Orgasmic Encounter

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It seemed like months since their last encounter, (which had been their first), but in reality it was only last week. However, this didn’t lessen the intensity of Sheila’s desire. Her nipples were pushing against the fabric of her blouse, her panties were already wet and her pussy was throbbing in anticipation. She had met him when he had picked her and a group of her friends up in a limo to take them to celebrate a birthday. The moment she clapped eyes on him she felt a thrill of excitement course through her veins. When he collected them from their party and took them home, she was the last one to be dropped off. As she got out of the limo, he asked her if she’d like to go out, and she had no hesitation in accepting. He said that he’d be working and that maybe it would be best if they met up somewhere and then went on from there in his limo. He had taken her to a quiet place and, in the back of his limo she experienced the two most fantastic orgasms of her life.

As she drove to their planned rendezvous, feeling rather breathless, her right hand had strayed uncontrollably downwards and was gently stroking her pussy through her short skirt. She started to get over-excited and with a huge effort she returned her hand to the steering wheel. She didn’t want to cum and lose control of the car. After what seemed like an eternity, she turned the corner into the cul-de-sac and her heart skipped a beat as she saw Andy waiting for her, sitting in his limo. He was so handsome, with dark hair, a nice tan, and a well toned body. She quickly parked, locked her car and walked towards him, her long blond wavy hair blowing in the breeze, her beautiful face radiant in the evening sunshine, her shapely hips swaying sexily, and her full breasts, unconstrained by a bra, bounced with every step of her fabulous legs.

He watched her approach with lust building in his loins as the memory of their first evening together filled his head. He had never been with such an incredibly sensuous woman, she simply exuded sexuality, and had the most violent orgasms imaginable. He was longing to please her again, to have her beg him for more. He wondered how many times he could bring her to orgasm before she begged him to stop.

She opened the door and slipped into the passenger seat, her short skirt riding up to expose her smooth thighs and the edge of her lacy black panties. She leaned over and kissed him, her lips gently parting as his tongue probed her mouth, searching for her tongue. The intensity of their kiss grew as their tongues caressed; and as they exchanged the air in their lungs it felt as if they were one; oh how she longed to have him deep inside her again.

His hand slid under her blouse, he loved the smooth skin and firmness of her breasts. He brushed across her erect nipples, making her shudder and gasp. She wondered why he made her feel so incredible as desire coursed through her entire body. Andy’s hand moved down and she tensed her abs to enable him to slide his hand beneath the waistband of her skirt; she trembled as his fingers moved towards her swollen pussy.” No Andy” she whispered, ” Not here, let’s go to our private place.”

Their rendezvous was a cul-de-sac in a built up area. They had met there the first time and then they had driven a few miles to a car park adjacent to the site of a Roman villa, which was deserted in the evening except for one or two other cars whose occupants had similar interests! Andy reluctantly withdrew his hand giving her clit a gentle rub as he did so; she was so aroused that this nearly sent her over the edge, and she fought to retain her self control. “Please hurry Andy, I really, really need you, I’ve never felt like this with anyone else, it’s almost scary.” Maltepe Escort Andy drove out of the cul-de-sac and headed for the car park. “I’ve never felt like this with anyone else either, Sheila, I haven’t stopped thinking about you since we first met.”

Sheila’s heart quickened when she heard that he felt the same way. There had been a few men in her life but none who totally possessed her the way Andy did. She couldn’t get enough of him, although, yet maybe because, he gave her more pleasure and satisfaction than she previously knew existed. The orgasms she experienced with him were so intense and so long, she couldn’t believe how good they felt.

It was as if the local radio station was psychic; Tina Turner’s “Steamy Windows” pounded through the limo’s powerful sound system as Sheila turned to Andy and met his knowing smile, “They’re playing our song” he said. Before too long they pulled into the deserted car park and found a very secluded spot that would not be overlooked even if other cars joined them for their respective trysts. They couldn’t get out of the front of the car fast enough and raced to the door towards the back of the stretch limo. Sheila reached it first and hiked up her skirt to get in, totally exposing her lacy panties, and fantastic rear end. Andy’s erection was pushing so hard against his trousers that he thought his zip would break. He climbed in after her as she settled on her back on the floor between the limo’s long seats.

