Natalie’s House 1st Time Fuck Four

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Welcome to Natalie’s House.

This is a direct follow up to NATALIE’S HOUSE: FIRST TIME FUCK and NATALIE’S HOUSE: FIRST TIME FUCK TWO, and NATALIE’S HOUSE: FIRST TIME FUCK THREE. This story will make much more sense if you read those three first.

In September of 2021 I ran a contest for this series, seeking user ideas for the further adventures of Natalie, Noah, and myself. This story features some of the winning submission.

Big thanks to gforce746 for his winning story ideas!

Also thank you to everyone who submitted ideas! I’ll try to incorporate as many as I can into stories going forward. (Lots of people suggested the same things, which proves that great perverts think alike!)

In this series I’m visiting my friend Natalie, and the two of us are introducing her virginal nephew to the wonders of sex. This story features aunt/nephew incest, lesbian play, and a healthy dose of three-way sex.

The stories I write about visiting Natalie are often experimental for me, featuring kink and fetish play.

FRIDAY NIGHT DELIGHT was my first one and featured both peeing and spit play. It features Natalie and me, but isn’t required reading to appreciate this series, so feel free to avoid it unless you’re into spitting/peeing as part of sex play.

As with most things that I write this story takes place in a happy alternate reality where people don’t worry about pandemics, std’s, or the need for birth control.


Natalie: A single woman that I met online a few years ago. She and I have begun a lesbian relationship.

Noah: A twenty-one-year-old who lost his virginity just last night to Emily. He’s a college senior, and Natalie’s nephew.

Isabella Emily: Yours truly, a wife, a writer, a pervert, a pleasure seeker, and your humble escort through this story.

As always I enjoy your comments and private messages here on Literotica.




“As long as I’m sitting here hand me one of those bottles while one of you starts eating my pussy.” I said softly. “You’ve both left me out so far and I need to cum really bad.”

Natalie sat up and picked up a bottle of water.

She grinned at me.

“Come here Noah.” She said softly. “You’re going to help Aunt Natalie eat this dirty lady’s cunt.”



Natalie crawled across the floor towards me, her face still shiny with a combination of my spit, her spit, and her nephew’s hot cum.

I sat in her easy chair with one leg draped over each arm, my throbbing cunt on full display to both Natalie and Noah.

Noah moved up beside his aunt, I felt a surge of lustful need pulse through me. Not only was I about to be sexually pleasured, but I was about to be sexually pleasured by two mouths at the same time.

One of them belonged to the best cunt licker I had ever encountered in my life.

The other was about to learn about cunnilingus from her.

“Noah,” Natalie said, “an ability to tongue a pussy up to the point of arousal, and then from arousal to orgasm, and then through that orgasm and back to arousal, is a skill that will allow your sex life to satisfy you in every way.”

“She’s right.” I chimed in. “A woman can forgive you for cumming too fast, or for not being able to get hard again. Those things happen to every guy once in a while. But if you can use your tongue the way she needs she’ll do much more than forgive. She’ll repay.”

“Your tongue,” Natalie continued, reaching out to stroke my wet cunt lips, “can make her forget about cock, other men, other women, and even her own name if you know how to use it.”

She leaned forward and kissed my labia, and I felt a tiny series of erotic sparks go off deep inside me.

“Besides,” she said, “the best way to talk a lady into trying something kinky, is to ask her either right before or right after a body-numbing orgasm.”

She licked her tongue up and down my lips, and I closed my eyes and moaned, feeling the wet heat of her mouth against my slippery opening.

“Come closer.” I heard her say softly, and I felt her lips moving against my sensitive flesh.

I opened my eyes and saw Noah right next to Natalie, both of their faces nearly touching each other and my cunt.

“Can you smell her?” Natalie asked.

“Yes.” Said Noah. “I kind of like it.”

“Every woman smells different.” Natalie said. “And the hornier you are, the better the scent of her cunt will seem to you.”

I felt her fingers dip into my hole, and I moaned softly, feeling a fresh flood of arousal spill out as her soft fingers penetrated me.

I felt her swirl her fingers around and then pull them away, pushing them to Noah’s mouth.

“Every woman has a unique taste as well.” She told him. “And one of the quickest ways to turn a woman off is to react like you don’t love the way her horny pussy tastes.”

He was greedily licking my secretions off her fingers. He either loved the taste or he was putting on an award-winning performance.

