Paradise Isle – Danni Remodeled

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Paradise Isle – Danni Remodeled

(Crossdressing, Fetish, TF) Danni’s new body

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

This tale is a stand-alone story of an adventure at Paradise Isle. Please read at least the first section of the ‘Island Paradise, The Beginning’ for background on the wonderful island and its sexual vacation orientation. It sets the stage for this and other stories of sexual pleasures encountered on the island.

You might remember these two characters from my story: ‘The View from the 23 rd Floor.’ Reading that entire tale, beforehand, will give you a lot of background. This story would fit in after the last chapter, but before the epilog.

They’d fallen in love, by unusual coincidence. Audrie had spotted Daniel when he was dressed as his feminine alter-ego and confronted him. A year later, they were married and Daniel was no more. Audrie and Danni were living as wife and wife. Everyone now saw them as the good-looking lesbian pair, who lived in the penthouse.

Daniel was straight, and cross-dressing had been his favorite fantasy, with chastity as his second, but no one knew of his kinks, and until Audrie, he had successfully kept them a secret.

After a series of adventures and misadventures, they had settled down and Danni had committed to living as the female she’d always dreamed of. And Audrie loved it. She had a girlfriend with a cock, and that satisfied two of her favorite sexual drives. Having a submissive lover was her third…

Daniel had quit his job and vanished. It was Danni who moved in with Audrie and accepted a position in the company she had started and grown into a successful enterprise.

There was only one aspect of their happy existence that the two of them wanted to change. Although they both loved Danni’s cock, the rest of her feminine shape was based on padding. Her womanly ass, hips and breasts were all fake. And now that she was living as a full-time woman, that shortcoming could be corrected.

Of course, it was another big step that made Danni very nervous.

But Audrie was enamored with the idea, and Danni could never find the courage to refuse her anything. Even something as severe as surgery. And, it would, after all, give her the feminine body she had always dreamed of.

The decision made, by Audrie at least, she began searching for the perfect place to complete the project she envisioned. Her Danni would become a beautiful woman, retaining a fully functional cock.

And when she discovered Paradise Isle, and their wonderful clinic, she contacted their medical staff and soon thereafter made the necessary reservations.

Paradise Isle, would be the perfect setting. For Danni’s happy conversion.

Audrie took care of all the arrangements. She actually leased a suite for six full weeks, as based on her discussions with the very advanced and highly competent medical staff, Danni’s recovery would take almost that long.

She also made arrangements that would allow the two of them to work remotely from the resort, to handle her company’s business from there, if the need arose, while Danni recovered. It took some doing, as the island’s government had strict rules about outbound communication and privacy, but for a substantial fee they provided a carefully restricted computer with reasonable bandwidth, and she brought a secure modem that allowed her to perform her duties from the Caribbean. Without video conferencing, though.

After a couple of months of tense waiting, and filling out paperwork – the resort required a thorough vetting of every guest – they packed, preparing for an early morning flight.

“Audrie, what are they going to think about my cage?” Danni asked fretfully. She was a nervous wreck. She knew that she’d be undergoing numerous procedures, and was feeling both excited, and fearful. And since her wife had made all of the arrangements, including those with the hospital, she didn’t know what to expect – what to prepare for.

“Danni, you’re not violating the rule about asking for release, are you?” Audrie said, exasperated.

Frightened about the consequences, Danni was quick to respond, “oh, no. Never. I’m just worried about the surgeries and sterilization considerations and hospital policy.”

“Well, don’t be. I’ve already warned them, and they’re perfectly comfortable with you remaining in your cage. In fact, they said that they see things like that often.”

“Oh, good.” Danni replied, but she was more disappointed than relieved. Audrie only let the cock out, when she wanted to use it. And it didn’t happen often. They usually made love like women, with Danni licking her lover to her orgasms.

They Maltepe Escort headed for the airport the next morning. One nervous, and the other excited.

