Never to be Repeated

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The Friday nights we so used to look forward to when we were younger seem not so prominent nowadays. Could be the getting old process starting or is it that we’ve seen it all before. The same TV shows on telly, repeated from the eighties, which weren’t even all that great the first time round. Well I’m a believer that life usually throws you something good from time to time and in the least expected way, therefore when it does you just have to go with it or lose out completely.

My story begins on a cool summers evening in late August. The sun was still in the sky but it had lost its heat. The shadows were lengthening and the last traces of barbeque smoke clung to the still air.

On my ‘things to do list’ for that Friday night, I had to go to my friend’s house to pay a small debt. I had been meaning to go all week but lethargy had stopped me or perhaps subconsciously I knew that Friday night might contain something a bit different. Who knows? But what I do know is that when I arrived in my mate’s street I saw a taxi drive off. I was pretty sure I glimpsed Shirley, my friend’s wife, sitting in the back with another female.

As I stood at the door waiting for my mate, Barry, to answer I heard a car door slam and the click click of someone in a hurry. I turned to see Shirley rushing down the path obviously dressed up for a night on the town.

“Just go in. He’s probably out the back,” she offered. ” I’ve forgotten my purse. Trinny and I are out with the girls tonight,” Shirley spoke over her shoulder as she hurried into the house.

I gave a low long whistle under my breath.

“Nice little black number, short and sexy with curves in all the right places as well.” I half spoke, half whispered, unsure of the response I would receive.

“I found it. What was that you said?” She turned and slowly looked me up and down, her haste obviously forgotten. I felt awkward in my own skin under her gaze. I shifted uncomfortably thinking desperately for something to say. Suddenly, not waiting for an answer, she winked at me, and left the house shouting, “Don’t drink all the wine!”

With Shirley gone I turned to see Barry also watching his wife’s departure. “Your wife’s looking special tonight, old boy.”

Barry looked at me with a wry smile.

“What’s wrong?” I asked unable to fathom the look on his face.

“Only time she dresses up is when she’s out with the girls.” He spat bitterly.

“They’re all the same. At least Shirley’s got the kit, you don’t have any decent clothes, you bugger.”

Fortunately, Barry had the good grace to smile.

“Come on and get a bottle of wine opened. It’ll cheer you up.” I suggested.

Handing over the money I owed him, I followed him through to the living room.

We sat for ages chatting, drinking and listening to CD’s. Before we knew it we had finished two bottles of Hardy’s Shiraz and were on the verge of opening a Spanish Rioja.

“Shirley’s dress…” I started, not sure what I was going to say next but fully aware that the wine had loosened my tongue quite a bit. I tried to concentrate on the corkscrew I was twisting into the top of the bottle. The half finished sentence lay between us until at the same time as I pushed down on the levers of the opener I spewed out. “Your wife’s completely fuckable, you know.”

The words were out; I could do nothing to retract them. I waited for Barry’s reaction. Expecting a verbal assault I was amazed when he replied.

“That’s true my friend and I shall let you into a little secret. She doesn’t wear anything under that little dress of hers. She has her hold-ups on and nothing else.”

His words landed on me physically. A veil of heat covered my body; I could feel my mouth drying and my cock stiffen. My thoughts raced as I imagined Shirley slowly lifting the hem of her dress to reveal a shapely thigh and a …

“She’ll probably be out for quite a while still.” Barry interrupted my thoughts. “Did you bring the DVD you said you were getting?”

“Hey you know me too well. Here it is fresh from France. Stick it on and I’ll pour the wine.”

I hadn’t watched the film before and was more than happy to sit with Barry to watch it especially if it took my thoughts away from his wife. As the film started I realised that it was the same usual oh’s and ah’s with the compulsory dodgy scripts and painful music. Realising I had wasted my money I relaxed back into the couch only to sit straight back up again when a raven-haired beauty with an uncanny resemblance to Shirley entered the scene.

Wearing a blindfold she was led into a darkened cellar lit only with flaming torches dotted around the stone walls. Two men guided her through what appeared to be a torture chamber. The music became slightly macabre as the two guys ceremoniously strapped the girl to what looked like a medieval rack. I witnessed her struggling as they roughly tightened the leather straps around her wrists and ankles.

