Possessing Her

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Dana, the blonde stripper in The Gold Star who was lap-dancing Dr. Henry Farnham, was being unusually friendly. She’d never used to give him the eye contact she was giving him now, which was getting him even harder than her soft bum could do, as she rubbed it back and forth along the length of his cock. Before, she would just grind on his lap, put up with his roving hands, and take his cash. Now…

“So, what do you do, Henry?” she asked when the song ended (she was still sitting on his lap). “You never told me before, I don’t think.”

“I’m a gynaecologist,” he said.

“Really?” she asked with a bright grin. “That’s just what I need. A checkup.”

“Oh?” he said. “What medical problem do you have?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I just want a general checkup. I wanna know: do I have any STDs? Am I developing breast cancer? You know, things like that.”

“When would you like to come over to my clinic?” he asked, giving her his card. “I have regular weekday office hours.”

“I’m not available during weekdays. How about the weekend?”

“Well…I could h-have you this Saturday afternoon at 3:00, but my nurse won’t be there. She insists on weekends off.”

“Oh, that’s OK. Why should she need to be there?”

“Dana, for a thorough examination, you have to be fully naked.”

“I’m fully naked now. You’ve seen it all. I don’t mind.” She giggled, as if she’d like to show it all for him again.

“The lighting isn’t exactly dim there. I’ll see you all in the bright light. You won’t be uncomfortable about that?”

“Not at all. My body is still nice to look at, even in the brightest light,” she said with a smirk and another giggle.


That Saturday afternoon, Dana arrived on time. She was wearing a sleeveless black top, tight blue jeans, and high heels. Her face was brightly made up: thick black mascara, dark blue eye shadow, blush, and red lipstick.

“Hi, Dana,” Dr. Farnham said. “We’d might as well start right away, so if you’d go behind the barrier over there and take off all your clothes…”

“Oh, I don’t mind stripping right here,” she said with a smile, pulling off her top. “You’ve seen it all, anyway.”

“As you wish,” he said, admiring her black bra as she unzipped her jeans and pulled them down to reveal her black thong. Then she kicked off her high heels and took off her bra. He needed her to sign something on a clipboard, so she stood there in nothing but her thong and signed it, then gave him the clipboard and pen. “You’ll need to take the thong off, too.”

“OK,” she said, then pulled it down, revealing her shaved pussy. The thong fell to her ankles, and she kicked it off. Now she stood completely naked before his admiring eyes. She giggled as his eyes went up and down and all over her body.

“You’ve never reacted so positively to my ogling before,” he said, admiring the dragon tattoo on her left shoulder, which he could now see clearly in the light.

“You’ve never appraised my body so positively,” she said, still grinning as his eyes went from her small but firm breasts to the little slit between her legs, then back up again.

“When hadn’t I appraised you positively before?” he asked. “I’ve always told you how beautiful your body is.” And since when does dim-witted Dana use words like ‘appraise’? he wondered. My late wife had a vocabulary like that, though not a body like Dana’s.

“Oh, I remember a time when you weren’t so enthusiastic about my body,” she said, turning around so he could see her bottom. “When you didn’t like my former self. Shall we start?”

“OK,” he said. I was always enthusiastic about her body, he thought; the only aspect of her ‘former self’ that I didn’t like was her cold manner. It was my wife’s body I wasn’t attracted to, I’m sad to acknowledge, though I loved her as a person. Better not think about her any more, or else I’ll start sobbing again. “It’s very naughty of you to tease me with your grinning, Dana. I may have to spank you.”

She turned around again and pointed her ass at him.

“Very well,” he said, holding Dana up with his left arm and using his right hand to give her curvy little buttocks their first spank.

“Oww!” she squealed, then giggled after the second whack.

As the smacks on her bottom continued, she alternated between screams and giggling. His hand stung and reddened each cheek, but the hits delighted her.

“Oh!” she squealed in a high pitch, like a little girl. “You’re hurting my little bum!”

“Very well,” he said, stopping and letting go of her. “You’ve been punished enough. Please go lie on the table over there.” She did. “Roll over and get on all fours, please. I need to examine your vulva and anus.” She did as he asked, her ass pushed out and her legs spread out wide so he could see both holes clearly. She even put her hand on her right buttock and spread it out wider so her pink pussy was opened like a mouth showing awe, and her puckered, brown asshole seemed to be blowing him a kiss. He bent down to get a close look. She smirked at his roving eyes.

