No More Sloppy Seconds

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Johnny finished the gig at about twelve-thirty but he hung around while Dan and the crew broke down the stage and stored the equipment. Dan had seen Dotie, the waitress Johnny was hitting on when they first arrived, actually talked a bit with her as Johnny finished up his sound checks and rehearsed a bit. Dan had thoughts of perhaps connecting with Dotie until Johnny spotted her.

It was like that in the business, the talent got first shot at the girls and the crew picked up the leftovers. That’s why Dan was so surprised when Johnny invited him to join him and Dotie in the hot tub that night. Sloppy seconds with a girl like Dotie was just fine with Dan.

Dan sat alone on the bus during the ride back to the hotel while Johnny and Dotie got pretty hot and heavy in the seats behind him. Glancing between seats, he watched as Johnny worked his hand into her pants. Dan then listened as Dotie tried desperately to orgasm in silence. She failed miserably so Dan had to stay on the bus as everyone else got out so he could get his erection under control.

Quickly catching up to the couple, Dan limped onto the elevator and then watched the red numbers flash on and off as Johnny dry humped Dotie in the corner. It was a bit awkward, but that’s what sloppy seconds was all about it seemed. When the elevator reached their floor, Dan followed the couple into the room and then headed directly to the oversize tub in the bathroom as Johnny and Dotie disappeared into the bedroom.

Dan quickly undressed and, still sporting an erection, turned on the water and climbed into the tub. By the time a very wasted Johnny and Dotie moved into the bathroom, the tub was full of steaming and bubbling water. While Dan would have preferred to simply admire Dotie’s full breasts, curvy hips and soft patch of pubic hair, he had to climb out of the tub and help her get Johnny into the water.

“Damn, what has he had?” Dan asked.

“Half a bottle of scotch and he did a couple of lines.”

“I haven’t seen him this bad in some time. You sure that’s all he had.”

“Swallowed a couple of pills, said it was prescription,” Dotie replied.

“What did he do with the bottle?”

“Left gaziantep escort bayan it in the room.”

Dan got Johnny situated in the tub and then climbed out. “No use letting the bottle go to waste,” he said. He then backed out of the bathroom watching Dotie’s head bob up and down in the water at Johnny’s lap.

Heading into Johnny’s bedroom Dan mumbled to himself, “Selfish bastard, why couldn’t he just fuck her and then let me have a turn instead of getting so wasted.” It was all so dramatic now and it would probably be hours before Dan could get with Dotie even though she certainly seemed willing. Dan noticed a line of white powder on the nightstand so he bent over, held one nostril and breathed in.

He immediately fell back onto the bed as his head seemed to twirl around the room. Feeling a tingling all over his body he looked around the room spotting the bottle of scotch and a bottle of designer lube, the kind he’d seen ads about on TV. Smiling, he stumbled over to the dresser, reached for the scotch, but grabbed the lube instead.

Suddenly he heard a loud splash and then Dotie scream, “Johnny!”

Feeling how unsteady he felt, Dan looked in the mirror, smiled and said, “Man, you are fucked up. Shit, if he did two lines…” he was interrupted by Dotie’s voice.

“Dan, come help me get him out,” she screamed.

He moved back from the dresser, fell onto the bed and then rolled onto the floor. Instead of standing up he crawled to the bathroom, then grabbed the doorknob and pulled himself up. By the time he looked into the bathroom, Dotie had somehow pulled Johnny out of the water and was bent over him. He could see she was kissing him, so Dan figured everything was okay.

Hearing her breathing so deeply while kissing Johnny, all the while her naked ass slowly swayed back and forth, back and forth, really turned Dan on. Looking at the soft curve of her ass, the dark allure of the crack and the tight puckered hole he just had to touch her. He reached out and placed his left hand on her buttock and gently squeezed the soft flesh.

She turned, looked up at him and said something he didn’t understand. When she went back to kissing Johnny again, Dan remembered the lube he had carried into the bathroom and poured it over his hard cock. He put the bottle on sink and then grabbed his cock in his right hand, working the lube over the entire length.

