Our New Neighbors Ch. 6

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Adriana Chechik

I’m not sure if Kim and Nicole were now under Kitty’s complete control, or if they were just becoming aware of their strong sexual drive and were enjoying it for their sexual pleasure. They didn’t protest to any of Kitty’s orders, other than the time when Kitty first took control, but since then they just did as instructed. Damn, I just have to learn from my sister and act and talk with more authority.

Both Nicole and Kim got under the table, as ordered by Kitty. Then Kitty started with the instructions. ” Nicole, my teen slut, I want you to pull down Bob’s zipper and pull out his cock. If it isn’t hard, but I’m sure it is, I want you to put his cock into your mouth and start sucking on it, but be careful that your teeth don’t scratch it.”

“Kim, my cunt slut, lift my skirt up to my waist. You notice how I’ve got my butt up to the edge of the chair.” She didn’t wait for Kim’s answer. “Now I want you to take your fingers and start playing with my pussy lips, just like you do all day to yourself.”

How the hell does Kitty know that Kim spends most of her day just masturbating? So I asked, “Kitty, did you say that Kim spends a lot of time masturbating? How do you know, sis?”

We were eating and talking just as if these women weren’t present. However, I did hear a slight groan coming from Kim as she heard Kitty tell me that Kim plays with herself often

“I just know, but if you want to know for sure, why don’t you just ask Kim. While you’re at it, you might ask her sex slut daughter, she does it as often as her mom.”

Act with authority, I tell my self. “Kim, how often do you masturbate during the day?”

“Well,” she started out rather meekly, “it depends, if I’m really aroused I will make myself cum many times, but that’s not every day. Sometimes I only cum three or four times during the day, especially if I know if Don is going to come home that night.”

How in hell does she ever get any work done? The house is always clean, she always has nice meals ready for Nicole, as well as Don, when he is home. She does all the things that a stay at home wife would do, and yet, she has time to masturbate frequently.

I couldn’t take it any longer, I had to ask Kim how she had the time to masturbate so much and at the same time, get all her chores done. She ended up by telling me that there were many ways to masturbate without stopping what she was doing. If she was in her car, or even at a movie, she would squeeze her legs together and then let them loose. She would do this in rapid succession and then would be able to cum. She told me that she would push her pussy against the washing machine while she was doing her wash, cross and un-cross her legs. She told me so many different ways she get herself off, I felt jealous, us guys are really limited.

Now I knew how women could get themselves off so many times, even without a dildo or a vibrator. This is the part that scares me, what if women can find a way to have kids without needing a man to fuck them. Maybe men will only be able to have sex is by going to a sperm bank and jacking off into a tube. Guys, we have to be better at having sex with women. Learn how to give them good oral sex. Ask them questions as to what feels good to them. Spend time sucking on their nipples and playing with their clit. We don’t want to become extinct, do we???

I was going to ask Nicole about her masturbation practices, but she was just starting to get my cock further into her mouth. Then I decided to act like my sister and said to Nicole, “c’mon, get my cock all the way down your throat, if you want to be a slut then you have to act like one.”

While Nicole was trying to deep throat me, she would gag and then pull my cock almost all the way out of her mouth, then she would repeat it again and again. I guess she really wanted to be a slut for me and Kitty and she was intent on getting my cock down her throat without gagging. When she pulled it out, I instructed her on how to use her tongue. I think that our little Nicole was going to be a great cock sucker, and I was sure that she would really get into eating pussy. However, more than anything else, I wanted to make her beg for me to stick my cock all the way into her young, hot cunt.

While I was enjoying breaking in Nicole on giving good head, I was also enjoying my breakfast, especially the sausages. However, sitting opposite me, I could see my sister enjoying the playful fingers of Kim.

“Now start using your tongue,” Kitty was instructing Kim. “That’s it slut, I love your long tongue, it was made for eating pussy, just like a lap dog that we once had. I want you to lick my little rear hole and work your way back up to my clit. Now that you got my little hole all wet, I want you to stick your finger in my pussy and then put into my back hole. Oh shit, baby, that’s it. Now fuck my ass-hole with your finger while you start sucking on my clit. Oh god baby, you’re going to be a great cunt eater, maybe as good as Bob. Çankaya Rus Escort Oh Shit Bob, she is going to make me cum in a second, oohh fuck yeees.”

