives and pomegranate while sounding terrible is totally delicious. While I am seeing all of this in my mind, her taste actually faintly detectable on my tongue, my fingers are going to town on my pussy. Two fingers inside me, my thumb on my clit rolling it back and forth. My other hand is busy squeezing and pulling on my nipples through my black lace shirt.

I can feel it building up in me, a very nice orgasm, my juices almost a stream dripping into the toilet when I hear my name being called. I freeze for a second, my fingers still in me and on my nipples, well my left nipple at the time, I can feel myself drying out as I hear someone coming into the ladies room. I am a rather shy person, the things I do may say otherwise, but I usually insist on taking someone to a private place with a bed before I take them.

With the person now standing before the stall I am in I finally find my voice and emit a quiet little yes. A pair of hands appear on top of the stall, knowing what would come after that I drop my hand from my breasts and grab a handful of toilet paper again. Using that to clean myself and my other hand I act surprised when Narru’s head appears above the stall as well as her hands.

“Ah there you are, I hope your all clean cause Ben wants to talk to you, oh he’s the bartender.” She tells me, her voice again causing me to become lost in the swirls and eddies of it.

“OK, why?” I ask her after a moment.

“I think he noticed what you did on the dance floor to.” Narru tells me, a wide smile on her face and a wink in her eye.

Turning at least 8 shades of red as I walk out of the stall, my G-string now in my purse, I walk over to the sinks to wash my hands and check my makeup, my eyes on the ground the entire way. Narru walks up behind me and peers at my face over my shoulder in the mirror as I turn it this way and that checking on my makeup.

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