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Finally, after a rather long day, we were finally closed for the night. I was your closing driver for the night, and only the two of us were left in the store. We had most of the cleaning done early, cause neither one of us wanted to stay any longer than we had to. The ovens were already off, and I was finishing up the floors, while you were making the final deposit, and finishing up the paperwork for the day.

As soon as I finished the floors, I came into the office to let you know that I was finished, and that I was ready to get going. I walked in just as you were sealing the deposit bag. The printer was already half way through the paperwork. I came up behind you and started rubbing your shoulders like I always do, and you groaned like you always do, and leaned forward, putting your head down on the desk. After a couple minutes of that, you leaned up again with a grin on your face and thanked me. You started to clean up the desk and I started rubbing your shoulders again. This time you leaned back in the chair until it was pressed against me. You closed your eyes, and just enjoyed the rub down. I couldn’t help but to look. Your beautiful face sitting there looking so peaceful. Your breasts slowly went up and down with each breath you took. You looked so good. I just couldn’t help it.

I slowly bent down towards you, careful not to stop the massage. I held my breath as I slowly moved in. I was so close. The excitement of it was intoxicating. I had to do it. I leaned to you, and very gently kissed the side of you neck. I guess I surprised you, cause you jumped a little. I was scared out of my mind, and I thought for sure there was a slap in my future. But, you never opened your eyes, and a smile formed on your lips as you tilted your head to one side, exposing more of your neck to my lips. I did it again, just to make sure that you weren’t gonna kill me, and your smile got a little wider. I kissed your neck again, this time lightly dragging my tongue along your skin. I saw the goose bumps pop up on your arm as you shivered a little bit. I slowly made my way to your ear, where I lightly sucked on your earlobe, and then gave it a little nibble. I was breathing softly into your ear, and I could tell it was having an effect, cause the goose bumps on your arms didn’t go away.

My hands had stopped moving, and I don’t think either one of us had realized that your massage has stopped. I slid my hands down the sides of your arms to kind of embrace you in a backwards hug. You wrapped your arms around mine, and held me to you. I kissed your neck once more, and then softly whispered in your ear.

“I want you.”

I’m getting slapped for sure now. I was sure of it. But, to my surprise, you smiled again, and your arms came up behind you, and you wrapped them around the back of my neck, pulling me towards you. I lightly kissed my way from your neck to your cheek, and then your head turned, and my lips found yours. The kiss was electric. Nothing had ever felt that good. Neither one of moved, we just kept our lips pressed together for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, I lifted my head up a little, breaking the kiss, and both of us took deep breaths. Then you pulled me back down, and kissed me again. This time, our mouths parted a little, and our tongues stated to play with each other.

Again, I was so mesmerized by the kissing, that I forgot that I had hands. As soon as I remembered them, they started to slowly move down your sides. With your arms up behind you and around my neck, the entire front and sides of your body were wide open for me. I brought my hands around you, and started moving them up towards your breasts. Again, I was nervous thinking I was going to far, and that a slap was on its way, but you didn’t even break our kiss. My hands slowly moved up until I was holding your breasts. I started to slowly caress them, and I could feel your nipples sticking out through your bra and shirt. I lightly took hold of them between my finger and thumb, and gave them a little pinch, and pulled a little. A slight moan escaped your lips as you finally broke our kiss. Your head went back all the way, until it was leaning Maltepe Escort against my shoulder. Then you started kissing my neck. The sensations that ran though my body were amazing. I wanted you so bad, it was driving me crazy. My hands went down to your sides again, and I started to tug at your shirt. You lifted up a little so that I could get it untucked. I pulled the shirt free, and my hands went under it. I loved the way your skin felt under my hands. I made my way back up your body, and started to rub your breasts again. You had stopped kissing my neck, and you just had your head leaning back on my shoulder, and your warm breath was tickling the little hairs on my neck. The silky fabric and lace of your bra just made me even hotter. I tweaked your nipples a couple more timed, and then I felt it. A clasp. Your bra closed in the front. I smiled as I took hold of it, and had it undone in less than two seconds. I opened your bra, freeing your breasts from their prison. I moved the cups to your sides, and came back. Your smooth skin felt wonderful as I lightly rubbed my hands over you. Your nipples were quite hard, and I couldn’t help taking hold of them to lightly rub and pull on them. Your breathing was getting heavier against my neck, and I could tell that you were getting excited.

