Prison Island Ch. 19

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“Is Karl taking good care of you boys?” Morgan asked as Francesco stood, ready to leave.

“In his own way, I suppose.” He didn’t have the heart to tell on Karl and his stupid ways of affirming himself as a leader. Even if he didn’t agree with him and the others, they were his tribe. As much as he liked Morgan, the man was an outsider.

“Lost boys.” Morgan shook his head. “Adults should take better care of their kids.”

“Do you mean Karl’s dad?”

“No, people in general. Take good care of the others, Francesco. You’re a smart boy.”

“How am I supposed to do that?”

“Your own way.” Morgan smiled at him and ruffled his hair. “Some boys are even more lost than others. That kid, Ahab.”

Francesco perked his ears up. “Mouse?”

“Yeah, that’s him. You take good care of him, Francesco.”

“Why me?”

“Because unlike you, he really doesn’t have anyone else in the world. You still have your mom, Karl comes from money and a good family, Leon has his little boyfriend.”

“What about Ty and Anya?” Francesco asked, now curious of what Morgan knew.

“Ty comes from a middle class family. His crime was just a tiny bit political, you know, enough to warrant making an example out of him. But he’ll go back and forget about everything. He’s an easygoing kid. He’ll go to college, dye his hair blue or another color.”

Francesco snickered at that. And then, he realized that Morgan was leaving someone out. “Anya?” he asked again.

Morgan sighed and rubbed his forehead. “Difficult case. I’ll have someone look into him when you boys are back from here.”

“Why is his case difficult?”

“Aren’t you curious?” Morgan bumped his fist gently against Francesco’s chin. “Involvement with organized crime. Lover of a kingpin, the guy he tried to kill in his sleep. Does that answer your question?”

“Will he be in danger once back?”

Morgan nodded. “Don’t worry; we have the means to make him disappear. You know, fall off that bad guy’s radar.”

“What do you know about Ahab, Mr. Morgan?” Francesco was in awe over how many things the man knew, and now felt the need to be polite.

“What’s with the ‘Mr.’ thing?” Morgan moved closer and wrapped one arm around him. Francesco had to tilt back his head to keep eye contact. He didn’t blink as the man pushed away the strands from his eyes. “Minutes ago, I was balls deep in your sexy ass.”

Francesco could feel his entire face on fire. This man had the gift to make him feel small and vulnerable, but safe at the same time. And he clearly didn’t want to divulge any more information. “Will I see you again?” he blurted out.

Morgan shook his head slowly. “I’m never in the same place twice.”

“Those guys… did you…” Francesco swallowed his words. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to ask things like that.

“Don’t worry your pretty head.” Morgan kissed him and Francesco İstanbul Escort held on to him, not wanting to let go just yet. He moaned and pushed against the other, to let his desire known.

Morgan didn’t need any extra cue. First, he grabbed Francesco’s crotch, assessing the situation, and then he moved his hand to grab his ass. “I’m starting to get what these boys see in you,” Morgan whispered in his ear. “Turn and present that delicious ass.”

Francesco didn’t need to be told twice. He turned and lowered his jeans.

“Go sit over there, hands against that tree,” Morgan ordered.

He felt the bark with his fingers and closed his eyes for a moment. Morgan was behind him and this time, when he was speared by the guy’s cock, it went all in from the first try. There was still plenty of cum to serve as lubrication, and it fucking worked like a charm.

“I don’t usually fuck boys like you,” Morgan whispered, teasing his ear. “But there’s something about you, in your eyes, that just says ‘fuck me’.”

Francesco shivered as Morgan kissed his neck. He was bucking his hips back, enjoying every thrust.

“Are you happy with yourself?” Morgan teased him in a husky voice. “Making any man or boy with a working cock want to fuck you silly?”

“How do I do that?” Francesco moaned.

“Too bad that you don’t know. You’d make much more powerful men than me lose their heads over you. You’re sex on a stick, baby, yeah, that’s what you are.”

He was hard from words and pounding. From all the guys who had fucked him, Morgan was the first to make it clear that he was desirable in a way that didn’t make him feel bad about himself. Yet, he tensed, waiting for the other shoe to drop, for Morgan to say something that would make him feel like the whore he was.

He sobbed and pressed his forehead against the bark.

“Hey, baby, what’s wrong?” Morgan cooed, while slowing down the rhythm of his hips.

“I’m… a… whore…” Francesco admitted.

“Hush, hush, now. You’re not a whore.”

“But I want cock all the time,” he complained and pushed back, desperate for Morgan to pick up again and fucked him right.

“That’s not bad, baby,” Morgan said and began fucking him again. “It’s who you are. You’re beautiful and sexy and made for men to fuck. You’re the best fuck I had in a long time.”

“I am?”

“Yeah, sweetie, you are. You totally are.”

Morgan stopped his fears and trembling by turning his face and kissing him. He kept him like that until there was another load shot straight in his ass and he spurted against the tree like a hose.

“Let me wipe you well,” Morgan said and came back with the tissues.

Francesco enjoyed all that warm cum pouring down on the inside of his thighs. He rested against the tree as the man took care of wiping him carefully. He snickered when Morgan Ataşehir Escort caressed his balls and gasped when the touch turned into a slight squeeze.

