Old Friends

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Melanie touched his hand, jumping back when he started awake and looked up at her with wide, bloodshot eyes. It was late, almost 2 am. It was almost time to close, and the diner had been dead empty, save for the sleeping patron, for nearly an hour. She blinked in surprise at the intensity in his gaze.

“I…I’m sorry.” The man frowned, and raked his hand back through his sandy blonde curls, which just fell back impishly into blindingly green eyes. “What time is it?” He tapped his watch, but belatedly remembered that it had been dead for a couple days. Habit kept it around his wrist, and a poor memory kept him from making the trip to the store to retain the batteries necessary to get it going again.

Melanie looked up at the clock on the wall, and smiled softly. “It’s 1:50, sir, in the morning. I hate to bother you, as you seemed to be so peaceful, but we do close at two, and I’ll need to bus this table…” She tugged on the short hem of her skirt and gave him a tiny, dimpled grin. Her thick brown hair was stalk straight, and lay most of the way down her back. She considered herself mousey – but there wasn’t much mousey about big chocolate doe eyes and full, pretty lips. She didn’t wear much makeup, and didn’t need it. She simply smiled at the man, waiting for him to get up, to move, to do anything other than continue staring at her.

“Mel’nie.” He mumbled sleepily, eyeing her name tag. “Mel’nie Tanner?” She froze in spot. How did he know her last name? Well, it had been her name, before….well. She stiffened and frowned, nodding her head. He smirked. “Long time no see, Mel.” Melanie eyed the stranger – or, apparently, a man who was less a stranger than she’d once imagined – and then laughed softly, cocking her hip to the side and tapping her fingers on the jutted bone.

“Well I’ll be. What’re you doin’ around here again, Austin?” She dropped her smirk and smiled softly. It was no wonder she hadn’t been able to recognize him, his hair had been darker, and short. She was certain those muscles were relatively new, as well. She blushed, realizing that she was leering at him a bit. She leaned down and gave him a quick squeeze. Austin Peck had graduated with her, but that’d been at least ten years ago. She self consciously wrapped her arms around her stomach; he wasn’t the only one who’d put on a little weight…Sadly, the only person who could look at dainty little Melanie Tanner Cole and call her fat, was herself.

Austin smiled and gave her a hug. “Sorry if I caught you off guard. God damned if you don’t look a day over eighteen.” He grinned, and she blushed softly. “Sorry, didn’t mean to embarrass you. Let me buy you a drink?”

Melanie shook her head, quickly. “Nah. My shift ends when we’re done here, if you want to hang around, we can head to my place and I’ll get you a real drink.” She winked at him and took his coffee cup, sauntering a bit into the kitchen. Finally out of eyeshot, Melanie leaned back against the wall, nearly panting. Zelda, the big black woman who owned the diner that was her namesack, laughed loudly.

“Who IS that handsome devil, Melly?” Zelda grinned. “By the Lord, that boy is beautiful!” Zelda peeked out through the glass window in the door, smacking her lips together, causing Melanie to fall into a peal of girlish giggles.

“Austin Peck. We went to high school together. He dated a friend of mine, they left about six months after we graduated. Honestly, I never thought I’d be running into him again!” Melanie smiled and bit her bottom lip nervously. “He didn’t look like -that- back then, though…he was a late bloomer, glasses and freckles, manisa escort and he was all limbs.” She peeked out, herself. “Not anymore, hmmm?” She grinned at Zelda, who snapped her favorite waitress with a bar towel.

“Get on out of here, honey, we’ll finish up without ya’.” Zelda winked and shoved the protesting Melanie out the revolving door. Melanie straightened up, shook out her hair, and tossed her apron on the bar. She smiled softly at Austin. “Ready?”

“As I’ll ever be.” He got to his feet, standing a broad 6’3″, he was now filled into his lanky frame. Honestly, it got the poor waitress woozy in the knees. She bit her lips nervously and smiled at him, unlocking the door to let them out, then locking it behind her. They walked the scant two blocks to her house, the one good thing Dan had left her with. She let him in, fed the cat, and ran to her room to change. Coming back downstairs in a tank top and lounge pants, she yelled from the kitchen. “Austin? What can I get you?”

