Natalie 02: Casual date

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Warm water dripped from Natalie’s body as she stepped out of her shower cabin, her bare feet touching a towel that had been laid out on the floor to soak up the drops. Her usually curly, dark brown hair was slick against her neck and shoulders, and she walked on fit, slender legs towards the misty bathroom mirror. Wrapping another towel around her curvy body, she rubbed away some of the mist on the mirror so she could see her face. She still looked young at the age of 34, and had a youthful, almost innocent face. Dark brown glimmering eyes and perky full lips betrayed her sexual nature, however.

She thought about her upcoming date. The time was approaching steadily, and Natalie was hopelessly horny. Her pussy was still twitching from rubbing out a couple of quick orgasms before the shower. If the guy she was meeting was decently cute and not a complete asshole, she decided that she would probably fuck him. Probably. He looked good in his pictures on the dating app, but you never knew how it could end up in real life. Natalie had a lot of experience with these things by now.

After putting on some light makeup and drying her hair, Natalie exited the bathroom and walked naked into her bedroom to pick out an outfit for the date. As she had matter-of-factly decided for herself that fucking was probably going to happen, she needed some underwear that would fit the occasion. She sat down at the edge of the bed and put her bare feet through a pair of black lace panties, pulling them up her slender legs to her crotch. She could feel the soft fabric sticking against her still wet pussy, as the panties barely covered the neatly trimmed strip of dark pubic hair above it. Then she found the matching black lace bra, and clasped it on behind her back.

For the rest of the outfit, she decided to go with something simple, but elegant. On top, she put on a tight black blouse. It could be slightly sheer in the right light setting, but for the most part, it covered up just about everything, while still allowing the outline of her breasts and waistline be on display. On her legs, she pulled on a pair of slim fit blue jeans. Once again, they did not show any skin, but they did a good job of showing off the slenderness of her legs, and her perky butt. She put on a simple pair of white ankle socks, and walked out into the hallway.

There, she stepped into a pair of black leather zip-up boots with 2-inch heels that went up to her knees. Natalie really liked that pair, wearing them made her feel sexy and confident. She bent over to zip them up, then walked over to check herself out in the hallway mirror.

She looked good, she decided. Her hips looked a bit wider than it used to, and her stomach was a little bit pudgy, but she decided not to worry about that tonight. After all, she was going out to get laid, and if the guy didn’t like those things about her, he could figure that out for himself. The boots gave her an extra 2 inches of height, and an aura of dominant confidence. They made her legs look like well-sculpted spires, although she was a woman of decidedly average height.

She ordered a ride to the venue they were going to meet up at using an app on her phone, and sat down laying out a basic game plan for the night while waiting for it to arrive.

The ride dropped her off at the venue of the date. It was a bar she had been to once or twice years ago, she remembered it as being fairly low key and laid back, with mostly smaller groups of people conversing amongst themselves. The crowd was mixed, a bit on the younger side. Urban hipsters, students, and the like mixed with middle aged couples out on their date nights. The bar was called “Rosemary’s”, presumably after the bushes of wild rosemary that grew below the windows in the dirt that lined the building’s red brick wall.

Natalie opened the thick wooden door and entered. Low volume pop rock music was in the air, probably some band the local twenty year olds liked. She looked around the room. It was kind of L-shaped, with a bar that went around the inner part of it. The bar was as one might expect, lined with taps of beer, cider, and soft drinks, with glasses hanging low from the ceiling and plenty of kitch stapled to the wall behind it. Much like the rest of the wall in the venue, Natalie noticed as she scanned it, looking for her date. The place was not very busy at the moment, which gave it a peaceful atmosphere. Dark wooden tables of varying sizes in the middle, and booths with fake leather benches along the outer wall. She found him sitting at a booth near the entrance.

He was slumped over a bit, staring at his phone. In white sneakers and slim fit jeans, and a black somewhat low-cut V-necked t-shirt on his torso, he looked to be about six feet tall, with a slim build. His face was smooth and youthful, with tanned skin, under a head of curly black hair. Natalie remembered that he was quite young, but not exactly how. It said somewhere in his profile. Early 20s. At least he looked as hot şerifali escort as he advertised himself to be, if not more. There was a drink on the table already. Big glass of beer. He looked up from his phone as Natalie approached, and looked a bit surprised at first, before turning his face into a smile.