Andy closed the door behind him, and sat on the edge of the seat gazing at her admiringly. “Oh Sheila, you’re so beautiful, so sexy, I can’t wait to kiss you all over.” He slid off the seat and knelt between her legs. She sat up to meet him, and pressed her breasts against his chest as she kissed him deeply. He reached down and took hold of her blouse, pulling it slowly up over her head, exposing her full 34D cup breasts, pert and expectant, with their rock hard nipples inviting his attention.

He resisted the temptation to seize and ravish her, choosing instead to continue to undress her. She lay down again and raised her hips off the ground allowing him to access the zip of her skirt, which he undid and slowly removed her skirt, and then her panties. She had a Brazilian and the little tuft of blond pubic hair pointed towards the wet swollen lips of her pussy. The sweet smell wafted up – inviting Andy to devour her special place. Instead he kissed her toes and ankles, running his tongue slowly and tantalizingly up her leg to her knee, and then up the inside of her thigh, making her gasp as he approached her centre; she bucked her hips to try to force her pussy into his mouth. Teasing her, he pulled back, and continued up across the silky smooth skin of her abdomen, up to her belly button, and on up towards her breasts.

Sheila was aching for him so much that it really hurt, her pussy was crying out to be filled; she was beside herself with desire. Andy knew this, but continued with the foreplay, knowing that it would make it even more intense when he finally made her cum. He nibbled at her earlobe before plunging his tongue into her ear, which simply turned Sheila on even more.

She pulled at him, and told him she was ready for him now, but he continued his kisses down her neck, sending quivers through her entire body. He moved down slightly to the top of her breasts, circling her nipples, before gently tonguing them, and then sucking on them, nibbling at them gently with his teeth. Sheila was bucking against him trying desperately to find a way to satisfy her desires. She was so close to exploding as he continued to savour her nipples, that she grabbed his head and forced it down towards her pussy, Maltepe Escort Bayan shouting, “Eat my pussy, now, for God’s sake, oh please eat me, eat me NOW!”

Andy moved down and blew gently on her pussy which was enough to make Sheila cry out in ecstasy. He slid his tongue between her pussy lips and savoured her juices, as she ground her pussy into his teeth. She was bucking like a wild thing, and pulling his head into her pussy as if she wanted it to disappear inside her, She cried out, “Oh yes, yes, yes, take me, make me cum baby, make me cum.” He slid two fingers deep inside her as she screamed with delight, and started to tongue her clit. In an instant Sheila’s orgasm started to engulf her. It started in her head, in her toes, at her finger tips, everywhere it seemed, and spread through her entire body, which convulsed with spasms from tip to toe. Her legs locked around Andy’s neck, and he thought she’d strangle him. It was as much as he could do to breathe as he struggled to protect her from hurting herself as she convulsed and threw herself from side to side and bucked up and down. After a minute or two she started to calm down, she opened her eyes and smiled up at Andy “Oh my God Andy, thank you, that was the best ever, I’ve never needed it so much…………. Now my darling man, let me look after you.”

With that, she sat up and pulled at Andy’s shirt, she undid the buttons, and pulled it off him and then went for the belt of his trousers. He helped her take these off, leaving him in his boxers which did little to conceal his enormous hard-on. She pulled his boxers down revealing his stiff, engorged penis, which she licked and toyed with as she cupped his balls in her hand. “No! Sheila, please wait, I can’t stand it! I’m so close to cumming that I need to be inside your pussy NOW.” Andy didn’t know how he was going to avoid ejaculating as soon as he entered her, he was so worked up. Sheila was torn between engulfing his throbbing cock in her mouth and tasting his cum, or allowing him to plunge deep into her pussy; she wanted both so badly! Oh well, she thought, it’s not one or the other, it’s just a question of which one first. This made the decision easier and she let his cock slip from her mouth.