“Do I çapa escort look OK?” she asked.

“Oh, better than OK, my dear,” he grunted, fingering both holes to open them wider and feeling his hard-on hurting against the zipper of his pants. “You look amazing back here.”

“Doctor!” she whined in pretend annoyance. “That’s very naughty of you to say. I’m completely naked, and you’re thinking dirty thoughts,” she teased.

“An occupational hazard when I have a beauty like you to examine. Normally, my patients are chubby, fifty-something women.”

As I once was, she thought; at another time, in another life.

He brought his nose closer to her cunt. “You even smell nice.”

“Thank you,” she said as he kept sniffing. “I showered thoroughly before coming here. I didn’t want to smell bad for you.”

“How thoughtful of you.” He kept her labia open so he could get one last good look. “Everything looks OK here. Let me examine your breasts for lumps. You can stand up.”

“OK.” She got off the table, and he stood behind her; then he put his arms around her to reach for her pretty little tits. She smirked the whole time.

“I don’t remember ever feeling lumps when you gave me lap-dances, but why not make sure?” he asked.

“Of course!” She giggled as he gave them gentle squeezes. She squealed when he pinched her nipples.

“OK, I’ll need a urine sample from you now,” he said, giving her a small metal bowl to piss in. “You can go in the washroom over there and fill it up. I don’t need much.”

“I can squat and pee for you here,” she said, squatting and putting the bowl under her pussy. “I know you like to watch.”

“Oh?” he said, then wondered, When did I ever tell Dana I like watching women pee? I’ve never told anyone that. I never even told my wife. I’ve privately watched peeing porn videos, that’s all. It’s possible my wife found out about that, but how could Dana have known? This is very strange.

Out poured her piss from her urethra, splashing against the bottom of the bowl. She looked up at him and grinned, happy to be pleasing him, in spite of how pervy she thought he was being as he looked down at smiled back at her.

She had a lot more to piss out, but she didn’t want the bowl to overflow, so she held the rest in when the bowl had reached half full. She gave it to him and stood up. A little piss spilled on his hand as he took it.

“Oh, sorry,” she said in a girly voice. “I got my pee-pee on you.”

“Oh, that’s OK,” he said, putting the bowl on a nearby table. “It’s an honour getting your sacred urine on me.”

She giggled at that odd compliment. He took some tissue and wiped her between the legs.

“Thanks; I need to finish my pee,” she said.

“That’s fine,” he said, taking her by the hand (with his clean hand) and leading her to the washroom. “You can sit on the toilet and finish there. Please squeeze out a little turd, too, if you can, while you’re there. I need a stool sample.”

“OK,” she said, sitting on the toilet with her legs spread out and looking up at him. He smiled as he watched the line of gold pour from her urethra into the toilet bowl water. She looked up at him with the wide eyes and opened mouth of a trusting child.

She finished her piss with a few final squirts, each one accompanied by a girlish yelp and a giggle. Then she squeezed a little stool through her pretty brown asshole, giggling with embarrassment at the loud fart that preceded the dropping into the toilet bowl.

“Alright,” he said. “If you would get up, please, I’ll scoop out the stool.” She got up. He had a small, tubular plastic container for the stool, and its lid had a fork-like stick attached to it for fishing out the stool.

“But you’ll get my pee all over your hands,” she said.

“I don’t mind,” he said bending over and fishing it out. “It’s your holy pee, remember. Besides, when I clean you off in the shower stall over there in the corner, I’ll clean my hands, too.”

“My bum is itchy. I need to wipe it.”

“Oh, let me, please. Get on the floor on all fours, spread your legs wide, and I’ll wipe your bum.” He ripped off some toilet paper as she got on the floor, pushing out her ass so he could see her asshole.

Lines of darker brown were visible on the wrinkly, light brown orifice. She looked back at him and noted his smile as he wiped the small streak of shit away.

After that, he had her go in the shower stall. She turned on the water while he took the soap and worked up a lather. She got the water all over her, from her shoulders down, and he got lather all over her, his soapy fingers probing her vagina and rectum with especial thoroughness.

She moaned softly as he slid his fingers in and out of her vagina and anus. When he rubbed the lather on her clitoris, she sighed higher and louder.

After rinsing her off and drying her with a big, thick towel, he brought her back into the main room.

