Paradise of Lust Ch. 02

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“Sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have love” ? Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

I hope you enjoyed my previous story Italian Beauty now my new encounter is with a woman that caught my eye with her bright hot pink bikini, this girl has a thing for pink so I will call her Pinky.

It has been a few days since my encounter with the Italian Beauty, I have been wondering around the hotel trying to take my mind of her. I go outside to check on the pool area making sure everything was working find.

“Excuse me, can you help me with the lotion.” A soft sweet voice said to me.

I look over and I see her, she is a gorgeous woman with dark sun glasses on and in a hot pink bikini.

“Yes I can.” I tell her with a smile on my face. She hands me the bottle of lotion and turns onto her stomach and undoes her top. I add some lotion onto her back and slowly start to work on her shoulders. I start to do small circler motion I can feel she is tense.

“Just let your body relax I will make feel better.” I tell her as I move my hands down to the middle of her back. I am admiring her beautiful body as I feel each muscle under my hands. My hands make it down to her lower back I am slowly moving my hand I can feel my self getting wet if I keep on massaging her I am going to explode. I move my hands back to her shoulders and I can feel that she is more relax now.

“Alright there you go.” I tell her as I start to get up.

“Can you please add some on the back of my legs.” She says giving me a smile.

“Um…yeah I can do that.” I tell her as I add more lotion onto her legs. God how am I going to make it? I mentally ask myself.

I start to work her right leg just below her beautiful ass. Her ass is round and prefect and with each little movement I do it jiggles just enough. I move my hands very slowly savoring each inch of flesh before I have to leave her. I do the same to the other leg, now I just want to go back to my office and masturbate to relieve myself from her.

“Ok I think I cover every inch.” I tell her but really want to cover her body with kisses.

“Thanks, hey I was wondering if you would to join me for dinner later tonight.” She asks me and gives me her sweet smile.

“Come I won’t take no for an answer.” she adds.

“Well I guess I would be joining you for dinner tonight.” I tell her.

” I will see you at 8 tonight and takes for the massage it was great.” she says and goes back to sun bathing.

I quickly head to my office trying to avoid everyone. I managed to get into my office and I lock the door behind me and dart to my desk, I pull open one of the drawers that has my special toys I take out a pink vibrator how ironic I think to myself. I undo my pants and start to rub my clit my underwear is soak with my juices. I turn the vibrator on and my pussy hungrily takes it in. I start to pump the vibrator hard and fast into my pussy and with Demetevler Rus Escort my other hand I rub my clit I can feel myself close to cumming and the vibrator slowly stops vibrating.

“Oh not now please don’t die on me now.” I tell the vibrator as I work it into my pussy. I mange to have an explosive orgasm at the same time the vibrator decides to die on me. I am sitting in my chair with my hand covered in my own pussy juices, I take my hand and start to lick off my cum off each finger.

“Mmm it taste so good.” I tell myself. I am disrupted by a knock on my door. I fixed my clothes and cleaned myself as I head towards the door. I open the door to find my front desk girl Jen is on the other side of the door.

“Hey, did you need me for something?” I ask her.

“Umm…. Yeah I have a woman that wants to talk to you about reserving a table for tonight in the restaurant.” She says looking me up and down.

“What?” I ask her with a smile.

“No its that you look nice today that’s it.” she answers me.

“Well you look stunting today.” I tell her. She always has away to make her uniform look sexier than all the other employees. Her breast are always perfect she reveals enough cleavage leaving you wondering what the rest of it looks like. Her pants are hugs her ass just tight enough to show off her curves but not too tight to make it look deformed. I always wonder what would she do if she ever knew that I am always checking her out. I can’t keep my eyes off her ass as I follow her to the front to meet my guest.

“Hey!” I hear a voice that breaks my eye contact with Jen’s ass. It was Pinky from the pool. She was dressed in a light pink sun dress, her eyes are nice shade of hazel.

“Hey how are you.” I ask her as I quickly scan her from head to toe.

“I’m good, I am just waiting for the owner our dinner tonight.” She tells me with a smile.

I just give her a smile and a little laugh.

“What so funny?” She asks me with a smile.

“Well I am the owner of the hotel.” I tell her.

“Oh! Really?” She says surprised.

“Yeah and don’t worry I will take care of everything I will meet you at 8 tonight.” I tell her.

“Alright well I will see you later tonight.” She says and heads off to go to her room.”

“So I’m guessing you have a date tonight.” Jen asks me.

“No she just invited me to have dinner with her that’s it.” I tell her with a smile.

“Alright then.” She says with a smile. “Well I have to get back to work before the boss comes around and sees me slacking off.” She says with a laugh.

” Alright I will let you get back to work.” I tell her as I head back to my office. I managed to get everything ready for dinner tonight.

8 o’clock rolls by and I am sitting at the table waiting for Pinky. And as I figured she came in with a tight pink dress. Otele Gelen Rus Escort It hugged her body and showed of every beautiful curve that her body has to offer. I get up from my seat and pull the chair out for her.