“You stay out of my way, Francesco, or I might mistake this job for being on a fucking holiday. You know, a holiday on which you go only for fucking.” Morgan chuckled.

“What if I can’t?” Francesco turned and pulled up his pants.

“You better.” Morgan smiled and kissed him quickly. “There are all kinds of baddies around. You, kids, be on guard, okay? If I end up thinking only of how I get to fuck you again, where will my head be?”

Francesco nodded. “Okay, I get it. I’ll stay away. Not look for you or anything,” he promised.

Morgan caressed his face and their eyes met. “Don’t work too hard on that, either. Any man needs a break once in a while, right?”

Francesco laughed, his first real laugh in a long time. “Glad that you’re not jealous like Karl. Whenever he saw me with Mouse –” He stopped and looked away. Morgan didn’t really need to know about that.

“I know about you and Ahab.” Morgan brushed his fingers against his mouth. “And I’m too old to get jealous. Plus, I have my boss’s son as direct competition. I should watch out, right?”

“Karl’s no competition,” Francesco protested. “I don’t want anything to do with him.”

Morgan sighed. “The boy’s smitten with you. Ahab, too. But you do yours, Francesco, okay? Even if Karl might have a hard time letting you go. He’s not all bad. The forester should be held accountable if the trees in his care grow up twisted, right?”

“How come you know him, but he doesn’t know you?”

“He’s not supposed to. That’s why his dad picked me for this job. But I think he already suspects who I am, even if my face and name tell him nothing. I wasn’t supposed to interfere.”

“Then why are you here if not to protect us?”

Morgan’s smile became strained. “I was only sent to protect one of you.”

Francesco nodded. Yeah, all was clear as day now. “Thank you,” he said and looked Morgan in the eyes.

“For what?” The man looked surprised.

“For taking care of all of us.”

Morgan laughed. “I thought you were thanking me for a good fuck.”

Francesco snickered. “Okay, thanks for that, too.”

Morgan pulled him into a tight embrace and squeezed him hard. Then he let go and pushed him to move with a small pat on the ass. “Off you go, now, Francesco. I’d fuck you about one thousand times more, but you need to go back to the boys.”

Francesco looked back several times as he walked away. Morgan waved at him with a big grin on his face.


He hadn’t felt so good in ages. He waved at Leon and Ollie, and they waved back, a bit surprised that he was smiling at them. He exchanged a few words with Anya and Ty and then went straight to the hut where he had used to sleep Kadıköy Escort with Mouse, to wait for the redhead to come back from his hunt.

“What made you so happy?”

Of course Karl had to come and ruin everything. Francesco scowled and looked away. “None of your business.”

“I need to know where the fuck you are all day long. You surely don’t behave like you’re one of us anymore.”

“I’m doing my part.”

“You better not run away,” Karl warned.

Francesco remembered Morgan’s words, that Karl wasn’t all bad. In his fucked up ways, yeah, he did take care of everyone, but Francesco wasn’t going to do like the others and take Karl’s word as rule. He walked over to the blond and stared him in the face. “I’d never do that, Karl. You may be all a bunch of fucked up assholes, but you’re my people. Does this allay your fears?”

Karl wasn’t expecting him to get so close on his own accord. Francesco could read in his eyes that he didn’t know what to do. He just blinked in confusion a couple of times.

He felt like a changed person after talking to Morgan. “I appreciate you taking care of us, Karl. I do.”

“Are you making fun of me? Because if you do, I’ll punch you in the nuts,” Karl threatened.

Francesco sighed and shook his head. “No, I’m not making fun of you. I’m serious. Now, will you just go already? I need to make up with Mouse.”

Karl didn’t move. “I thought you weren’t with him anymore.”

“I wasn’t. But I want to be with him again. If he’ll have me.”

The sudden look of desperation in Karl’s eyes stunned him for a moment.

“What?” he asked roughly. “I’m not mad at him anymore.”

“Why? Why did he do to make you forgive him?”

Francesco shrugged. “He doesn’t have to do anything. I want to be with him.”

Karl closed his fists. “You in love with him or something?”

Francesco didn’t waver. “You know what? Yeah. I’m in love with Mouse. Are you going to hit me for it? Go get your dick sucked, Karl, ’cause you need it, and leave me alone.”

“I won’t,” Karl said in a strained voice.

“Why? You in love with me or something?” Francesco mimicked Karl’s words.

Karl set his jaw hard. “This ain’t over, Cesco,” he threw over his shoulder as he stormed out.

Francesco sighed. Maybe he had been an asshole to taunt Karl, but a guy like that had to be set straight. It wasn’t like he hated him or something, he realized. Now that he knew about him a little more, he couldn’t judge him, not in good conscience. Morgan had hinted at Karl’s dad having had a hand in how his son had turned out.

He might not have been all honest. He might have wanted to hear the answer to that last question he had asked Karl. That was something he didn’t yet dare to think about. There were just so many things he needed to wrap his head around.

“Did you mean it?”

He turned at the sound of Mouse’s voice. The redhead walked in with shy steps. He was staring sideways, not daring to look at him. “About Karl needing to get his dick sucked?” he teased.

Mouse snickered and rushed to him. Francesco caught him in his arms and held him close until the redhead had to protest that he couldn’t breathe.


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