“Please go sit on the examination chair over there,” he said. She did, putting her feet fındıkzade escort in the stretched-out foot rests, while he got a chair and sat between her legs.

“I’m so glad you cleaned me,” she said as he leaned closer to examine her vagina. “I don’t want to smell bad for you.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” he said, opening her labia to get a better look inside. “You smell nice, and look even prettier.”

“Dr. Farnham!” she whined, grinning. “You’re so bad! You must really like your job, getting to look at naked women all the time.”

“Well, as I said before, most of my patients are older, chubbier women. To see beauty, I have to see you dancing at The Gold Star.”

“Since I tend to sleep around with my more extravagant customers, I’m going to be worrying about STDs a lot.”

My wife used words like ‘extravagant’, he thought as he continued peering into her vaginal opening, now using a speculum; Dana never uses words like that. What’s up?

“Maybe you and I can make a special arrangement,” Dana said, giggling from his tickling fingers on her labia and wanting to touch her hard clit. “If you examine me regularly for free, I’ll give you free lap dances here. How does that sound to you?”

“That sounds great.” He took the speculum out of her cunt. “Normally, my examinations cost $200 per visit. How many shall I give you before I can…you know…?”

“Doctor!” she said, smirking. “I don’t do THAT for the money.”

“You wouldn’t be, with me, for the money. It’s in exchange for my check-ups.”

“Still, I’m not that kind of girl.” She got off the chair. Pouting in pretend anger, she nonetheless put her arms around him and let him put his hands on her waist.

“But what of your more extrava-…oh, sorry. I shouldn’t have-I mean…” He groped for the right words as he fondled her bottom.

“Well, it’s just that…I want to leave some mystery between us.”


“Because, you’re special to me. Not like those big spenders.”

“How am I different from them? I don’t understand. You never thought of me this way before. You never said you did, anyway.”

“You’ll understand my meaning in time. How about I come here again next Saturday afternoon, the same time?”

“Sure. And I’ll be glad to keep seeing you a few times a week, during weeknights, in The Gold Star, so you don’t lose any significant income at your job.”

“Oh, that’s sweet of you,” she said, giving him a peck on the lips. He squeezed her buttocks a few times. “Oh!”

Then she got dressed and left.


The next Saturday, she arrived on time and immediately stripped completely naked in front of him. She bent over and spread her legs, showing off her pussy and asshole while he both examined her and enjoyed the show. Then she sat on his lap.

He fondled her breasts as she rubbed her bottom on his pointy cock. “Nope,” he grunted. “Still no lumps…in your breasts.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” she sighed, secretly coveting the length of his cock. “Still no…breast cancer…to worry about.”

“This is…so much better…than seeing you…in the dark…in The Gold Star,” he moaned. He was now fingering her hard clit. “I’ll still go…over there…to see you, though, as I promised.”

“You’ll still go…to all…those other strip joints, too, won’t you?” she asked, turning around and sitting on him while facing him. He opened her buttocks and began rubbing a finger against her anus.

“Which other strip joints?” He slipped his finger an inch up her butt.

“Stardust, Chucky’s, and Le Strip,” she said, grinning as his finger wiggled inside her ass.

“How do you know about that? You’d have been stripping in The Gold Star when I was in those other places.”

“That’s right. Someone else saw you go into those places.”

“Who?” He stared into her eyes, his own demanding an answer.

“I’ll tell you,” she said, holding his head in her hands and licking his face a few times, “after you fuck me. Here. Now.” She unzipped his pants.

So much for leaving mystery between us, he thought.

She pulled out his hard-on and fed it, inch by inch, into her wet pussy, sighing the whole time. His finger was still in her ass.

When it got all the way in, she let out a squeal of triumph. Then she began bouncing on him, letting out a little yelp with each poke.

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be fucking Dana, he thought as he enjoyed the sight of her little breasts bouncing before his face. Her pussy felt so nice and wet and tight, in spite of the large number of lovers she must have had before him.

He never gave it to me like that, ever, she thought as she enjoyed his size for the very first time; to think that I’ve had to go to this length (pardon the pun) to get a fuck from Henry.

“Oh! Oh! AH!!” she screamed, that cock going all the way inside her, making every millimetre of her soaking vaginal walls sizzle with excitement.

His finger was still rubbing around her anal lips, keeping aksaray escort the hole in a puckering gape. She was enjoying his finger as much as his dick. She arched her back, throwing her head back so her hair was dancing on her buttocks, tickling them.

