One of Those Days Ch. 05

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Big Tits

Thanks to SexyKitty_B for editing.

“Bev?” he gasped, after about five seconds, causing me to open my eyes again and glance up at him. His cock was growing quickly — Tyler definitely got his regenerative powers from his father. I could see the confusion on his face, the agony… he was torn between following his heart and brain on the one hand, and his lust on the other.

He gawked down at our gorgeous daughter sucking on his big, hardening dong. While he did some soul searching, I smiled up at him, enjoying Dani’s fingers up my twat.

“Surprise!” I chuckled, “Our daughter is a whore!”

Ryan’s eyes grew wide as I called Dani one of the two words I had always endeavored to keep out of our house — not taking into consideration the last couple of days.

“Aren’t you, you little cunt?” I said, glancing over at Dani, using the second word. She tilted her head, not letting daddy’s dick slip out of her mouth and grinned, furiously nodding her head.

Too shocked to say anything, he stared down at Dani, who took my demeaning insults as if they were compliments and kept doing what she was doing. Pretty soon, his dick was at full strength, hard as a bone. Dani loved it and really slobbered all over it; she even started licking his nut sack. It didn’t take long for him to start moaning and shaking.

As I had lots to tell him, I didn’t want him cumming already — I needed him as horny as I could. So, reluctantly, I slowly nudged Dani’s fingers out of my twat and whispered, “That’s enough hon.”

Confused, she stopped sucking her father’s dick, slowly letting it slip from her mouth, but kept pumping him slowly.

“Why don’t you go and sit on your brother’s cock for a bit?” I asked.

“Now?” she asked, surprised, slowing down her hand movements.

“Right now,” I whispered, rubbing my clit.

She let go of Ryan’s fat cock, gave it a small kiss goodbye, then got up and smiled, “Sorry daddy.”

“Tyler’s in on this?” Ryan whispered, as he watched Dani rush up the stairs.

“Mmmm,” I nodded as I grabbed hubby’s dick, gently stroking it.

“Did he… uh… has he… fucked you too?” he cautiously asked, realizing he probably already knew the answer.

“His fat cock has been inside of me so much these past few days that I should probably start charging him rent,” I whispered, shocking Ryan once again, as I looked down at his hand and let him grope one of my fat tits.

“God, a simple yes would have sufficed, you slut,” he replied, stunned, but also a bit annoyed.

“Oh, I am way beyond the slut stage, hon,” I grinned, “I am a fucking incestuous cunt, that’s what I am! The three of us have been going at it like bunnies, for days now, and we’ve pretty much done it all. I am a mindless fuck toy to both our kids. They tell me to jump and I ask how high.”

“Jesus,” Ryan groaned, arching his back, trembling on his feet, “But… you’re their mother!”

“That’s what makes it so fucking nasty,” I stated, “You have no idea how depraved it feels to get dicked by your own son… to provide a round-the-clock service for him and his huge, hard cock… to have him squirt his gooey sludge in my mouth, and my pussy… and… my ass.”

“Your ass?” Ryan gasped shocked. I had never let him near my ass. He gawked at me and started shuddering, indicating that he was about to explode.

“Oh no you don’t, not yet,” I whispered, squeezing his shaft with both hands, denying him his orgasm, “I’ve got too much to tell you!”

Surprised and disappointed, but too horny and curious to protest, he followed me into the living room, towards the couch. I pushed him down on it, got on my knees next to him and continued stroking his cock, gently and slowly, while I told him how things had gotten started between me and the kids.

The incident with Tyler’s phone, how it quickly became a game and then how I became a cheating fuck toy for both our kids… the stroking, the sucking and the endless fuck sessions… the facials, the rimming and the ass fucking… I spilled it all. The more I talked, the harder Ryan’s dick became.

When I started telling him how I — more recently — had started turning him down, only to let Tyler have his way with me, his cock became bigger and fatter than I had ever seen before. He called me a bitch, a slut, a whore… all while clearly having the time of his life. I kept providing him with sordid details about my incestuous indiscretions as I pumped his dick.

“I wanna cum in your face,” he blurted out, shortly afterwards, as he started convulsing again.

“Yeah, I guess I had that coming,” I giggled as I leaned my head further down until the tip of my nose was almost touching his throbbing cock.

“Oh, you fucking slut!” he exclaimed, surprised that I agreed to a facial so easily. As I continued pumping his throbbing cock, I moved the fat, purple tip all over my face, making sure his cum ended up everywhere.