She moved her hand to the back of his neck and guided him closer to my opening. Both of their mouths were just Lefkoşa Escort inches from me.

“Right now you won’t have to worry about her being aroused, because she is already.” She told him, pushing a finger into my hole again. “But don’t ever neglect foreplay.”

“That’s the thing I’m unsure of.” He said.

“What exactly are you unsure of?” Natalie asked him.

“How long should foreplay last?” He responded.

“As long as it needs to.” She told him. “Your partner will let you know when she’s ready. Even if you’re sure it’s enough, wait until she communicates that she’s ready for more.”

She leaned in and licked at my slit, slowly dragging her wet tongue along my lips and causing me to shudder and groan.

She took her fingers and spread my pussy open gently, and I felt her feather a soft kiss against my sensitive opening.

“Give me your finger.” Natalie whispered.

I watched Noah extend his index finger and Natalie wrapped her hand around his, pulling his finger to her mouth and sucking it briefly, before holding it to her tongue and letting a string of her saliva roll onto his fingertip.

She guided his hand to my cunt, pulling his finger all along my lips and my opening, letting him feel my slippery arousal and the needy heat pulsing from my cunt.

“And this,” she said, pushing my lips open with her own fingers, “is her clitoris.”

I felt his finger lightly move back and forth over my sensitive button, and I shuddered as my hips rolled on the chair cushion.

“Oh fuck yeah.” I whispered, feeling pure lust wash over me.

“Keep in mind that the part of the clitoris you can see and feel and lick is only the tip of it.” She told him.

I felt his hot breath on my clit for a heartbeat, and then his tongue touched it and began to lap up and down.

“It actually extends a few inches further back inside her.” She continued her tutorial. “The better you treat the tip, the deeper she’ll feel the pleasure up in her body.”

She pushed his face against me and his tongue began to lick up and over my engorged clit, over and over.

I reached down and put my hand on his head, feeling the beginning of an orgasm start throbbing deep in my belly.

“Yeah.” I moaned. “Just like that Noah. Good boy.”

His tongue began to flick in a different rhythm and I tapped his head with my hand.

“Not like that.” I groaned. “What you were doing before was better.”

His tongue returned to his previous rhythm, and I pushed myself against his mouth with another moan.

“The exact same touch over and over at the same speed and with the same intensity is what builds a woman’s orgasm.” Natalie said to him softly. “She’ll tell you when she needs it softer or firmer, or faster or slower.”

“But not all women will tell me that, right?” he asked.

“Some won’t.” she admitted. “Either they’re embarrassed or unsure about what they need. That’s why communication is important. Tell them before you start that you’re willing to do whatever they need as long as long as they tell you.”

Her fingers were dancing along my inner thigh, and I took another deep shuddering breath as the pleasure built inside me.

“And if at some point you’re not completely sure what the woman you’re licking prefers,” Natalie said softly, “just ask her.”

“Is this good?” Noah asked me. “Should I keep going?”

“Just like that baby.” I purred. “That feels so fucking delicious.”

Natalie moved up and kissed me, her mouth hot and intense against mine, her probing tongue pushing against mine as her nephew licked wet pleasure against my pulsing clit.

She pulled away, licking my mouth one last time before dropping to lick my stiff nipple.

I grabbed a fistful of her hair as I felt an arc of pleasure move through my breast as her mouth worked on it.

More orgasmic pressure pushed against me from the inside, as their tongues assaulted me.

She slid down, licking my stomach and kissing my belly button, settling her mouth against my inner thigh where she kissed and licked while her fingers began to lightly touch my dripping pussy lips.

“If your jaw or tongue starts to get tired,” Natalie said to Noah, “you can always use your fingers for a bit. Even though you’re pleasuring her, you should be enjoying this too.”

I felt his finger slip over my clit, replacing his tongue with the same soft and steady rhythm.

“Oh Noah.” I moaned. “You are so fucking amazing.”

He grinned and dipped his mouth down so he could push his tongue against my wet opening, tasting my dripping juices.

I closed my eyes as I felt his mouth return to my clit. I pushed against him again, feeling my insides twist with need.

“More.” I begged. “Don’t stop licking.”

He increased the pressure of his tongue against my clit without altering his speed. This young man was rapidly approaching expert level.

“That looks so fucking good.” Natalie whispered to him. “Women can always tell when you love tasting their cunt and when you’re just going through the motions.”

He moaned Girne Escort hungrily against my clit, and I felt a flutter in my belly as my body tensed.