As Kitty was cumming, I was on the verge of blasting a load of hot cum down Nicole’s throat. Nicole was loving sucking me off as I told her, “that’s it sweetheart, now massage my balls because I’m ready to cum. That’s it slut,” I said as I made a plunge with my cock, deep into her throat as my cum shot several blasts down her eager throat.

I looked at Kitty as she was going into the finale of her orgasm, her eyes with that blank expression and just staring. I can always tell when Kitty has a strong orgasm, by the expression on her face and evidently, Kim gave her one hell of a good eating.

Kitty and I were content for the time being, but we could see that Kim and Nicole were waiting for some pleasure of their own. That’s when Kitty decided to further them along on their training.

Kitty announced to Kim and Nicole, “girls, Bob and I are very happy with the both of you. We know that you both have obeyed our orders and both of you are eager to please us, as we are to please you. Now you have to remember, the only time that you can engage in anything sexually, including masturbation or touching one another, you have to have our permission. Under no circumstances are you allowed to cum unless we tell you that you may. As you know, if you disobey, the punishment shall be severe. On the other hand, if you do as we ask, you will be rewarded. As we told you before, Don wants us to take care of you both, but he told us that he wants us to be very strict with you and if discipline is required, to do what ever we feel is needed. Do you both understand?” Both Kim and Nicole nodded eagerly that they understood. These women were not only sexy and beautiful but they wanted someone to control them, well, they found the right people, especially with Kitty.

Kitty is a control freak and their response brought a big grin to her face. Then Kitty looked at the girls, that were standing and waiting for further instructions, after they finished cleaning the dishes. “Put you shoes back on and come over to me.” Kitty ordered the girls. “Now spread your legs and let me feel if your cunts are wet.” Kitty pulled Kim up to her and without any preliminaries, pushed a couple of her fingers into Kim’s waiting hole. kitty quickly pulled out her fingers and they were dripping with Kim’s juices. I think Kim was thinking that Kitty was going to finger fuck her to an orgasm, because Kim let out a slight moan of disappointment when Kitty withdrew her fingers.

Kitty took her soaked fingers and put them to her lips and the asked Kim, “I want you to taste your juices and tell me if this is cum. Remember, you’re not allowed to cum unless I tell you that you can, or Bob.

Kim sucked the juices from Kitty’s fingers and told Kitty that she was just wet but that she did not cum.

Kitty went through the same routine with Nicole and the result was the same, Nicole was also dripping wet and again, Nicole assured Kitty that she did not cum. Then Kitty ordered them to go to the master bedroom.

“I’m very proud of you girls and I’m going to let Don know how well behaved the both of you are. Now Kim, I want you to lay down on your back on the bed.” Kim did as she was told and instinctively spread her legs. She looked absolutely beautiful, her pussy lips were all puffed up and you could see her juices slowly forming in glistening pools at her opening. I’m not sure what kitty had in mind but if I could quickly get an erection, I would jump on Kim in a flash.

“Nicole, I want you to lay down on your mother, but I want your head down facing her pussy and I want you to put your pussy on your mother’s face. Now girls, this is what we call a sixty-nine position. What you’re going to do to one another is one of the best positions to satisfy two people at the same time.”

Kim made a slight protest, “Kitty, Nicole is my daughter and I’m her mother. I’m really her step mom but I feel that she really is my daughter, do you think this is right?”

“Kim, as her mom, you should be the one to teach your daughter about sex and the pleasure she can get from sexual intimacies such as this.” Then Kitty asked Nicole, “Do you have a problem with your mother eating your pussy or you doing the same to her?”

Nicole’s answer was a little muffled as she had her face almost buried in her Mother’s crotch. Nicole said to Kitty, “Oh no Kitty, I love my Mom and I love you and Bob as well, anything you tell me to do I will obey because I know that you care for us and would never make us do anything that would end up hurting us.”

“Good girl, Nicole. Now Kim, I want you to do to Nicole what you did to me at the kitchen table. You did it so well that I know that you will give her a cum like she has never had before, and because you’re her Mom, it will be that Keçiören Rus Escort much more pleasurable. Nicole, I want you to do to your Mom, exactly as she does to you. Bob, put a couple of pillows under Kim’s head so that she won’t tire of lifting her head up into Nicole’s cunt. One more thing, I don’t want either of you to cum until you ask for our permission.”

My sister was turning these two beauties into total sexual sluts. From this point on, I knew what ever we asked them to do, regardless if it was considered perverse or not, to please us, they would do it without any hesitation. They knew that we wouldn’t hurt them as well as that we would be there for them when ever they needed us.

