Premonitions: Senior Year Ch. 01

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Premonitions: Senior Year

Disclaimer: All characters mentioned are 18 years of age despite the story taking place in high school.

Author’s Note: This is the first chapter in what I hope will be a long series. I am new to writing erotic fiction and I would appreciate any constructive feedback that you may have. I am also open to suggestions for characters and story ideas. If I find them compelling I will include them and give you a credit in the author notes if you so desire.


Ch. 1: Ask For What You Want

The first day of school my senior year was when I first experienced “it”, for lack of a better word. The triggering event was when 18-year-old Malory Simmons, whom I had never met before this moment, walked into my fourth period government class.

Malory was new to town, having moved from somewhere in the midwest, but was quick to adapt to our school’s lax dress code enforcement. She was wearing short running shorts that were short enough that the lower portion of her ass cheeks were exposed beneath the hem. Up top a white spaghetti strap tank top was just sheer enough to give a hint of the lacy bra that she had on underneath.

If this sounds at all risqué to you then you have not spent time around the girls that attended my high school. This was pretty middle of the road for clothing, but Malory seemed to take it to another level without trying.

As she took her seat across the aisle from me she bent over to grab a pencil out of her bag, flashing me more of her cleavage than she probably wanted to. My eyes were locked for a brief second before I realized I did not want to be caught staring, at least not for so long. As I tried to look away “it” happened.

As I stared down her shirt I noticed that her bra was adorned with tiny purple flowers around the edges which complimented nicely with her tan skin. I was just registering that she showed no sign of a tan line as my vision became fuzzy and my head started to spin. It was almost as if I was passing out, but instead of everything going black my vision started to come back into focus.

The returned clarity revealed a scene that was no longer the classroom. What came to me was a vision of Malory on her knees, wearing the same bra I had just glimpsed, her tank top, however, was now on the floor besides her. My eyes quickly focused on the fact that one cup of her bra was pulled down and her left breast was hanging out with her nipple erect and appearing to be wet. It was then that I noticed that her hands were reaching up towards me to unfasten my shorts and pull down the fly.

I could not wrap my head around what was happening. It was as if I was watching a POV porn video, but with the most real 3D technology I had ever experienced. As she pulled my shorts off, my boxer briefs following suit, she stared into my eyes slowly licking her lips, making her lip gloss shine just that much more.

I was momentarily transfixed by the depth of her hazel eyes as she continued to lower my shorts. My rock hard cock popping out, standing at full attention a mere inch away from her glistening lips as she continued to stare up at me. As an 18-year-old virgin this would have been enough to satisfy me if she had stopped there.

Malory did not stop. Reaching up she grabbed my cock with her hand, slowly stroking it as I stared in disbelief, amazed that I was not already cumming on her perfectly featured face. I momentarily drifted off thinking about how good my cum would look covering her luscious lips and exquisite eye shadow.

After a few minutes she smiled and lowered her mouth over the dripping head of my dick. My stare continued in disbelief, unable to focus on anything other than her slowly bobbing head. I swore that I could feel her mouth wrapped around my cock, despite this not being real.

Malory started off slowly, but her pace and intensity gradually increased until the head of my cock was burying itself in the back of her throat at an ever increasing speed. As she would pull my shaft from her mouth she would make sure that her tongue found its way to the ever sensitive tip providing near constant stimulation for me. The whole time she refused to unlock her eyes with mine. It was not until I started to show signs of cumming that she looked down and concentrated on finishing me off.

As she buried my cock deeper and deeper in her mouth she started to increase the intensity of the twirl of her tongue around my cock head as she pulled back out. I realized that I could not take it much longer, and she seemed to sense this as well.

Picking up the pace again she focused on the head with her tongue as she pumped up and down my shaft with her hand. After another minute or two I had finally reached my tipping point, I honestly lasted much longer than I had expected, and shot my first pulse of cum into her mouth.

