Nosy Neighbour

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I’d noticed her a few weeks ago when she moved in next door. She looked about my age, early 30s, a little taller and slimmer than me, and blonde. I later learned her name was Lauren after I took a delivery in for her while she was out. It was our only conversation at this point. She seemed nice.

It’s nice to feel sexy isn’t it? I live on my own and work at the moment doesn’t allow for much of a sex or dating life, so when I get a moment it’s nice to slip in to some lingerie and play with myself.

So on this particular evening I slipped in to some black stockings and suspenders, red heels, a red thong a sexy red babydoll.

I was stood admiring myself in the bedroom mirror. I hadn’t even got wet yet but I had got myself feeling horny. The clothes felt so good against my skin.

Shit…I’d forgotten to draw the curtains. I looked up and went to close them and saw Lauren looking up at me from her living room. Damn. I closed the curtains really quickly.

I poured a glass of wine to ease my nerves after my near miss. Not longer later my doorbell rang.

Who on earth is after me at this hour? I wondered. I beşevler escort put my bathrobe on and went to the door. Through the spyhole I saw it was Lauren.

I opened up.

Oh Hi Lauren

Hi Lucy…

Can I help?

Well, I must say you did look sexy just now!

Lauren was wearing jeans, flats and a tight white t-shirt. I could see her bra through it.

I blushed. Thanks

No problem. May i come in?

Erm, ok I guess.

I invite Lauren in. Take a seat, lounge is through there.

Lucy, come on, take the dressing gown off.


Take it off. I saw it a minute ago so you may as well.

Nervous and excited I do so. I take it off and put it on the sofa.

Wow Lucy, stunning. turn around. wow. great plump arse.

So, it’s 9.30pm on a Tuesday and you’re dressed like this. Are you expecting someone? Am I intruding?

No Lauren, truth be told I don’t have time for dating at the moment so I like to dress up like this to enjoy myself.

Show me

Bloody hell, no way. No.

Go on, show me. cebeci escort


Go on, don’t be shy, sit on the sofa and show me.

I’m already getting wet so I think fuck it, may as well, plus she’s hot as hell.

I sit on the sofa and start to rub myself through the silky smooth thong. The material against my shaved pussy feels so good and it’s not long before a wet patch appears.

It feels so naughty doing this with her watching. She has a glint in her eye.

Get your knickers off Lauren demands.

So I slide them off exposing myself.

I keep playing, sliding two fingers in.

Lauren stands up, walks over to me and puts my fingers in her mouth.

Mmmmm you taste good Lucy.

She kneels down and starts to lick my pussy, burying her face deep inside my wet cunt. Licking, nibbling, kissing, I begin to orgasm.

As I do she gets back up and starts kissing me.


Just a bit Lauren.

She takes her top off and bra exposing some lovely pert tits.

More where that came from baby. Undo my jeans. kolej escort

I undo them and slide them down, something nearly pokes out my eye. It’s a large strapon. I’ve no idea how she hid it in there, but she did.

What the fuck is that Lauren?

Oh this? Well I saw you dressed that way, know you’ve no man here and saw how you looked at me when I come and got my parcel. It was a gamble admittedly but I knew what you wanted.

Suck it!

So i got on my knees and lubed up this thick strap-on, must have been 7 inches or so. I spat on it and sucked it hard.

Get up, bend over Lauren demanded.

So I did, I bent over the arm of the sofa, she hitched up my babydoll and entered me. Gently she increased the rhythm until it was a vigorous pounding. Next thing I knew she’d slid a finger in my arse.

This was intense, and so horny. I was wetter than an otters pocket. Bloody hell it felt good.

After I came for a second time she took the strapon off and sucked it.

Make me cum now Lucy.

She shoved me on the floor and sat on my face, I went to town on both holes with my tongue.

Turned out Lauren is a gusher, and I thought I was going to drown. She squirted all over my face and my floor.

When she finished she stood up, got dressed, picked up her strapon and said

Goodnight Lucy, seen you soon!

And left me sprawled on the living room floor with one hell of a stain on the carpet to sort out.

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