Melanie blinked in startled surprise as he peeked his head around the corner. “Rum and Coke, if ya got it.” She had, and quickly fixed herself the same. She walked back into the living room with him, settling herself back onto the couch. He followed suit, and she gave him a warm smile, even the first sips of the alcohol loosening her up.

“Dan Cole, eh?” Austin had obviously seen the pictures of her late husband and their daughter, Sabrina, laying around and hung on the wall. Melanie looked down, her eyes filling with tears. Wincing, Austin reached across the couch to tilt her face up towards his. “Melanie? What’s wrong? Did you and he split?” Melanie shook her head, and took a long, deep breath.

“No, Dan…” She bit her lip. “Things were wonderful between he and I.” She smiled softly at him. “We were married about a year after graduation, had a beautiful baby girl less than a year after that. Sabrina was seven when…” Melanie set the drink down, and took another steadying breath. She could do this without crying. “Dan started drinking when Sabrina was two, and diagnosed with juvenile heart disease. She had a heart transplant when she was five, and was doing very, very well. But the drinking stayed with Dan. He had a hard time dealing with everything. He lost his job, most of his friends…” Melanie reached for her drink, took a sip, and continued.

“A couple of months after Sabby turned seven, she went in for a routine check up, making sure everything was doing all right, just normal stuff. Dan offered to take her, I greatfully accepted his offer. I had to work, and run errands, and hold things together. I was ripping at the seams, so I was relieved when he offered to drive. He’d been drinking. It was raining. I was told neither of them ever felt a thing.” Melanie looked down at her hands, then back up at Austin, who was wearing a pained look. She smiled.

“I lost my angels that day. I don’t blame Dan. I don’t blame the drinking. I blame fate.” She chuckled softly and drained her drink. Austin moved closer to her, set the glass down for her, and took both of her hands in his.

“Oh, Mel.” He sighed, softly. “So, it’s been…a year and a half, or so?” She nodded. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “You poor thing.” She gave him a tiny smile, and he went on. “I married Lindy Michaels. You remember, blonde, kind of chubby in the way that drives the boys wild?” He smirked. “Anyways. It lasted about a year, she left, I was glad, and I managed to somehow wander back into this little one horse town. My car broke down.” He made a face.

“Oh…” maraş escort Melanie shifted. “You could always stay here…I don’t have a guest room, and Sabrina’s room still has kiddie furniture, but I can make up the pull out for you, if you want…until your car’s fixed?” She looked up; his green eyes were sinking into hers and to her horror she felt a bubbly little moan spill from her slightly parted lips.

“I’d rather stay with you.” He whispered quietly, a smile tugging the corners of his lips. “You’re still as beautiful as you were then.” She shook her head, but he placed his fingers against her lips. “The whole time you were with Dan, I was crazy over you, angry, jealous.” She blushed furiously. “I don’t think there was a boy in school who didn’t sleep with a pillow over his cock for fear of dreaming of you.”

At this, Melanie flushed a bright red and opened her mouth to protest. He chuckled and kissed away the words before they ever began, his teeth finding her bottom lip and playfully nibbling at it. She mewled her appreciation, slightly timid hands sliding up his well muscled biceps. She shivered, and he broke the kiss to smile at her. “Tell me, Mel, if I do anything you don’t like.” He whispered, then leaned in to nibble at her earlobe. Melanie’s eyes closed and she moaned in reply. A year and a half, and nothing, and now…When she was sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, she’d never have even looked at him twice. But now…now he was a comfortable figure from her past, and sexy as sin, and he wanted -her-. She was powerless to resist.

Austin grinned; it was powerful to have the girl of your dreams melting in your arms. He kissed his thoroughly, his mouth making love to hers amidst moans of happiness and pleasure. She sure was a vocal little thing. He kissed the corners of her lips, the hollow of her throat, the nape of her neck. She moaned softly at his soft lips and lightly whiskered skin sliding across her pale skin. When his fingers moved to slide the tank top off, she whimpered, but it was not a sound of protest. Austin pulled the offending article of clothing from Melanie’s thin frame, and sat back, allowing his eyes to feast on the ample swell of her breasts, their small, dusky pink nipples aroused and swollen, eager for his attention. Austin’s head gladly lowered to her chest, taking one nipple into his hot, wet mouth. She could feel his teeth and tongue as they lavished love and affection on her sensitive, needy flesh. She groaned, her fingers sliding up his powerful shoulders to fist in his thick, curly hair.

