Neighbourly Encounter

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It all started a few years after we had moved into a new townhouse.

We had made friends with the neighbors that faced our backyard.

My wife, Jill and I were around the same age as our “backyard neighbours” Dan and Mary.

Dan had lost his job with the government the previous year and was literally pissing his severance package away on beer and smokes. He would drink to get drunk, stay drunk and ignore his wife and kids. He wasn’t a mean drunk, just stupid and lazy…oh and flaccid. He couldn’t get it up if he tried, and had no apparent desire too.

I knew all this because Mary and my wife were quite close.

Mary confided with my wife that she hadn’t had sex in over 2 years at that point.

Mary & I had always flirted and I had always thought she had a bit of a thing for me.

I told my wife as much as and she always just passed it off as wishful thinking on my part. As a passing comment one day, my wife told Mary that: “Keith can be made available for you, if you want”. To my wife’s surprise, she asked if she could take her up on that offer!

Mary is about 5’2″, petite with small pert breasts, black hair and a tight little butt. Jill is about 5’6″, 36C breasts, blonde with a good figure.

I did not know of this arrangement at first, until one day in bed my wife blurted out the Mary wants to fuck me and it was ok with her, as long as we didn’t sneak around behind her back and were open about it.

I think I got harder than ever and we had a real nice time that night.

In order to make it easier for us not to arouse suspicion with her deadbeat husband, Mary began spending more and more time with us and spent many evenings with us watching TV or me teaching her how to use different computer programs in order for her to get a decent job.

On the occasional weekend, she would stay over and sleep in our basement guestroom I had built.

One night, she came over with a big bucket of pre-mixed margaritas with the plan to get cebeci escort drunk and see what would happen. We started drinking and were having fun when one of us suggested we play a game…of course it was strip poker.

It short time, I was down to my boxers, Jiff was in bra and panties and Mary had lost all over her under clothes, but still kept her one piece jumpsuit on…which I thought was cheating.

As fate would have it, the next hand I lost and off went my boxers…Mary threw a pillow at me and told me to cover “it” up

Next hand, Jill lost her bra…Mary kept staring at her nipples, though she pretended not too. Mary lost the next hand and she pulled her jumpsuit down to expose her lovely little tits with dark pointing nipples….which I could not help but stare at!

The girls then put a pause to the game and finally realizing hat I had nothing left to lose had to figure something out that would level the playing field.

They decided that if I “lost” the next hand, I would have to do something for them that they had secretly agreed upon.

Next hand went to me and Jill lost…off with the panties and Mary gasped at my wife’s shaved pussy.

Next hand was my “loss” again and I was told to play with my cock until they told me to stop. This lasted about 5 minutes until they told me to stop and deal the cards.

Now the girls had to negotiate about Jill who had no other clothes to offer up.

Next hand, Jill wins and Mary loses. Jill turns to her and tells her to “Lose the outfit”.

Mary stands and shyly removes the jumpsuit…now it was both of our turns to stare…this girl was cute as hell!!

Jill sat down and took the cards and begins a new hand. I lose, Mary wins. Now the girls look each other and smile..Jill looks at me and says you have to kiss Mary. I ask “Where?” And Mary says “On my mouth.where else?” I just looked at Jill and she smiled and nodded and told me çukurambar escort to get on with it.

I leaned over to kiss her and Mary locked lips with me and we started to make out…with Jill sitting there watching.

Mary began to lie down and I could feel years of tension being released from her body as I started to caress her body. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice Jill’s had her hand moving toward the middle of her legs.

Mary, had apparently completely forgotten about my wife and her hands were busy reaching for my hardening cock and stroking it.

Mary suddenly broke off our kissing and jumped up. I looked down and saw that Jill had put her hands on her waist and was moving in closer to the two of us.

Mary sat up and looked at us both and asked what was going on? Jill told her that she found her sexy as well and wanted to be there while she fucked her husband.

Mary did the most surprising thing yet, she leaned over and kissed Jill firmly on the mouth and place her hand on my wife’s breast.

I reached down and slid my hand up between Mary’s legs and found that her pussy was soaking wet. The girls continued to kiss and fondle each other and I began to kiss and lick my way up Mary’s smooth legs to her trimmed black-haired pussy.

Mary stopped for a moment and said that she had never had anyone go down on her before and was a bit nervous about it. Jill told her not to worry and that she would enjoy it.

Mary gasped as my tongue found her clit and I could not believe how wet she was and how sweet she tasted. I could sense Jill moving and glanced up again to find that Jill was now working her own talented tongue on Mary’s very erect nipple.

Mary began to squirm and squeal as we worked on her and her breathing became very erratic. After some time, I felt Jill move again and Mary utter in ecstasy as my wife moved down to Mary’s tummy and lower to join me between demetevler escort her legs.

I know Jill had always had a desire to lick a pussy, and this was her chance.

I heard Jill moan in tandem with Mary as her tongue snaked out to touch Mary.

I moved behind Jill and slid my hard cock deep inside my wife. I don’t think I have ever felt her any wetter and I moved deep in and out of her.

Mary had closed her eyes, but then she opened them and our eyes locked as I fucked my wife as she licked her friend’s pussy to orgasm.

I could feel my wife coming closer to her own orgasm as her legs began to shudder under me.

Mary grabbed Jill’s head and lifted it from her pussy and asked if she could have me fuck her now. “I want his cock in me now!” she exclaimed.

I was more that happy to oblige and moved in between her legs. Jill put Mary’s legs on my shoulders, reached down and guided my cock in to our new fuck buddy’s wet pussy

With a slight push I slid inside her. Both of us grunted in pleasure and I felt the tightest pussy I have ever felt grasp my hard cock and it seemed as if she pulled me deeper inside her.

Jill sat back and had her fingers inside herself as she watched me fuck her best friend hard and fast. Mary and Jill were staring each other and I could not stand it much longer and warned them that I was going to cum soon. “don’t come inside me” Mary panted.

“Don’t worry, he’s safe” advised Jill. Mary said “No… I want to taste him. I have never had a man cum in my mouth and I want it.”

I was more than happy to oblige her so I pulled myself out of her and moved to her mouth. Jill’s mouth joined her as they began to alternately lick and suck my cock and kiss each other around me.

I did not last long like this and when Jill sucked me deep I started to explode. Jill managed to move her mouth off me cock and move it to Mary’s open mouth and I spilt my cum into her as well. I came very hard and streams dribbled down Mary’s mouth and chin, which Jill did not waste by moving in and licking up the rest of my seed off of Mary and then returning to kiss her and share the spoils.

This was our first encounter with another woman and we continued to enjoy each other for some months to come until Mary’s divorce finally came through and she met another guy and moved away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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