One Night Date Ch. 06

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I woke up the next morning, sore all over, especially my groin which had had a massive pummelling the previous night by Horse and his friends. Deep was nowhere near me and I figured he must have gone out to get some groceries. But I was wrong.

Deep was sitting in the living room, alone, with a bottle of beer in his hand and a cigarette in another.

“Hello, slut,” he greeted me as he saw me walk into the living room.

I was still naked and I could feel some of the cum from the previous night oozing out of my pussy and asshole and sliding down the insides of my thighs.

“So, this is what you’ve been up to the last couple of months while I was away, huh?”

I was puzzled. He seemed to have been enjoying during the shenanigans of the previous night but now why was he acting so holier than thou.

“Umm… yes… Why” I asked hesitantly.

“Oh nothing. During my time on the cruise, I was wondering what you would be doing with all the time free on your hands. Now I know.”

“You want me to stop doing it, I’ll stop doing it.”

“And do what? Sit around at home and eat and grow fat? If this lifestyle makes you happy, so be it, carry on with it. Just make sure you don’t get knocked up. I want you to have my baby, only my baby.”

I was delighted. He had given me his permission to go about living my life as I had been living it the last couple of months… like a slut in need.

“But I want you to tell me how it all started. Tell me the whole story. From the beginning.”

So, after opening a bottle of beer for myself, I sat down and over the course of the next few hours narrated my life as it had been. I told him about Satish and everything. He interrupted me and told me that he wanted to meet Satish.

Before continuing, I called up Satish and told him to come home that night. I also told him to bring the two dildos he had got made for me. Satish in turn had one condition: that I be naked when he would arrive at my home. I readily agreed to that and told Deep about the condition. He laughed.

“The kind of slut you’ve become, I doubt I’ll have to worry about you spending too much money on clothes, seeing that the only clothes you wear are slutty clothes or at best nothing at all.”

I continued with my story ending with the previous gaziantep escort bayan night.

As I narrated the story, I could feel my own juices beginning to flow and saw that hidden behind his boxers, Deep’s cock was hard too. I finished my beer and getting up, went to Deep and kneeling in front of him, pulled out his cock. It had a drop of pre-cum glistening on its head and was hard as a rock.

I took him in my mouth and having lubricated it, turned around and positioned the head at the opening of my asshole.

Once its head was in my nether hole, I let him slide deep inside me and sat like that for a minute, savouring the feel of a thick hot cock in my asshole.

“Are you gonna sit there or are you gonna start riding?”

I began bouncing on Deep’s cock and tried squeezing it with my sphincter. I closed my eyes and focussed on the feeling of my asshole stretching to accommodate cock. I felt my asshole turn inwards every time I sat down on him and felt it stretch outwards every time I rose my ass.

It took nearly 20 minutes for Deep to finally let go of his bottle and catch hold of my waist and begin smashing me on his cock hard. Within minutes, I had come and a few minutes later, Deep, with a wild scream, pulled me down one last time on his cock and kept me there as he shot his load deep inside me.

A few minutes later, he shoved me off his cock and told me to pour him a stiff Jack Daniels on the rocks.

“Get me that drink and clean up this mess before Satish comes.”

He didn’t allow me to put on any clothes.

That evening, naked, I opened the door for Satish. He was carrying with him the box of dildos and a bottle of whiskey.

As he entered and saw Deep in the living room, he immediately got on the guard until I introduced the two of them and told Satish about how I had narrated our story to Deep and what all had happened.

As he relaxed, he slapped me on the butt and asked me to get me a drink and to open the box of dildos and insert the vibrator into my ass. As they began chatting, they found themselves become friends within minutes.

“Put on a show for your husband. And there’s a surprise for you as well.”

I got Satish and Deep a drink each and then opened the box of dildos.

There were three of them. The third one was new. I asked him what that was and he told me to put that in my ass. I admired its shape. It was like a spinning top, narrow at the top and thick at the bottom and about 8 inches long.

I first sucked on it and having got enough spit and saliva on it, I got down on all fours in front of both the men and inserted it into my asshole. At its widest, it was about 4 inches in diameter. Slowly, I pushed it into my asshole and once it was in, I stood up, with the base sticking out of my asshole like a handle. The base itself was peculiar. It had a curious ring at the end and rest of it was shaped like the shaft of a dick. The handle stuck out of my ass by about 4 inches. That way, either of the men could hold it and move me around.

As I stood up and turned this way and that, showing off my newest toy, Satish pulled out a keychain from his pocket and pointing it at me, he pressed a button. Instant shocks of pleasure went through my body with the epicentre being my asshole. The fucker had got me a remote controlled vibrator which he could turn on and off with the flick of a button.

“From today onwards, you will insert this vibrator in your asshole every time you step out of your house,” Satish said.

For the next one hour, the two men were like little children, teasing me by turning on the vibrator when I would be least expecting it and make me quiver and scream in pleasure. They could see my pussy juices trickling out of my vagina, yet neither one of them let me orgasm with the vibrator.

I was like a rag doll in their hands.

After about an hour, I asked the two of them why both of them were dressed.

“If I am naked, you two also have to be naked. I want to see your hard cocks.”

They took off their clothes and sat down again with their hard cocks waving in the air like flagpoles.

They had both had about four drinks each and I had had two. We were all in a pretty merry state when Deep said enough was enough and called me to him. Slapping me on the butt, he caught hold of the vibrator’s handle and turned me around and told me to bend forward.

As I bent forward, he stood up and shoved his cock in my pussy and began fucking me like that only. Leaning forward, he mauled my tits no end. I screamed more out of the pain my tits were experiencing rather than the fucking he was giving me.

Satish, the sly bastard, turned the vibrator on at full. The combined pleasure of the vibrator and Deep’s cock in my pussy made me cum multiple times. I whooped each time I came and by the time Deep finally shot his load deep in my pussy, I was ready to collapse. As Deep pulled out and let go of my waist, I tumbled to the floor. My legs refused to take my weight and the still active vibrator in my asshole was driving me insane.

“Turn it off, pleeeeeaaaaaaasseeee.”

Laughing, Satish turned it off.

“Take it out of your ass. I am going to replace it with something better,” Satish said.

Still lying on the floor, I parted my legs and pulled the vibrator out of my asshole.

Satish picked me up and carried me to the dining table, where he laid me out on my back and spreading my legs as far apart as possible, he inserted his cock in my asshole and went to work on it.

For a good 20 minutes he pounded my asshole, slapping my pussy time and again and at times rubbing my clitoris with his right hand. Deep had meanwhile taken out his phone and was busy making a video of me being fucked like that.

He later showed me the video. He had got enough footage of my facial expressions and moans and had even got close ups of my asshole being plundered by Satish’s monster cock.

Once Satish finished in my asshole and pulled out, the two men went back to their drinks, leaving me lying on the table as if I was a toy they had got bored of.

I gathered my breath and got off the table, feeling the soreness of my asshole.

The two men appeared to have come to some sort of agreement.

Deep was the one who broke it to me.

“I leave in three days. Till then you are living here. Once I leave, you will go and live at Satish’s house till I return next. You will be his personal sex slave. You will do whatever he wants you to do. You will fuck him and his friends and whoever else you want to fuck, you are free to do that. Six months from now, when I come back, I want you waiting for me here, naked. Maybe we can have more orgies then.”

Suffice to say, I’ve been living a good life since then and have not had any problems with. I have more than enough sex with whoever I want.

Deep has been back from his cruises twice now and we are all living a happy life. Me more than anyone else. 🙂

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