Austin broke his mouth’s hold on her, reluctantly, and pulled his black t-shirt off. Melanie’s eyes bugged as she marveled over the thick chiseled musculature of his powerful chest. She laid her palms flat against his abdomen, purring with the feeling as she traced the contoured lines with her fingertips. Austin groaned, quietly. Melanie could feel his erection growing, pushed into her leg. He sat back, pulling her unceremoniously into his lap, making him laugh. She grinned cutely, and kissed him, her first real advance. Austin shivered and groaned, and Melanie playfully squimed in his lap, her behind rolling over his hard cock. She moaned.

Austin let out a long, heavy sigh. “You….” He shivered and his hips arched up. He could feel Melanie’s hot sex eminating through the thin fabric of her pants. If he hadn’t already been as hard as a rock, he’d have been, then. He bit at her neck, and Melanie’s back arched. She dug her fingernails into the naked skin of his shoulders, leaving red crescent marks mardin escort in the tanned, weathered flesh. Austin gasped and bit hard on his bottom lip, the pain only feeding into his pleasure in his aroused state. Melanie rose to her knees, straddling his lap, and squirmed out of the comfortable pajama pants, much more comfortable once they were on the floor, with her shirt. Her skimpy little thong wasn’t hiding anything from his view, and for the first time since he’d first kissed her, she had the decency to blush. He smiled gently, and kissed her lips.

“You’re so beautiful.” Austin’s words were simple, but they had a hypnotic effect on Melanie. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, and kissed him warmly, passionately. Her tongue played at his lips, then broke their barrier to dance against his own. She drank from his lips as if they were a chalice holding the finest wine. She moaned and rocked her hips down against his erection. Austin’s head pulled back from hers, a thick, husky groan radiating from deep in his throat. He pushed her back, and Melanie gave a cocky laugh as he scrambled to free himself from the jeans holding his hopeless erection prisoner. Shoving them over his hips, his boxer-briefs followed suit, and Melanie’s eyes widened once again. His throbbing cock was at least eight and a half inches long, and thick, very thick. She shivered with the thought of that glorious dick inside of her wet, waiting sex. She reached forward and wrapped her fingers around it, mumbling soft glorifications, babbling incoherently.

Austin hissed as her warm handles fondled his erection, pulling her closer. He stroked her hair as her head lowered, and she bestowed kisses to the head of his cock. He moaned softly, and then his moan faded into a needy growl as her wet lips caught him in their embrace, a greedy suckling that left him breathless. He could hear the wet slurping sounds, even as he felt the exquisite pleasure. He could feel his full, heavy balls tighten, and gasped a warning to her. He was never this quick to shoot; a culmination of his fantasies and wet entrapment of her lips were too much for him. He grunted, gasped, and shot hot, sticky streams of cum into her throat, shivering and moaning her name as she milked him with her lips and tongue. Trying her damndest, Melanie couldn’t swallow everything he had to give her. A thin stream of the thick fluid ran from the corner of her mouth, and her tongue bathed him, even as she lapped it up. She squeezed his still erect cock and laughed huskily.

Austin, wasting no time, pushed her back gently. He was too impatient, too needy; Melanie didn’t mind, she wanted that impressive member inside her so badly she was writhing. She arched her hips, and his rough hands grabbed them roughly, pulling her by her waist to impale his cock, as he towered above her. Melanie’s cat-like moans were enough to fuel his fire. He thrust painfully into her, and she gasped. He soon evened his pace, though it was fierce. Melanie was groaning like a whore, her entire body betraying her mind as she gasped, the walls of her sex tightening around him. Austin’s pace slowed, and then with one final thrust deep inside of her, Melanie felt his hot seed spray inside of her, warming her belly and womb. She gasped, set off into another climax. She simply held tightly to him, whimpering his name, over and over. Austin was beyond words, clinging to Melanie possessively.

Mel awoke several hours later, groaning as the shrill ring of the telephone blasted her in the ear. She fumbled around for the receiver, grunting when she felt a hard body laying beside her on her couch. Hmmm. That explained the cramped conditions. She grinned to herself, sleepily answering the phone. It was Zelda, who lovingly encouraged her to take the day off. A slow smile spread across Melanie’s face as she cradled the phone and happily awoke her sleeping partner with a few well-placed kisses…

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