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Kali stepped out of the shower into her steamy bathroom. She toweled off her hair as she stepped in front of the floor length mirror.Damn,she thought to herself as she looked at her reflection. She admired her strawberry blonde hair as it hung down to her shoulders still dripping wet. She followed a drop of water with her eyes as it rolled down her neck and in between her two perfect, large, and supple breasts. Her rosy nipples were hard from the cold air outside of the shower. She followed the bead of water down her toned tummy past her neatly manicured landing strip all the way until it dripped off of the perfect lips of her vagina. Her naked body was a work of art. Perfectly proportioned and evenly tanned, she was a sight for any man lucky enough to get her out of her clothes. She was not a prude by any means, but she was definitely not easy. A man had to be willing to try to get her out of her clothes and in their bed, and when they did, she was more than worth it. She was still staring at herself in the mirror when a knock at the door brought her back to reality.

“Shit” she said out loud. She quickly wrapped the towel around herself and walked to the front door of her apartment. She cracked the door open, making sure to keep herself covered mostly by the door.

“Hi, Leo.” It was the guy from across the hall. She had noticed him when she first moved in and man was he hot. She had never worked up the courage to actually speak to him more than just cordial hellos as they passed in the hall. Now she was wondering why he was knocking on her door.

“Hi Kali. I don’t really have any good reason to be over here, I just couldn’t take not saying something to you anymore so I figured I would come knock on your door and give it a shot.”

Was he serious, was he really seriously just randomly knocking on her door? Kali couldn’t believe it. She silently kicked herself for not taking the time to put on some clothes before she answered the door. This was a great opportunity though, she couldn’t pass this up. He was one of the few men she had ever met that she would go out of her way to sleep with. This could be her chance to accomplish that goal.

“You know, I’ve been having the same problem with you. It’s a good thing you came and knocked this morning,” she said, still standing behind the door.

“Well that’s fortunate. Can I come in or are you going to make me stand out here until you deem me worthy,” he asked with a smirk on his face.

“Yeah, come in sorry. I just got out of the shower though, let me go throw on some clothes. Make yourself at home.”

Leo stepped in with a smile and walked over to the closest couch. He sat down and watched Kali walk all the way to her room enjoying the sight of her towel covered ass as it swayed as she walked. Even through the towel he knew she had a gorgeous body. He had taken notice of her the second time they had passed in the hallway of their apartment complex. She had just gotten back from the gym and he had been floored by how good her 5’5″ frame looked in her sports bra and spandex shorts. Ever since he had been unable to muster more than two words to her almost as if he was intimidated by her beauty. Today though, he had decided to take matters into his own hands and see if he couldn’t make something happen between the two of them. He heard her come Pendik Escort out of her room and looked up to see her emerge in spandex shorts and a loose fitting UCLA t-shirt. She sat down on the other end of the couch from him her hair in a messy bun, “So, what made you decide to knock on my door Leo.”

“You are beautiful,” he said without thinking. He silently kicked himself for saying something so stupid to her. He could feel himself flush with embarrassment and fought the urge to get up and run back to his apartment. Kali smiled at the remark. This handsome man sitting on her couch had just cited his reason for coming over as her being beautiful. She could feel the tingle between her legs as she took notice of her building arousal.

“You don’t have to call me beautiful to sit on my couch,” she said, “but thank you for the compliment.” She could see that he was thoroughly embarrassed and smiled at him. “You are quite handsome yourself.” Leo became more confident with that statement. Maybe he hadn’t lost his shot yet. Maybe there was still a chance that he could somehow get the gorgeous girl to bed.

“Well thanks,” he said fumbling, trying to come up with something smart to say. He knew that if he couldn’t keep her interested he was going to lose her. “So, ummm.” Kali could see that this was going nowhere fast. She had to come up with something. She wasn’t going to let him leave her apartment with out a date set for that night at the least. On a whim she leaned across the couch and kissed him solidly, catching him mid sentence.

“Come knock on my door again at 8, and be ready to take me to dinner,” she said after they kissed. With that she got up and walked back to her room making sure to move her ass back and forth just a little bit more knowing Leo was watching. Leo couldn’t gather his thoughts fast enough to respond after she had kissed him. He was still trying to sort through the train wreck in his mind when she got up and walked back to her room. He was now faced with a choice, take the date at 8 and walk out, or walk back their and get what he came for along with the date that night. He decided he was going to go for broke and sprang off the couch and headed towards her door. He caught up to her just before she opened the door and spun her around and kissed her again.

“How about we fast forward to after dinner right now,” he said quietly as he kissed her. She just nodded and kissed him with increasing passion as she opened her door and led him into her room. Kali had been so surprised that he had followed her down the hall, but she had to admit it was pretty much what she had wanted him to do. She was on her tip toes trying to kiss him considering he was 6’4″ and decided to take him to her bed. She grabbed his shirt and fell backwards onto the bed kissing him the whole way. He caught himself on the bed and continued to kiss her. He broke the kiss and straightened up as he took his shirt off. Kali could feel herself getting more wet then she already was as he revealed is perfectly chiseled abs and chest muscles. He was the spitting image of every fitness poster she saw in the gym she went to. He leaned back down and continued to kiss her. His hand made its way up her t-shirt and found her right boob. He gently massaged it as he kissed her.