“Pay attention to her whole body.” Natalie told him. “Even if she doesn’t say anything, her body will tell you lots about what you should be doing and how fast you should be doing it.”

I felt her fingers on my ass, and I fought the urge to beg for him to finish me off quickly. He needed to learn how to prolong this, and I knew that the longer my body held the orgasm off, the more powerful it would be.

“Remember what I told you about the clit being bigger than just the tip?” she asked him. “Push your finger in about two inches against the top of her hole while you lick her.”

I felt his finger slide into my opening, and then press against my g-spot.

“Oh fuck yes!” I said loudly. “Fuck fuck fuck yes!”

My clit was being stimulated from two directions, by his finger under it, and his tongue on top, and Natalie’s fingers were inching closer to my anal opening.

I reached down and put both hands back on Noah’s head, holding him in place as his mouth worked against my throbbing clitoris.

I felt another finger probe into my hole, and I suddenly realized it was Natalie, getting her finger slippery.

No sooner had I figured out her plan than I felt her fingertip push against my asshole, and then she was inside that tight hole and I felt my entire body clench.

“Oh fuck yes.” I moaned again. “It’s getting closer.”

“Okay honey,” Natalie whispered, “slow down a bit. She’s really close and this is the perfect place to keep her for a bit.”

Her finger remained in my anus, and she didn’t move it, but I knew she was aware of how intense the feeling of its presence was.

Noah slowed his tongue down, and his finger went still against my g-spot.

“Oh.” I moaned, pulling on his head. “Oh please. Fuck please!”

“Slow and easy.” Natalie whispered. “Let her feel her orgasm before it starts. Keep her right on the edge.”

His tongue lapped up over my clit in an agonizingly slow lick, and then broke contact for a few seconds before touching lightly against my lips and slowly licking up again.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.” I groaned.

I felt my pleasure grow and throb and push and pull within me, all while remaining just out of reach.

“Emily and I want this to be a learning experience for you, so you shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions if you want to.” Natalie said wiggling her finger just a fraction of an inch.

I took in a long shuddering breath, realizing that the two of them were in more control of my orgasm than I was.

I suddenly felt his mouth move away as his fingers began dancing against my slippery lips and over my clit. I closed my eyes and felt my need for an orgasm grow.

“How about you Emily?” he asked, rising up to flick his tongue against my nipple. “What kind of orgasm would you like right now more than anything?”

“Oh sweet fuck.” I moaned. “I want it all. I’ll cum however Natalie decides I should, but right now I want it all.”

He leaned over and kissed my lips softly, his finger pushing deeper into me. I tasted my own arousal on his mouth, and my tongue licked against the taste, feeling my body respond with hunger.

“Slow down you two.” Natalie said, moving towards the hallway.

I reached down for Noah’s cock, and found it improbably rock hard again.

As consumed with need as I was, I made a mental promise to myself that this would not be the last twenty-one year old that I let fuck me.

“Lay down on the mattress Emily.” Natalie said. “We’re not done exploring your edge quite yet.”

I turned towards her voice and saw why she had gone down the hall. She’d gotten one of her vibrators from her bedroom. It was a small bullet sized one, with a long slim handle.

She’d used it on me one other time, and the feeling of it gently buzzing in and on my anus was heavenly.

I climbed off of the chair and crawled onto the mattress, putting myself in the center of it on my back with my legs spread.

I closed my eyes and smiled, feeling my body quiver with its needs to orgasm. This was a feeling that I wished could last forever.

I felt both of them join me on the mattress, and thrilled to the feeling of Natalie climbing on top of me with her head above my cunt.

Without opening my eyes I felt her straddle my head, and I reached up and wrapped my arms around her thighs, pulling her pussy to my mouth.

I could still taste the tangy flavor of Noah’s cum mixed in with her aroused cream that coated my tongue as I pushed it along her lips.

I felt her hot breath on my own sensitive hole, and her tongue touched my lips, over and over as she flicked it against them, tasting me all over.

I felt my clit throb as she flicked her tongue against it and then licked, and I rolled my hips with need.

“Make me cum.” I begged, licking at her dripping hole. The taste of her cunt pulled me closer to my own orgasm.

“Not yet.” She said. “I want Noah to see Magosa Escort how close you can get before losing control.”

I felt more fingers on my thighs, and I shuddered as I realized that Noah was down there with his aunt, both of them inches from my cunt and focused on my pleasure.

