Pool Party

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We are at a mutual friend’s party, we have talked a little here and there, just a typical house party, drinking and flirting, most people came with their intended, so it would appear that you and I are the only ones not already hooked up.

The party has dragged on, all the couples are doing couple things and you are kinda wandering the house, when you wander into the “gameroom” you can hear someone playing pool as you enter, as you go around the corner you see it is me, just shooting alone. You ask if you can play, and I say “of course”, and begin to rack the balls.

We play one game then two, each of us winning one, drinking more and getting very comfortable around each other, I keep peaking around your tank top type shirt and staring at your ass when you shoot, your denim shorts riding up your beautiful muscular legs, and we both know that you’ve caught me more than once.

As we get ready to play a third game you say “why not make this interesting, lets bet on the game.” I say “what do you wanna bet?” “How about the loser has to do whatever the winner says?” To which I heartily agree.

As the game goes on you begin to attempt to ditract me, sliding your hand up and down your cue, I ask “what do you know about that?” “I’ve rubbed a stick or two in my time” you answer. This leads us into a discussion on masturbation, with you asking “how often do you jerk off” “well that depends on the inspiration, and how good I have done on the dating front lately, right now I’d say I have plenty of inspiration, and how I do tonight is yet to be seen.”

The game continues, we each have one ball left and the eight ball, as you get ready to shoot I am again standing behind you, staring at that perfect ass, and just as you get ready to shoot, I ask “so how often do you masturbate?”

This affects your concentration, you miss, and look over your shoulder with a wicked grin “you did that on purpose didn’t you?” “Of course not” I say.

I get ready to shoot, an easy, short, straight short shot, Anadolu Yakası Escort as I take aim and prepare to shoot you say “I just masturbated in the bathroom upstairs” you sniff your hand then say “in fact, my hand still smells like me. Wanna smell??” I take aim, and sink the shot, and look back over my shoulder at you with a wicked grin and say “I’ll smell after I sink the eight ball, ok?”

I walk over to the cue ball and take aim at the eight, a fairly easy shot, which is good because my rising erection is causing me great discomfort, as I take aim, you walk over to the pocket I am aiming at, stand with your back to it, which puts your ass right at table level, you bend over at the waist and say “wanna sink something here?” I answer with a resounding slamming of the eight into the pocket, game over.

I walk over to you, you look at me and say “looks like you won” I say yeah, take you in my arms and kiss you passionately, the heat that had been building for the last hour and a half of talking, drinking and playing spilling out. As you feel my now fully erect penis pushing against your abdomen you ask “so what do I have to do?”

I step away and say, “how about showing me how you masturbate?”

Your response is to step away from me, pull up your shirt exposing your beautiful tits and begin massaging them, tweaking your nipples, I can just see them harden immediately, then you push your tits up to your mouth one at a time and lick your nipples.

I begin squeezing my erection through my jean shorts, fully erect, and seeming to not stop growing as I get the show of a lifetime.

You then unzip your shorts and just let them fall to the floor and step out of them, now standing in front of me in just your top, which is pushed up over your tits and a matching blue thong, you start massaging your pussy through your thong, then putting your fingers in your mouth, then reaching down again pushing your thong aside and just pushing your fingers Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan into your pussy, pulling them out I can see the moisture on them, and you again lick them off. Then you turn around, putting that awesome ass towards me you bend at the waist and reach back and begin to finger fuck yourself with your right hand as you massage your clit with your left, you quickly bring yourself to orgasm.

When you regain your composure you turn around to find that I am standing there, now completely naked, with my dick in my hand, jerking off, you smile and say “gonna waste that or use it over here?” I respond by walking over to you, you drop to your knees and lovingly take my dick in your right hand and kiss it from the head to the base and back to the head, then you put your right hand under my balls, cupping and massaging them, and suddenly plunge your mouth over my cock, and within 2 strokes have totally engulfed my 7 inches, and are slowly working my dick, stroking it with your throat, your tongue swirling around the length of my shaft. After the show you put on earlier and the glorious sensations I am feeling I can’t take anymore, and I come and come and come, as you swallow every drop.

I join you on the floor, we kiss, I begin to massage your tits and quickly move my mouth to your nipples and begin to nibble and suck on them, ensuring that they are hard and not to be forgotten, going back and forth from one nipple to the other, scraping my teeth across your nipples and nibbling, slowly sliding my right hand down your flat stomach to your pussy, running my fingers just over your labia, but not penetrating, slowly over and over again, until your hips begin to undulate and you beg me, “please please??” I then slowly insert one finger, into your tight, hot and wet pussy, your hips are pumping at twice the pace my finger is working, so I slowly slide in another. I then slowly lower my face to your beautiful snatch, and while I continue to fingerfuck Escort Anadolu Yakası you I begin to nibble on your labia, then slowly work my way up to your clit, nibbling it, flicking it with my tongue until I feel the waves of orgasm begin to build in you, and then release in a flood of your love juices down my face and chin, and down the crack of your assI slowly kiss my way back up your body, your flat stomach, using my tongue to fuck your navel momentarily, then up, up to those tits again, nibbling and sucking each nipple until they are rock hard again. Then up again, stopping at your neck where I nibble and chew on the nape of your neck, and up again until we are kissing very passionately.

As we continue to kiss I slowly slide my once again rock hard cock into your pussy, and begin to slowly pump in and out of you pussy, with short strokes, building pace and length of the strokes into your tight hott pussy, I reach around and grab your ass with both hands massaging and kneading your ass as we fuck, you thrusting your hips up to meet my every thrust, which just makes my balls slap against your ass even harder and harder. I continue to pump in and out of your pussy as the wetness runs down the crack of your ass I now feel it on my hands as they knead your asscheeks, so I use the wetness and slowly slide a finger into your bunghole, you respond to this by coming all over my dick, “oh make me come” you say. I continue to pump as you attempt to regain your composure.

You compose yourself, and say “roll over” and of course I comply. Now, on my back, you position your self over me and say “really like my ass don’t you? Well try this.” And with that you slowly lower your asshole onto my engorged dick, which now feels bigger and harder than it’s ever been before. As you lower yourself inch by inch onto my cock the tightness and hotness of your ass is overwhelming, I use my right hand to begin to massage your clit as you slowly begin to work your way up and down my hardness, until you have engulfed my entire cock with your ass. You look amazing bouncing on my erection, your tits perfection, your face twisted in the throes of impending orgasm, as I say “I am gonna come” and as I shoot my load in your ass you too orgasm again, shaking from head to toe, as I am also, as I seem to come for an hour, you collapse on me, exhausted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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