Their trip was long, and required a couple of stops – it was difficult to get to paradise. Danni’s ID had, over the past year, been converted to reflect her preferred gender, so there were no issues with TSA, or immigration. She certainly looked like Danni, a well-dressed and sexy woman, to everyone, and she very much enjoyed that.

Upon arrival at the island’s dock, they were processed in, handing over their cell phones and receiving the island’s restricted versions. And they had the color-coded bracelets strapped to their wrists. Audrie received a white band, they were staying at one of the standard, sex-oriented resorts, not the much kinkier fetish resort.

Danni, though received an orange band. After the staff member at the reception counter had locked it onto her wrist, she chuckled. “I’m not really sure why you’re getting this band, my dear, you look lovely.”

Danni thanked her for the compliment, but wasn’t sure what the girl had meant. She hadn’t learned about the significance of the band colors, yet.

Stepping away from that work station the pair were greeted by their personal concierge, Marisol, who took charge of them and their luggage and escorted them to their suite.

As the three of them rode in the back of a small shuttle, she explained their itinerary. “According to the reservation, you’ll be enjoying our wonderful resort for a few days, before Danni will check into the clinic for her procedures. She’ll be there for a week, and then recovering for several more.

“You’re scheduled to spend your final week with us, simply enjoying yourselves. And Danni will be getting used to her new body, before you’ll leave us to head home. Does that sound right?”

“Yes, it does.” Audrie answered. “I may or may not stay here for the duration. While Danni’s in the clinic, I may head back home for business. But I’ll certainly be back after she’s recovered.”

“I understand,” Marisol answered, pleasantly.

Arriving at the big resort complex, dozens of buildings surrounding a huge central pool and entertainment complex, they were shown to their suite, it was large and luxurious, and had a conspicuous computer set up on a desk in one corner.

“We’ve configured the computer to allow you to work and communicate with your company, Audrie, but please keep in mind that we consider our guests privacy paramount. Absolutely no photos or videos may be taken or transmitted. If you violate that rule you will be severely punished. Clear?”

“Krystal.” Audrie replied, with a smile.

“Excellent. Now please enjoy the next few days, call me on your phones any time, with any request and I’ll do my best to accommodate you. That’s my job.

“If I don’t hear from you during the next few days, I will see you when I pick up Danni for her trip to the clinic, and her procedures.”

After they had explored their room and unpacked, the lovers headed out to find a restaurant for dinner, they were both tired and hungry, from their long trip.

The resort was massive, and beautiful and the huge central courtyard was filled with bars, restaurants and cabanas where the guests could relax and enjoy themselves. And there was a pool-slash-river running throughout.

Pathways led from the shore to the dozens of islands scattered randomly within the pool. It was fun and romantic, in the evening light.

And the other guests were just as fantastic. They were all beautiful people, and clearly enjoying themselves, with the food, drink, dancing, swimming or making out. Several times they saw couples making love, in some quiet corner under the starlight.

It was enough to make them forget how tired they were and refocus their appetites onto sex.

Danni was challenged by all the nudity. It made her feel both jealous and uncomfortable. Her artificially enhanced body couldn’t fill a tiny bikini. She was restricted to wearing resort-wear more typical of other, tamer vacation spots.

“That sorry situation will be corrected by your surgery.” Audrie said happily, on several occasions. She was excitedly looking forward to the new Danni. The one with a body she had designed for her lover, during several long-distance consultations with the island’s very professional and understanding medical staff.

Danni was apprehensively looking forward to having a real feminine body to dress and show off, but was worried about what all Audrie planned and had arranged. Her wife hadn’t exactly kept her in the loop. It was to be Audrie’s big surprise.

The pair spent the first days of their stay, simply enjoying themselves; vacationing like all of the other guests. And it was a wonderful time for them.

As advertised, the place was indeed a sexual paradise, erotic and kinky. Filled with sexually oriented couples, practicing every kind of straight and warped sex imaginable, and legal – Anadolu Yakası Escort there were very few things illegal in paradise.

When they weren’t enjoying the typical aspects of a Caribbean Island. They were people watching or making love, addressing the arousal generated by the surroundings, and their excitement.

