Office Cougar

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Peter Jones had left school at last, but with no idea of what he wanted to do with his life. One thing he knew was he wasn’t suited to further academic study and so had opted not to go to university. Nor was he particularly gifted mechanically, so something more practical was also of not much interest. He was looking for something in office management or administration, or possibly branching into sales. He had been taken on as a trainee at a local engineering distribution company. They wanted a general office worker drone and were prepared to give Peter a trial.

As part of his training, Peter would spend some time in each department before a decision would be made on where or if he would be offered a permanent position.

Although the business was only medium-sized, the owner Mr Howarth, wanted every employee to know about not only the office side but also the distribution side so that each would have an understanding of the roles of the others and the problems they encountered, or could cause for their co-workers. That way, he felt the business was more than just a place of work for everyone, and it seemed to pay off. Staff turnover was low, morale high and vacancies sought after. Peter had been lucky to get this chance and was determined not to blow it.

Peter’s first month was spent in the distribution center, picking and packing orders and checking off incoming deliveries from suppliers. All basic mundane tasks, but he soon learnt that the slightest lax in concentration could lead to costly mistakes being made.

After that, Peter rotated throughout the office departments, many of which overlapped. For his final rotation, over the next month, Peter was scheduled to work in the finance department. On Monday, Mr Howarth took him into their office and introduced him to the finance manager.

“Peter, this is Ms Ashworth, head of finance. She’ll be overseeing your training while you are in the finance department.”

“Hello, Peter. I hope you’re a hard worker and a quick learner.”

Ms Ashworth was stunning to look at. If she had been in her teens or early twenties, she would have been described as perky and cute: now in her very early forties, she was vivacious, vibrant and sexy. She still had that bouncy full-of-life energy that would give her the perky tag. Now it was tempered by an overall polished gloss that comes to a mature woman still in her prime.

She was tallish, with a firm, trim body that, even in office dress, hinted at just how desirable it was. And long legs that seemed to never end. Her pleasantly sculptured face was framed by shiny, raven black hair cut in a shaggy bob. The epitome of a modern yet sexy businesswoman.

“Are you a quick learner?”

“Err… yes, I like to think so.”

“That’s good because if you’re going to do well here, that’s what I need, a quick learning, hard-working assistant.”

“I’ll try to do my best to please you,” Peter managed to stammer. This woman was almost old enough to be his mother, and he wasn’t sure if he fancied her or found her intimidating. Not that he ever dreamed he would have a chance of doing anything with a woman like her. Hell, the younger girls in the other departments had frightened him with their teasing and jokes, and they were nowhere near as desirable as Ms Ashworth.

Peter was an awkward, shy and sensitive boy. He’d not had much, if any luck, with girls at school. Now, here he was, just turned eighteen and cast into the demanding business world, with its subtle undertones of sexual adventure.

Peter’s reverie was broken as Ms Ashworth turned on her heel and walked away, “Come on, let’s find you somewhere to work. And my name’s Lisa.” Peter was taken to a spare desk opposite a pair of flirty young girls and put to work sorting out some invoices.

The two girls seemed friendly and helped him settle in, although they were rather crude in openly discussing their boyfriends and what they would do with them. They paid no attention to the unease they seemed to be causing their young, shy co-worker.

Ms Ashworth had one of only two private offices in the company, the other, naturally belonging to Mr Howarth. Every time Peter had to go into her office, he was unsure where he stood with her. Whether he was making a good impression and doing a good job; or if he wasn’t. Sometimes Ms Ashworth would be laughing and joking with him; the next, she would take him to task for some minor error. During his second week, Peter had to take some reports and invoices to her for signing off. Mrs Ashworth looked up at him from her desk. “Peter, this just won’t do,” she said softly.

‘What, why, what have I done wrong?’ Peter asked himself.

“Peter, why are you wearing a tie? You know it’s not the sort of thing needed in this office. Only customer-facing staff need to be so formally dressed.” Ms Ashworth stood up, walked over to Peter, undid the tie around his neck, and then pulled it from under his collar. Somehow the innocent gesture was filled with sexual innuendo, more so when her fingers lingered Maltepe Escort on his cheek for a fraction longer than was strictly necessary. Peter did not know what to do or say as his two colleagues looked on through the open office door silently as he went red with embarrassment.