“Wow you look stunning.” I tell her as she takes her seat and I sit across from her.

“Thank you .” she replies with a smile.

We order dinner and have a small chat while eat our dinner. After a few moments of silence a slow song plays in the restaurant and she gets up and takes me by the hand and down to the dance floor. She holds her body close to me and I move my body in the same rhythm as hers. I don’t know what to think or say, but I am enjoying having her this close to me feeling her body rubbing up against my body her breast pushing up against me. I can feel myself getting excited I don’t know how much longer I can contain myself.

“Do you want to go back to my room?” She whispers into my ear. I just melted to hear her say those words to me. I didn’t have to say anything she could tell from my body langue how much I wanted her. She grabbed me by the hand and led me to the elevators she hits the button to open the elevator and then hits another button that her room was on. I just devour her with my eyes thinking of all the things I want to do to her. She looks over her shoulder and eyes me up and down and smiles. The elevator dings as we reach her floor and head towards her room.She opens the door to her room and I walk in behind her she pushes me up against the door causing it to close. She pushes her body up against me I can feel her body heat through my clothes she kisses me with a great passion I place my hands on her sweet ass and pick her up I lay her on the sofa and I start to undress as she does the same it felt like we were racing to see who can undress the fastest. I looked at her naked body just a few hours earlier I was rubbing my hands all over her body now I’m going to be able to please her body.

I lay on top of her resuming our kiss and slowly stripping her from her tight pink dress. I managed to expose her beautiful breast and I take her pink nipples into my mouth making her moan as I bite down on them and the I start traveling down her stomach and pulling her pink dress at the same time. I remove the dress from her body she is laying on the bed just in a pink thong.

“I see you have a thing for the pink.” I tell her with a smile on my face.

“Why don’t you also play with my pretty pink lips.” she says pulling me close to her body. She takes my shirt off and I start to suck on her hard nipples and pinching them making her moan louder. I venture down between her legs to play with her pretty pink lips oh god she does have pretty pink lips. I give them a gentle kiss and with two fingers I open her up her lips are glistening with her wetness. I hungrily suck on her lip Balgat Rus Escort then the other before I begin to suck on her sweet clit. She gives out low moan as I suck on her lips. I enter one finger into her then another I finger fuck her as I suck on her sweet clit and then she asks me to finger her ass at the same time. I put one finger into her ass and it hungrily takes my finger. I am now fucking her with three fingers and sucking her clit I can feel her body getting ready to climax when she looks up into my eyes and asks me to fist her sweet pussy. I was in shock when she requested this from me. She hands me a bottle of lube and I remove my fingers from her body and I start to lube up my whole fist. I start off with one finger slowly adding another and so on until my whole fist was in her sweet pink pussy. I worked my half of my arm inside watching as it went in and out of her. I can feel her muscles tighten around my arm and she was ready to have a big orgasm on my arm. I can feel her warm liquids gushing all over my arm I hungrily attach to her clit sucks as hard as I can making her body quiver. I slowly take my arm out of her watching her pussy close back up. She comes over to me and kisses me.

“Thank you for the wonderful orgasm.” She says as she puts back her tight pink dress and walks out of the bedroom.

I take my cell phone and ring the front desk.

“Thank you for call paradise of lust this is Jennifer how can I help you today?” The voice on the other side of the line responds.

“Hey Jen.”

“Oh, hi Ms. R.” from the sound of her voice I can her that she is excited to be talking to me.

“Can you have housekeeping come and clean the pink suite?” I ask her.

“Alright Ms. R the will be there soon.”

“Alright thanks Jen.” I tell her and hang up the phone.

Jen hangs up the phone with a smile on her face.

“So when are you going to tell?” a voice asks her.

“What are you talking about?” Jen says with a confused look on her face.

“Its very obvious that you have a big crush on Ms. R.” Molly tells her, another employee that works the front desk.

“No I don’t she is my boss and a good friend nothing else and it wouldn’t be professional of me to fool around with the boss any way.” Jen tells Molly.

” Then why do you always get upset when Ms. R is with other people? Or that you get really happy when she calls you?”

“She called front desk not me.” Jen tells her.

“Your side of front desk.” Molly says teasing her.

“I guess its that obvious, but it would never happen unless I was a guest here.” Jen says.

“Unless you were a guest here?” I ask Jen as I come around the corner of the desk.

“You know when I go on vacation I might be a guest here.” Jen says as her face starts to turn red.

“Oh alright well I guess I will catch you later.” I tell her as I head to my office.

“Now that was really close.” Molly tells Jen with a smile on her face.

“Now no more talk about me getting with Ms.R before I get into any trouble.” Jen says going back to work. Her phone then lights up as she gets an incoming text message from Mr. R

Don’t worry one day your dream will come true.

Ms. R

She smiles to herself as she looks up to see Ms. R smiling and then walking into her office.

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