Pretending: A Short Story

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I miss him. I long for him. Two months is a very long time to be without your husband, when you’re both young and horny, and have only been a couple for two years. I miss the everyday talks; in bed, at the kitchen table, in front of the TV… I miss his smile, his voice, the naughty glimpse in his eyes right before he makes his move. I miss his warm skin against mine when I fall asleep. I miss his long, thick cock, sliding in between my moist folds, reaching in through my pussy and further into my sleep, causing me to wake up, with him inside me.

God! that cock is amazing!

Long and thick and hard as wood, under that smooth, warm skin. The throbbing veins running up the shaft, like vines on a pillar. How I love to hold it, to kiss it, to feel it grow hard from my touch. To taste it. To let it slide between my lips, to feel the combination of smooth and hard getting all wet and slick.

I want him here right now. I want to suck on his giant lollipop. Escort Beylikdüzü I want to straddle him like a pony, and ride him all the way home. To feel his meat fill me up, stretch me out. To rub my clit against his crotch, with each movement back and forth. To lie under him, with his strong arms around me, feeling safe and loved and excited at the same time. To feel him spread my legs and lift them up, so he can go even deeper inside my wetness. To get down on all four, and have him pound me from behind, oh! to feel his balls bounce against my lips, to feel his hands squeezing my buttocks, to get fucked raw!

Thinking about it makes me damp and warm between my legs. My body aches. My arms want to hold him, my lips want to taste him, my legs want to wrap themselves around his back. My pussy wants to be filled with his big hard cock, and my clit is aching to be touched! At least I can fulfill that last wish. My fingers travel down Beyoğlu escort inside my pants, glide through the soft, curly hair, and reach the sensitive little button. I move my fingers round and round, close my eyes, and I pretend that he’s here with me. It’s his hand, not mine, that pinches my nipple gently, rolls it between his thumb and finger. His other hand is between my legs, alternating between carefully massaging my clit and going into my wet pussy. But this penetration doesn’t feel as good as his cock does. His fingers aren’t as big as his cock, and my fingers are even smaller… No! Concentrate. I’m not alone in my bed. He’s with me. He’s doing this. Not me. Him.

I drift back into my fantasies. His hand moves back to my clit, his middle finger and his ring finger, together, are rubbing my button, harder, and in wider circles, as my breathing grows heavier. His fingers are working my body like a fine instrument. His left hand Bomonti escort bayan is twisting my nipple, causing tiny electric signals rush down to my clit, making it so much more tender to be touched, driving my lust up to an unbearable height. A whining sound escapes my lips, it surprises me, and I smile briefly.

The tension is building up. I let go of my breast, pull my hair out of my face. I breathe fast. A wild growl is forming in my throat. Oh, this is so good…

I’m getting closer now. My fingers – his fingers! – are rubbing the sensitive spot furiously. I’m coming. My free hand grabs the bedcover, hold on to it so tight, that my knuckles go white. My back is arching up from the bed, my whole body is moving on its own. I moan out loud, when sweet, sweet pleasure rolls like high waves through my blood, moving from my head down to my fingers and toes. There’s a burning sensation in my feet, my blood is on fire. My pussy cramps up, again and again, and I gasp for air, never stopping the circular movements of my hand, prolonging the lovely torture…

I slowly calm down, sinking back against the pillows, back into his arms. I hug the pillow, pretending that it’s his body I’m holding. The fire in my pussy slowly fades out, and I drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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