On the Friday afternoon of Peters’s third week in finance, he was alone in the office, shutting down his computer as things were winding down for the weekend when Ms Ashworth came over.

“Peter, is there nobody else here?”

“Err, no, they’ve all finished for the week. I was just shutting down myself.”

“Damn, is it that time already? Well, anyway, how’ve you found your time working for me?”

“Great, actually better than I imagined. It’s a lot more complex than I thought it would be. I’m enjoying it.”

“Really? You’re not just saying that to please me?”

“No, I’d never do that.” The raised eyebrow made Peter realise the mistake he had made. However, that was tempered by a smile as he tried to correct himself.

“It’s okay. I know what you mean. You’re not sucking up to me. And I’ve noticed your work over the weeks. You’re diligent and seem to have a feel for things,” Ms Ashworth said. “Now, I know it’s a bit short notice, and the weekend as well, but you did say that you were a hard worker and eager to learn, and from what I’ve seen, that’s true, flexible as well. Do you think you’d be willing to help me out with a rush job that’s just come in? I was hoping to catch Cheryl before she went, although she’s not the best choice for this sort of task.”

“Yeah, sure. When?”

“Now. I know it’s Friday, but I need to get these figures worked through tonight. You didn’t have anything planned, did you? I mean, a young lad like you must have plans for Friday night, not like an old lady like me.”

“I’ve got nothing to do. And you’re not old.”

“Thank you, but I am compared to you. So, what would you say if we were to do the work from my house? I can order us a pizza, and we can get things finished in a couple of hours, plus it would be more comfortable than here. Also, it is rather sensitive work and despite the office being empty, I would feel better if nobody could see what we were doing.”

“Are you sure I’m the person you need?”

“You said you’re a hard worker and a quick learner, and from what I’ve seen, that’s true. All I really need is somebody to check through what I’m doing. It’s going to be pretty boring, but with the two of us, the job will be done much quicker than I would be able to do on my own. Do you think you’re up for that?”

“Yeah, sure, if you think I am.”

“Peter, I know you’ll be up to whatever I ask from you. But one thing, this is a very, very sensitive project you will be helping me on. Only Mr Howarth and I know what it is, and it must stay like that for the time being. Come on then, let’s go. The sooner we start, the sooner we can get finished and then I won’t eat into your weekend more than I need to. I’ve got all the info I need already. And Peter, I’m glad you’re more relaxed in your dress; it suits you.” With that, Lisa Ashworth turned and walked quickly away, leaving Peter trailing in her wake. He couldn’t help but admire the sway of her hips and cute arse, nor the long legs, which were striding along so confidently.

Lisa Ashworth strode to her soft-top Audi TT and popped the boot lid, throwing her laptop case into it, before sliding behind the wheel.

“Wow, nice car,” Peter enthused.

“Yeah, I got it as part of my divorce settlement.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’m not. The first time I caught my ex cheating, I forgave him. Then when I found him fucking a cheap little slut I divorced him. He got the slut and the dog, so that was two bitches for him to care for. Me, I got the house, the car, and my freedom. So I downsized the house and upgraded the car.”

As Peter sank into the black leather passenger seat, he couldn’t help but see how high Ms Ashworth’s tight skirt had ridden up her legs, giving him an unhindered view of her stunning thighs.

“Stop gawking at my legs, and put your seatbelt on.” Ms Ashworth said as she operated the control that dropped the roof before she gunned the throttle, dumped the clutch and powered the sports car confidently out of the car park.

Classic FM was playing on the stereo as Ms Ashworth guided the car smoothly for the half hour it took them to drive from the factory to her home. Peter was entranced as he sat quietly. The wind tugged at his hair as they drove along. He couldn’t help but take a chance and look at Ms Ashworth’s exquisite legs as she shifted gear. Once, he thought he saw one of his old schoolmates as they drove past. That would be a blast if he’d seen them. Driving directly into the garage after the remotely controlled doors had opened, Ms Ashworth stopped the car, raised the roof and got out. Giving Peter another long look at her legs.

As they entered the lounge, Ms Ashworth placed her laptop bag on the table. Firing up her Cevizli Escort computer, she told Peter to read the file she gave him and to check out the financial statement. Peter did as he was told, and soon they were cross-checking numerous financial details. That’s when Peter realised they weren’t dealing with an internal account.

“This stuff we’re doing, it’s not our companies,” Peter suddenly exclaimed.

