New Year

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They dated for more than a year and making love for quite some time but they never spent the whole night together. New Year eve was on Friday they will go on Friday morning and get back on Sunday evening. They were like in heaven, few full days together.

Party will be at his reach friends weekend house in hills almost hour of driving out from a city and 20 minutes to nearest neighbor… He spent a lot of weekends there but never with her.

He was in charge for a drink so last day at home they went shopping and then to his place to make love till it was time for her to go home. He drove her home every time at 22:00.

“Until tomorrow, my dear,” he said and kissed her for the last time today.

He picked her up early in the morning so at 8 they were already at the weekend house with others. She was there before with him when they mowed grass or doing something around the house or pool. But he always drove her back home on time.

The drink was cold and girls started to work on food. Guys like always had to prepare the place. Most of them were removing snow while others prepared pool and arrange to heat the house. Luckily neighbor cleaned the road as agreed other way they would not be able to get there. The pool was filled with water as that was done last week but still, some cleaning, set up the heating was necessary.

Few hours lately party was live and as most of the people in pairs, you could see the love all around. A lot of kissing and hands on special body parts. He took her to the pool house as nobody was there to be just with her a little. They had to go out on cold and snow.

She was dressed in a short dress with a lace that was not warm enough for sub-zero temperatures outside. So he took his jacket and cover her on the way. The pool house was hot as they left sauna doors bingöl escort opened to heat the place. They kissed and start to undress each other. The light was poor as lightning was the only thing there that was not finished. Only a few light bulbs so they knew nobody could see them even if enters.

They showered and wash each other. His arms travel over her body. He enjoyed touching and kissing her soft skin. They could not resist not to play a little. On his knees, he lifts her leg on a chair and starts to lick her pussy.

Licking and slowly finger fuck that small but extremely horny pussy was something he really likes to do. She called him pussy licker. She was wet and needed to be fulfilled and they both knew that this weekend her pussy and his dick will be on a hard test. Full of finishes on both sides.

He filled her with a finger while his tongue travels around her clit. His other hand finds it’s way up on her breasts. He liked to play like that. The smell of her young and wet pussy, it’s taste and sounds of joy she produced make his dick hard as always.

“I want to feel it…now, ” she said and turned away from him and bend in front offering him a beautiful view on her back. She used a chair to get support. That view was amazing. Nice ass they explored few times and wet pussy that was shining in a bulb light.

He kissed her back and set up his huge dick to her pussy. Like always he enters slowly allowing her to prepare. She got used to it but start must be carefully and in that position, he can’t use it in full length without causing her a pain.

Dicks’ head slipped in and cm by cm hit tool was disappearing in her flower. He knew that slowly he can go to the end and stretch her to the limits, limits of joy.

The slow start of moving in and out become bitlis escort faster and faster. She stimulates herself with hand on her clit and finished quite fast. He was far neither and her pussy contraction brings him to the end also. He knew he needs to finish outside to keep pussy clean and always ready for more so he took it out finished on her beautiful ass.

They clean each other and she said she would like to go sauna so they did. They sit on a height bench as the temperature was low. He watches her and in his mind, there was a picture of the day of the first time they meet many, many years back. She is a sister of his best friend.

She was a kid then and with her twin sister they always make jokes as he did not know which one is which. Twins were always around as brother has to take care of them. Every summer when really hot they used to go swimming in a lake. Usually, they swim naked and he watched her changes over years from a kid till today when he sees a young, smart and intelligent woman with a great body, excellent breasts and gorgeous pussy that just adore love making.

“It is not hot enough,” he said.

“I can add some heat,” she answered and put her hands on her breasts.

She opened her legs wide and show him her pussy.She starts to play with herself and he watched her with pleasure. Her hands travel from breasts to belly, further to pussy all over her body. Then she stopped on pussy using one hand to expose her clit and other to play with it.

She played using one finger one moment and 3..4 in next. She liked her pussy to be stretched like she would have his dick in. He watched her and his dick becomes hard again.

He repositions himself closer to her and starts to kiss her while she continued to play with her hands.

He steps on the bench bolu escort above her so his dick was just in front of her face.

She took it in her mouth and start to suck it. He said many times she does that so good that for sure she was a whore in the previous life.

Dick was huge for her mouth but she took it deep in throat and suck it like a pro while she keeps fucking her pussy with other hand fingers. Now and then some finger slip in her ass also and that make her even bigger joy.

He was not able to stand anymore so she lay on her back and he positioned himself like in a 69 position. He took over playing with her pussy and ass. Lick her clit, fill her tight pussy and ass slowly but with passion. She struggles with his dick in her mount.

Few more moves and they were both on limits. Suddenly she raised her hips and almost get fisted herself with his hand while bite and suck his dick all the time. That was just the drop over. His dick starts to pulse and filling her mouth with the sperm in next moments. He speeds up finger fucking her pussy while also fuck her ass with a finger of another hand. That makes her finish a few moments later with a powerful finish. Dick that was still in her mouth prevents her from screaming.

“Hot enough?” she asked with a smile on face while licking a sperm on her lips.

“Yes and now we need to cool down like they do in Finnland,” he said and lifted her in his arms.

He carried her out to the snow regardless her screaming something about not being normal and jump on a big hill of snow.

It was freezing cold but also funny. Her nipples were standing extremely because of cold. They rub each other a little with a snow and run back into pool house where they jump in the pool to heat up.

A few minutes later friends start fireworks, it was a new year. They fall in a kiss in the pool and wish happy new year to each other. Then they wipe and dress to join the others. Bottom line it was time for friends now and the weekend will be long with a plenty of time for hard dick and wet pussy to join.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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