After his powerful climax, I poked my head up and looked at him, showing him my cum covered Çorum Escort slut face. Several small cum ropes were dangling from it.

“I can’t believe you…” he said, pleasantly surprised, but also a bit disgusted. Not because of how I looked, but because of my incestuous affair with both our kids, “You… you… WHORE!”

“Yes I am,” I giggled, my hand still wrapped around his dong.

“So… what now?” he asked, barely able to catch his breath or open his eyes.

“You wanna join us?” I whispered ever so softly, while kissing his neck.

“Not yet,” he sighed excitedly, “Not today. Just keep doing exactly what you’re doing!”

I nibbled on his ear, surprised but also fascinated by his response and chuckled, “Whatever you say… you little bitch. Now, ask me that question again.”

“So… what now?” he whispered.

“I don’t have all the answers,” I replied, “I do know one thing… I am not going to stop being a whore for Tyler — or for Dani… it’s the best sex I’ve ever had!”

“Oh, you fucking bitch,” Ryan whispered, his half-hard cock twitching in my hand.

“Ohhh, don’t feel bad,” I whined, teasing him, “I am not saying you’re bad at sex… it’s just that Tyler’s cock is so much bigger and fatter than yours.”

Ryan grunted, his male pride wounded.

“And he’s really arrogant and disrespectful… they both are…” I whispered, “I love that! I love the humiliation. I love being treated like a cunt and a bitch.”

“Jeez Bev,” Ryan whispered, gawking at his sperm all over my slut face.

“I know, right,” I chuckled.

“So…” Ryan whispered, acting like a pathetic underdog, “Can I join you guys?”

“Ooooh, that might be a problem,” I whispered, “I kind of promised the kids that I’d cut you off.”

“What?! You can’t be serious,” he whispered, shocked and clearly getting aroused again.

“I am afraid so… Dani and I are solely for Tyler’s pleasure,” I whispered cruelly.

“You… wha… I… I… then, what’s left for me?” he asked, annoyed but aroused.

“Not much, I am afraid,” I chuckled, openly ridiculing him, “Watching the three of us fuck around and pumping your little dick, I guess.”

“You fucking bitch,” he groaned, radiating lust.

“Yes, I am a cheating whore and a conniving bitch,” I grinned, “I think we’ve established that!”

“Well, it looks like I don’t have much of a choice,” he concluded, effortlessly settling himself into his new appointed role as a family cuckold.

“No, you don’t, “I whispered, gently tapping his balls and pushing his dick from left to right with just one finger, making him squirm and grunt.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me… I think I’ll go be a whore for our kids,” I chuckled, “… again.”

“Can I… at least… watch?” he stammered, desperate to be included somehow.

“Do whatever the fuck you want,” I replied cruelly, as I sauntered out of the room, “Just keep your distance and stay out of our way.”

I walked up the stairs and found Dani and Tyler fucking in his room. She was straddling him on the very edge of his bed, bouncing up and down his fat cock, slowly riding him.

I walked over to them and got on my hands and knees behind Dani. Knowing hubby was watching me from the night hall made me extra raunchy and so I started licking Dani’s ass and Tyler’s balls wherever I could. Without stopping what she was doing, Dani glanced over her shoulder and noticed Ryan standing there, in the doorway, probably tugging his half-hard dick.

“Oooh, mom won’t let you join in?” she asked playfully, mocking him a little bit. As I didn’t hear anything, I assumed Ryan was simply shaking his head.

“Yeah, she can be a real back stabbing bitch if she wants to be,” Dani replied, as she curved her body even more, trying to glance down at me, “Isn’t that right, you little slut?”

“Yes!” I sighed, in between licks. Then, Dani stopped fucking and simply pushed herself up on her knees, letting all but Tyler’s fat tip slip out of her soaked twat, giving me his whole shaft to lick and slobber over. Realizing I could simply lick her cunt juices off Tyler’s dick, I didn’t put my tongue near her hole anymore and just focused on cleaning my son’s fat dick.

Every ten seconds or so, Dani bounced up and down a couple of times, coating his shaft with a new layer of her juices, which I then happily licked off as she kept just his tip inside of her pussy. We repeated this little routine over and over again, until ‘poor’ Tyler was finally ready to pop.

“I wanna cum in your face,” he grunted, “The both of you.”

Dani, realizing she didn’t have a lot of time here, promptly dismounted him and got on her knees next to me. Tyler stood up from the bed, grabbed his dick and pumped it fiercely, aiming it at both our faces.