“No, and I’m glad you picked that up. Now I can tell you what the project is and why it is confidential. We’ve made a bid to take over one of our competitors. I am doing the financial due diligence before we close the bid. So we need to be thorough and accurate.”

“Wow, and you trust me?”

“Your job is simply to read out the figures you see, and I’ll check them against the ones I have. All the serious stuff has already been done. This is the final check-over. But it is still very important. We can’t afford to make any silly errors.”

After about an hour’s work, Lisa Ashworth sat back and stretched, easing her back. Peter couldn’t help but notice her boobs were straining against the material of her blouse.

Lisa stood up and closed her laptop, leaving Peter the impression that they had finished work. That hadn’t taken so long, he thought. That’s when his world tilted upside down and changed forever.

Lisa stood in front of Peter and slowly began to undress, and never for a second did she take her eyes off him. Noting every emotion that crossed his stunned face. Peter was too shocked to move.

Beginning with her white silk blouse, pulling it from the waist of her black pencil skirt that was cut just above knee-length. Starting at the bottom, she undid each button in turn until the blouse gaped open, and Peter could see her full breasts encased in a skin-toned bra.

Leaving her blouse as it was, Lisa reached behind her, and Peter heard the zizz of the zip of her skirt as it lowered. Lisa eased the skirt over her hips, letting it drop to the floor. Then she shrugged her blouse off her shoulders and let that join her skirt.

Peter muttered, “Oh my God,” as he looked at her fantastic body as she stood before him dressed in the bra, a black garter belt and sheer dark stockings.

It took a moment for it to sink in before Peter realised that Lisa wasn’t wearing any panties. Her pussy, with its neatly trimmed pubic hair, was exposed to his view. For Peter, as young and innocent as he was, it was one of the sexiest visions he’d ever cast his eyes over. Then again, for any man, it would have been.

“You’re…. you’re not wearing any panties,” he gasped.

“I know, naughty of me isn’t it.”

“But we’ve come straight from work.”

Lisa giggled a deep sexy giggle as she replied, “I sometimes do that, just for the fun of it. It makes me feel daring, knowing what I’m like, and what all the men would do to see me that way. And now, everytime you see me at work, you’ll wonder if I’m wearing any or not.”

Lisa reached behind her and flicked the clasp of her bra undone, she didn’t tantalise and tease Peter but let the garment drop to the floor. Her medium-sized breasts, capped with small, dark brown nipples, bounced as they came into Peter’s view, causing him to swallow in amazement at the sight. His eyes kept jumping from her breasts to her pussy. The poor boy was so overwhelmed he just didn’t know where to look.

The confident woman which is Lisa Ashworth, was still unsure if she was doing the right thing. Peter seemed so hesitant and unknowing. She’d expected him to instantly grab her as she stood before him, all but naked. But the boy was sitting like a statue. Then, she realised he must be a virgin. Her plan to seduce the youngster for a bit of casual, wild sex suddenly became much more enticing to her.

Lisa sidled over to where Peter was sitting, cupped his chin in her hand as she bent forward, her boobs dropping lower to swing and sway, and kissed Peter once, very gently on his lips. Taking hold of his trembling hand, she pulled him to his feet and led him to her bedroom.

Standing in front of him, she pressed her toned body hard against his as she kissed him again. This time forcing her tongue deep into his mouth and finding his, twisting and playing with it. This, at last, brought a reaction from Peter, apart from the feeling of his rock-hard cock pressing between them as they kissed. His hands went around her back and began to caress her body.

A hand dropped lower and squeezed her arse, making Lisa moan. Her hands were around Peter’s back and twirling in his hair as she continued to kiss him.

Overcoming his shock and disbelief that this was happening, Peter grew more confident as Lisa didn’t push him away. His hand moved to the front and he held Lisa’s breasts, one in each hand squeezing them gently. Lisa moaned involuntarily as his palms cupped her and rubbed over the sensitive aching nipples. Her pussy was already wet and hot.

Allowing Peter to fondle her tits, Lisa somehow managed to get Peter’s Atalar Escort shirt and then his pants and underwear off him. Grasping his cock between her fingers as soon as she could. Lisa stroked the solid member a couple of times, conscious not to over-excite him too much.