Johnny was laid out on a raised deck around the hot tub so Dotie was standing up, bent at the waist while kissing him. It was easy for Dan to slip in behind Dotie, grab her by the hips and lean forward. She seemed to try to pull away from him, but taking firm hold of his cock with one hand and pulling her back with the other, he pushed himself into her.

Dotie turned and said, “Dan, can’t you see… don’t you… yes, just push slowly. Yeah, slowly and, yes, yes, now deeper.”

Listening to her instructions, he slowly pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her tight hole until he could feel his pubic hair brushing against the cheeks of her ass. Slowly withdrawing, he noticed she began kissing Johnny again. That didn’t bother Dan a bit, as he began thrusting and withdrawing, savoring the tight feel of her squeezing down on his cock. “Yeah,” he thought, “no sloppy seconds now, this is one hole Johnny hadn’t fucked.”

Moving faster and faster with his thrusts, he began to feel the pressure building inside of him and just as the pleasure started to shoot though the shaft of his cock, he heard Dotie squeal out and he felt her ass squeeze him tight. He came, spurting his cum deep into her ass as Dotie squealed out, “He’s alive, I saved him.”

With his cock still shoved deep into Dotie’s ass, he heard Johnny coughing and then vomiting onto the floor. He eased his cock out of her and then stepped into the hot tub, grabbing a bar of soap to clean off his cock. Dotie kneeled down on the floor as Johnny sat up along the edge of the tub.

Tears ran down Dotie’s face, smearing her mascara in long back streaks down her face. It was only then, as Johnny reached out a hand and ran his fingers through Dotie’s hair that Dan realized Dotie wasn’t kissing him, she was saving him, giving him mouth to mouth. Later, only after Dotie got Johnny safely into bed and returned to the hot tub to sit with Dan did they talk about it.

“I was so fucked up I didn’t know you were giving him mouth to mouth, why didn’t you stop me?”

“Well, I started to, but then, well I felt you and I thought… I was pretty fucked up myself, I thought, ‘How often do you save a live?’ and then I thought, ‘Well how often do you save a life while getting fucked in the ass?'”

“How did you get so fucked up?”

“Whatever it was Johnny snorted, I did about half a line, that’s all I could take. I guess you found some?”

“Yeah, some was on the nightstand. Pretty tough stuff.”

Dan and Dotie then got out of the tub and, not wanting to disturb Johnny, went back to Dan’s room where they both fell asleep after falling into bed together. They didn’t wake up until the police woke them banging on their door the next morning. Apparently Johnny had managed to get up and get into a bit more trouble during the night.

“He need’s bail or something?” Dan asked the detective.

“No, he’s dead,” the man said coldly.

“Dead? But he was fine last night, sleeping quietly when we left.”

“Well, he didn’t stay that way, he managed to make down to the lobby and then out into the street before he collapsed. You were with him last night?”

“Yeah, but came back over here when he fell asleep.”

“Were you aware what he was doing?”

“The drinking…

“And drugs,” the detective finished Dan’s sentence. “Were either of you involved with the drugs?”

“Oh no, he had done drugs before, so we’re not surprised, we just didn’t know what he had last night.”

“Well, it was pretty potent, more than we’ve seen before. You’re lucky you stayed out of it. Anyway, he collapsed on the street, most likely an overdose, won’t know for sure until we hear from the coroner. We’re gonna need you to come into the station to make a statement.”

“Can we get dressed?”

“Sure, I wait out in the hall,” the detective replied.

Dan closed the door and looked over at Dotie who was sitting on the bed crying. He rounded up his clothes and as he was buttoning up he shirt he looked over to Dotie as she hooked her bra, spun it around and tucked her breasts in. He smiled thinking, “Well, at least that means no more sloppy seconds.” He finished getting dressed and waited as Dotie slipped into the bathroom and began working on her makeup.

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