“Come here Noah.” I heard her say. “I want you to help me with this.”

I felt the bullethead vibe swirl around my hole, before plunging quickly in and then turning on, and then back off.

“Oh fuck please!” I yelped, knowing that several more seconds of that stimulation would have me cumming.

And then I felt that little bullet, slippery with my own juices, press against my anus and begin to buzz.

“Oh fuck!” I shouted, rolling my hips off of the mattress.

I felt Natalie’s tongue against my skin, pressing against the juncture of my thigh and my groin.

“If you can figure out how to get your partner into that erotic zone where you provide them enough stimulation to keep their orgasm close, but not enough to actually cum, you can build their pleasure to places that are indescribable.” Natalie told Noah.

“It looks like she’s feeling good.” Noah said.

“Oh fuck me.” I groaned, unable to concentrate on anything but the pressure inside of my clit.

“She is,” Natalie giggled, “trust me. She’s put me into this position many times, making me wait to orgasm. When it finally happens it’s so fucking good.”

I put my mouth on her clit again, hoping that her own pleasure would cause her to allow me a release.

I felt her rock her hips as her clit pushed against my mouth.

“Damn she’s making me horny.” Natalie moaned.

“What can I do?” asked Noah.

“Fuck!” she said, her thighs clenching.

I pushed a finger into her cunt, licking at her clit, hoping that concentrating on her orgasm would take my mind off of my own denied pleasure.

“Fuck me Noah.” She grunted. “Make me cum with that hard cock.”

Noah came around us, and I felt his hard cock push against her slick wetness, as he slid it back and forth against her cunt.

I reached up and grabbed him, guiding him to her opening, and watching him push inside her.

“OH FUCK ME!” she yelled as he filled her up.

I started strumming her clit with my fingers, watching Noah’s cock push in and out of her.

I reached for his balls with my other hand, taking them in my fingers and gently milking them as he fucked his aunt again.

“Make me cum.” She begged us. “Go faster.”

Forgetting my own pleasure I pushed my mouth to her clit, sucking it hard while I held his balls.

He started fucking her faster as she pushed back against him, and I strained up so I could tongue his balls. They tasted of sweat and sex, and I moaned with pleasure at the flavor.

I used my hand to push against him, his cock popping free of her cunt and I wrapped my lips around it, letting him push it into my mouth and I fondled his balls.

I sucked him hard and then used my hand to point him back at her hole, and he pushed back into her, and she moaned a long low sound of pleasure against my thigh.

The toy continued to buzz in my anus, and I felt her tongue flick against my clit again, and I pushed against her mouth, needing her continued pressure to help me over the edge.

I let Noah fuck into his aunt, and every four or five thrusts I’d tug on his balls, and he’d take his cock out of her and dip it into my mouth for a hard suck, before plunging back into her clenching cunt.

“I’m close! I’m gonna cum!” screamed Natalie.

“Spank her!” I told Noah. “Spank her ass!”

He slapped her ass gently and I squeezed his balls hard.

“Harder!” I told him. “Make her scream!”




He pounded his cock into her throbbing hole and I sucked her clit and squeezed his balls as he started slapping her ass as hard as he could.


I felt a sudden spray from her slit as she went over the edge, and I sucked her as hard as I could as her nephew thundered his cock in and out of her.

“Will you please make me cum?!?” I screamed, the need in me almost painful as my arousal reached a near breaking point.

“Come fuck her!” Natalie told Noah.

As quick as he could he scrambled away from her and around our bodies, and I felt his hard cock stab into my hole.

“Oh fuck yes!” I cried.

Nearly weeping with desire I wrapped my arms around Natalie’s thighs as tight as I could, pushing back against Noah as he started to fuck in and out of me as quick as he could.

I felt the toy suddenly buzz faster, and then Natalie pushed her hot mouth against my clit and sucked.

“I’m gonna fucking cum fuck me hard fuck me hard!” I screamed.

One of them pinched my nipple and my orgasm ripped through me, pulsing hard and intense through my nipples, clit, belly, anus, and cunt.

I gasped for breath over and over as the contractions took control, rolling my hips and causing me to make noises like I was in agony.

My orgasm crested and rose and broke and built and built and broke and crested and built and built and built and built.

It pulled me higher and higher, and I felt weightless as her tongue lapped my clit and my anus throbbed around the buzzing vibe, and Noah’s young cock pushed against every fiery nerve ending in my pussy.

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