“You’re Jake, right? I’m Natalie. Didn’t get a drink for me huh?” She said coyly, and placed herself at the edge of the table, looking expectanty at the young man before her.

“You must be Natalie. Are you uh, always this late?” He asked, without getting up to hug her or even give her a handshake. She had arrived a few minutes after they had agreed to meet. Jake leaned back in the booth, raising his elbows as if to rest them on the railing behind him. There wasn’t any there. He flushed a bit and put his hands on the table in front of him, then gave Natalie an equally expectant look as she had given him.

“…Right. It is nice to meet you too, Jake” She said, and sat down in the booth on the opposite side. She looked at his ands, and scanned him all the way up to his dark eyes. They appeared to be deep in thought, and his arms were as strong as his demeanor was awkward. “I’ll just order my drink when the bar staff comes by. So… how are you doing?”

Jake all but startled himself out of whatever thought process he was sunken into. “Great. Had a great day so far. Let’s see if hanging out with you makes it better or worse, right?” He leaned back and put on a face of too much confidence, trying to maintain eye contact with Natalie, who was looking as perplexed as ever as to what he was trying to do, or perhaps who he was trying to be. He reminded her of some men she had dated in her past, especially when she was in her early 20s dating men around that age. Jake was around there, and was clearly doing the whole cocky-and-confident charicature of dating clichès. Natalie could not figure out why he felt like he had to, as he was quite hot. Inexperience, she guessed, as she tried to figure out which direction to take this in.

“Yes. Let’s see” Natalie responded dryly. She would have to take the lead on this one, she figured. The guy was hot but was clearly not going to make this a fun one without some direction. If she could make him stop acting like a dickhead and relax a bit, he could be a decent enough lay for the night, she decided. Her pussy was still aching from before, craving to be ravaged by somebody.

A moment later, what appeared to be one of Rosemary’s staff walked up to their booth. A young woman with auburn hair, a bit shorter than Natalie, wearing a casual outfit consisting of a black polo, blue jeans, and white sneakers. She was slim, with small perky breasts, and Natalie noticed how Jake was attempting to subtly scan her body from head to toe. She was cute, Natalie thought, and seemed to be quite cheerful. “Can I get you anything?” She asked Natalie with a smile.

“Just a glass of white wine, please. Nothing too fancy” Natalie placed her order, and the cute waitress wandered off to the bar, without taking any notes. At least it was a simple order, and hopefully it would arrive soon, since Natalie felt like she could definitely use some alcohol for this one. Her young, awkward stud of a date didn’t seem to so much as try to hide his ogling of the waitress’ body, and Natalie felt herself get a bit jealous through all the annoyance at her present company. He better not make this one complicated by flirting with the waitress, she heard herself think. It was supposed to be an easy one.

“Okay… So, what do you do, Jake?” Natalie turned to her date and asked with half genuine, half feigned curiosity. She wasn’t expecting anything too exciting from a guy his age, and in this case, she didn’t really care. Keeping the mood light with some casual small talk was her main intention, though his answer might tell her something about who he is as a man. She looked at him with her best attempt at a non-threatening but curious face.

Jake look at her with intense dark eyes. “What do I do? That’s a weird question to ask, don’t you think? So many girls just want to know what you ‘do’, like your career, you’re not one of them are you? So many girls I’ve met I mean. I mean I’ve met many girls” he rambled off at a slightly too quick pace. He maintained his eye contact, but the tension in his face made it obvious how lost in thought he was, as if struggling not to beat himself up for the word salad he had just spit out.

Natalie fixed him with a discerning glare. She was frozen for several seconds, trying to figure out how to best disarm this guy before he managed to talk himself out of getting laid. “I’m sure you have” she finally said, with a smile on her face that she was trying her damndest to make sure was not too condescending. She had decided to put on the “nice and harmless” act for a while to see if it would result in her date lowering his overly-confident guard. “I silivri escort guess it’s up to you to decide what that means. People can do a lot of things, right? There’s work, there’s hobbies…” she trailed off, hoping that a normal conversation would start soon.

