Off Limits

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The bar was crowded and, at 10pm on a Saturday night it was likely going to get worse. Mark stood at the bar hunched over his beer. A beer he’d been sipping on for the past thirty minutes. He wasn’t here to drink. He cursed himself for his weakness, for seeking her out again. He could see her from the corner of his eye. She was on the dance floor with her friends, laughing and dancing, completely unaware of the male attention that was focused on her. Half of the men in the bar were watching her too, waiting for an opening to approach her. A man, a boy really, finished off his beer and swaggered over to where she was dancing with her friends. He looked to be 21, Mark guessed, barely old enough to drink. That was her age, Mark reminded himself. She had turned 21 two months ago. Jealousy roared through him as he watched her smile at something the boy said to her. He wanted to be the one flirting with her. He didn’t want any other man touching her. Steeling himself against the urge to go over and stake his claim, he took another sip of his now warm beer and watched.

Heather felt his presence before she saw him. He was here again. Butterflies danced nervously in her belly. She wasn’t sure why she reacted this way every time she saw the dark, solitary man at the bar. He was there often, a regular patron of the bar the she herself favored. She knew who he was, recognized him from before, but wasn’t sure if he recognized her. Heather had never seen him speak to anyone other than the bartender. His body language warned people off and most of the time that was enough incentive for people to give him a wide berth. Every once in a while she saw a woman who was brave enough to approach him, but they usually scurried away shortly after in defeat.

The approach of a young man dressed smartly in a button down shirt and dark jeans jolted her from her reverie. She had been staring at him! An embarrassed flush colored her cheeks. Thank goodness he hadn’t seen her staring. The boy was talking to her and Heather had to force herself to pay attention to what he was saying. A dance, he wanted to dance. Smiling at him, accepted his invitation. She loved to dance. As she moved to the music her gaze wandered over to the dark corner of the bar where the man usually sat. The space was empty. Refusing to acknowledge the disappointment she felt to find that he was gone, Heather turned her attention to the boy who had asked her to dance. She thought he said his name was Dan. He was a pretty good dancer. Heather lost herself in the thumping rhythm of the music and tried to banish thoughts of dark, brooding men from her mind.

The hours flew by as Heather danced with Dan, then with two more guys who had found the courage to approach. She liked dancing, but wasn’t really attracted to any of her dance partners. If they started to get too handsy she could usually send them on their way. Her current partner was fast approaching that point, she realized with a grimace. He tried to pull her hips close to his own, his hands sliding down to cup her ass. Yep. Definitely time to get rid of this guy. Smiling to lessen the sting of rejection, she firmly removed his hands, stepped back, and told him she wasn’t interested. Unfortunately he didn’t take no for an answer. He tried to grab her and pull her close again. Lord he must have been drunker than she realized. Either that or he was just a complete jerk. Looking for her friends for help, Heather realized that they were halfway across the room and weren’t paying any attention to her predicament. Knowing that she was going to have to take care izmit escort of this herself, she took a deep breath to prepare herself. Before she had the chance to do anything, she felt a large presence against her back.

“Hey baby, there you are!”

The voice was low and gravely and sinfully sexy. Like its owner. Heather glanced behind her and was shocked to find her mystery man. He looked at her expectantly, then at her overly ardent admirer and back to Heather. Oh! He was helping her. The drunken Romeo wanna be was still trying to dance. He hadn’t noticed that Heather had stopped moving, nor had he heard the other man approach.

The mystery man didn’t say anything else. He just wrapped his arm around Heather’s waist and tugged her away and into his embrace. Heather went willingly, surprised that her legs were functioning. They felt like jelly. Her reaction to being this close to him made her faintly embarrassed. He smelled amazing. She had to restrain herself from pushing her face into his chest and just breathing in his scent. Vaguely she was aware that he was saying something to the drunk man she had been dancing with, who had finally realized that they were no longer alone. Heather didn’t hear what they were saying, but was relieved when the other man stalked off moments later.