Dani planted her lips onto mine and started sloppily darting her tongue in and out of my mouth, while looking up at him. I started kissing her back as I also glanced up at my son. Mere moments later, he grunted and stared Çorum Escort Bayan into my eyes as he began ejaculating. God, it was a lot. Thick, syrupy cum ropes splattered onto our faces, followed by dozens upon dozens of drops.

When he was done cumming, he pushed his still big cock in between our mouths. We each started licking and running our pursed lips over one side of his shaft, providing him with even more pleasure. Realizing Ryan was staring at our performance — no doubt beating his prick — Dani and I kept doing what we were doing for as long as Tyler was interested.

Eventually, when he’d had enough, and his dong had shrunk down to its smallest size, he collapsed onto the bed, in desperate need of some rest.

“My turn,” Dani promptly whispered, as she swiftly got on her back and raised her feet into the air, opening her legs as wide as she could, aiming her cunt at me.

Realizing what she wanted and eager to perform once again in front of hubby, I quickly got on all fours and started licking and tongue fucking my daughter. Ryan kept gawking at us while pumping his fat dick, holding off on cumming just yet, for some reason. Maybe he was hoping I’d help him out after our kids were done with me — and who knows, I just might have.

But it didn’t quite come to that. After a few minutes of letting me eat her pussy, Dani grabbed her knees and pulled them towards her, lifting her ass of the floor just enough for what she had in mind. I caught on and switched holes, while glancing over at Ryan.

Flabbergasted, he quickly took a big step towards us to get a better view of what I was doing. When his eyes confirmed what he already knew — that I now had my tongue lodged up our daughter’s asshole — he grunted and fell to his knees, as his load blasted out of his fat, purple cock.

“Let me have a taste,” Dani whispered as she quickly got on all fours and crawled over to Ryan. She bent down her head and extended her tongue, running it over the floor, slurping up some of hubby’s fresh sperm. This caused him to grunt and violently convulse a few more times.

Meanwhile, I lowered my face in between Dani’s ass cheeks again and zealously started licking and tongue fucking both her holes — while glancing up at hubby. His shocked, jealous looks — paired with a few facial expressions of mild disgust — were an enormous turn-on for me.

And just when I thought that things couldn’t get any better — or nastier — I suddenly felt Tyler kneeling down behind me, poking my right ass cheek with his fat cock. I smiled and moaned as he pushed his big mushroom tip up my back door, sodomizing me right there, in front of my husband. I had never felt sluttier, or more conniving…

For the next minute or so, Dani kept licking and slurping up Ryan’s cum off the floor. Meanwhile, I kept eating her ass and Tyler kept fucking mine. It was pure debauchery! After she’d eaten all of hubby’s cum, Dani crawled over to my rear end and gently put her head on the small of my back, her face directed at her brother.

Tyler realized what she was offering and promptly pulled his hard dick out of my ass and jammed it into her piehole. Eager to be his slut, Dani sucked him off energetically for about ten seconds, clearly not minding the taste.

Under hubby’s flabbergasted gaze, Tyler kept fucking our holes for the next couple of minutes, boorishly alternating between my cunt, my ass and Dani’s mouth. When he eventually climaxed and covered Dani’s face with his cock juice, I glanced over my shoulder at our audience of one.

As Tyler and Dani collapsed on the floor, right next to each other, I slowly rose to my feet. With both my kids now satisfied, I had served my purpose. Tired, properly humiliated and with a sore tongue — not to mention two sensitive fuck holes — I walked into the hallway, where Ryan blocked my way.

He wasn’t angry or anything. He just didn’t know what he wanted. After a few seconds, he reached out to touch my right boob. Instinctively, I slapped his hand away. Next, he slowly leaned in, looking to kiss me. I put my right index finger on his lips and pushed his head back. He let me.

Feeling rather brave and wicked, I put my right hand on his left shoulder and gently pushed down. He sank to his knees without hardly any resistance. He gazed at my cunt — now at eye level — for about ten long, erotic seconds. Then, he slowly started leaning in.

“That’s close enough,” I whispered softly when his nose was about two inches away. I slid my right hand down to my twat and sensually started rubbing myself for his up-close viewing pleasure.

“Did you like what you saw in there?” I whispered.

He nodded his head, never taking his eye off the prize.

“I was bad, wasn’t I?”

“Very bad,” he whispered, as I saw his cock flex.

“I was a dirty, little whore, huh?”

“Yessss,” he sighed, his gaze still transfixed on my fingers and twat.