While she did not seem offended by my lack of warning, she quickly pulled my dick from her mouth and continued to pump as my cock emptied Bostancı Escort its load all over her upper chest, my cum already running down onto and between her breasts. It was all I could do to keep my balance as the last remnants of my orgasm subsided. I felt my knees weaken and my vision turn black as I fell backwards.

I woke up with my head on my desk and drool seeping from the corner of my mouth. It felt like I had been asleep for a long time, but Mrs. Franklin was just starting her lecture.

I sat up, wiping the drool from my mouth. Looking around I realized that no one had seemed to notice what I had just experienced, certainly not Malory who was looking forward in eager anticipation of the lecture, or maybe it was just in appreciation of Mrs. Franklin.

I would not have judged anyone, regardless of their orientation, that had a crush on Mrs. Franklin. She was easily the most attractive teacher. At 5’8″ with a slim but shapely figure, her chest and hips seemingly perfectly balanced, she cast a stereotypical silhouette. The only thing that was not entirely cliche of a male fantasy was the brunette hair with a streak of dark purple that she kept in it. Although, I had to admit, that made her all the more attractive to me.

I was not focusing, however, on Mrs. Franklin, I was preoccupied with trying to figure out what had just happened to me and why no one else seemed to be aware that I had been fast asleep at my desk. The only thing that seemed to notice what I had experienced was my cock, it was straining to come to attention in my shorts.

I briefly shook my head and started taking notes like everyone else, not sure if what I had experienced was a dream, although I could not have been asleep long, or some sort of hallucination. Either way, it was as if the rest of the world had stopped while I was experiencing it. I tried to convince myself that it was nothing to worry about, after all, I usually had a vivid imagination when it came to attractive girls, and Malory certainly fit the bill. Despite my efforts I simply could not shake the confusion.

As I continued to glance over at her during class, in part just to make sure that she was real, I was able to piece together that my dream, vision, or whatever you want to call it, was amazingly accurate of how she looked in real life.

She was about 5’4″ with the body of a soccer player. She was fit, if slightly stocky, with muscular legs, and above average chest. Her breasts looked to be about a 32D, and my vision supported every observation I got from my sideways glances. Her light brown hair was straight as an arrow and fell just below her shoulders. From what I could tell her eyes matched the hazel colored ones I had dreamt up, as did her infectious smile.

The period flew by and before I knew it the bell was ringing and everyone was clamoring to put away their books and binders. As everyone made their way to the door I took the chance to catch up to Malory, although I did not yet know this was her name. I am not sure why I did this, as it is not something that was in my character to do. While I was not shy around girls I had not had much luck romantically up until this point.

I always chalked this up to growing up in a small town and hanging out with the same group for most of my life. I was already friends with these girls, and asking them out would only complicate that, or so I thought. That is not to say that I did not fantasize about a few of them on occasion. Well, maybe more often than that, and, well, more than a few.

As I caught up to Malory I introduced myself as Scott and extended my hand. She lightly took it and shook back as she smiled and said, “Hey Scott, I’m Malory. Would you, maybe, like to get lunch together? I just moved into town a few weeks ago and don’t know anyone yet.”

“Umm, sure.” I replied with a bit of shock on my face. “I would be happy to introduce you to my friends, although I have to warn you they can be a bit weird at times.”

Malory smiled back. “Good, all my friends were a bit boring and vanilla at my last school.”

Not knowing what to say in response I simply led the way to the far end of campus where my friends and I had eaten lunch for the past 3 years. It was a nice location, next to a large tree and out of the way of the teachers, so we did not have to worry about being overheard talking our usual trash or engaging in the rumors that Mrs. Franklin had filmed a porno while she was in college.

Lunch went smoothly, with only a few of my friends raising an eyebrow that I had brought a new girl into their midst. I got a few lines and looks, mainly from Marissa and Alivia, this came as no surprise as they had always been protective of me. Overall everyone was welcoming and friendly with lunch passing way too quickly. I was able to subtly flirt a bit with Malory and she seemed eager to reciprocate.

