Older Man

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Big Tits

He was old enough to be my grandfather the first time he fucked me. He was 58 and I was 20. I had lusted after him ever since I was introduced to him at a Bar B Que at the home of my best friend Suzy Parker’s parents.

The Parker’s were a socially prominent family from Tyler, Texas. Suzy and I had been Apache Belles at Kilgore Junior College in Kilgore, Texas where East Texas oil was first discovered.

The folks that got rich from the oil moved their families and business headquarters to Tyler safe from the oil boomtowns.

I was introduced to Arthur Jameson a good friend of Suzy’s father Richard Parker. He took my breath away with his tanned good looks. He was the most beautiful man I ever laid eyes on. Arthur was tall with a good head of hair with a few distinguished streaks of gray. He had a golden tan that I would later find out covered his entire body. He had no tan lines and that included his massive cut cock.

Lucille, Suzy’s mom, introduced us, “Arthur, I want you to meet Brenda Bain a good close friend of Suzy,” Lucille said.

Arthur extended his hand and I took it to shake. My hand was trembling, I’m sure ne noticed. “Glad to meet you Brenda,” Arthur said.

“Likewise,” I awkwardly said.

A cold chill ran through me, as I sensed Arthur was undressing me with his eyes. I Beylikdüzü Escort swear my panties were getting moist.

Later, as I sat alone, Arthur approached me with a smile on his face, and said, “You are quite lovely, you now.”

“I bet you say that to all the young ladies,” I responded.

“Only when it is true,” he replied.

I blushed and Arthur took notice.

“Young lady, I hope I don’t shock you when I say, I want to fuck you. Eventually I want to make love to you, but right now, my cock needs relief. With the Bar B Que in full swing, I don’t think we will be missed. Shall we go to my room where I will give you the fucking of your life,” Arthur said.

“Your room?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m a guest of the Parker’s for the weekend,” he said.

He took my hand and led me toward the main house. I was surprisingly calm for a young lady about to get fucked by a man I had only just met. Albeit, a beautiful man.

Once safely in his room, Arthur proceeded to undress me something he had done with his eyes earlier. When my breasts came into view, I heard Artur gasp and say, “Oh my, they are magnificent.” I have rather large and firm pear-shaped breasts with elongated nipples.

When he lowered my panties, Arthur was aware they were moist and was surprised Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan to see I was smooth shaven. I stepped out of my panties and stood au natural in front of Arthur.

Arthur quickly undressed and stood naked before me with his massive cock standing straight out, causing me to drop to my knees.

I engulfed his cock, but was only able to get a third of it in my mouth, before hitting the entrance to my throat. I had never had such a monster cock like this in my mouth before. I could only imagine what it was going to be like having it deep in my pussy.

I started sucking Arthur’s cock as Arthur moaned.

I was giving Arthur my best when he said, “Damn girl I hate to make you stop, but if you don’t, I will bust a nut and I need to fuck you.”

Reluctantly I pulled off Arthur’s cock. He placed me on the bed and spread my legs giving him easy access to my now very wet pussy. As Arthur’s cock began to penetrate my pussy, I moaned and orgasmed. The extra wetness allowed Arthur’s massive cock to slide in my cunt without much difficulty. With three quarters of his cock buried in my pussy, I could feel another orgasm building from deep within me.

Arthur starting fucking me slowly, and then faster. The more he fucked me, the more I could feel the Escort Beylikdüzü orgasm growing. I was about to experience the mother of all orgasms.

My cunt was filled like never before. Arthur’s cock was by far the biggest hunk of meat to ever penetrate my pussy.

When the mind-blowing orgasm hit, I screamed and blacked out. When my senses began to return, Arthur was still pounding away. When he blew his load in my fertile pussy, I lost it again, and this time, I feinted dead away.

I came to with Arthur raining kisses on my breasts and nibbling on my nipples. This beautiful man with the magnificent cock had fucked me, and was now making love to me. As promised, Arthur had given me the fuck of my life. and was now making love to me.

Arthur was proving to be a marvelous lover. His kisses went up to my neck. He began nibbling on my neck something that always ended up with me being fucked. Then he deep kissed me letting his tongue enter my mouth, where his cock had been earlier. Our tongues where doing a tango and I felt his hardening cock against my thigh.

While making love to me, Arthur’s cock slowly penetrated my-cum slicked pussy. His wonderful lovemaking continued as he slowly fucked me again. This time it was a slow gentle fuck. Arthur had taken lovemaking to an art form, and I was the beneficiary.

Turns out, Arthur was a married man with three daughters older than me. I became his mistress and he fucked me on a regular basis. He was married to a gorgeous distinguished woman who was bisexual. The first time he shared me with his wife, I was blown away. But that is another story.

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