He reached his face over to wrap his lips around her left nipple. Now his tongue and lips were flickering against the hard tit as she gyrated her hips, feeling for every sensation she could get from his cock.

Finally, she came, letting out a loud squeal that hurt his ears. He pulled his hard cock out of her, she briefly masturbated him, and he squirted all over her belly. She put it back in his pants and zipped him up.

“It’s a…good thing…this chair is…strong,” he panted.

“Yeah,” she said, sitting back on his lap, facing him. “And finally, you’ve satisfied me.”

“What do you mean?” he said. “i really don’t understand you sometimes. You’ve been saying really strange things. Who saw me go into those strip joints? How do you know so much about my personal life?”

“Your wife saw you go into those places,” Dana said. “You never satisfied her in bed. You may have never slept with other women, but you always lusted after them, instead of wanting her. It hurt her so much to be so rejected by her own husband. That’s why she died.”

He pushed Dana off, then rose in anger. She landed on her ass on the floor with a yelp of pain.

“NEVER talk about Annabelle’s death!” he shouted, fighting back the tears. “I can never sleep because of her suicide! I’ll never forget the words on the note she put on the dining room table, by which her body was lying on the floor when I got home after lap-dances from you.”

“‘You’ll meet with me again, in another form’,” Dana quoted.


Still sitting on the floor and looking up at her teary-eyed lover, Dana said, “I can tell you how she died, and why her soul parted from her body.”

“How could you possibly know ANY of this, Dana?”

“Because I’m NOT Dana. Not in spirit, anyway.”

“What are you talking about?”

“After I saw you enjoying this body, the one I’ve taken over, this body that was sitting on your cock in The Gold Star, I ran out of the strip joint in tears just as you are now. I ran and ran down several blocks. Then I ran by an occult book store. In the window was a book about metempsychosis, teaching how one’s soul can travel from body to body. I’d flirted with spiritual beliefs like that for years; but I coveted Dana’s body so much, how her beauty pleased my husband so much, that I bought the book and read a ritual for moving my soul into her body.”

“Magical bullshit! If you’re Annabelle…tell me where we went on our honeymoon, and what we did there.”

“We went to Kyoto, Japan,” Annabelle said through Dana’s mouth. “We went in a park where deer freely roam. We went into a museum near there. We saw Shinto temple after Shinto temple, because you were fascinated with Japanese culture; but after seeing so many of them, and walking and walking got you so tired, you got sick of seeing them, and your scowls were upsetting me. I complained about that to you.”

“Yes, you did.”

“On the fifth day there, we watched a Noh drama, before which the playwright droned on and on about it; since you didn’t understand a word of what he was saying, and my university Japanese wasn’t good enough for me to translate for you, you lost your temper again and gestured to him to shut up and get on with the play, embarrassing me. Again, I complained to you about that.”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Do you know what we didn’t do?”


“We didn’t FUCK!!”

Henry was sobbing louder now.

“The last time I was here,”she went on, “I refrained from giving you sex because I wanted you to know, for a little while, anyway, what it felt like to lust after someone, and not be satisfied.”

“I’m sorry, Annabelle. I’m a terrible husband. I’ve been so selfish. You were always thinking of me, and I never returned the love.”

After wiping his come off her belly with a tissue, she sat back on his lap and held him tight. “Don’t worry, baby. I still love you. I did this because I love you. You’re going to make it up to me, in this girl’s body. And if you lose interest in her body, I’ll put my spirit into the body of another stripper, whichever one you choose. But you owe me some sex, goddamnit, and I’m gonna get it, one way or another. In one body, or another.”

“OK,” he said, wiping the tears off his face.

“You men and your need for perfectly beautiful girls. I never needed you to have a perfect body. Well, never mind that. But since you’ve finally just satisfied me, and you’ve shown me your repentance, how about I give you a blow job?”

“I don’t deserve it, but sure.”

“No, you don’t deserve it, but I’ll give you one, because I love you, for all your faults.”

He stood up, and she knelt before him, looking up into his eyes as she unzipped his fly. She took it out and played with it for a few seconds to get it hard. Looking down at Dana’s beautiful nude body, he didn’t find it difficult to get another boner.

Never losing eye contact with him, she smirked as she gave the tip a few kisses and licks. Then she took it in half way, her wet lips and tongue slipping and sliding back and forth along the shaft. He was already moaning his thanks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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