Finally you started to move your hands from around the back of my neck, and I started to stand up straight. Leaning down behind you was starting to kill my back. But, you wouldn’t let me stand. You grabbed a hold of the back of my shirt, and started pulling it over my head. It was all I could do to get my hands up to the buttons to undo them before you strangled me. My shirt came off, and hit the floor. Before you had a chance to pull me back down to you, I took hold of your shirt, and started pulling up. You sat up in the chair, and put your arms up, allowing me to pull your shirt off of you. Your shirt joined mine on the floor, and then I put your arms down so I could slide your bra off of them. Once it hit the floor, I thought you were going to turn around to face me, but you started to lean back again. I could already feel the pain in my back again, so I reached over with my foot, and snagged the other chair, and pulled it back behind me. I sat down, and scooted myself closer to your chair. You leaned back again, and the chair leaned back far enough so that to top of it was against my chest, and the back of your head was against the front of my shoulder. The view was wonderful. I could see straight down the front of your body. Your breasts were again going up and down with each breath I turned to look at you, and found your eyes starring into mine. I leaned down to kiss you again, and your arms went around the back of my neck again, allowing my hands free access to your beautiful body. The kiss was passionate this time. Both of very into it. My hand came to the side of your face, and I gently held you in place while our tongues fought with each other for space. I broke the kiss, and you let your head relax on my shoulder, and your eyes closed. My hands went back to your body, rubbing, caressing every inch of your skin. Your nipples looked like the could break through steel as I gently glided my hands over your breasts. You started to kiss my neck again, and I started moving my hands a little lower. I found the top of your pants, and I slowly ran my hands down the top of your thighs, and then back up your hips. You relaxed your legs a little allowing them to open. I took the hint, and ran my hands down the top of your thighs again, this time bringing them up the inside of your thighs slowly. When I reached the top, I pressed a little harder, and you groaned as your legs fell completely open for me. My left hand came up to caress your breast some more, while my right hand slide back down your thigh, coming back up again to rest in the middle. The heat coming from you was amazing. I started to rub you through your pants, and your breathing got very heavy against my neck. I reached down and took hold of the button on your pants, releasing it, and then slowly took your zipper down. I could see your sheer black panties now, Maltepe Escort Bayan and the sight sent a jolt straight through me. My hand went down your pants, slowly gliding over the sheer fabric. I couldn’t believe how wet your were when I reached your mound. I could feel every contour through the thin fabric of your panties, especially because of how damp they were. I really had you worked up, and I was loving it. I started rubbing you some more, this time between your lips. My finger slid very easily into your groove, and I ran it up and down, rubbing the fabric against your most sensitive skin.

I guess it was driving you nuts, cause after a couple of minutes, you suddenly sat up the chair, stood up and pushed your pants down to your ankles, and your panties went with them. You realized that you couldn’t get them off over your shoes, and you violently kicked your shoes off, and then sat back down, and kicked the rest of your clothing off. You leaned back against me, this time completely naked. You looked at me and smiled, and I leaned down to kiss you again, as my hand went back down between your legs. My finger was soaked almost instantly as I ran it down between your folds. I brought it back up and lightly tickled your clit, which forced you to break the kiss, and take a keep breath. The moans that came out of you next told me to keep going. My finger slid back down until I found your hold. I lightly teased the outside of it, acting like I was going in, but never did. Your hips started to move up a little, trying to get my finger inside of you, but I wasn’t going to allow that to happen. I kept sliding my finger up and down, tickling your clit at the top, and teasing your hole at the bottom. Then I got a better idea.

I took my hand away, and you sighed looking up at me to see what was wrong. All you saw was a big smile on my face, as I knelt down on the floor beside you, and spun your chair around till you were facing me. You looked down at me with a confused look on your face, and then I put my hands under your legs, and your expression changed. Your butt was almost off the each of the chair already, and I just scooted a little closer, pushing my arms around your thighs, and bringing my hands over the top to rest of your mound. I leaned in, and your head went back.