“You can probably let go of me now that he’s gone.”

OH! He was looking down at her with a hint of a grin on his face. Flushing, she realized that she was still clutching his waist and was basically plastered against his side. She stepped back, flustered. He nodded politely at her, and started to move away. Every fiber of her being screamed at her to stop him. With uncharacteristic boldness that shocked her, Heather reached out and grabbed his hand. His eyes dropped to where her hand gripped his then moved up to meet hers.

“Dance with me.”

Her voice was whisper soft, but he understood the invitation. Mark knew that he should refuse. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. Heather saw the slight movement and misunderstood, thinking that he was going to refuse. She took advantage of his hesitation and moved closer to him. She placed his hand, which she was still gripping with hers, on her hip and started to move against him. Her body urged him to move.

Mark willed himself to walk away. A million thoughts raced through his mind, some urging him to stay, others telling him to go. She was too young. He wanted her anyway. She didn’t know who he was. She would probably hate him if she knew. He didn’t care. He was trembling with the effort to hold himself still as she rocked those sweet hips to the earthy beat of the music. He wanted to grab her and grind himself against those hips. His hand tightened on her skin and she raised her eyes up to meet his. He could see innocence there, but he could also see desire. She wanted him too. His control snapped.

“Fuck it.”

Roughly he pulled her against him. He didn’t care that she would feel his hard on. Her eyes widened, betraying her shock, but she didn’t move away. Taking that as consent, he began to move. The beat was dirty, low, and sexy. The bar was darker now. At some point they had dimmed the lights and the crowd’s inhibitions had faded away with it. The other couples danced closer together, gyrating and rubbing against one another. They closed in on Mark and Heather, forcing them closer still. Heather moved her hands up strong, well-muscled arms to rest around Mark’s neck and surrendered her body to him and to the music.

Heather wasn’t sure how karabük escort long they had been dancing. Her body was on fire. She had never reacted to a man this way, never allowed her dance partners to touch her as he was. She could feel his arousal against her hips as he ground himself against her and she cursed their clothes that separated them. She wanted to feel him naked against her. She tightened her arms around him, forcing herself against him. She felt him tense at her movement and knew that he wanted her just as badly. Shocked at her boldness, she blatantly rolled her hips against his. He tensed again and then stilled his movements altogether. Worried she had gone too far, she looked up into his face and was thrilled and a bit frightened by his fierce expression. Instinct compelled her to run, to escape from this huge predator. She took a tentative step back, away from him and found that a wall blocked her escape. Looking around, she realized that he had danced them into a dark corner of the room. Over his shoulder she could see the writing mass of people on the dance floor. When he spoke, his voice was lower and husky reflecting his extreme arousal.

“I want you.”

His words made her tighten deliciously. Slowly, as if asking for permission, Mark pressed closer to Heather, trapping her between the wall and his body. He took her hands in his, manacling them with one hand and trapping them behind her back. Positioned this way, her back was arched and her breasts were thrust forward. Her nipples tightened and she knew he could see their hardened tips pressed against her shirt. He brought his chest against hers, and the friction made Heather gasp. Her tongue darted out to lick her suddenly dry lips. His eyes darkened at the action. He wanted to taste her. So he did.

Heather was unprepared for the skill and mastery of Mark’s mouth on hers. He started slow, nipping and licking her lips until she was nearly begging him for more. Her hips rocked uncontrollably against his as he finally slipped his tongue in her mouth and rubbed it against hers. The movement of his hips against hers mimicked the thrust and parry of his mouth. Heather was so focused on the taste of him that she didn’t notice that his hand had slipped under her skirt until she felt his fingers stroking her through her panties. She stiffened with alarm and his fingers stilled, but didn’t move away. Her mind was racing. They were in public. Was anyone watching them? She didn’t see anyone staring in their direction, but anyone could look over and see. She made to move her arms and put some distance between them and found that her wrists were still locked behind her back, trapped in his grip. Her gaze rose to his face to find him patiently staring at her. With her eyes locked on his, he moved his finger against her panties and found the spot he was seeking. Heather gasped as feeling overwhelmed her. Two thoughts crystallized in her mind. He wasn’t going to stop. She didn’t want him to. Throwing caution to the wayside, she rolled her hips against his hand and looked boldly into his eyes.