One of the men picked up a large knife that had been lying on the antep escort floor next to the wooden structure. With a quick flick he cut through the skimpy outfit the girl had been wearing and pulled it roughly from her body. He ran his hand over her tanned body and I could see her golden skin glistening in the torchlight. The muscled man cruelly grabbed at her breast and squeezed her nipple until she let out a little yelp.

“Who are you?” Questioned the girl in a frightened voice. “Where am I?”

“You are in hell and I am your worst nightmare, if you want it to be like that. You also have the choice of enjoying yourself. It’s up to you.” The man hovered over her clutching the knife. He ran it up and over her torso tracing the lines of her ribcage.

The girl could only shiver.

I have to admit I watched in fascinated horror. I truly believe that girl was a part of the film without her knowledge. The fear on her face and the petrified way she shivered was not the normal level of acting you got from porn stars.

I glanced over to Barry and I could see he was also having some misgivings about the film.

It was like slowing down for a car crash. You don’t want to look but you can’t help yourself. I turned back to the screen to see the other man astride the terrified girl. The tip of his hardened cock rested on her chin trying to gain entry to her mouth but her lips were firmly pressed shut.

Meanwhile I could see the other of the twosome in the background, a chain dangling from his hands, it swung gently and I could see there were small clamps at either end. I continued to stare as the stranger walked unhurriedly over to the rack, reached under the buttocks of his partner in crime and snapped the clamps into place on the girl’s nipples.

As soon as the girl opened her mouth to release her pain the man forced his penis into her jaws. Grabbing the back of her head he pulled her hair so that she had to bring her head up. He then started thrusting between her unyielding lips.

“I’m sorry Scott but I have to go to bed. I have a meeting first thing in the morning and I have already drank too much wine.” Barry yawned and stretched as if to prove he was really tired. I knew my mate well enough to know that he was politely telling me the film was too extreme.

“Yeah, sure no problem. I have stuff to do as well,” I assured him and quickly reached to turn off the DVD unfortunately before I had time to do it I saw one of the men coming over the young girls face. Her blindfold was now off and her piercing eyes screamed silently to me as I pressed the button on the remote control.

I felt chilled to the bone and at the same time oddly aroused. I knew I shouldn’t have been turned on by the torture but I couldn’t help myself; my trousers bulged as I left Barry’s house.

Thinking about what I was going to do as soon as I got home I had a sudden change of plan when I saw a taxi pull up at the end of the street and Shirley getting out.

“Good night then?” I shouted over.

“Not that great, we spent a lot of time at the meal and then the club was dead by the time we got there. You going up the road already?” Shirley asked as she walked over to where I was standing.

“Yes, it’s the back of one and Barry wanted to get to his bed.”

“Bed? Hmm, well are you going to be a gentleman and walk me home then?”

Shirley took my arm and we turned to retrace my steps back to her house.

“So what did you pair get up to tonight then? Watch your normal porn film”

“Yes we did,” I laughed slightly embarrassed. “Can’t a guy have any secrets?”

“Barry and I share everything. Well almost everything.” She flirted and held my gaze until I found myself falling into her large brown eyes. I leant in nearer to her face and was sure I was about to kiss her when her head dropped and she started searching in her bag for her keys.

“Coming in for a drink?” she enquired as she groped about in her bag, “Go on.” She smiled at me with a beam that made my blood race.

“Okay, you’ve twisted my arm.” I joked as I quickly followed Shirley back into her house like an eager young puppy.

“Hmm, it looks like Barry has went to bed already. I’ll go and check on him, you get us a drink, would you?”

“I’d do anything for you, dear anything” I sang to her trying to emulate Oliver Twist.

“I’ll hold you to that.” She teased before heading off up the stairs.

Struggling to take my eyes off her legs as she climbed the stairs I silently prayed that Barry was fast asleep.

By the time she came back down the stairs I had found and filled two glasses of wine, finishing off the Rioja I had opened earlier.

“Out like a light. Obviously too much wine.” Shirley took the glass I offered her and she sat next to me on the couch.

“Is it any good?”

“Not bad,” I replied politely. I tried desperately to think of amusing conversation pieces but all I could think of was the DVD I had just watched ardahan escort and making sure that Shirley couldn’t see how turned on I was.