Kim and Nicole were really getting into it as Kitty and I were standing next to the bed and just taking it all in. Kim and Nicole seemed to have lost all inhibitions and made no effort in trying to hide their excitement as the licked each other to juicy sounds of sopping cunts. Their moans and groans of pleasure were taking a toll on me and Kitty.

Their moans and groans were getting louder and louder as their bodies were now showing their heightening arousal by the gyrations in their movements. Then Nicole raised her head and said, “oh fuck mom, you’re going to make me cum.” then she looked up at Kitty with the sexiest look I’ve ever seen on her face, it was more than beautiful, and asked, “Kitty, please, I don’t think I can hold it back any longer, please, ooohh pleeease, can I cum now?”

Kitty’s response was a little severe as I could tell that poor Nicole was holding back from cumming with all her strength. “Nicole, you have to wait until you get your Mom to the point were she has to cum as well. I want you to suck on her clitty and make her beg and say that she has to cum.”

Nicole started to ravage Kim’s cunt and in a minute or so, Kim yelled out, “oohh babbbbyyy, I need to cuuuumm. Kitty, please, can we cum now, please.”

Now Kim and Nicole both seemed to be in pain while trying to hold back their orgasms. Kitty then told them, “girls, I’m going to slowly count to five, and when I say five I want you to both cum together. One, two, three, four, and five. Now you can both cum.”

And cum they did. The two of them were yelling into each others open and very wet cunts, as we heard the squishy sounds from all their cunt juices, they looked as if they were going to crush each others heads. Their bodies stopped trembling after about three or four minutes as Kitty and I had to endure our own sexual arousal.

Kitty told them to stand up. “You two are so beautiful and sexy,” Kitty told the ladies. When they stood up, they had such a twinkle in their eyes and I knew it was for the new found love for one another. Their faces were covered with each others love juice. “Kim, Nicole, I want you to give each other a hungry and passionate kiss to one another and I want you to lick the cum off each others face,” Kitty told them.

As Mother and daughter were in a loving embrace, and really enjoying it, I gave Kitty a little nudge and said, “Kitty, I don’t know about you, but I got to get some relief soon.”

Kitty looked at me and said, “Bob, you’re always thinking of yourself. Now just be patient and enjoy watching the love these two have one another.” I got to admit, I think Mother and daughter could make love to one another all day. But I knew that Kitty was as aroused as much as I was.

Kitty said, “girls, that was beautiful. Now I want both of you to give me and Bob a nice kiss as you gave to each other.” I could feel the heat from each of them, damn, they were on fire and Kim sucked on my tongue as if she was sucking a cock. That did it!!! Time to take charge.

“Nicole, I want you to satisfy Kitty just as you did your Mom.” I spoke out. I think I’m getting the hang of it, Kitty even looked at me in a manner as if saying, ‘that’s my job’. “Kim, while Nicole is eating out my sister, I want you to get on your hands and knees and I’m going to fuck you doggy style.”

Without as much as a word, Nicole had Kitty on the bed and was stripping Kitty of her clothing, (the little that Kitty had on, blouse and skirt,) and Kim was on all fours with her butt aiming right at my now exposed cock.

Side by side, Nicole on one side of the bed, eating, licking and Kissing Kitty’s face and body all over, while me and Kim were next to them as I was pumping Kim’s smelting love hole.

Kim’s cunt was like velvet and her muscles kept a tight grip on my throbbing cock. Since I had cum a half an hour ago, I knew I could last for a while. However, Kim and Kitty were both moaning in ecstasy, and watching our young pussy eater, Nicole, suck on Kitty’s nipples with her mouth and playing with Kitty’s pussy with her hand, was probably going to make me cum sooner.

Nicole now had her mouth on Kitty’s pussy, licking away and Kitty moaning in delight. Nicole was amazing, Etimesgut Rus Escort she knew exactly what to do, as if she had eaten pussy many times before. Nicole was licking Kitty’s crack and at the same time she was massaging Kitty’s pube mound and with the other hand, she was pinching Kitty’s nipples.

I pulled my all the way out of Kim’s cunt, and then pushed it all the way in. I did this repeatedly in fast motion, from the sounds Kim was making, I knew that she was thoroughly enjoying it, I understood why since she hadn’t had any cock since Don left, other than her dildo.