“Make me cum.”

At her whispered words, Mark delved his fingers under her panties to touch the skin beneath. Soft and already wet, he found the sensitive little nub with his thumb while working one finger and then another into her tight sheath. Her breathing hitched, and he knew that it wasn’t going to take long to push her over. Slanting his mouth over hers, he drove his tongue into her mouth. God she tasted sweet. He couldn’t get enough. His cock karaman escort strained against his fly and he gave a fleeting thought to taking her there, against the wall. It would almost be worth the risk if he could just get inside that wet heat that was currently wrapped around his fingers. The though of people seeing Heather naked stopped him from taking her against the wall more than the though of being arrested. Still conscious of their surroundings, Mark angled his body so that his wide shoulders blocked Heather from the view of anyone curious enough look over at the couple making out in the corner of the bar. As much as he wanted to draw this out, he knew that he needed to speed things along. Sooner or later they were going to be spotted, and he wanted to spare Heather the embarrassment of being caught in the act.

She was close. Her breath came in pants and her hips were rocking fast against his fingers. He didn’t even have to move his arm anymore; she was doing all the work. He moved his thumb in circles around her clit and moved his mouth to her ear so that she could hear his whispered words. He told her how wet she was, how good she felt against his fingers. Her response was immediate. She liked his dirty talk so he told her in graphic detail what he was doing, and what he’d like to do.

“If we were in private right now I’d have you on your knees with your mouth around my cock. I want to see your pretty lips sucking on me.” Mark could almost feel her mouth on him, could almost see the scenario he was describing to her. He was so hard he felt like he might burst through his jeans.

“No, the first time I cum with you I want to be inside you. Right where my fingers are right now. I want to fuck the hell out of you.”

With his words she shot over the edge and drenched his fingers with her release. The pleasure radiated in waves, pulsing through her body and leaving her limp and replete. Her legs threatened to buckle but somehow managed to remain upright. Mark had released her hands, and was extricating his hand from under her skirt. Her eyes locked on his again and she couldn’t look away. He brought his wet fingers to his face and to her shock he put them in his mouth, sucking on them as if they were a delicious treat.

“You taste as good as I thought you would.”

A thrill ran through her at his words. That was so… naughty. And hot. He brought his hand to her lips, placing a finger at the entrance. She took the wet digit into her mouth and could faintly taste herself on it. She swirled her tongue around the tip and sucked lightly. He sucked in a breath and his eyes darkened. He reached his other hand down to adjust himself and reluctantly pulled his finger out of her mouth.

Mark stepped back from Heather and she smoothed her hands down her outfit, straightening her clothes self-consciously. With the distance reality returned and she nervously glanced around to see if anyone had been watching them before returning her gaze to her companion. He was so attractive in a brooding kind of way. She had never responded to a man like that before, had started to think that something was wrong with her. But he had managed to do what no one else had ever done. She had gotten off — in public — with a man. She wanted to do it again. She wanted to do the things he has whispered in her ear as he had pleasured her.

Mark watched the emotions flit across her face and cursed himself a thousand times for letting this happen. She. Was. Off. Limits. He had just broken his own rule. Hating himself for what he was about to do, he did it anyway.

“That was a…pleasant way to spend the evening, but I have to run.”

He suited his words to deed, and with a curt nod at her he walked toward the door. Shock froze Heather for the moments he needed to make his escape. By the time that anger replaced shock and Heather could move, he had disappeared.

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