All the while, though, Danni remained apprehensive. As much as she was enjoying her time there with her lover, she knew what would come next, and although she was looking forward to having a real woman’s body. She’d always wanted one. She was frightened by both the surgeries and what the end result would be. What did Audrie have planned for her? Danni worried that her lover might take it too far.

On the appointed morning, they woke up early and got cleaned up and dressed. Danni wasn’t allowed any breakfast, so Audrie stepped out and had a quick bite, while Danni stayed in and fidgeted.

Marisol showed up on time with a car, and Audrie escorted Danni to the hospital, encouraging her lover, and promising that she’d be beautiful and shapely when all was done.

As soon as Danni checked into the modern facility for her first set of procedures, Audrie headed back to their suite. She’d been warned that Danni would be either fully anesthetized or sedated to some extent for most of her week’s stay in the clinic, as they performed procedure, after procedure on her.

After the initial progress reports, and the news that all was going very well, she left the island to head back home, and to work. She had a company to run and could do it much better in person. There was no sense hanging around the island, waiting for her lover to heal.

The doctors had explained that Danni, after a week in the hospital, and for the next week as she recovered under nurses’ care, she would be in no condition to socialize. That gave Audrie a couple of weeks at home before she’d return. She saw no reason to hang around the resort either alone, or with a miserable lover, under out-patient care.

She was, very much looking forward to the new, remodeled version of her lover. A couple of weeks in the future.

Danni had been taken into a prep room, stripped and hooked up to various monitors, before she was given an injection and drifted almost immediately into a dreamless sleep.

Not a word had been said about her caged cock.

After that, Danni’s week was a disjointed, half awake, half dream-like existence, while the surgeries took place interspaced with recovery periods throughout that entire time. Danni was kept sedated, either completely asleep or mostly so, throughout the entire period.

The doctors first worked on her hips and ass, and she spent a day and night laying on her front. Then they worked on her breasts and belly. And the next day a different surgical team started on her face.

When she was finally allowed to come fully awake, Dani found herself wrapped in bandages seemingly from head to toe.

Disoriented and in pain, the doctors and nurses hovered; and reassured her that all had gone well and that she’d be beautiful. At that point she didn’t really care. All she wanted was for it to be over.

She was almost constantly in pain. And when she wasn’t suffering from her surgeries, she was uncomfortable and dopey from the meds.

She was still hooked up to an IV and a full set of monitors, and not allowed out of bed.

That was fine – she didn’t want to get out of bed, in any case, all she wanted to do was rest, recover and be done with it.

The one thing that kept her going was her imaginings of what she’d look like. The woman she’d become.

Several days later, she had no real feel for how long she’d been out, they carefully and gently relocated her to the bed in their suite.

Although it was a more civil environment, Danni remained depressed, uncomfortable, in pain and wrapped in bandages. A character from a horror movie, the mummy from the black lagoon, or some such.

Despite the wonderfully advanced procedures employed by the island’s clinic, she was told that it would be a week or two, before she’d be comfortable in her new body, and the bruising and swelling would be sufficiently faded. So, she just hibernated, feeling miserable, and ugly. Her face was still swollen and bruised, and her hips and ass were still stiff and sore, from the incisions and the inserts.

Her new breasts, her most dreamed of assets, were still covered in gauze and tender to the touch, so she couldn’t even enjoy them.

Resignedly and impatiently, she continued to rest and heal; and each day she did feel a little better. She missed Audrie, but knew that if she was there, they wouldn’t be able to have any fun. It was better for her to be at home, running her company, Danni concluded, before again drifting off to sleep.

Pain pills were available, but limited, as addiction was always a threat. They did supply her with plenty of cannabis, and that helped her a lot.

Several times a day a nurse İstanbul Escort or attendant would visit, either to feed her, assist her in the bathroom, or just to visit to help her while away the time.

And each day she was examined by a doctor or nurse, either in her room at the resort or after being laboriously and painfully hauled back to the clinic in one of the island’s vans.

