Penny in Trouble Again

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Here I was, an English girl in California. As I described in my last letter to you, called “The Adventures of Penny,” I had arrived in America as an exchange nurse. I was soon initiated into the “American way of Sex,” when I was captured and seduced by three Californian boys.

One of them was called Randy and he was the eldest of the three. He had explained to me that he was not prepared to have a “regular” girl friend and I suspect that was because he wanted a different girl practically every night! However, before we parted he did say that we had “some unfinished business” and I hadn’t a clue what he meant.

A few days after we parted there was a knock on the door of my little apartment. I was due to go out for a drink with a girl friend. We hadn’t made a firm arrangement but had just agreed to meet in a bar that we both knew. I had just showered and put some underwear on and was combing my hair sitting in front of my dressing table when I heard the knock.

I quickly slipped on a robe and went to the door. “Who is it,” I enquired. “Its your favourite rapist,” came the reply! Now, I had spotted Randy with another young girl a couple of evenings earlier and I wasn’t in the mood to be taken for granted. “I don’t think I ought to let you in,” I said but I remembered what an exciting time we had experienced together and soon relented.

It had been raining and he had a belted raincoat on. “I suppose you can take it off,” I said, “but just don’t get any ideas Buster”! “I saw you with that young girl the other evening,” I accused him. “Yes, you are right, she is a young girl and it was her first time,” said Randy, boasting. That didn’t improve my temper at all but I couldn’t help thinking that that young girl must have thought that sex was just fabulous if Randy was the one who had first seduced her. Lucky girl!

“Going out,” asked Randy? “Yes, going to Clancies Bar but just for a casual drink with a nurse friend of mine.”

“So, it doesn’t matter if you turn up or not,” said Randy? “Of course it does,” I lied. I went back into the bedroom and left Randy sitting on a sofa in the other room. “Don’t mind if I continue to get ready? There is a drink on the side there if you would like one,” I said.

Randy came into the bedroom and stood behind me. “Who said you could come into a girl’s bedroom,” I asked him? “You going to stop me,” he asked and I felt that threatening aura of danger that I had first experienced when I was taken to his sister’s house.

He was looking over my shoulder and could easily see down the front of my loose robe. “You do wear the sexiest undies,” he said. “I just love to wear sexy undies,” I said. “Its something I must do.” This was true from my early teens when I discovered Anadolu Yakası Escort the power of undoing a couple of buttons on my blouse and developing the art form of revealing a glimpse of my schoolgirl knickers to any boy I fancied. Ever since then I had paid a lot of attention to my underwear, both for the thrill that sexy undies gave me and the power over boys that I could command.

“Hey, stop looking down my front”! “Lets have a truce,” said Randy and put his hands gently on my shoulders. I felt my resolve melting away. “Tomorrow it will be some other little girl,” I said. “Probably,” he said, but then, rather arrogantly, “tonight belongs to you.” This was too much and I rose with the intention of asking him to leave.

He seized his chance and held me to him. I was becoming aroused despite myself and he kissed me on my neck, breathing in my ear as he did so. “You bastard,” I said and with that he kissed me roughly on my lips and held me very tightly so that I couldn’t move. Now it was this way of his of being able, because of his far superior strength, of holding me in an iron grip which, I had found such a turn on. Of course, a girl can only stand so much and I was soon French kissing him hungrily in return.

My hair was over my shoulders and my robe was gaping open. I knew then that it was no good arguing with Randy and anyway, I would have been devastated if he had walked out on me there and then. “Your hair is wet,” I said. “Sit down and I will dry it with a towel.” As I was doing this I stood in front of him and he just seized the belt of my robe and threw it over the other side of the bed. By now I was getting really aroused because I knew what was coming. So I let the robe open completely and he could see me in my black slip. He pulled me to him and kissed my breasts and then stood up.

“OK,” he said, “you have two choices.”

“Either I strip you and tie you to the bed or you can get undressed and lay quietly on the bed.”

“Would you really do that after what we have willingly done together,” I asked him. He took my robe away and we stood and kissed passionately. “No, of course I wouldn’t,” he said.

I forgot all animosity towards Randy then and all I wanted was sex with him and soon! I sat on the bed and fumbled with his belt until I released it. I pulled his pants down and then his boxer shorts. His manhood was hard as iron and I was at once frightened of it and adored it! Stand up, he ordered and when I had done so he lifted the hem of my pretty black slip and dropped to his knees.