“Jerk off,” I whispered as I pried my pussy lips open, letting Escort Çorum him see inside of me. He obediently wrapped his hand around his hardening dick and started stroking.

“You’re so nasty,” he gasped, as he stared into my freshly-fucked love tunnel.

About a minute later, Dani — sufficiently rested — walked out of Tyler’s room and froze in place when she saw the two of us there. It didn’t take her long to compose herself again.

“Cool, can I help?” she smirked, her brother’s cum still on her face.

“Why don’t you give him something extra to look at?” I grinned.

Under Ryan’s flabbergasted gaze, she leaned against the wall right next to me and slowly lifted her right leg, grabbing her foot and slowly raising it, right up to her face. In doing so, she opened herself up completely — granting ‘poor’ Ryan a mouth-watering view of her young, moist pussy.

In under twenty seconds, he arched his back and shot his vile load on the floor, while gawking at his daughter’s most intimate place. He roared deeply and loudly as he convulsed violently.

“That was fast,” Dani chuckled, as she put her foot back down. I closed my legs as well and joined her, as she headed for the bathroom — leaving hubby panting and moaning.

While we freshened up, I informed Dani that we were — at least for today — going to keep her father out of the action. Exciting and tormenting him was fine, but we weren’t going to help him cum, nor provide him any kind of direct pleasure. As expected, she approved of the idea — the little tease.

When Dani and I were done in the bathroom and walked out, Ryan was gone. His sperm was still on the hallway floor, but there was no sign of him. A few seconds later, as I was putting on some clothes in the master bedroom, I heard hubby rummaging about in the kitchen.

I swung by Tyler’s room to inform him of the situation as well. He, of course, didn’t give a fuck. I don’t even think he was listening as he got up from the floor and started putting on his clothes again. Shortly afterwards, Dani — also fully clothed again — walked in, and the three of us headed downstairs.

In the kitchen, we found Ryan heating up some left-over pizza from the previous day. Dani grabbed some plates and started setting the table, while Tyler just sat down, fiddling with his phone.

“So, what’s everyone got planned this evening?” I asked, hopefully starting a conversation.

After a few seconds of silence, Tyler went first, “I am heading out with some friends later on. I could use a blowjob before I leave, though.”

“You got it, sweetie,” I smiled, as I sat down next to him and gently patted his crotch, “You want me to swallow it or take it in my dumb face?”

“On your clothes,” the little pest replied, not even looking up from his screen.

I briefly looked at my shocked husband, grinned and then turned to our daughter.

“What about you, Dani?” I asked.

“Nothing much. Just watching a little TV, I guess. Can you eat my ass before bed?”

“I sure can,” I replied, cracking a smile.

“How about you?” I asked, addressing a flabbergasted Ryan.

“I thought I’d mow the lawn,” he replied, playing his role as silly cuckold to perfection, “And you?”

“Well, being an easy whore for these two will probably eat up most of my time,” I replied, “And then there’s ignoring you…”

That’s when Dani got on her knees and crawled under the table. She quickly unzipped her brother’s pants and took out his always hard dick.

“Jeez, Dani, can’t you wait ten more minutes,” I whispered, loud enough for Ryan to hear, “Until your father is mowing the lawn.”

“I mnow, mut I am ztil sso horny,” she murmured, Tyler’s fat cock hindering her speech considerably.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full, honey,” I said, sipping from my water.

“Zsorry mom,” she defied me, “I’ll ttthry to tssstop assss sssoon as possssible!”

About ten seconds later, I noticed Tyler shifting from his left butt cheek to his right, about to push down his jeans and boxers.

“Come on, you guys, at least keep your clothes on,” I whined, acting like a shy, reluctant mom — inadvertently providing them with a kink for their upcoming performance.

Almost immediately, Dani started tugging on Tyler’s pants and boxers, yanking them all the way down. When they were at his feet, she took them off completely, using both hands for that, while she continued bobbing her head up and down his fat pole. Meanwhile, Ryan just gawked at the unbelievable scene, unfolding right in front of him.

A few moments later, Dani discarded both pieces of his clothing by throwing them high up in the air. Without wasting another second, she pulled her own sweater over her head, briefly taking her mouth off her brother’s dick. Then, she slid the straps of her top down and unclasped her bra in the back, bringing her tits out into the open.

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” I blurted out, realizing that she was doing all this, just to defy me. She grinned up at me, as she used her right hand to unbutton her own jeans and push them down, along with her black panties. It took her quite a while to get both items of clothing down to her knees, and then completely off — time she used to feverishly suck Tyler’s throbbing dick.

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