“Let’s see it then.” Shirley demanded.

“What?” I almost choked. I couldn’t think straight. I didn’t now what she was asking of me.

“The DVD silly. Get it out.”

“Are you sure? It is a bit offensive.” I stuttered.

“Aren’t they all? Come on I haven’t seen one for ages.”

Acquiescing to her wishes I once more pushed the button on the remote control. Before long the dark haired beauty reappeared but this time my eyes were on Shirley and not on her look-alike on the screen. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was sitting there on my own with Shirley and I was sure she was coming on to me. I studied her as she became engrossed in the film. Her long, dark brown hair which, shone with a copper hue, lay straight and sleek down the side of her face. Her cheekbones stood out strongly highlighting her unblemished skin and her lips, now bare of all traces of lipstick, were full and welcoming. As I continued to watch her I noticed her eyebrows rising at the continuing exploits in the DVD.

“He’s got a nice cock but his friend’s an ugly bastard.”

We both laughed and I continued to drink the wine in silence, totally lost for words.

“When is ‘ugly’ going to come? I think he is struggling a bit. Mind you I wouldn’t put my dick in there in case she bit it off. Would you?”

Just at that the close up of the guy coming over the girls face appeared and a slightly subdued Shirley rubbed her feet together.

She looked up at me. “Some load that guy gave her.”

“Great job if you can get it.” I offered unsure how she was feeling, unsure of how I was feeling.

“You watch a lot of these films don’t you? Do you ever wank off to them?”

“Sometimes,” I admitted ashamedly, slightly shocked.

“Is it good, like satisfying?”

“Sometimes,” I shrugged.

“Do you stand or sit to wank?”

I could feel my cock go rock hard at her line of inquiry. What had started off as embarrassing questions was becoming a real turn on. I had started off thinking that Shirley was just teasing me but I decided at that point, I was going to take it as far as I could, or should I say as far as she would let me.

“Bit of both, I suppose.”

“Wank for me. Stand up and wank in front of me. Rub yourself and toss yourself off for my entertainment.” It came across like an order and I was more than happy to obey. It’s now or never I thought to myself.

I got off of the couch and stood in front of her. I undone my trousers and tugged my boxers down. I was feeling very self-conscious but by this time my cock was standing to attention and was already wet and gleaming at the tip.

“Excellent. Now start.”

I began to stroke back and forward. Gently pulling my foreskin down and then up over the end again. My mind was turning cartwheels at the thought of what I was doing but nothing could have stopped me at that point. I truly believe that even if Barry had come in I would have continued to wank in her presence.

“Go on, go for it. Show me your come! My glass is empty and I want you to fill it up for me.”

She held her glass out and the gesture pushed me close to the edge. As soon as I felt the cold glass touch my skin a rush surged through my body, my balls tightened and my fluid shot out missing the glass.

“Nice try but in the glass I said.”

The next several spurts hit their target and ran down the inside of the glass. I kept rubbing to try and give Shirley as much as I could. She held the glass over the edge of my prick and collected the last few drops of opaque sperm by gently milking the end of my cock.

“Cheers big boy.”

She smirked as a silvery line of sticky come clung to the glass. As she pulled it away it slowly draped itself over her fingers. Knowing I was watching her every movement, she lifted her fingers to her mouth and sucked them slowly and deliberately one by one. I was mesmerised at the sight of my sperm being swallowed by my best friends wife.

She then put the glass to one side and told me to sit back down again.

I pulled my trousers back up and sat down expectantly.

“My turn I think,” she cooed mischievously.

Shirley stood up and started a seductive stripping routine. Her 5-star performance could have earned her good money in any strip club in the country. She lowered her eyes and licked her lips provocatively. Leisurely she removed a strap from her shoulder and eased it down her arm. Turning her toned back to me she repeated the act with the other strap. She then gave a sexy wiggle and her dress started to drop until it was on the floor in front of me.

Her bum was beautifully round and full and I really wanted to reach out to her but I felt that if I had I would have broken the spell I was under.

Shirley turned around and kicked the dress away from her feet. Barry was right. artvin escort She wore no underwear other than her stockings. She looked fantastic.

“Do you like what you see?” She asked as she caressed her breasts.