They reported, monotonously, that she was healing quickly and well, and everything was going as planned.

Marisol also stopped by a couple of times. Mostly as a cheer leader.

“You know, my dear, I’m sure you’re sufficiently healed that you can start going out. Get some exercise, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.”

“But I look hideous!”

“Oh, you do not! Yes, I can still see some bruising, and I know there’s still some swelling, but you can hide that with makeup. And you need to start moving around to help the healing process on your lower implants.” Marisol said, sounding a little too much like a mother for Danni’s liking.

The next time the nurse visited, she demanded that Danni accompany her on a walk.

They provided her with a baggy set of medical scrubs and a big floppy hat for the expedition. At first, she hated it. But as her hips and ass loosened up, at least the walking became easier. And the fresh air and the beauty of the place did make her feel better.

Although she knew she looked terrible, she was seriously turned on by the sight of the other guests, most of whom as she’d discovered during their first days, were beautiful and sexy, and scantily dressed, if they wore anything at all.

And her libido got her cock’s attention and it became painful, as it did so often, when it tried to get hard within the confines of its tiny cage.

Damn! She was horny! She wished Audrie was there. She might let her out of her cage, so she could get some relief.

When Audrie finally did return, Danni was feeling much better. Still anxious, uncomfortable and very horny, but her body felt as if it was nearing full recovery. The pain was almost completely gone; she was able to move around the suite and outdoor pathways, without help, and she was impatient to see her new self. She still looked like a mummy, although she could at least function like an adult.

Having her lover’s support made a world of difference, particularly with Danni’s attitude. Even though her Mistress refused to unlock her cage. “Not until you’re my perfect girl.”

When the nurse visited that next day, she declared, happily that Danni was ready to have her bandages removed. That it was finally time to let her, and her lover see the results of the procedures.

She scheduled the event for the following day, first thing in the morning. They’d be picked up after breakfast and taken to the hospital where a doctor would remove all of the wrappings and make sure that everything was sufficiently healed with her modifications perfectly completed.

It was a very nervous night for Danni. Despite Audrie’s encouragement and caresses, she was so pumped she wasn’t able to sleep until well past midnight. And they were up at seven for breakfast.

Their ride picked the two of them up at eight, and hauled them once again to the clinic and the doctors and nurses, awaiting them.

In the exam room, surrounded by the staff, Danni stripped out of her robe and allowed the doctor and her assistants to slowly remove the cursed bandages. She was so sick of the things, and so very ready to see her new body.

They started at the bottom and worked their way up, first revealing her new hips and ass.

After each phase, they encouraged her to look at herself in a large, wall-mounted mirror. So, Danni took the time to focus on her new lower body. Her hips looked wonderfully feminine, wide and smooth. Certainly, better than the padded versions held on by the girdle that she’d worn for the previous year.

Audrie reported that her ass looked fantastic, as well. All Danni could do was feel her rear, and it did feel larger, and more femininely full.

Of course, there were some small scars, that the doctor assured her would be hardly noticeable in just a few more weeks. But the main point was that the implants in those locales were perfectly placed and secure, and that her skin had healed nicely.

She also saw that her waist was much narrower, and her tummy flatter. They’d apparently liposuctioned away her little belly. When she asked, Audrie admitted that she’d had that done as well. It didn’t upset Danni in the least.

Next, they uncovered her breasts, and the sight of them took Danni’s breath away. They were beautiful, and firm, and clearly artificial – Danni loved them.

But they didn’t seem quite as large as her artificial ones had been. When she commented on that, one of the surgeons explained. “Danni, we have to take that in two steps – your augmentation I mean. We have to give your skin a chance to stretch, so in a week, we’ll bring you back and take them the rest of the way.”

“Oh, okay. They do feel kind of tight on my chest.”

“Be patient my dear.” Audrie said consolingly.

Danni reached up and felt herself up, and it was unbelievably wonderful! Her boobs didn’t feel quite as nice as her lover’s real ones, but she loved them anyway.

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