With his head under the slip he put his hands on my bottom and kissed the embarrassing wet patch on the front of my knickers, caused by my vaginal juices. I held his head there briefly Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan He then got up and grasped the hem of my slip and pulled it over my head. I had matching black bra and knickers on and the knickers covered the roundness of my bottom completely. My stockings were also black as was my garter belt.

Randy drew a sharp breath and I playfully seized his erect penis. “Do you like what you see”? I asked him and all the time my hand was stretched around his penis and I was gently but firmly playing with it. Then he did as he had done before when I was undressed in front of him. His hand went into the waistband of my knickers and he felt my pussy.

I remembered that this was because he just adored shaved pussies and wanted to make sure I was smooth.. Fortunately I also prefer a smooth public area and he couldn’t resist keeping his hand there. We were both of us fingering each other’s sexual organs and it was time for bed!

I lay on the bed and Randy put his hands around my back to unfasten and remove my bra. He was kneeling between my invitingly wide-open legs. His hands went to the elastic waistband of my sexy knickers and I obediently lifted my bottom so that he could remove them. He then sat astride me with his penis right against my face. I held it and masturbated it with my hand before kissing the end of it. I had surprised myself previously because I had tried oral sex and found it so exciting.

Now I wet kissed it and sucked the knob in and out of my mouth. I would quite happily have brought him to climax like that but it was all too much for Randy and he pulled away and slid down the bed until he was kneeling at the end of it.

I knew what was coming and thrilled at the prospect. He kissed the lips of my vagina and then his tongue started to dart in and out, brushing against my clitoris as it did so. I held his head firmly there and proceeded to build to an orgasm almost immediately.

He smiled and then knelt once more between my legs. He leant forward and I expected him to kiss me. Instead he seized my hands and wrapped the belt of my robe around my wrists several times. Then he tied the other end to the brass rail of the bed-head.

I was now completely helpless and I believe that Randy was as turned on by the prospect of having complete control over me as I was to be at his mercy. We kissed and he then gave each of my nipples a sexy wet kiss. Suddenly he turned again to them and bit them hard. I flinched in pain and shouted at him as his mouth once more met mine. This was a harder bite than he had previously inflicted on me and there were tears in my eyes.

He put a pillow under my bottom and was kneeling in an upright position between my wide-open Escort Anadolu Yakası legs and he seized my nylon-clad ankles and put my legs high in the air in a huge V.

He drove into me and I was wild with desire as he fell into that fast, regular pulsating movement of his manhood, in and out of me. My nipples were tingling and seemingly sending thrills down to my vagina.

This poor little English girl, tied up with her hands above her and her legs wide apart and high in the air and being furiously fucked until she just had to orgasm!

Randy knew when I had “gone over the top” and started my involuntary shuddering and always slowed his pace right down. He seemed to know just what to do!

“Please untie me,” I said as he collapsed on top of me. So he released me and then got off the bed to go into the bathroom. He returned with a bottle in his hand and I suddenly realised what he was going to do. So this was the unfinished business that he had spoken of.

I was ordered to kneel and he entered my vagina from behind. I was able to push backwards as well as him pushing into me and I thought this was great. Then, with his manhood still firmly thrust right into me he undid the cap. It was baby oil and he ran a little down the crack of my bottom.

He then withdrew from me and two fingers were inserted in my bottom and his thumb was in the entrance to my vagina just rubbing my clitoris. All this time I said nothing but I was very afraid of what he was doing. I sighed with pleasure as he masturbated both entrances. I was afraid of what he was going to do but at the same time eager for him to do it.

Suddenly he pushed into me and because of the lubrication of the baby oil he went right into me. I gasped and he slowly started to fuck me in my bottom. I was very tight and gripping his manhood as he fucked me gradually faster and faster and it was obvious that he was getting an enormous thrill from doing it.

So, it must be said, was I. This was another new experience that Randy was teaching me and I just thought it was heaven. My hand went to my vagina and I started to masturbate whilst he fucked me. This was far too much and in no time I reached just about the most enormous orgasm I have ever had.

As I said, it was very tight for my partner and I could sense that it was sending him wild. He was just flying in and out of me in his urgency to reach his climax. He groaned and I could feel him pumping into me. We collapsed in a heap and just lay there for a couple of minutes without saying a word. “Told you that you would love it, didn’t” I, said Randy, triumphantly.

I had a couple of tries to put my underwear on after we got off the bed but each time it ended in failure. Randy took one look at me in my sexy knickers and bra and I found myself on the bed again, stripped and ready for action!

Before leaving he said that he was going to a party next Saturday and would I like to come? I said OK, but didn’t question him as to what sort of party it was…

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