I nodded, unsure of my voice.

“Can you see my pussy? Do you want a closer look?”

Another nod.

Still in her high heels she walked over to me so that I was gazing directly on to her pussy. Shirley’s fingers edged themselves down through her triangle of pubic hair. Her middle finger then slipped out of view as she inserted it into herself. When she withdrew it I could see the moisture on her finger and smell the musty aroma of her sex.

“Look, you have made me wet already. Using her fingers she pulled her lips apart so that I could see they were engorged with blood and her clitoris was hardened and protruding.

“Do you want to taste me?”

I needed no encouragement. I sat forward on the couch and nestled my nose into her hair. My tongue searched out her clitoris and my hands reached around to hug her closer to me. She tasted like nectar as my tongue probed further into her. My hands were clasped around her naked buttocks as I delved deeper, slurping like a crazed animal. Shirley’s moans sounded heavenly, a noise I want to hear again and fear never will.

I ate her until she started to tremble and I could feel her grabbing my hair and holding my head tight in order for me to accept her orgasm, which trickled onto my tongue and was immediately swallowed. She gave one milder moan and gradually released my head.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“God, yes. You had to ask?”

She sank back onto the sofa and I noticed she was breathing heavily.

“Fill me up?”

“Erm, that was the last of the wine.”

“I wasn’t talking about the wine silly. Pass me your glass. I’m still hot and my cunt is aching to be filled”

Her dirty talk turned me on and I knew I was up for some more action.

Shirley took the offered glass from my hand and dripped it all over her body.

I watched fascinated as my sperm spotted her beautiful breasts and formed droplets on her nipple. She then moved the glass down over her flat stommach and poured the remaining dregs over her pussy.

“I think you better start licking this off if you want to get into my good books and be rewarded,” she promised alluringly.

Knowing that her good books were somewhere I definitely wanted to be, I dropped to my knees and obediently licked her body clean of my spunk. As I licked and sucked, Shirley’s body bucked and writhed. Having never tasted my own come it was an odd experience but one that I didn’t mind enduring if the reward was going to be what I hoped for.

“Oh look there is none left,” she sighed in fake disappointment. “Have you anymore?”

“I told you before, anything for you.” I waited in quite anticipation for my next duty.

“Now you can shag me as if I were a porn star in one of your films.”

Shirley turned over and lay with her ass up. What a sight. I quickly got rid of my clothes and mounted her doggy style.

“Come on. Fuck me hard. Shag my fucking brains out. Hurry. Spunk your fucking load deep.”

I had never heard Shirley swear before and the vocabulary she was now using was turning me into a beast.

I forced myself into her and pushed in as harshly as I could. I started to pound harder and harder as the swear words poured from Shirley’s mouth.

I gripped on to her shoulders as I fucked her as hard as I could.

“Fuck my ass now,” Shirley ordered and again I complied.

I pulled out of her and immediately felt cool air on my penis. It had a calming down affect and I managed to keep myself from coming there and then. Using her own juices as lubricant I penetrated her anus. Her hole was hot and tight and gripped my shaft as I pushed my entire length into her.

“Fuck me hard” she screamed at me.

Thrusting into her was like nothing else on the earth. I got into a rhythm and kept driving myself into her again and again, the sound of my balls slapping against her ass kept urging me on. Shirley then started forcing herself backwards onto me as I pushed forward. I could feel an intense orgasm about to happen and I tried to hold off but Shirley’s bucking evoked an uncontrollable ejaculation. If ever there was a moment I want to remember for the rest of my life it was then. The feeling of Shirley’s arse contracting around my penis as we simultaneously had an orgasm was unbelieveable. My spunk pulsed into her as I came with an intensity I had never known before which made me completely light headed. Shirley slowly moved forward and I gave two more token pushes but I had given all I had.

We flopped together on the sofa satiated and depleted at the same time.

Shirley’s face glowed as she turned to me and said a simple word.


With that she left the living room and, I assume, joined Barry in their bed.

I swiftly dressed and left as silently as possible.

So, as I said at the beginning – life usually throws you something good from time to time and in the least expected way, therefore when it does you just have to go with it or lose out completely. So how come that Friday night I went with it all the way but when I left that house I felt I had lost out completely?

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