Peter’s fingers found their way to Lisa’s hot and wet pussy, gasping in awe as he slid a finger inside and worked it in and out. Lisa ground down on his hand. At the same time as she eased her stroking of his cock. She needed to get as close as she could before she could allow Peter to enter her, instinctively knowing that he wouldn’t last long when he did.

As her excitement grew, Lisa fell onto her bed, pulling Peter down with her. Her legs spread as wide as she could get them to. Instinctively Peter knew he had to get between Lisa’s legs and did so as soon as possible. Lisa took hold of his achingly throbbing cock and guided him to her entrance. Instantly Peter felt his cock end pressing between Lisa’s hot folds; he rammed forward and buried himself up to his balls into her making her gasp at the force he slammed in with.

Peter’s hips began to power his cock in and out of Lisa with a primitive, primeval intensity. She wasn’t the older, more experienced woman seducing a young boy now. She was there for his enjoyment and release. Lisa reacted to the urgent way she was being fucked and responded in kind. Matching Peter’s

intense thrusts with those of her own. Using her legs, which were pulled back alongside her hips, to thrust her pelvis against him.

The pair of them were grunting and moaning, Lisa occasionally screaming out as they rutted like a pair of animals, each lost in the primitive intensity of the moment.

Peter’s body suddenly went stiff, and his movements stopped as he cried out. His cock pulsed and fired a blast of hot cum into Lisa, filling her pussy. He pulled back until his cock was halfway out, and then he slammed back in again as more and more cum jetted from his cock. Lisa wrapped her legs around Peter’s waist as her pussy clenched and released on him as she milked him for all he could give her. Her fingers had formed into claws, nails digging into Peter’s back and arse like talons.

Exhausted and emotionally drained, Peter collapsed in a panting, sweating heap on his boss, burying his head in her shoulder as he continued regaining his breath. Unable to comprehend what had just happened to him.

As she lay back, her body still shaking from the raw sex, Peter’s young body now alongside her, Lisa said, “That was your first time, wasn’t it?”

It was a few moments before Peter replied quietly, “Yeah, I’m sorry if it wasn’t any good for you. If I was no good.”

“Any good? Fuck me, Peter,” a short giggle then, “well, you just did that. And you were as good as you could be for your first time, better than I could have expected. I realised early on, but it’s not a problem. I think it’s great that I was your first. That’s something I’ve wanted to experience, being a boy’s first. Women have that desire, as much as men do, you know.”


“Yes, really.”


“Now, phone for a pizza, the numbers programmed in the phone while I go for a quick shower, and you’d better phone your mum if she’s expecting you home early.” With that, Lisa bounced off the bed and skipped into her adjoining bathroom. Soon the sound of cascading water could be heard.

Peter wasn’t sure what to do after he’d phoned for the pizzas, so he got dressed, went into the lounge and sat down. Still trying to come to terms with what had just happened. He’d had sex. He’d been seduced. Well, it wasn’t much of a seduction. Lisa had simply undressed and dragged him into her bedroom, not that he’d objected or resisted in any way. He’d had sex! Sex. With an older woman. A very sexy and attractive older woman and she was his boss. God, he thought, I hope I haven’t cocked things up and get fired, not realising that it would be Lisa, who would have been in trouble as she had misused her position of power over him.

Just then, Lisa walked into the lounge wearing a very short and very sexy robe. Leaving most of her legs exposed to Peter’s view, along with a fair amount of breast, as the wrap wasn’t pulled very tight. She frowned as she saw Peter was fully dressed.

“What’s this? Have you had enough?”

“I didn’t know what to do. I thought that that would be it.”

“Silly boy, why did I tell you to order some pizzas if I didn’t want you to stay and we could have some more fun. That’s if you’d like to, that is.”

“God, yes.”

“Good, so go and get a shower, then put on the robe I’ve left for you. Have you phoned home? No. Well, give me your number, and I’ll do it for you.”

As Peter walked back into the lounge after his shower, he heard Ms Ashworth talking on the phone to what must be his mother.

“No, honestly, it’s no trouble. Peter’s been very kind to help out, and I’m sorry it’s at such short notice… Well, that’s okay. Yes, he’s coming along very well, and this sort of commitment and enthusiasm is well-liked by the company. It’s been noted, and I think it will lead to him being taken on full-time. Yeah, I’ll make sure he gets home… although if it gets too late, it would be no trouble for him to stay the night.

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