Andy heaved a sigh of relief, fighting desperately to control his desire. He sat back on the seat and invited Sheila to straddle him. She climbed on to the seat, her knees wide apart each side of his hips, as she wiggled her breasts across his lips inviting him to take one of her nipples in his mouth. He grabbed her firm buttocks as she lowered herself onto his throbbing cock. She was so wet silky and slippery that his cock slid easily into her tight pussy. He knew if he thrust too quickly he might hurt her, so despite his intense desire to plunge deep into her, he was gentle, and slid in very slowly until she couldn’t stand it anymore. Her need was now so desperate again that she sat heavily on top of him forcing him deep into her. She bucked up and down like a mad thing, completely overtaken by her desire for fulfilment; he’d never seen her move so quickly. He met her thrusts, and knew it wouldn’t be long before he came. They thrust at each other, her nails digging into his neck and shoulders, drawing blood, as they exploded simultaneously, her pussy contracting and sucking the juices from his cock as she orgasmed for the second time, and went into a series of convulsions, screaming and moaning, bucking and twitching for what seemed like forever before she collapsed on him. They lay panting in each other’s arms, their bodies still tingling and experiencing the occasional spasm, it was pure delight.

Andy couldn’t believe it when he started to Escort Maltepe harden again, and Sheila started to move very slowly against him. “Take me from behind this time Andy,” she whispered in his ear, as she pushed herself off him and turned to bend over one of the seats, her behind sticking provocatively in the air, her legs far apart, displaying the glistening, swollen lips of her pussy, with his cum dripping slowly out of her. Andy moved behind her, and thrust his cock, already completely hard again, as deep as he could into her pussy. She gasped as he went deeper inside her than she had ever experienced before, and squealed with delight as one hand massaged her left breast while the fingers on his other hand found her clit and started to rub it gently.

The combination of his cock so deep inside her and his fingers squeezing and rubbing her clit sent her into her third massive orgasm, she totally lost control and her entire body was racked in convulsive spasms. She could scarcely breathe and collapsed in a heap, semi-conscious. When she came round, a smile enveloped her face as she said “My God, Andy, how do you do that, every orgasm I have with you is better than the one before. I don’t know if I can stand anymore before my whole body explodes into a million pieces.”

“Oh, I am sure that you’ll be able to stand some more Sheila darling,” said Andy, as he guided her to lie on the long seat of the limo. He sat on the floor beside her resting his head against her breasts, and playfully tracing lines on her stomach. She ran his fingers through his hair, not believing her luck. After a while of just snuggling together, Sheila got up and started to kiss Andy’s neck and ears, she moved down his chest tugging at his nipples with her teeth, she moved down to his belly button; by this time Andy’s cock was as hard as a rock again. She moved down further and licked the top of his cock with her tongue before sliding her mouth over it and deep-throating his throbbing cock. Andy moaned as she moved up and down on his cock, playing with the tip with her tongue, caressing his balls with her hands. Sheila continued with her caressing and stimulating movements, until she sensed that Andy was close to cumming, and then she increased the pace and between mouthfuls, said, “Cum, Andy cum, oh cum in my mouth, let me taste and swallow your cum!” Andy couldn’t hold back any longer and felt the most intense orgasm of his life grip his entire body; he groaned as he shot a full load of semen into her mouth, achieving much needed release.

This time it was Sheila who lay her head down on his chest, and he stroked her hair as they rested, enjoying the incredible afterglow of their love making. After a while, Andy started to play with her breasts again, and her nipples immediately hardened, sending tremors of desire straight to her aching pussy. She couldn’t believe that she wanted him again so soon. He kissed her neck, nibbled her earlobes, plunged his tongue into her ear and made her moan with desire. It was so sensuous when he put his tongue in her ear, it made her insides melt and her juices flow like crazy. She wanted his tongue in her pussy, and she pushed his head towards it. He teased her, kissing her thighs, and abdomen, until she had to have him “God, Andy, lick my pussy please, don’t tease me any longer, I need to feel your mouth on my pussy so badly.” Andy licked her pussy parting her lips with his tongue and dipping it inside her; she tasted so good. He slipped three fingers inside her as his tongue found her swollen clit. He sucked hard on it, and twirled it round with his tongue as he thrust his fingers in and out of her as deeply as he could. Sheila completely lost it as she went into a total body spasm and passed out, her body still convulsing in aftershocks. After about five minutes she opened her eyes, “No more Andy, that was totally fantastic, but I can’t take any more, my insides feel like spaghetti.” They fell asleep in each other’s arms, both dreaming about their next encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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