Her date looked lost in thought for a few seconds, before grinning and going on a tirade about a business idea for some kind of digital billboard that would show advertisements depending on who was around to see it. To Natalie, it sounded improbable at best, and vaguely dystopian at worst. At some point during a long winded explanation of how all that was left was finding the right investors, the cute waitress appeared with a decently sized glass of white wine. Natalie took deep sips from it, hoping that it would help her endure the onslaught of juvenile arrogance, bad ideas, and worse presentation.

She decided that if the date were to turn out as she had planned, with her eager pussy getting pounded by a hot guy, she would have to take some real action. She politely excused herself to go to the bathroom, and gave Jake a sly smile that sent his face into a tangle of confusion for a brief second. Spotting the ladies and gents’ sign hanging in the ceiling, and got up from her side of the booth to walk towards it, her heeled boots beating against the wooden floor of Rosemary’s.

The ladies’ room was a simple affair, two almost identical stalls equipped with toilets, sinks, and mirrors, separated by walls and covered by full doors for privacy. They were both empty, so Natalie picked the one on the left and entered. She grabbed the sink and looked at herself in the mirror with a deep sigh. She was good looking, and he was hot. Why did he have to be so difficult? Could he not just read her mind, relax and have a normal conversation for a while, and then take her somewhere and fuck her brains out?

She pulled down her jeans and panties to her knees in one swoop, and moved her right hand down to her pussy, resting the palm against the strip of pubic hair on her mound. Her index and ring finger moved up and down her outer lips a few times while she looked at her thoughtful face in the mirror. Still sopping wet. Her middle finger found her hard little nub of a clit poking out from under its hood. She pressed on it and saw herself bite her lip in the mirror, as if to stop herself from moaning. The bathroom was empty, so she allowed herself a little whimper. A mix of frustration and arousal overwhelmed her desire to be caution around this hot but weird new guy, and she could feel her clit twitch back against her finger a couple of times, to let her know what her body thought about the situation.

The glass of wine that Natalie had ordered was well over half empty already, and she could feel her bladder filling up. She sat down on the toilet with her elbows on her bare knees and let out a stream of pee. The relief felt good and cleared her mind a bit. Figuring that the “nice and harmless” act would put the ball in Jake’s court, which would most likely lead nowhere near where Natalie intended, she decided that it was time to take charge of the situation. After some deliberation, the “honest and direct” act seemed like the one that would garner the best results. Past experience had shown that it was a bit of a gamble, mostly with shy guys, but it was the only one that seemed like it would actually go anywhere.

Returning to the booth, Natalie could see that both of their drinks were not far from empty, and that her hot idiot of a date was absent-mindedly staring at his phone, like before. She let herself enjoy the view of his curly dark hair and broad shoulders for a few seconds, before sitting down opposite of him, putting her hands on the edge of the table, and giving him a stern look right in his dark, youthful eyes. He looked up from his phone with a perplexed look on his face, which forced Natalie to hold back a smirk at what she was about to do.

“Jake, I want to be straight forward with you.” He raised an eyebrow. She smiled slightly. “You’re hot. I don’t know if you know this, but you are. And yet, for some reason, you are acting like a dumbass. It’s quite a turnoff. I know what you want. I’ve met guys before. I need to know that you can be normal and relaxed. So, if you could just chill out for a bit, we can have a nice conversation, and then go somewhere else and do… something else.” She made sure to pause after every sentence. Jake made no attempt to interrupt her, seeming quite dumbstruck at first. He was frozen quiet for a few very long seconds, and Natalie could see the gears grinding behind his glazed over eyes.

Finally regaining his composure, Jake opened his mouth as if to respond, only managing to produce some sounds that vaguely sounded like the first syllables of some common words. A few half-syllables later, he managed to speak some actual words. “Yeah… I… It’s… I’m not sure what to say. But I like şirinevler escort the honesty, I like that in a girl” he said, seemingly having come up with an attempt to shift the power back to himself. Natalie just looked at him, somehow trying to telepathically communicate that he was doing the thing he’s not supposed to be doing, and to please stop doing the thing. He sighed. “I mean, you’re older, you seem to have your shit together, and you’re… hot, too. I guess I just wanted to make it seem like no big deal to be here with you, you know?” He looked somewhat defeated, and Natalie let her smile show a bit more. That had gone just as she had hoped.