I very lightly dragged my tongue from bottom to top. Not hard enough for your lips to open to me, but enough that you could feel it. I did this a couple times, lightly flicking my tongue at the top and bottom. Then, with no real warning, I pressed face into you. My tongue immediately found your clit, and I ran the tip of my tongue around it as your reached down and grabbed my head. You took a very deep breath, the muscles in your legs tightened squeezing my head between them, and I knew you were cumming. Your whole body shook for a good ten seconds, and then your muscles started to relax, and I was once again able to breathe. I looked up at you, and your eyes were still closed, and your breathing was still heavy, and I decided that I wasn’t done. I dove back in, making you jump, and I starting licking you top to bottom and back again. My tongue found your entrance and started teasing it just as my finger had. I started to let it slide into you a little, and you started moaning again, this time a little louder. I started to push the tip of my tongue in and out of you, while my fingers started to gently rub your clit. You were very sensitive from your orgasm, and every time I brushed against it, you jumped a little more. Finally you reached down and pushed my face away. You smiled as you looked at me and saw how wet my mouth, cheeks, and chin were. You took my hands, and stood up, pulling me up with you. You kissed me. And I mean you kissed me hard. I reached around to hold you while your tongue danced in my mouth. You hands suddenly appeared on my belt buckle, and you started to undo it. Not wanting to make the same mistake, I started kicking my shoes off right then. You had my pants undone, and zipper down in no time, and you were already pushing them down when I got my second shoe off. My pants and underwear fell Escort Maltepe to my feet, and you reached around my neck to return the embrace you were in. I kicked my clothes off my feet, and you broke the kiss. You smiled at me as you pushed me backwards, causing me to almost fall, until I felt the chair behind me. I sat down and looked up you.

You looked down at me with a big smile, and as your eyes traveled down my body, your smile got much wider when you saw me sticking straight up at you strong, proud, and hard as a rock. You stepped to me, and then your legs went on both sides of me. You stood over me like that, straddling me and looked down. I reached up and put my hands on your cheeks, and pulled your face down to mine. We kissed again, this time a soft, gentle, passionate kiss. Your arms went around my neck, and you slowly lowered yourself down onto my lap. You slide up on my legs until you could feel me pressed against you. You brought one hand down my body, and took hold of me, and lightly started stroking me up and down. I started to moan a little, and you broke the kiss. You stood up again, not releasing your grip on me, and moved a little bit closer, and then started to sit down again. You positioned perfectly, and you slowly started to lower yourself onto me.

My mind went into overdrive as the sensations shot though me, and your must have to, cause your head went flying backwards as you slid yourself down on me. You felt so wonderful. Silky, wet, and tight. Finally, you sat down all the way, and I was completely inside you. My arms went around your back, and yours went around my neck, and we just sat there for a couple minutes, enjoying the feeling of each other. Finally, your hips started moving back and forth a little, allowing me to slide out of just a little before sliding right back in. It was amazing. I had been dreaming of this for so long, and it was finally happening. Your hips were moving back and forth a little more, letting more than half way out before going back in. Our breathing was getting faster, and your hips started going faster. My hands slid down to your ass, and I started squeezing every time you slide me back inside. I started to lift a little bit, and you started to lift yourself a little bit every time. Up, down, back and forth, you rode me like that for nearly five minutes. My hands came back around your back, and I started to lean you backwards. You knew I wouldn’t let you fall, and you leaned back against my arms, exposing your breasts to my mouth. I took each nipple in my mouth one at a time and sucked on them, and nibbled a little. When I looked down, I could see myself sliding in and out of you. That was the most erotic sight I had ever seen. To be able to see and feel what was happening was almost too much. I focused my attention back to your breasts, but you leaned up again, and pressed your mouth to mine. You started to lift yourself up higher, and slam back down on me. Not really going back and forth anymore at all. You’d lift yourself up slowly, dragging me out of you, and then you’d slam yourself back down, impaling yourself on me. You broke the kiss and you started bouncing up and down, and you were moaning with every move now. I did my best to hold onto you as you bucked against me, and I did my best to hold on to myself. It was getting to be a little too much, and I knew I was close. You started riding a little faster, and your moans got a little louder, and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to take much more. Finally, it was too much, and I exploded inside of you with a very loud moan. My head went back as I unloaded into you. The feeling it caused you set you off mere moments after I went off. You crushed yourself down against me, forcing me very deep inside, and you didn’t move. Every muscle in your body went rigid, and you held your breath. The only movement happening way my convulsing inside you. You let out your breath with a loud moan, and slowly started to relax your muscles, as I did the same. We came down from our orgasmic highs together with smiles on our faces. Your eyes finally opened to find me looking at you. You leaned forward and started to kiss me. I kissed back, and held you for what must have been 10 minutes.

Finally, we decided that maybe we should get out of the store. Hell, maybe we should clock out. All that time and we were still clocked in. Oh well, there’s nothing like getting paid overtime for having the best sex of your life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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