Penny: The Bridal Limo

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Please note, this is a true story. However, I’ve changed the names, ages, places and occupations to protect the other person’s privacy. I have no shame so enjoy, LOL.

The Bridal Limo

She squirted all over the window.

The wedding reception went off with pretty much as planned. Penny did her bridesmaid duties, and I was able to get the bridal suite ready. Read “The Bridal Suite” story before this one if you want to know what happened. And no one was the wiser. Very little drama or incidents outside a few people drinking too much and making an ass of themselves.

The dinner and after party was moving along smoothly. The parents of the bride had gotten a limo from her uncle who worked at a limo company. The bride’s father was going to drive them to the airport tomorrow in it. He had driven them most of the weekend around town in it. The limo was parked in a large lot outside of the hotel. With everyone distracted I went outside to see if they locked it. Low and behold they did not.

I was stoked to find it unlocked. I went back inside and pulled Penny aside. I told her I had a surprise for her. Well, I really did. In a flash headed toward the limo. I looked around to make sure no one saw us. Once we arrived, I opened the door and ushered her in. She looked round and asked where the surprise was. I grabbed her by the neck and kissed her in a very playful way. She broke the kiss and smiled at me. She knew why we were there.

Immediately we both started taking our clothes off. I stopped her and asked her to keep her bra on. She was wearing a push up bra where her breasts were held upright and together. Çorum Escort Giving access to her wonderfully built nipples. They were a good size for her tiny frame. And after a comment I made on our second date, she knew I loved her in this type of bra. As a breast man, I love having them in my mouth.

I was sitting on the back seat of the limo with Penny straddling me. I was going to town on her breasts. Licking, sucking and nibbling on them while my hands were massaging her ass. She was grinding her pussy against my shaft. I looked up at her and asked “Are you ready for a ride in this limo.” She smiled and sat down onto my cock. I put her hands on the back top of the seat to help her with leverage as she started to slam down on my cock. While she was doing so I started spanking her.

So now you have my mouth all over her nipples and my hands spanking and squeezing her ass. Penny was riding my cock vigorously. Her moans were so loud someone who was smoking in the parking lot heard us and ventured over. Suddenly the door open and Penny froze. I look over to see it’s Billy one of the groomsmen and had a wicked idea. I lifted Penny off of me and put her on all fours facing Billy. I entered her quickly and started pounding her opening.

I looked over at Billy as he started taking his cock out to jerk it. Penny was again, stunned by another unpredictable move on my part. The more I pounded her the more she was moaning loudly, and the door was open. To her and Billy’s surprise I told her to suck Billy’s cock. She didn’t need to double check with me. After less then 2 weeks together she had known I was extremely Çorum Escort Bayan kinky and down for adventurous sex. She waved Billy over and he didn’t hesitate to feeding Penny his cock. I told him to come in and close the door so no one would see us.

There we were, in the limo with my cock in Penny’s pussy and Billy’s cock in her mouth. Now she was being fucked from both ends. After a few moments we got into a really good rhythm and do I mean really good. We both had it to where one was pumping in while the other was pulling back and about the pump back in. The whole scene was hot and erotic. Then we got into a new rhythm were we would both pull back and pump at the same time. Fortunately for Penny, Billy was just an average size as few times she choked a little. If he had been much bigger, it may not have gone down pleasantly.

Not long Billy was ready to come, and I was not to far behind. Penny, not sensing this was caught off guard and wasn’t able to take too much of Billy’s semen as it was overflowing in her mouth down onto the seat. The usually shy guy sat down on the seat thinking this must have been his lucky day. He pulled up his pants and started to leave. I asked him to wait and sit, he might want to see what happens next. With that he was intrigued and sat back down.

I knew she was very close. I pulled out of her much to her dismay. Then I lifted her up and onto his lap. He was sitting with his face and lap looking forward toward the front of the limo. Her legs were spread on his lap facing the side and window of the limo. I reached around her and hit that magic “button” Escort Çorum she likes to be hit that gets her off so fast and hard. I started tapping lightly over her clit with my hand. She loves the impact and vibrations. Light taps, light taps, then I speed up. To a point where she says, “Oh my god, I’m……” As she’s about to come I use one more violent smack to her clit and she let it all go.

This time her orgasm presented a stream that shot past his body and hit the window. Like someone turned on a hose and did a quick spray. It got all over him, the seat, door and window of the limo. He was in awe but also wet from her juices. We grabbed our clothes and exited the back of the limo. Billy headed back to the hotel. Most likely to the bathroom to clean up. As for us we were not done just yet.

I pulled her into the front passenger seat of the limo. I lifted the arm rest to give us more space. I had her mount me again. This time she was able to grab the head rest for leverage. Being ridden in this position is my favorite and also one of few that I really have an intense orgasm from. It allows me to concentrate more on my pleasure and maximize my enjoyment. After all the wild stuff that occurred this day. From the bridal suite to the limo, I was ready for a big orgasm as the icing on my cake.

It did not take long for me to have the intense orgasm I wanted. Her riding my cock in the limo. My mouth sucking on her nipples. My hands running all over her body. Penny’s moaning in my ear. Her moans so carnal yet sexy. Then with all the stimulation to my senses physically and auditory I just erupted. I filled her up for a second time today. As my orgasm finished, she leans in against me as I held her. Penny who had her senses and body overpowered by all the kinky activities of the day, said into my ear “I love you”. Was it really love or was she just a prisoner of all the moments from today.

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