As Kitty was on her back and Kim’s head was next to Kitty’s, I told Kim to get closer to Kitty and start kissing her. While she was moving to get in position to kiss Kitty, I pulled my cock out and kept it out. She begged me to put it back in and I said, “Kim, I’m going to put my cock back in, but I’m going to put it into this beautiful ass-hole of yours.” she didn’t protest as I spit on her tiny, pink hole and then slowly inserted my cock, soaked with her cunt juices, into her beautiful anus. It was tight, but it was smooth.

As.Kim was now loudly moaning into Kitty’s mouth. I said to her, “Kim, I’m not going to move, I want you to fuck my cock.” with that said, Kim pulled her ass forward and then quickly backwards. I knew with that tight smooth ass-hole of hers and at the speed she was fucking me, that I wouldn’t last much longer.

I heard the sounds coming from Kitty that indicated that she was also on the verge of cummming. “Kim, I want you to start rubbing your clit as you’re fucking me because I want us all to cum together.” When I said all of us, I was including Nicole. While she was eating Kitty’s cunt, she was humping the mattress at the same time and I could see her humping was getting faster and faster.

“Oooohh shiiit babbbyy,” Kitty was yelling out, “you got the softest lips and tongue, you eat pussy like a prooo. Ohhh fuuccckk yeeees, I’mmm readyyy to cuuuumm.” Then it was Kim that was moaning with the ohhhh fuuuck and I’mm cuumminng.” That did it for me as I dumped my hot load of cum deep into Kim’s ass-hole. Nicole was really pounding and grinding her ass into the mattress as her muffled screams into Kitty’s love hole, just intensified Kitty’s orgasm.

It was about ten minutes later that we all started to get off the bed. My cum was leaking out of Kim’s butt hole and was dripping on the sheet. Nicole was quick to come to her Mother’s rear and started licking it clean, she really likes the taste of cum, male or female. The sheet was wet from all of the girls juices, it was a mess.

Kitty told Kim and Nicole to change the sheets and to clean up the room. We were all naked and Kitty said that we should all take a shower and get cleaned up. There wasn’t room in the shower for the four of us, but plenty room for two. I spoke up and said, “Nicole, you and I will take our showers together, let’s go.” Kitty gave me a threatening look, but I just grabbed Nicole and got into the shower. Nicole had the softest , satin like, skin and since Kim shaved her pussy, the smoothness of her baby like mound was awesome to the touch. I had a difficult time taking my hand away from her now soapy cunt. I finger fucked her tender love hole and I could have played with her all day. Nicole was loving every minute of my fondling and she was reciprocating by playing with my cock.and balls.

Then I heard Kitty yell out, “Bob, Nicole, get out of the shower now, Kim and I need to take our showers as well.” then she said, “after she wanted to take us shopping to a little boutique that a couple of Kitty’s ‘lady friends’ own. Knowing Kitty and her ‘lady friends’, I knew that they were either lesbians or bi. This should be fun.

I could see Kitty and Kim through the clear glass shower doors and Kitty was having as much fun with Kim’s body as I did with Nicole. I saw Kitty’s fingers disappear into Kim’s cunt as Kim leaned against the shower wall as she moaned. Hell, I wasn’t going to let Kitty and Kim get each other off, especially since Kitty stopped me. So I yelled out to Kitty, “the two of you get out of the shower right now if we’re going shopping.” With that said, I opened the shower door just as Kitty was taking her fingers out of Kim’s pussy. Damn if I’m not getting the hang of this, I’m really getting a thrill out ordering the girls around; who knows, I might even start having control over my sister.

But I got to give Kitty credit, she is more creative than me. “Kim, Nicole, from now on you call us, aunt Kitty and uncle Bob,” Kitty instructed them. Damn if Nicole and Kim didn’t eat it up. I think their feelings were that as a family they felt closer to me and Kitty. Geeze, how much closer can you get?

Nicole spoke up and asked, “aunt Kitty, what are we going to shop for, me and Mom have plenty of clothes, some even have labels on them because we have never worn them.”

” First of all, now that we are family, Nicole, our pet name for you is going to be ‘little pussy’, and Kim’s pet name will be ‘pussy mom’. Because pussy, since you and pussy- mom have been so good and so obedient, we are going to buy the both of you some sexy clothes for your birthday party.”

Nicole came jumping into Kitty’s arm and said to her, “oh aunt kitty, thank you so much, I love birthday parties. How many of my friends can I invite?”

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