“Just take it off,” she whispered in his ear. Leo lifted Pendik Escort Bayan her up and removed her t-shirt. He almost came right then and there at the sight of her perfect breasts. He guessed they had to at least a low D and they were just absolutely perfect. He could feel his cock straining against his shorts. He had not been this turned on over a girl in a long time. He began to kiss her neck and slowly worked his way down to her tit. He took it into his mouth and began to suck and lick her nipple. He then worked his way across her chest to her other tit and worked the same pattern. She moaned with pleasure as he took her boob into her mouth. She marveled at his skill noting he was much better than most guys had ever been with her body. She was not going to let him leave her room until he had filled her with his cum. She could now feel him working his way slowly down her tummy to her waistline. When he got there he promptly removed her spandex shorts and marveled at her perfect naked body as she lay on her back.

“I knew you were hot, but god damn are you perfect,” he said as he looked her over. She smiled, but her mind was preoccupied with what was about to come. He lowered himself until his head was in between her legs. She could feel his hot breath on her pussy and could feel how wet she was for him. He kissed the soft inside of her legs and slowly made his way to her pussy. He took one long lick from top to bottom of her vagina before hardening his tongue getting it as deep inside her as he could. While he explored her pussy with his tongue he found her clit with her fingers. She moaned loudly now as he pleasured her with his tongue. She reached down and grabbed his hair holding him to her pussy. She was so turned on she knew it wasn’t going to take much to push her over the edge. He switched his mouth and fingers and put a finger inside her as he sucked gently on her clit swirling his tongue around it. The pleasure was too much for her. She had been ready to cum since he walked in the door and she could feel it building now fast.

“Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Oh, fuck,” she moaned. She began to squirm as her orgasm built. Leo knew it was coming fast and kept up his rhythm with his finger. “Oh, fuck, fuck, I’m gonna cum. God that feels so good,” she was moaning loudly now. She couldn’t hold it back any longer. She let her orgasm hit her and all her muscles clenched as she writhed in pleasure moaning loudly. Leo took her cum in his mouth drinking as much of her sweet sex as he could, getting it all over his face. When she came down he looked up between her legs at her with a smile on his face.

“Get up here and kiss me, I want to taste myself on you,” Kali said breathlessly. He obliged and crawled up to meet her with a kiss. When they broke the kiss she said, “It’s my turn now. Take your shorts off.” He quickly complied and stood up to take his shorts off. She watched as his hard penis was freed from his shorts. It had to be at least eight inches. She couldn’t wait to have him deep inside her pussy, but first she had to have him in her mouth. She sat up and grabbed his cock with her hand stroking him lightly. She kissed the head softly then licked him up and down. She took the head of his penis into her mouth and began to pleasure him. She was amazing he thought. Her mouth was so warm and moist Escort Pendik and the things she did to him with her tongue were out of this world. He just stood there and moaned softly to himself as she took his dick in her mouth. She buried him in her throat until her lips were around the base of his cock. She slowly slid him out and started to stroke and suck him in unison cupping his balls. She could feel his balls tighten as his orgasm built. She was determined to make him cum in her mouth so she could taste his sweet cum.

“Oh, fuck,” he said. His orgasm hit him hard and he shot his load to the back of her throat. She kept his dick in her mouth and swallowed every drop of cum that he gave her. She let his penis go from her mouth and sat back on the bed. To her surprise he wasn’t getting soft but stayed hard as a rock. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs saying,

“Fuck me, fuck me right now. I want that penis deep inside me.” She didn’t have to ask twice. Leo placed himself between her legs and guided his penis to the entrance of her wet pussy. He slid himself inside her burying himself to the hilt before stopping for a second. He looked her in the eyes as they lay there joined as only lovers can be.

“I want you to cum inside me,” she said, “I don’t want you to stop until you cum deep inside me.” Leo couldn’t believe his ears. This was the last thing he had expected to happen when he knocked on her door this morning, but he wasn’t complaining. He began to stroke her setting a rhythm that slowly built as they matched each other. He began to pick up speed as he fucked her slamming his hips into her. Her vagina felt so good on his dick as he slid in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around him pinning him to her vagina and met his thrusts with her hips. She was in pure ecstasy. She moaned loudly as he fucked her. His hard cock filled her completely and she rode his thrusts building their pleasure. She could feel her orgasm building quickly. He felt so good inside her.

“Harder, fuck me harder. Make me cum. Please god make me cum,” she moaned. He picked up his pace fucking her as hard as he could. His cock slamming into her put her over the edge. She was close now. She pulled him in tight against her vagina with her legs so he couldn’t thrust anymore and began to grind hard on his cock. This put her over the edge and she moaned loudly as she came hard all over his penis. Leo was sent over the edge by her pulsing vagina as she came and pressed his dick as deep inside her as he could get and shot stream after stream of hot cum into her vagina. The two of them lay locked together as their orgasms subsided. She could feel his cock rapidly softening until it slipped out of her. She released him from her legs and he rolled over onto his back beside her on the bed. He lay there panting recovering from his orgasm.

“Well that was,” he started to say.

“Mind blowing,” Kali finished for him.

“Yeah, mind blowing,” Leo agreed. He sat up and turned to look at her. He just smiled then got up and started to put his clothes back on. She could feel his cum starting to drip out of her vagina towards her asshole.

“Where are you going,” she asked disappointed. She wanted him to stay so they could spend the whole day exploring each others bodies.

“I have a date to get ready for,” he explained. She was visibly taken aback by this statement and before she could say anything in protest he stood in the door way and said “I’ll pick you up at eight Kali. You better be ready.” With that he shut the door behind him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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