As the bell rang for us to head back to class I had to part ways with her, but before I could she Anadolu Yakası Escort reached out and grabbed my hand. Pulling me closer she looked down at the ground, looking nervously at her feet, “Scott, umm, I don’t know if you’d be interested, buuuut, would you be willing to drive me home after school? I don’t have a car here yet, and . . . “

“Yes! I mean, of course, it would be my pleasure.” I finished with a playful bow trying to indicate I was honored that she would ask after only knowing me for a few minutes it seemed. I assumed that she just wanted a ride home and I was the only person she trusted at the school so far. Then again, after what I had envisioned earlier in the day I was hoping for a whole lot more.

“Meet me here after school.” I yelled back at her as we parted for the last few periods of the day.

I think the last two periods crawled by, but honestly I am not entirely sure because I barely remember them at all. I spent the whole time running the visions from fourth period in my head over and over again. Thinking about why they had happened. Had I actually fallen asleep? If so, how had I had such a vivid dream about someone I had only briefly seen?

I tried to put it out of my mind and concentrate on class, but it was hard to do so when I kept remembering the look of Malory covered in my cum. My mind focusing and refocusing on the specific nature of my semen running down her breasts, slightly pooling between them as her bra stopped it from continuing to her stomach. One stream had landed on her nipple, covering it like a contemporary chef does with a drizzle of sauce on the side of a serving of perfectly cooked steak. Or would chicken be a better choice of meat?

At last the final bell rang, and before it had stopped sounding I was up and out the door on my way to meet Malory. I could feel the dampness in my boxers where my pre-cum had leaked out over and over during the final period. If my dream did not come true I was going to have to rush home and satisfy myself in my usual lonely way.

Malory was somehow already waiting for me when I arrived at our lunch spot. Greeting me with a huge smile she reached out and took my hands in hers. She pulled me in until our faces were only a few inches apart.

“Thank you for the ride home, let me know if there is anything I can do to repay you.” And with a quick move she gave me a peck on the cheek before pulling back. She let go with one hand, but held me firmly in the other as I guided her towards my car.

While I was happy to have a car, and never complained, my car was not something I took much pride in. It was an old ’88 Volvo 240, still in good shape, but I was lucky to get it up to 65 MPH on a flat road. This is probably why my parents bought it for me, but it usually did nothing to impress anyone. Except apparently Malory.

“Oh cool. I love these old Volvos.”

“Really? I am not sure I have heard anyone say that before.”

“I mean, come on, the style is so unique, and they are super comfortable to ride in. Not to mention they have a great back seat.” She said with a sly smile as she practically jumped into the passenger seat.

“I wouldn’t know, I spend most of my time up front.” I replied with a slight tone of regret in my voice. I quickly changed the subject, “Which way is your house?”

I pulled out of the parking lot and followed her directions. She ended up living on the edge of town in the opposite direction of my house, but I did not care. In fact I found myself hoping that I would have to keep driving so that our conversation could continue. I wish I could remember what we talked about, but in reality it was inconsequential as I was simply enjoying being in the company of someone new. Especially when that someone was as gorgeous as Malory and took the time to actually listen.

“Pull in here,” Malory instructed as she pointed to a tree lined dirt driveway that led back past a small pasture with several goats in it. Behind the pasture I could see a moderate sized home that was hidden away from the road providing a good deal of privacy. It had a farmhouse feel to it, but with a much more modern aesthetic.

I pulled up near the front door and stopped my car, but I hesitated at turning the engine off.

“Do you want to come in?”

“Umm, sure. I guess, is that what you want?”

“I just invited you in. Don’t second guess me. Okay? If I don’t want something then I am not going to ask for it.” Malory had a bit of a tone in her voice, but seemed to lighten up when I nodded in response.

“You are not very good at asking for what you want, are you?”

She was right, it was not a strong suit of mine. In fact, it was something that was damn near impossible, especially when it came to women. Honestly, I did not know where to start. I had seen so many guys timidly ask out girls and get publicly embarrassed that it scared me to even consider asking one out. Much less asking for what I truly wanted.

“No, Ataşehir Escort I am not. I don’t want to offend anyone.”

