Nightclub Surprise

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Female Ejaculation

Hi there. My name is Rainy. I’m 24 years old and have long, blonde hair that curls up at the ends. I love getting dressed up in my favourite little, black dress and going out to one of the local nightclubs for a few drinks. My friend Kim says that I’m a flirt, just because I like to dance real close with some of the best looking men in the dancefloor. It’s just a bit of fun for everyone when the drinks have started flowing. I’ve never really taken it seriously, until the other night that is.

It was friday night and me and Kim were going clubbing. She’d worn a very low cut, black number so I put on a leather mini skirt and top for a change. We’d spent hours at my flat getting ready and had already polished off two bottles of wine. The club was full by the time we got there. Kim went straight to the bar to order our drinks while I went to find us a place to stand. Waiting for kim, I happened to see a bloke I’d been eyeing up the week before. He was just my type. As he smiled at me I turned away….I love playing hard to get.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. Turning I saw my mystery man. He looked even better this close.He leaned in and told me his name diyarbakır escort was Tony. We’d just started chatting when Kim came over with our drinks. She took to Tony straight away and spent the next hour chatting him up. I soon began to feel left out. They seemed to be getting on so well, I didn’t think anyone would notice me slip off to the bathroom.

Standing in the dark corridor I suddenly realised that I wasn’t alone anymore. Although I couldn’t see his face I recognised the smell of Tony’s aftershave. As I went to push past I felt a warm hand on my leg, just below the knee. For some reason I froze. The hand moved really slowly up the inside of my thigh and I felt his lips crushing mine. Before I could think of anything our tongues were thrusting and twisting together. Anyone could have come round the corner and seen us at any moment. By now he had both hands inside my thighs. I felt so hot and my lacy knickers were damp from all the excitment. I felt one hand slowly push its way under my knickers and his fingers brush across my clit. I gasped as he pushed his fingers indide me. My whole body began to move düzce escort against him, thrusting those fingers deeper as my muscles tightened and relaxed around him. All at once I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he licked his way down between my small tits, leaving a warm, wet trail. Then he was licking my hard, aching nipples gently biting the tips. I heard the sound of his jeans being unzipped and knew exactly what he wanted. I slowly sank to my knees taking his huge throbbing cock into my hands. Pulling it slowly to my mouth. I licked the swollen tip a few times with the edge of my tongue. It was go big and round, his cock filled my mouth as I went to work, teasing it with my teeth. Hearing him moan I licked and sucked harder and faster. He was holding my hair, guiding my head up and down as I took the whole of his shaft in my mouth. I could taste that he was getting close to shooting his seed, and pulled away. He then pushed me roughly against the wall, pinning my arms above my head. I tried to twist my body, but was held fast. He kicked my legs apart with his heavy boots and I felt my knickers being pulled to one edirne escort side. I soon felt his huge cock nudging the entrance to my cunt. I stayed there for a while, teasing me, before he finally slammed into me. I felt a stab of pain, but once he’d started to move inside me I began to enjoy the sensation. He pushed me harder and harder against the wall, thrusting deeper and deeper all the time. Curling my legs around his back I moved with him, pushing and sucking him deeper than any other man had been inside me before. He seemed to pull his cock right out of me, then suddenly filled me again pushing harder and faster all the time. I couldn’t help shouting out when I reached the most explosive orgasm ever. It didn’t take long for him to cum deep inside me. We both leaned against the wall and I took a few moments to catch my breath. When I looked up, I found myself alone in the corridor once again. Kim would nevr believe the experience I’d just had, I couldn’t wait to tell her all about it. When I found her she was dancing with Tony and looked really flushed. When we got a moment alone together I blurted out the whole thing. Kim’s jaw nearly hit the floor and when she told me her news so did mine! Whilst I’d been gone she had been dancing with Tony. He’d never left her side. So who was the stranger I’d been screwing just around the corner?

I’ve been back to the same club every friday night since, in the hope that I might meet my sexy stranger on the way back from the bathroom again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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