“There you go. Now, let’s try this again. What do you do, Jake?” she asked, and gave him an expectant look. He leaned back in his booth, and his broad shoulders seemed to relax. He swallowed, gave himself a few seconds to think, and answered. He told her that he was 22 years old, and an entrepreneur of sorts. Not a very successful or proactive one, he admitted. Right now, he was mostly working odd jobs to pay for his small apartment in the outskirts of town, and learning web development on his own. He even asked her the same question in return, to keep the conversation going.

The awkward tension from the beginning of the date seemed to be dissipating, while a new one was rising. This one was a lot less awkward, and instead pleasurable and exciting. They ordered another round of drinks from the same cute waitress as before, and this time Jake got an alcohol free beer, mentioning that he would be driving later. Natalie ordered another glass of white wine. Her body was still full of anxiety from the power move she had pulled, and she could use some help relieving it.

From then on, the conversation flowed freely. They made mostly casual small talk, discussing their lives and what they liked to do in their free times. Natalie even found herself laughing at some of Jake’s jokes, even if a couple of them were uninentional. The cold, faux-aloof douchebag from before was gone entirely, replaced by an almost sweet young man. Seeing him relaxed and smiling made him look so much hotter than before. She was sure it was the wine, but Natalie couldn’t help but squirm in her seat a bit, allowing herself to enjoy the moment, and get lost in Jake’s big dark eyes as well as the haze of tipsiness that was building from within.

Something else was building from within too, and Natalie realized that she was no longer listening to what Jake was saying. Her elbow was up on the table, and she was resting her chin in her hand, looking at her date with eyes that were most likely starting to glaze over. The sight of his broad shoulders and strong arms, and his youthful but masculine face with the dark eyes and curly hair made her mind race, and her thoughts alerted her of her original purpose of coming here. The change of tone, and likely the alcohol as well, had made her feel a lot more comfortable being there. The anxiety from the initial part of the date was gone, which allowed her sexual nature to take back over, and she started squirming more as she felt herself getting hotter. She wanted to be fucked, and it was time to do something about that.

Natalie raised her right leg under the table, and planted a booted foot on the bench Jake was sitting on, right in between his legs. She continued to look at his eyes, with her head still resting in her hand. He looked down at the black leather boot, and slowly back up, meeting Natalie’s gaze. “So… About going somewhere else, and doing something else… What do you think?” she asked him with a smile.

Jake looked startled for a few seconds, appearing to be come visibly nervous. His dark eyes glazed over again as he lost himself in thought. Natalie felt tense with her leg stretched out, anticipating his answer with a mix of excitement and nervosity. He took a deep breath. “Do you have something in mind?” he asked, and seemed to try his best to relax.

The smile on Natalie’s lips turned slightly more mischievous. She did have something in mind, she’d had that all along. She tipped the glass back, finishing the remainder of her wine, and put her foot back down on the floor. “I have an idea” she said, trying to make it sound like she had just thought of it. “Let’s get a hotel room downtown. We can split the cost. Are you in?” The anticipation grew within Natalie, and she felt herself getting tense. Her heart was racing with excitement, and her pussy was getting even hotter than before, almost throbbing with desire. She knew what she wanted, all she needed was for Jake to play along a bit longer.

“Alright. Let’s do it.” Jake responded much faster than Natalie had expected. He seemed to rise up slightly in his seat, his chiseled chest puffing out as his broad shoulders moved back. This was genuine confidence and excitement, she could tell, completely different from the stiffness she had been met with at first. He seemed hotter and hotter as they got up to go pay at the bar counter. The cute waitress was there again to receive their payment, and Natalie could have sworn that she saw a knowing smile on her face. Natalie found her thoughts taking increasingly sexual turns, wondering if the waitress would finger herself later that night to the image of them, knowing what they would be doing in a short amount of time.

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