“Well, a good looking guy like you would be surprised at what he could get if he simply told a girl what he wanted. We can be quite giving if you know what you want.”

It caught me off guard that she called me good looking as I had always felt fairly average. Since the start of high school I had looked young for my age. Mainly because I was tall and skinny, although in an athletic sort of way. I did not run cross country, but everyone assumed I did. Adult women always considered me “cute,” but that usually felt condescending and made me feel even younger than I looked.

As we got out of the car I looked around at the peacefulness of the property. Despite it technically still being in town, it was secluded from any neighbors and the street. Malory unlocked the door, holding it open for me I followed her inside.

I looked around in amazement at the seemingly random nature of the decorations. It was as if they had been collected by different people over the last several hundred years. Before I was able to fully absorb the surroundings of her house I heard the door close behind me and Malory broke the silence.

“So, what is it that you want Scott?”

Before I was able to respond or turn around I felt her slip a bandana over my eyes effectively blinding me.

“What . . . the fuck . . . are you doing?” I stammered as she grabbed my hand and started to lead me away further into the house.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. Unless, of course, that is what you want.” I could sense a smile in her tone. “But don’t answer yet. Think about it while I get you situated and comfortable.”

I felt the floor change from the tile of the entrance to carpet of what I assumed was the family room. Malory stopped me and turned me slightly.

“Sit,” she instructed as she gently pushed me back. I obeyed her instructions and found myself in a comfortable recliner. She backed off, but from the sounds of it she did not go far.

“Now Scott, tell me what you want.”

“I don’t know what you mean. Do you . . . “

“Tell me what you want from me. If you could have me do anything for you or . . . to you.” Malory playfully paused, accentuating the final words, as if to indicate that was what she wanted. “What would it be? Don’t be shy. You can ask for anything. After all, the worst that could happen is that I will say no.”

“This is some sort of trick right?”

“Not at all. Just tell me what you want.” Malory reiterated as she took my right hand and pulled me forward just slightly. I could feel as she placed the palm of my hand on her stomach just under the hem of her tank top. As she gently pushed my hand up towards her breast I could feel my cock start to harden with the excitement. At the same time my hand began to shake with nervousness as I realized I was about to touch my first breast.

I took over and Malory pulled her hand away and pulled off her tank top, tossing it aside. If I could have seen the sight I am sure that I would have been even more nervous. Perhaps that is why she had blindfolded me.

After what felt like an eternity I finally reached the lower edge of her bra. Not wanting to push my luck I kept to the outside and let my fingers dig in slightly as I fully cupped her tit for the first time. In my pants my cock was now straining to gain freedom in my shorts as pre-cum started flowing from the tip.

Her breast was a bit more than a handful and while I was happy with what was happening I wanted more. Without fully removing my hand I let my fingers slip inside the cup of her bra and started to pull it down. It was then that I felt a sharp slap on my hand.

“You have to ask first.”

“Yes, of course. May I free you breast?”

“Yes please, and what fine grammar you have.” Again I could sense the smirk on her face.

As I pulled the cup of her bra down I felt my fingers graze her nipple which caused my dick to jump, despite not thinking that it could get any harder. When I reached the bottom of her breast I let go of the bra letting it catch under her tit while my hand went in search of her nipple. I was able to quickly find it and was immediately pinching it between my thumb and middle finger. At the time I was not sure why I did this, but it seemed to have a positive effect on Malory as I could hear her moan slightly.

As I continued I stood, placing my body just in front of hers. I yearned to step forward for and kiss her, but my nerves were getting the best of me. Instead I focused on her breast, pushing it up and massaging it as I tweaked her nipple. As I was getting up the courage to ask for a kiss I felt a hand on the back of my head as Malory pulled me in towards her face.

Her lips met mine with a bit of awkwardness but we soon found our rhythm as our lips parted and our tongues danced with each other, first lightly in each other’s mouths and then deeper and with more passion. I continued to play with her nipple as our bodies pressed against each other. I am sure she could clearly feel the fullness of my cock pressed against her lower stomach, but at this point I was past my nerves and was ready for wherever this took us.

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